Apr 05 2010

Spinster aunt backslides (but can quit anytime. Really.)

Springtime at El Rancho Deluxe. These goddam bluebonnets are everywhere.

Longtime residents of Savage Death Island will recall that this Internet feminist once had a pretty hardcore BBC news feed habit. I sat around all day transfixed by the horror of the Beeb. That habit caused my butt to fuse with my Aeron chair, and led to many obstreperal lobe core-breaches. Eventually it got so bad that the drunken wood nymphs with whom I am obliged to revel in springtime staged an intervention. They installed a new (well, factory-refurbished) obstreperal module in my neural net, gave me a case of Portuguese rosé, and forced me at gunpoint to frolic with furry woodland creatures in a meadow of wildflowers (see photo) until I puked. Thanks, drunken wood nymphs! I owe ya one!

Thus I got clean. I stayed Beeb-free for a over a year.

Until today.

But don’t worry. The news is actually kind of good. I mean, the news is of course really bad, generally, but one small aspect of the teeny thing I’m reporting today is kind of not awful.

I allude to the comments on a BBC Have Your Say blurb titled What does Easter mean for you? (Apparently it was Easter over the weekend. Whatever.). Ordinarily I run screaming from Have Your Say-type dealios that depend for their content upon the submissions of self-selected British amateur opinionists, but the imp of the perverse compelled me to click on this Easter thing. What, I wondered idly, is the current thinking on this silly myth?

The comments were refreshingly cynical and secular. Apparently, what Easter means for readers of the BBC website is “just another bank holiday.”

Of course one hippy-dippy commenter writes:

As for the meaning of Easter, we ignore that. Our spiritual needs are well catered for by the splendour of the coastal scenery, the movement of the sea and communion with nature at its best. We marvel at the hand of physics rather than the hand of a godhead.

Just a minute. Physics catering to spiritual needs? Jesus, this god crap can really fester an abscess in even a non-believer’s brain!

So yeah, on this post there are few nut-job responses involving incomprehensible hallucinatory glossolalia about our lord and saviour who died for our sins so we can be reborn as winged faeries who eschew depraved British capitalism, which is “part of the Anti-Christ,” which if you support it you will pay “a million fold” for the suffering you inflict on the poor. But these loons are far outnumbered by the weary atheists who just want a day off from the interminable grind.

Easter means a long weekend. Public holidays are the only good thing that ever came out of man’s need to invent religion.

My personal favorite (and by no means an anomaly; these views represent a solid majority):

[Easter means] nothing. I’m retired and hate all religions.

I realize I need to get out more, but this spontaneous outpouring of lackluster, disinterested, non-religious Jesus-fatigue really gave the old lobe-shaft a couple of sorely-needed cranks. Especially after suffering National Public Radio’s scourgey reportage, wherein correspondents “covered” Easter like it was breaking news.

Dude, here’s some breaking news for ya: Some ancient Romans executed a popular hippie mystic, and, just like he was Elvis, a few fanatics had a hard time believing he was really dead so they pretended they saw him hanging around Trader Vic’s and some leper colonies and such. It’s very sad, but it happened over 2000 years ago! It’s time to move on, already!

But no. The NPR correspondents could not resist interviewing some Haitians, and of course the Haitians were Christians who said that God sent the earthquake “to test their faith.”

Though I knew it was coming, when I heard this I dropped the Meyer lemons I was juggling because earth-inheriting meekness shit like this just chaps my entire hide. Why would anyone want anything to do with a malignant narcissist like that God dude, who “tests your faith” by slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people? It simply does not compute. If I were those Haitian Christians, I’d be all for inviting that sensible-sounding Antichrist guy over for a nice lunch and some brainstorming on how to to get this psychokiller God dude outta here.

Would I deny the suffering Haitians whatever small comfort their religion might provide? Pfui. Haitians are not children (except the ones who are children). But the Honky McWhiterman narrative so popular with American news correspondents presents Haitians as simple folk to whom quaint fairy tales are sufficiently meaningful. Certainly fake mythology crap is more expeditious for these child-like naifs than hard-to-understand concepts like science and truth.



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  1. Vibrating_Liz

    I noticed that Google News filed its Easter stories in the “Entertainment” category. I wonder if they had heated corporate debates over where to put them there or under “Business.”

  2. Sarah

    My favorite part of Easter is getting to say the phrase “Zombie Jesus” over and over and over again.

  3. Comrade PhysioProf

    What’s the dealio with drinking the bluebonnet haterade?

  4. Pinko Punko

    In a screed about religion, we might reevaluate the usage of goddam in the picture caption. I will go out on a limb and state that the Texas State Flower (all five kinds) are beloved at the bunkhouse.

    They are awesome in all colors. Our neighbor across the street even had a mutant that bloomed twice last year Very rare). We’ll see if its progeny do the same. Up with mutant bluebonnets!

  5. liberality

    Those flowers are the meaning of Easter. Easter is the return of spring and the beauty it brings to the Earth. I envy you the chance to bask amongst those flowers. And I agree; NPR sucks more than ever.

  6. Sarah

    My favorite part of Easter is getting to say the phrase “Zombie Jesus” over and over and over again.

  7. yttik

    Easter has come to mean finding ways to avoid the large carnivorous rabbit with the zombie eyes and pink fur. He lurks in malls, parks, and school lunch rooms like a chupacabra in drag. I have yet to figure out what his connection to spring time is. He’s also an egg laying male mammal, but that’s a whole other discussion.

  8. Sylvie

    This is what Easter means to some:


  9. Dr. Sarah Tonin

    So, did Jebus see his shadow, and what’s the forecast re: six more weeks of winter?

  10. lawbitch

    Love the bluebonnets!

  11. nakedthoughts

    Following on Sarah’s idea (I spent most of easter saying happy zombie jesus day myself), this is what easter means to me:

    easter is when jesus rose from the grave as a zombie and ate the brains of the people who would become “the christians”.

  12. ew_nc

    “Dude, here’s some breaking news for ya: Some ancient Romans executed a popular hippie mystic, and, just like he was Elvis, a few fanatics had a hard time believing he was really dead so they pretended they saw him hanging around Trader Vic’s and some leper colonies and such. It’s very sad, but it happened over 2000 years ago! It’s time to move on, already!”

    If indeed it did happen. Those Bible-writing dudes pretty much invented the fiction genre.

  13. Isabel

    “I have yet to figure out what his connection to spring time is.”

    Rabbits are a pretty obvious symbol of fertility.

    “He’s also an egg laying male mammal, but that’s a whole other discussion.”

    Because he is delivering eggs, it automatically follows that he must have laid them himself?* The eggs are made of chocolate and marshmallow. They are also fertility symbols.

    Hope that helps.

    * A more interesting complaint would be male “cows” in Hollywood films (such as “Barnyard”) that stand on two legs so that their fully visible udders look like highly-placed arrays of penises.

  14. Mary Tracy9

    Entirely off topic, but…

    How lucky of these middle class commenters to bemoan the fact that Easter means “bank holidays” for them. Because that’s certainly not the case for a good portion of the population who has to go to work just like every other day and put up with all these extra people on holidays.

  15. tinfoil hattie

    The entire Washington Post was about Easter today. All about Easter.

    Tomorrow will be coverage of the “White House egg roll,”
    whatever the fuck an egg roll is. Not eggroll, egg roll.

    To me, Fatty McFatterton, Easter means lots of chocolate on sale afterward. Yum.

  16. Pinko Punko

    I like you Hattie HcHatterton, just the way you are.

  17. bellacoker

    Zombie Jesus wants you to invite him to live in your heart, so he can be closer to the brain buffet.

  18. Valerie

    Thank you so much for that picture. It’s beautiful!

    What easter means to me:
    It’s just another reminder of how the church can’t see it’s own sexual metaphors for what they are.
    Moses parts the ‘red sea’ with his ‘big staff’ and saves his people.
    See folks, vagina takes down world, penis saves it.
    I know it’s not the same holiday but it still makes me giggle at how they love to tell that one and how proud they all are, with a sparkle in their eyes.
    Oh and by the by, ew_nc, there are least 20 stories in the bible that were lifted from other civilizations. So, they are even older than 2000 years. They can’t even come up with their own shit.
    That’s what easter means to me. Happy bunny on!

  19. Valerie

    Oh, sorry ew_nc, you were quoting someone else. Now I’m a bad bunny. My apologies.

  20. ashley

    an Easter egg roll is when kids push eggs down the lawn and see who can make it to the finish line first. The winner gets a lifetime supply of witless dogma and useless rules, plus an Acura SUV and an iPad and in the hereafter, floats in a giant rainbow colored Easter basket through the clouds for eternity with the Lord nested beside him (or her!) pointing out tragic explosive volcanoes raining down on radical feminists and communists.

  21. nayo

    Easter is about getting into an argument with your friend’s brother(he’s 41, married, 3 kids) about how women are still treated pretty crappy in our society. Of course, since he hasn’t noticed it, he wonders why I think this way. THINK this way. Using that logic, if I just think differently, then the oppression of women won’t exist. I had no idea it was so easy. Mansplaining comes to the rescue!

  22. tinfoil hattie

    back atcha, pinko punko.

  23. SargassoSea

    It will be necessary for me to furthermore address the white chiwhatwhat and the white pit bull who lounge around the Sea pad not only as “honkies” (which, naturally, I already do) but as The Honkies McWhiterman.

    Oh and there’s a jesus on your lawn.

  24. speedbudget

    bellacoker, you made me laugh out loud. Thank Bob I wasn’t drinking coffee at the moment I read that.

  25. flaps

    Mary Tracy9, I don’t think it’s particularly valid to split the services industry strictly along class lines, unless to work in an office is the new class determinant in Britain.

  26. Betsy

    I don’t know if this will work but I’ll try it. Nice song about bluebonnets. Been stuck in my head since I heard a scrap on NPR in, oh, 2000 or so.

  27. katipo

    Bluebonnets are rad. You can tell which ones are pollinated by their crowns:
    Crown is white = unpollinated.
    Crown is blue = pollinated.

    Plus, they’re legumes & fix nitrogen for the rest of the soil.

  28. Kozmik

    Thank you for that really good post. It is shameful how NPR and other stations “cover” Christian celebrations as if they were news. I didn’t know about your BBC addiction. I will pray for you. haw!

  29. octopod

    Valerie, I LOL’d. Is the “parting the Red Sea” story used in any way that would suggest this is the usual (if entirely subconscious) explanation?

  30. mearl

    I just about spit out my apple juice due to this post and all the Blamers’ responses. Thank you for helping me start my day with ten minutes of solid laughing. Fucking brilliant! It’s why I come here.

    The BBC didn’t call me for my opinion on what Easter means to me, but what I WOULD have said is that it’s the day Zombie Jesus lays chocolate eggs filled with brains and rolls them at the Honky McWhiterman House with the Haitian children before ascending to outer space.

  31. Fede

    What mearl said. Well, apart from the apple juice, and thank Undead Christ for that, or my keyboard would have been well screwed.

  32. jaded

    Interesting point there Jill. This reminds me of Shug Avery explaining to Celie the myth of White Jesus in the Color Purple.

    Also, people R-E-A-L-L-Y need a new line. I heard one awesome gem (in response to a case of a rape victim) – “If God didn’t know how strong you were, he wouldn’t give you these xyz problems. He puts obstacles in your path because he KNOWS you can overcome them”.

    So God is a physical trainer who just keeps on increasing the weights on your back even though you’re flat on the ground? Super sweet.

  33. Raven

    Exactly, Jaded! I seriously want to cut a fool every time I hear, “god won’t give you more than you can handle!”
    I call bullshit!

    That’s like saying if you are devastated by horrible things that happen to you, and it eventually kills you, it’s your own damn fault because “god” knows exactly how much punishment you can take, and you wimped out! You didn’t live up to “god’s” expectations.

    I refuse to believe in some big, angry, score keeper in the sky who’s just waiting for me to get too many points in the bad column so he can strike me down. Life is hard enough without having to worry that “daddy sky-ghost thing” or whatever is lurking, reading my thoughts and waiting to jump out and punish me. Fuck. That.

    Best. Blog. Ever!

  34. Roving Thundercloud

    On Easter morning I told my toddler this joke for the first time:

    Q: What’s invisible & smells like carrots?
    A: Bunny farts.

    And she repeated it about 50 times right there in bed, then at the breakfast table, and to everyone she met for the next 5 days.

    Just doing my part.

  35. Valerie

    Al Franken said some thing about that, I am paraphrasing at best:
    I hate it when people say god doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Oh, great! Now I have to feel guilty about having a nervous break down. Thanks!

  36. nails

    What kind of weirdo would dish out suffering because it can be handled? Sounds downright sociopathic to me! If a parent did anything like that to their kids it would be widely condemned.

    I am having flashbacks to church, thinking “WTF? WHAT? SICK!!!” when we learned about Job.

  37. Kiuku

    the God of the bible, i mean, if you read Genesis, he is God the Father. It’s a metaphor for what men have done since they, IMO, were invented on planet Earth. But who would believe in a God who wants to punish. A rapist. He’s a rapist. A “Make it hurt”, I’ll increase your birth pangs, God. If he invented men,that means he is not from Planet Earth, and he is a bastard and I’ll destroy him myself if it is hte last thing I do. I am the greatest Animal on planet Earth.

    How did we go from celebrating the seasons, and bunnies that lay eggs multicolor that we go and collect, to a guy that -men- decided to crucify for walking on water, treating women equally, trying to forgive people and heal the sick?

  38. Kiuku

    People actually believe various things about divine punishment, of Haiti. The problem with Haiti is the men. The problem anywhere is the men. It’s so simple. If the men do not dominate the women. If the women have status, the area flourishes because women have intelligence (men are incapable), give birth and bear, raise children. This fundamental rule applies anywhere you look, any civilization you look at, any time frame you look at. It applies to technological advancement, general well being, plentitude of resources, etc. The problem with Haiti is the way men treat women.

  39. ashley

    what in particular goes down in Haiti that’s specific and wouldn’t apply to DR or similar? Just curious if you’d like to elaborate although it’s not the post subject, I wasn’t aware- thx

  40. Kiuku

    It’s not specific. It’s general. Rape happens specifically everywhere. In general the Dominican Republic men treat women and women enjoy better status than they do in Haiti. The rule applies blanketly anywhere and at any time in history.


  41. ashley

    oh I see, I agree with you, I thought there was a specific crisis that I wasn’t aware of, other than the everyday crisis the world over! thanks :)

  42. soopermouse


    In case anyone needs a good laugh followed by a headdesk

  43. Kiuku

    Ashley what’s really interesting is to watch it play out, how misogyny creates poverty, creates instability, creates a lack of resource and a lack of technological achievement, creates a stagnate environment and suffering. You could throw a billion dollars at these men, if it goes to the men, nothing will change. You can’t build up a society, country, nation, town, or time-frame in history without eradicating misogyny.

    Sooper I read that entire thing waiting for a punchline that just never came! Lol


  44. Kiuku

    Foundation for Male Studies..what are they going to study..the history books. Men are having a tantrum because women have some kind of independent life from them and it highlights their actual biological inferiority. I love how if a woman can, for instance, have an education it’s somehow “unfair.” Someone needs to tell men that they are never going to be able to fix the biological unfairness that is written into their 2/3rd of a genome by creating laws that say “women can’t do this” and “women can’t do that” or behaving violently. They’ll still be men. They’ll never be women.

    And this:

    “In the latest recession, 82% of pink slips handed out in the United States went to men, and a good chunk of those jobs won’t be coming back. Boys and young men commit suicide at a rate of more than four times that of girls and young women. Boys are far more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin. In the United States, women outlive men by an average of seven years”

    Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=2785510#ixzz0koq3fGcv

    Oh noes the men! Men have more jobs than women first of all, and make more money, and discriminate against women in the workforce, so 82 percent of the pink slips going to men. Wow. Surprise. Men comit suicide more often than women. Men also kill people more often than women, in fact, 90% of all violent crime is men. Again, not a big surprise. Suicide is violence. Men are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD because, when alongside girls, men perform far worse and, instead of realizing the problem is their mental inferiority, when they act out violently in a tantrum, we claim it’s a disease.

  45. Kiuku


    I don’t think the y ever had as many genes as the x, though.

  46. kristyn

    Kiuku, you are like the S.C.U.M. Manifesto come to life, and it is a breath of springtime air wafting through the outhouse that is this patriarchy.

  47. FemmeForever


    It’s like your words come directly from my brain. It’s both spooky and confirming. I’ve never said these facts out loud and never ever thought I’d come across another person who sees and can say the basest truth.

  48. yttik

    The comments in that article on the decline of the Y were entertaining. My favorites: “Let them take their lazy, self-serving Y chromosome and hit the evolutionary road”

    Besides being entertaining, I believe those 190 comments pretty much shoot down any theories about gender complementarianism.

  49. ashley

    ” when they act out violently in a tantrum, we claim it’s a disease.”

    yup. in patriarchy boys acting out is clinical hyperactivity, they’re just bored! they probably haven’t built something in like five minutes.

    in patriarchy girls acting out is clinical psychosis.

    this information makes me strain to not act out.

  50. soopermouse

    No seriously, Kluku, when i read that thing I burst into fits of manic laughter. Seriously, WTF?

    Poow widdle boys are oppressed because now they have to compete on almost equal grounds? My heart breaks.
    Now THAT was linked to me by an ex. For reasons beyond my understanding, he expected me to sympathize.

  51. HT

    Kiuku, what can one say other than brilliant comment. This “Foundation for Men’s studies” is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to what they preceive as a loss of their slave class, much like the Romans employed the circus including gladiators and animal versus human games as a means of dispensing of their “enemies” while raking in support for the continuace of their empire.

  52. HT

    BTW, when I type “slave class” I’m referring to the feminine gender, of course.

  53. Alexa

    Laughing! @ the link from kiuku. ‘Indeed, men are mad to feel like inadequate girls and women’

    so it’s like a class that to an outside observer explains why valerie salonas was correct. Men really are born with a weird inadequacy complex in the face of their x-x superiors. Why don’t they just call the class- ‘the male inferiority complex’. Explaining why men really are terrified of women, aka why sexism exists and any equality is too much too far. In a better world it’d make a good comedy show. In reality it’s sickening that this could actually come to frution. All I read in that article was pc gone mad, mixed with good old sexist tropes about family life. Maybe a mandatory module is ‘why women need to be in their place’. At once scary, laughable and pathetic.

  54. allhellsloose

    Easter is a well known pagan ritual and that’s a fact. Does that make it all right? I love chocolate.

    I’m not alone.

    This is such a good blog.

  55. niki

    Easter means free pisco shots and chocolate.

  56. kristyn

    Easter means witnessing other families’ family dramas passively-aggressively playing out in front of churches all around my neighborhood, and little girls in their Sunday finest and patriarchally approved footwear — seriously, I saw a four-year-old in tiny heels — noshing on slices of pizza while standing on the street with their slightly older brothers who are wearing miniature suits.

    Also, getting really drunk on my roof and then making kale soup. The next day is Discount Chocolate Day and more drinking.

  57. random_anomaly

    yttik: As far as the Easter Bunny’s connection to Springtime, from what I remember the hare that later became the “Easter Bunny” was originally the animal personification of a Celtic goddess of fertility and renewal. Of course, later they decided that it should be male instead, which resulted in an egg-laying rabbit.
    On another note, as a Seattle-dwelling nerd, what Easter means to me is Norwescon weekend.

  58. Angela

    You make my day.

  59. Androgyneko

    I read somewhere a while back that Easter was based off of a Celtic goddess(Oester) who once turned a bird into a rabbit and sent it off to lay colorful eggs to cheer up orphans or something.

  60. Kiuku

    I love it! Whenever I see a man I just think “2/3rds”

  61. nails


    “Men are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD because, when alongside girls, men perform far worse and, instead of realizing the problem is their mental inferiority, when they act out violently in a tantrum, we claim it’s a disease.”

    Men are more likely to be dianosed with ADHD because, in line with most medical study, boys and men made up the vast majority of people studied when the criteria for the disorder was first determined. The criteria lists symptoms typical to dudes, so it is what people recognize. It is an unfair way to study disorders, and it happens all the time. I think the subjects were 75% male, IIRC. The next DSM is going to account for that with more study into female ADHD patients. Girls are under-diagnosed because of this. Girls with the disorder tend to just be spacey and unfocused, the social programming has an effect on the expression of the problem. It works that way with most mental disorders.

    I really resent the nonsense about how doing worse on an academic test is proof of ADHD as well. ADHD has nothing to do with intellect. It certainly has nothing to do with test taking ability. It has to do with attention deficit, just like the name indicates. It doesn’t seem like you have read up on it much, and I don’t really care if you do, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t speak so poorly of people who have it before doing so. It is a pretty common problem, so you are insulting an awful lot of people (blamers, too) when you characterize it as a made up problem for dumb people who suck at tests.

  62. ashley

    I think the point was just that they apply random labels to men’s idiocy instead of realizing that the way boys are socialized plus the fact that females just are smarter is really what time it is.

    ADHD kids aren’t dumb, they’re often smarter in my opinion having worked with them. But people don’t realize that so they see a boorish young man and think, maybe he has that! Doi, no=he has patriarchy.

    People with ADHD sometimes do suck at tests, but it’s more because tests suck. I’ve always thought it says more about the “regular” kids who can actually tolerate mainstream education than the “freak” kids who can’t. but then, I was one of those freak kids, so..

  63. ashley

    Sorry for the ellipsis, Twisty. It just snuck up on me.

  64. Greenconsciousness

    The answer is definitely to insist on observance of the earth holidays in a secular state. Easter is really the Spring Equinox which is the coming back to life of the earth from apparent death. And that is not just hallucinations at Steep&Brew. Also, half way to the Summer Solstice is May Day or First Flowers to celebrate and then the Summer Solstice and then the real heat as the sun moves away from the earth which teaches us that consequences come after the action is done and gone. There should be 3 days of cosmology teaching in the public schools around each holiday complete with skits,songs and enactments of the movement of the earth and sun.

    Scientist and the media should present programs teaching where the earth is in relation to the sun at this time of year – how warm is the earth and why, – what is it like in the southern hemisphere as compared to the northern, and all such stuff — also Earth Day is April 22. Do I have to even say how we can talk about the gardens and animals? There are plenty of myths we can play with — the Hare being the Earth’s consort at the Spring Equinox and how they dance around the Great Egg. The chick will be born on May Day.

    Second, I have just understood that the horrible exploitation of third world people the US is always being accused of is actually a cover for what organized religion is doing in countries like Haiti IN OUR NAME WITH OUR FOREIGN AID. First they get foreign aid money for “charity” work, stop women from controlling reproduction by religion and then stopping health care foreign aid from including reproductive control — use the word genocide to describe birth control (the left will be happy to spread this lie) wait for overpopulation to make the people desperate, hungry and easily exploited. Then sell their babies and rape their children in exchange for food. Good money to be made at each step.

    And lastly, WI has finally contributed something to culture other than being the first state to have a state microbe. You know, “state microbe” as in state bird, state flower, etc. WI decided to crown the microbe that make cheese with the title of State microbe. Lactose something… no other state has a state microbe. Then WI made it legal to sell unpasteurized milk. Then a meteor came from the sky aimed straight at WI.

    But Judge Crabb from WI managed to get this decision written while the legislature was dealing with cheese questions.

    Americans United for Separation of Church and State today praised a federal district court for striking down the congressionally mandated National Day of Prayer.

    U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb of the Western District of Wisconsin ruled that the federal law violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

    Crabb held that the sole purpose of the federal law “is to encourage all citizens to engage in prayer, an inherently religious exercise that serves no secular function in this context. In this instance, the government has taken sides on a matter that must be left to individual conscience.”

    The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United executive director, said, “This decision is a tremendous victory for religious liberty. Congress has no business telling Americans when or how to pray.

  65. Greenconsciousness

    The Great Hare was never the Goddess — He is her consort – he is energy and sperm — she is the incubator of new life — Together they produce and wait for the birth of all the newness they have created during the time from Yule through First Light (Groundhog Day) to the Spring Equinox.

    The thought form is completed and the goal is set and this is what we celebrate at the SE. The finished, healthy egg waiting to be born – whole and completely formed. Ready and awake. The re-turn to outward manifestation of inner processes..

  66. TwissB

    For those who care, a footnote on the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, an organization whose mission I appreciate, if not the pompous “Americans United for…” that can be tacked onto the name of any organization organizing on behalf of any political position whatever–

    Before the Rev. parachuted into his present job, he was the ACLU’s lead debater against the feminist critique of pornography as hate speech against women. In that capacity, he ridiculed and demonized Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon, freely misrepresenting their work, as did his ACLU colleague Nadine Strossen, for the benefit of students, journalists, and others too timid or lazy to read it.
    Like the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz, who won his post as Media Critic for his wholesale lampooning of witnesses, whom he sarcastically termed “self described ‘victims’,” at hearings of the the A. G. Commission on Pornography in the 1980’s. The ACLU was the proud pomulgator of the hissy reference to “The Meese Commission” (which was, in fact, appointed before Meese was appointed A.G. but Rev. Barry Lynn would be the last to let the facts get in the way of a good slur.
    What really made Lynn and Kurtz darlings of the media was the fact that they were not only dedicated defenders of men’s right to subordinate women by dehumanizing them, but more specifically, they were masters at helping establish the First Amendment (all genuflect here) as the publishing industry’s product liability shield.
    Indeed, this may be the experience that taught lawyer Lynn the magical powers and all-purpose usefulness of the flexible phrase “CONGRESS HAS NO BUSINESS TELLING AMERICANS…” [fill in the blank, e.g. what they can and can’t read or look at on their computers in the privacy of their own homes or at the public library, whom they can be forced to share a city swimming pool or bus seat with, that they have to buy health insurance, etc.]
    For a fascinating account of the publishing industry’s campaign to protect pornography – employing the ACLU’s cynical references to this umpty-billion $$$ business as “the speech we all hate – yet must defend lest our Freedom of Speech be taken away from us” – and its array of distinguished leaders, see The Power House by Susan Trento, and also paper #525 at http://www.equality4women.org

  67. Greenconsciousness

    Well OK I will hate him. Geeze I am glad I didn’t donate. We have the organization “Freedom From Religion” here founded by a radical feminist family who also run a charity that helps poor women pay for abortions (Women’s Medical Fund – Madison WI). I thought Lynn was affiliated with them. I am glad you enlightened me.

    But I am sure we can agree — let him organize against religion — that is a good thing. No one tell him that the biggest porn addicts are all members of the clergy.

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