Jun 27 2010

Spinster aunt rips off dudely comedy-joke from Internet

From PunditKitchen [ http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_lm2JI7sGwYI/TBfHRL7Fa_I/AAAAAAAAJ7M/BgU9vMPB53g/s1600/Terminator.jpg ]

[From PunditKitchen via jobsanger.]


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  1. Virginia S. Wood, Psy.D.

    If only.

  2. yttik

    Ha! That is funny. To be nit picky, they’ve erased the woman from the story! The Terminator was not a good guy sent back to kill the evil Skynet, he was sent back to kill her, to destroy the future resistance. Sarah Conner is the one that tried to wipe out the corporation.

    If you want something productive done, the President needs to call Sarah Conner. Arnold just gets himself blown up and crushed in various presses.

  3. Jezebella

    You haven’t seen T2, have you, yttik?

  4. yttik

    I have seen T2. The reprogrammed T is sent back to protect Sarah Conner, but he still gets himself crushed in a press and eventually melted in a vat of steel.

    This is a funny political commentary on another level. The Terminator works for Skynet, even reprogrammed he has to be melted down in the end because he is Skynet technology. So, the President is talking to the wrong person/terminator, kind of like putting BP execs in charge of protecting our coast line might not be a real good idea. Conflict of interest and all.

  5. Jill

    The Terminator is sent back in time to keep John Conner from being born by killing his mother, Sarah Conner. That’s the riff in the cartoon.

    In Terminator 2 Arnold is a good cyborg sent back to protect not Sarah Conner, but John Conner, from the evil cyborg. Arnold even tries to prevent the kid from springing his mother outta the psych ward. Linda Hamilton’s got it goin’ on in that flick, but naturally she has to deliver an insipid line that goes something like “you can’t risk coming back for me, John. You’re too important.” Woman is expendable, son will live full life and save humanity.

    You just hate that smartass kid the whole time, too.

  6. Comrade PhysioProf

    tl; dr.

  7. nails

    Holy crap, you guys know a lot about terminator. I would not have expected such fandom to exist on IBTP.

  8. Jezebella

    You must’ve missed the giant SciFi threads a couple years back.

  9. Adrienne in CA

    Why do they always wanna off the mother? Wouldn’t it be easier to just strangle the baby? Yeah — it’s Hitler’s mother’s fault. IBTP.

  10. Earnest O'Nest

    I like the dude on the left way more, than the dude on the right. & If the dude on the left would travel back in time the surprise effect would be so much higher.

  11. AileenWuornos

    Well it made me chortle.

  12. Alexa


  13. Sarah

    I’m with Adrienne. Babies are squishy and defenseless, way easier to kill than tough grown-up ladies. They want to kill the mother because women, mothers and non-mothers alike, are equally reviled by pop culture and its Patriarchy Progenitor. If a boy is effed up, it’s ALWAYS his mother’s fault. Just ask Philip Roth.

  14. Gayle

    Good to know the President has finally come up with a plan.

  15. Tigs

    “Holy crap, you guys know a lot about terminator. I would not have expected such fandom to exist on IBTP.”

    Hell, the Terminator franchise has made it into the first draft of my dissertation (symbol indicating trailing off here).

  16. mir

    Seems both easier and more rewarding to go back in time and give his dad a swift Taser to the cherries, you ask me.

  17. nina

    Mir, the phrase “a swift Taser to the cherries” is quite nifty and I’m going to start finding excuses to use it regularly.

  18. yttik

    “a swift Taser to the cherries”

    Excellent phrase! Come to think of it, there is no need to slaughter the mother or to go after the baby. You could quite humanely, simply perform a vasectomy.

    However, that is not going to sell well as a Hollywood blockbuster.

  19. Earnest O'Nest

    Can we have Sports week? Can we, please. I’d so love to do Sports week. It can be a bit like Art week but without the Art.

  20. flaps

    Jill are you trying to say that John Connor is a Wesley?

  21. speedbudget

    Ladies, ladies. You can’t just go around snuffing babies in movies about saving the world. “What about the baybeeeeeeeeeeeez?” has been selling movies and politicians since time immemorial.

    I remember before my personal feminist revolution watching the Terminators when they first came out and wondering why such a bad-ass chick had to be the one killed. I spent every time I watched a movie hoping against hope they would kill that smug kid. I mean, Jesus Christ on a cracker, she was ripped and cut and was ALLOWED to be, even encouraged to be, tougher than nails. I bet she can do a perfect pull-up.

  22. Jane Q Public

    “You just hate that smartass kid the whole time, too.”

    Talk about it. That entire character is annoying as fuck.

  23. Jill

    Jill are you trying to say that John Connor is a Wesley?

    Yes. Thank you. He’s mondo-irritating while the adults in his life seem to think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unlike the effeminate Wesley, though, the John Conner character combines super-hacker genius with bad-boy machismo, making him even more intolerable.

  24. Mare_Island

    Wesley as in Wesley Crusher? Or Wesley Wyndam-Pryce? Or is the answer “yes”?

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