Feb 19 2010

Please stand by

The Spinster IT Department will be upgrading the blog software shortly. This means that the blog will undoubtedly be deleted or corrupted or otherwise enfubarred in ways that I cannot possibly anticipate, for an interim of unspecified duration. I will probably fix it, though.

Canned baked bean entree

Meanwhile, the damnedest thing happened. After wacking out on my nutty health kick dealio for weeks and weeks, a sudden craving for canned baked beans besieged me. Behold my hideous dinner, which I ate even after reading the label: “brown sugar” was the first ingredient after “beans.” “Sugar” was the first ingredient after “brown sugar.” Ay yi yi!


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  1. vinoveritas

    For a minute I was sure that was some poor creature’s brain in that pan. Between that and the green goo, you could host a great Halloween party buffet.

  2. Comrade PhysioProf

    That fucking shit is even worse than the fucking liquified green shit from your last post.

  3. Summerspeaker

    Hey, beans are nutritious and they’re the first ingredient. It could be worse.

  4. convertX

    Only two kinds of sugar? You’re practically a saint.

  5. Helen

    Yup – things could most definitely be worse!

  6. thebewilderness

    If you are craving it your body must need it for some reason or another I cannot fathom.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  7. thebewilderness

    You appear to have threaded the comments.
    I am preparing to be perpetually confused.
    Did anything break?

  8. Notorious Ph.D.

    Lens flare makes even canned food taste better.

  9. Jill

    Comments appear to be sort of broken, and the archive is funky, and I can’t understand why the blamer names are so tiny, but is the threadedness really so bad? It cuts down on having to cut and paste quotations and scroll around looking for the comment you’re replying to.

  10. Laughingrat

    Baked beans are awesome. At least those are (mostly) real ingredients, and not wholly whipped up in a lab somewhere.

    Has the blog transcended the warned-for difficulties? I now see such things as Reply buttons for individual comments. Posh!

  11. Frumious B.

    Liquify it – instant sanctimony!

  12. Virginia S. Wood, Psy.D.

    Like the threading I do (note did not start post with the dreaded “I”)for just the reasons you cite–but tiny blamer names is a problem for me.

    As for “enfubarred”? Love it I do! Already trying to think of a way to use it on my blog I am.

  13. thebewilderness

    Not bad at all, no. Just different. I am easily confused these days.

  14. chicago dyke

    my darling, i have waited for you before over long, tortuous hours of doubt, i will do so again, happily.

    bet well, eat well, get well, don’t worry about us.

  15. chicago dyke

    oh, goddess. i meant ‘be well,’ and don’t gamble. damn intertubes!

  16. SKM

    Best of luck on the upgrade–we will stand by patiently

    Regarding the canned baked bean jones: I hear you. I did not grow up with them, I have no idea why I crave them from time to time, but sometimes, nothing else will do. Something about the brown sugar, sugar, and salt. Oh, so much salt–which is great for those of us on prednisone, or course. And sometimes, the maple and smoke flavorings. They must increase satisfactinin levels in the prefrontal cortex.

  17. SKM

    Of course, not “or course”. Sorry about the grammar and punctuation errors. That will teach me to make peanut butter cinnamon rolls and type comments at the same time!

  18. Comrade PhysioProf

    If we’re voting on threaded comments, I propose that you adjust the theme to indicate the nesting with something more visually prominent than the current slight indent.

  19. random_anomaly

    Canned baked beans are great with HP Sauce.
    Love the new reply buttons for individual comments.

  20. wiggles

    It was all that Aunt Food and Liquid Sanctimony that made you crave the sugary canned beans, I bet.
    I like the threaded comments, btw.

  21. yttik

    I am becoming concerned. The big party at the Spinster Aunt’s Bunkhouse will be a potluck, no?

  22. Erzebeth

    HP Sauce? I must try that some day! I normally use plain old ketchup.

  23. nayo

    Amy’s has baked beans with healthier ingredients. Here’s a link. Do you ever eat beans on toast?

  24. Aster Medallion

    Probably? You’ll “probably” fix it? The degree to which you have let uncertainty nestle in that sentence leaves me feeling all cold and clammy.

    Or, it could be the picture of the beans. When I was a kid we went to my mom’s family reunion in Arkansas and I ate 6 cans of those beans. I was 10; they tasted great. Then all of a sudden they didn’t, and never have since.

    Cold and clammy, indeed.

  25. Rae Kay

    So glad things are going OK for you, Jill!

    Additionally, do I espy Bush’s Baked Beans? That stuff is the food of the gods* for certain.

    * gods with moderately low standards, but still

  26. speedbudget

    Wait a minute. Peanut butter cinnamon rolls? What is this of which you speak?

  27. speedbudget

    Baked beans and deviled eggs. I swear. Satan invented them. I can’t get enough of either when they’re around.

  28. SKM

    I prepared them like regular cinnamon rolls, except I filled them with a mixture of smooth peanut butter (I used Smuckers Natural creamy honey), brown sugar, vanilla, a bit of ginger and cinnamon, and enough very hot water to make it all come together and be spreadable.

    Here’s a cinnamon roll recipe from The Fresh Loaf.

    We now return to your regularly scheduled blaming.

  29. Jill

    You and I are two hearts that beat as one on that issue, friend, but sadly I have no idea how to do it.

  30. copykatparis

    The blamatariat has very, very strong intestinal functions. Or intestinal fortitude. Either way I fear a mighty wind striking Camp Spinster Aunt.

    (A thousand apologies, the intestinal hilarity gods have apparently seized my soul).

  31. Comrade PhysioProf

    In that case, consider this a vote against threading, cause I sure as fuck don’t, either.

    An independent downside to threading is that keeping track of new comments becomes much more of a pain in the ass, because new comments can appear anywhere in the stream; with non-threaded, they only appear in strict chronological order.

  32. humanbein

    These crazy style sheets have ruined web pages for me. Remember the good old days, when I showed you how easy it all was? Now I’m as lost and confused as anyone else. Good luck fixing all this, I wish I could help! Your pal TP

  33. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    Wholeheartedly agree with the Comrade.

    IBTP does highlight most recent comments on the sidebar, but that too is really only useful if there are one or two straggling comments on an old post. Keeping up with a live conversation is much easier in unthreaded linear format.

  34. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    For those on low-salt diet, Eden organics has tasty low salt baked beans.

  35. Saphire

    I love it like this – more like a casual forum minus the losers.

    p.s. Beans are really healthy, no? I always thought I was getting a veg portion in, even with baked beans.

  36. Jodie

    Bush’s baked beans (the ones with bourbon) are the only canned beans I can tolerate. I love making my own,though. Navy beans, pink beans, black beans, pintos, everything but lima.

    Maybe my eyes are degrading faster than I thought, but I see blamer names in the same size they’ve always been.

  37. Lady K

    While I could be speaking out of my backside on this issue, my relentless pursuit of half-baked fixes to whiny wordpress templates motivated me to hunt this down:

    If I were you I’d see how that installs, because unless your comments are already powered by THAT VERY PLUGIN, I believe I have seen it go as smoothly as a cuppa hot bean sauce on other blogs.

    And if not, you can just annihilate it with your e-flamethrower. Hurrah!

  38. Vinaigrette Girl

    Beans are good sources of nitrogen and iron, a few flavourings and even sugar won’t kill you, glucose is what the brain burns, after all, and hey: life is too short to beat yourself up over a can of baked beans. Heck, some people bathe in ’em.

    Mmmmm. Am off to have baked beans on buttered wholewheat toast, much healthier than chocolate hazlenut spread on white bread, another option….

  39. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    To cut the healthiness/sanctimony quotient just a wee bit, cold canned baked beans make a great sammitch on Wonder Bread with Miracle Whip. Yum. Comfort food from my kiddie days.

  40. Jill

    Is this any better?

  41. goblinbee

    “…keeping track of new comments becomes much more of a pain in the ass, because new comments can appear anywhere in the stream…” (Comrade PP)

    Yeah, the threaded is a nice idea, but I will miss most new comments that way.

    I hate to miss anything!

  42. Jezebella

    Ditto. It’s hard to find new comments when everything is threaded.

  43. kate

    I am drawn back here for sustenance of my anti-patriarchy facilities after participating on what is supposedly a radical thinking newsgroup.

    It seems quite a few strappy radical thinking youngsters who claim to be all about human rights and justice and shit like that haven’t a clue that women’s justice has something to do with that shit like that.

    Like Gawd! Someone give them a clue already!

  44. css help?

    Dear Jill,

    Have you tried the code featured on this webpage: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_boxmodel.asp ?

    Seems like you can add borders to elements. I checked your code, and you should have a class defined just for comments. Try adding this line “border:5px solid gray;” when you define your comment class in the stylesheet. I hope this works, though I haven’t coded in CSS in a year.


  45. Jill

    “when you define your comment class in the stylesheet.”

    Is that anything like defining the sex class in a feminist manifesto?

  46. Occasional Expositor

    Helen, thanks (?!) for a complete sidetrack into food hell:

    20 Unholy Recipes: Dishes so awful we had to make them

    Those have to be some of the most disgusting-sounding and -looking dishes I have ever seen.

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