Jul 26 2010

Spinster aunt has no time for you

This spinster aunt has no time for you people right now. So let us all praise blamer Phio Gistic, who sent in a link to some jaw-dropping shit that just went down in St. Louis Missouri, the mattress-stain of a town where, coincidentally, I spent the 25 worst years of my life.

Naturally, what happened is this: a woman was dancing in a St Louis club in 2004, and naturally “Girls Gone Wild” was there exploiting people, and naturally a third party exposed the woman’s breasts as she said, “no, no.”

Same-ole, same-ole.

But then the video came out and the woman sued, claiming she never gave consent and that the video represented an actual assault. The jaw-dropping shit is that a jury of my former homies actually ruled in favor of the “Girls Gone Wild” porn franchise. Consent is irrelevant when cameras are present!

St. Louis. Always classy.

Here’s the link to the post at Jezebel.

Yikes. And when I saw the addendum, wherein it is revealed that a fucking dick writer at the crap news weekly I used to work for nominated the victim in his “Ass-Clown of the Week” column, I was rendered speechless. And then, when I read the fucking dick’s managing editor’s apology, wherein she excuses the fucking dick with a “boys will be boys” and describes the subjects of “Girls Gone Wild” as “stupid,” I was rendered even speechlesser.

Southern leopard frogs

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite photo subject: Southern leopard frogs in flagrante delicto. Tomorrow: the fruit of their loins!

P.S. All the comments stuck in moderation for the past week have been freed, except for the extremely long ones, which I don’t have time to read. Go start your own blog, long comment writers!


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  1. stranger than truth

    I want to send you a heartwarming picture that will answer all questions women could have. How can I do that?

  2. Comrade PhysioProf

    I want to send you a heartwarming picture that will answer all questions women could have. How can I do that?

    That sounds fucken creepy.

    Back on topic: Is it possible to be named “Chad” and not be a fucken dickbag?

  3. awhirlinlondon

    Answer to the rhetorical question: no, it is not unless said Chad is tone deaf, lives in a cave, or is under the age of 16.

    Being named Charles might be an infliction but the way the bearer chooses the diminutive, should he prefer one, is up to him. There are choices: Chuck, Charlie, Chichi, Chachi, Chihuawah, Maude, Ethel, or whatever the hell else. Chad? A pox on the choice.

  4. pheenobarbidoll

    That’s just beyond words.

  5. ExMo

    But! But! My Nigel! His name is Chad!

    Ah, screw it.

  6. norbizness

    You know it’s bad when the jury has mostly mullets and GGW mesh rats.

  7. Notorious Ph.D.

    The fact that Chad (didn’t we decide “hanging chad” was an epithet for something a while back?) equates the victim of a sexual assault trying (and failing) to get justice with a basketball coach who sexually abused two of his charges makes me want to scream.

    The fact that Chad’s superiors undermined their own condemnation of the behavior of the assaulters, the porn purveyors, and the jury by turning the whole thing into a joke leaves me speechless as well.


  8. AlienNumber


    “Rape by deceit,” while somewhat redundant, is a great little concept, why don’t they know about it in St. Louis yet?

  9. Jodie

    The world is even worse than I thought it was. Her case seemed like a pretty clear win, I thought. ARGH.

  10. veganrampage

    There are 145 and comments, all but two kicking the paper’s and author’s ass. This is my pick for best guffaw enducing rant. It was quite cheering so for your viewing pleasure please do enjoy!

    “fuckriverfront times says:

    Posted On: Saturday, Jul. 24 2010 @ 4:30PM”

    Ps. The “brutally killed” somehow strikes me as especially apt. Makes me laugh way too hard as well.
    Hidee ho!

  11. SelinaK

    So are our breasts now men’s protected speech? Was that the justification? “No” is meaningless now to juries, even when there’s proof of it on video?

    Porn does absolutely no harm to women. Right.

  12. Mujery Legs

    An Israeli judge convicted an Arab of “rape by deceit” of a Jewish woman to whom he allegedly represented himself as a Jewish bachelor. The reason this makes sense according to the logic of the state is that Israel cares about Jewish identity, as a Jewish state.

    America doesn’t care about women’s lives or bodies, except perhaps as male property (i.e., look at that poor missing white girl/woman on four networks for 24 hours! and her poor parents/husband!). Sexual assault is not a crime modern industrialized states have a stake (as they perceive it) in stopping.

    Nor does Israel much care about the Jewish Israeli women who are raped by Jewish Israeli men during compulsory military service, or otherwise.

    In future news, gay rape in the post-don’t ask, don’t tell U.S. military WILL be a crime the state has a stake in investigating, prosecuting, convicting, and sentencing as if it were a serious assault. Because teh gays threaten the state. Because without latent homosexuality, the sports-defense complex would collapse?

    The illogic boggles the mind, but that’s the logic of the state for ya.

  13. i'llbedamned

    “Porn does absolutely no harm to women.”

    Well it may indeeed do some harm, but that harm is outweighed by the right of dude-bros to get a stiff wienie looking at it or to profit from it.

  14. Rugosa

    On the bright side, if some guy sues or prosecutes you for kicking him in the nuts, you can be acquitted on the grounds that his being out in public while bearing said nuts was giving consent to be kicked in them. You’ve got precedent on your side.

  15. La Chica Lucy

    Thank Twisty that Mama Grizzly Hurl Week is over!

    This Blamer was so excited to see new content – indeed, elated that a certain spinster aunt had just enough time to tell us she had no time for us but here is a frog picture – and then, yuck, the GGW story. Not yuck at Jill for posting on it, just yuck at this being actual fucking reality. So sad, terrifying and infuriating – all rolled into one giant shit sandwich, rape culture.

    And, yeah, what SelinaK says, too.

  16. Ruby Lou

    That’s extremely discouraging, not to mention repugnant. The photo assault, but even more the verdict in court, the whole ‘she wanted it or she wouldn’t have been there’ argument. And the weekly mag, damn that’s ugly, where the commenting readers are a ton more righteous than the rag itself. This is not the first time that righteous commenting readers have provided a slim mitigation to a grim tale.

  17. vinoveritas

    Someone should expose Chad’s chads and chad them up, while he screams “Chad, chad… chad chad.”

  18. Ma'Whis'Ki

    I read the Jezebel article, and the managing editor’s (non-)apology, which was enough to gag a maggot. I’m not going to look at the “Ass-Clown” column because I do not want to give Chad-the-molester a viewing stat from me.

    This case just screams for an overturn-on-appeal, especially in light of the remarks the jury foreskin made about her ‘probably being okay with it’, even though she can be heard saying ‘no’ repeatedly on the video. It makes me want to take a really hard look at the skill-level of Jane Doe’s lawyer, for starters…

  19. anna

    i sense heartbreak

  20. speedbudget

    This is the ultimate outcome of the “You wouldn’t be outside if you didn’t want it” world we live in.

    Common law says it’s not a rape unless there are two witnesses (have to citizens, which meant male and landowner back then). Have we taken even a step behind that medieval code? A video shows a woman protesting, yet she was found by a jury to have consented.

    Speechless. Seriously.

  21. phio gistic

    The ‘apology from the editor’ page on the Riverfront Times includes a comment from staunch dood defender “TonyTheTiger” who valiantly went and bought the GGW video in question so he could analyze the incident in depth. He concludes that she was a platinum blond with large breasts and thus fully deserved whatever happened to her. This seems to sum up the jury’s attitude as well. An anonymous dood proceeds to post screen captures supposedly showing Jane Doe and the gang proceeds to rate her body HOT or NOT and call her and feminists and Jezebel readers names. Classy indeed!

  22. AlienNumber

    “Rape by deceit” is a great step forward towards the Twist-solution. (btw, it has been mostly used to convict Jewish men in Israel). We should have this as a legal concept in the US too.

  23. allhellsloose

    I’m confuzzled. The jury ruled she gave consent by being at the GGW show? But, but, that’s like saying a woman gives consent to sex because she agrees to go back to his place for a coffee. Can a judge actually allow that kind of reasoning?

    No, no, or by texan judicial standards yes, yes.

  24. Susan

    “Implied Consent” lies in the mind of the beholder. Never go anywhere, never do anything, because there will always be some man who thinks you’re asking for it, and a jury in St. Louis ready to back him up. Amazing how what a woman says she wants is less credible that what a man assumes she wants.

  25. tinfoil hattie

    phio gistic, you are so unfair to TonyTheTiger! Of COURSE you neglected to mention that he clearly stated the platinum blond’s breasts were ridiculously huge. All women possessing ridiculously huge breasts deserve to have their shirts ripped aside! C’mon!

  26. nails

    As if implied consent is really good enough for something like having your naked body sold to strangers over and over again. That is seriously life altering and is damaging to a person who didn’t consent. Implied consent is for tiny things, like getting a vaccine or getting your blood drawn.

    I hope she can appeal this somehow.

  27. blondie

    Everything about Girls Gone Wild sucks.

  28. Susan

    But nails, having your naked body sold to strange women over and over because they find you hot and want to masturbate would be great.
    Men don’t get it. They envy Jane Doe her desirability, and wish women wanted to look at them the way they look at women. Being desirable sounds great if you’re an autonomous human being and not a sex class commodity. They only way they get it is if one suggests that it wouldn’t be such fun to be ogled and menaced by huge men they might not be able to fend off. It wouldn’t be much fun if most of the men in the world were checking them out, staring at their crotches, touching them up, standing too close, making salacious remarks and veiled threats. But that’s unnatural. That’s gay. That’s disgusting.
    Homophobia and sexism both reek of men’s fear that they’ll be treated like they treat women.
    And, yes, I hope she appeals. Could there be two such woman-hating juries?
    Don’t answer that.

  29. Bushfire

    There should be thousands of angry women rampaging all over this, but you could hear a pin drop. I can’t figure out why women everywhere have their heads right up the patriarchy’s ass. I was under the impression that a whole bunch of feminist consciousness-raising occured before I was born, but now it seems my generation has to start at square one. I’ve known forever that men hate women, but I am always startled at how much women hate each other.

  30. speedbudget

    Bushfire: I completely understand. But what are we to do in this instance? The most we can hope for is an appeal (which I guarantee is happening. There is always an appeal.) and a semi-coherent judge. There is nothing to “protest,” unless we can have marches against four-person-douche-canoe levels of stupidity. It’s frustrating as hell, but I can’t think of a thing to do about it, other than to tell everyone I know about the story because this kind of shit is not real news.

    You know what is real news and gets national and international exposure? Chicks beating up on guys. We all know about that lady in Greece who set the man’s crotch on fire. Why? Because a man was the victim. That’s real news. That shit gets attention, possibly laws passed. Claiming implied consent in a situation that requires consent forms? When an assault is filmed? Possibly setting a precedent for every violent offender everywhere to claim “zie was asking for it”? Definitely not news. And anybody complaining is just a big old whiny pants.

    The more I think about this the more pissed off I get.

  31. SelinaK

    As a person with ridiculously large breasts naturally (if 36-DD is ridiculous), it always amazes me how even on a nonsexual level people feel they have some sort of right to be rude to you.

    I have female friends who’ve said things to me like, “women with large breasts look fat no matter what size they are” and “I think smaller breasts look so much more classy and feminine than large ones.” I’ve never said to a woman with a large nose, “I think small, perky noses are cuter than huge honkers.” That would make me a jerk. So why do people think it’s OK if you’re talking about a woman’s chest? Because a woman’s chest is ‘sexual’ we deserve to be insulted to our faces?

    I’m with Bushfire, I feel like this should be the last straw for women. If our ‘no’ is meaningless in a court of law, what else do we have to lose? I’ve HAD IT. Seriously.

  32. Bushfire

    @Speedbudget: it’s not that I have some sort of genious plan in mind. I’m just thinking that if men were scared of women’s reaction to being abused like this, then they might be less inclined to abuse. But women barely react. In this case, all the men on the jury and the judge and whomever else decided the woman “consented” are her abusers, just as much as the GGW videotaper and person who pulled down her shirt. I don’t know if there were women on the jury, or what their opinion might have been. But imagine if there was rioting, damage to the courthouse, threats to the responsible parties, fundraising for another lawyer for the victim, continued lawsuits, etc. Communities are so busy working long hours to support the megatheocorporatocracy they have no time or energy left to fight for justice. Or they are brainwashed and think nothing is wrong. Or whatever.


  33. Bushfire

    Of course, this is just one case in 100,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000 in which a woman is abused and no one cares. These cases are like stars in the damn sky.

  34. tinfoil hattie

    But women barely react.

    Maybe that’s because for the last kabillion years, “reacting” has gotten us more abuse. Whom are you actually blaming?

  35. joy

    July 26, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    On the bright side, if some guy sues or prosecutes you for kicking him in the nuts, you can be acquitted on the grounds that his being out in public while bearing said nuts was giving consent to be kicked in them. You’ve got precedent on your side.”

    Also, precedent is on the side of a woman who, say, hacks off a rapist’s dick and balls with a machete and claims she was sleepwalking at the time. Somnambulance is a valid defense in a rape trial, so it should hold water for a few deballing, right?


    Oh, right. No. It’s different. Rape isn’t a crime against a -real person.-

    I’m fed up too. Who wants to help with the rioting? I am deadly serious. If I go alone, they’ll just put me in the crazy house (with all the other women who have been raped and are suffering).

  36. speedbudget

    Yes, a good, old-fashioned riot does sound good. I’ll bring a pitchfork.

    And yes, there were women on the jury. Their opinions were much the same as the men: She shouldn’t have been outside with large mammary glands if she didn’t want to get assaulted. In my experience, the women are just as quick as the men to victim blame when it comes to rape and sexual assault.

    Selina: I have the same problem. Just went to The Town Shoppe in New York City and found out my actual size is 34G. Who knew that even existed? But buying a properly fitted bra has changed things. They aren’t so prominent anymore. If you’re on the east coast, I recommend a trip.

  37. Gayle

    Bushfire is calling for an actual woman’s movement.

    I’m in. We’re shall we start?

  38. Gayle

    Women’s movement.

    Pardon me. I’m beat.

  39. Jezebella

    speedbudget: yes, yes, yes. The bra-fitting ladies at the Town Shoppe changed my life for the better.

  40. Bushfire

    Maybe that’s because for the last kabillion years, “reacting” has gotten us more abuse. Whom are you actually blaming?

    I didn’t mean to come across as blaming women. The reason for the non-reaction starts with a P.

  41. Cycles

    I say we infiltrate the next local GGW event. Synchronize our watches and, at the prescribed time, run around pulling down as many men’s pants as we can before the cops show up. Bonus points for snorting dismissively at what’s underneath, or pointing out visible skid marks to the cameras.

  42. slade


    You have no idea how often I have wanted to go up to those dudes with the low-hanging pants and just give them a good yank. They couldn’t run. Their pants are around their ankles. I could have a decent head start.

    Hey, the next GGW, I right there with you! Now that sounds like some fun.

  43. joy

    Speedbudget, Bushfire, Gayle, and others — I’m in.

    I’ve got nothing to lose. I really don’t.

    Politics, it seems, is not the answer. The idea of waiting around for progress (or appeal) is as productive as waiting to find “The Right One”, ie, the man/men who isn’t’/aren’t open rapists and misogynists.

    “Maybe if we wait long enough and do what we’re supposed to, Daddy won’t beat us any more. Just a little bit longer. Well, I might die before Daddy stops beating me, but at least maybe he won’t beat my granddaughters! Or great-granddaughters. Maybe.”

    If we wait around, we aren’t doing anything. I for one am ready to do something, and it sounds like others are too.

    Where does this stall in real life? For me, it stalls because I do fear the insane factory, I mean, asylum, I mean, mental health facility again. Those places are bad, bad, bad.

  44. Jezebella

    Cycles, that’s a brilliant notion. I thought about going to the GGW website to find out where the douchebags were headed next, then I reconsidered whether I had the sanity points to deal with what I was about to behold. I do not. Perhaps someone else can tell us where the next GGW event will be held.

  45. slade

    Can we burn a bunch of stilettos? Or at least just break the heals off? No law against that, is there?

  46. Susan

    And now, the good news
    Published by Twisty on January 26, 2007.

    GGW advertises their upcoming “events”. Rouse the locals and shut ’em down.

  47. Bushfire

    Yes, Cycles, ideas like that are great. If more women were against their own oppression, that sort of stuff would go down all the time.

  48. The Nerd

    This reminds me never to walk the streets of St. Louis in anything less “modest” than a burqa, lest I be consenting to sexual assault. Which is a real buzz-kill, because I live here. I’ll be starting the revolution somewhere near Grand and Delor, if anyone wants to get a jump start.

  49. Vinia Bright

    I’ve just read the James Randi Educational Forum (JREF) thread about the miscarriage of justice that occurred in this case. Consider me educated, mainly about the reason why men vastly outnumber women at skeptical events.

    I used to think I was an advanced blamer, but the JREF thread is too much for me. I don’t think I can post links; the name of the thread is “She Knew What She Was Doing — Really?” The debate centers around whether $5 million was too much to ask for as damages(yes); whether she should have expected to display her breasts despite saying no (yes); whether, because she was dressed provocatively and dancing lustily, she had the right to say no to showing her breasts (no); whether, since she knew GGW was there and did not leave immediately, she lost the right to object to the display of her breasts (yes); whether the real issue is that she didn’t mind her breasts being displayed then but she’s embarrassed now (yes); and so on.

    Here are some quotes from posters in the thread: “Otherwise, stupid things happen when you behave stupidly. Not going to lose any sleep over this one.” “False indignation rules! Get back to the kitchen faker!” “She has chosen to toy around and got her boobs caught on film where she 6 years later starts complaining about.. Sounds fair enough to me for not having won the case.” “To be honest, she indeed really had it comming.[sic] It is a disserved [deserved] treatment by the judges for not giving in to the charge.”

    For reals? I mean, for realz? In the 21st century, this is the state of play? I’m truly disgusted, and I decided that posting about it here is more useful than debating on the thread. I’d rather dismantle the patriarchy than debate with it.

    The JREF thread reveals a level of ignorance, male privilege and patriarchy-induced moral blindness that would be shocking if, well, patriarchy didn’t induce moral blindness.

  50. phio gistic

    For those asking for a calendar of upcoming ggw events, it looks like they have moved to facebook to keep track of their schedule. Here’s the upcoming week, busy busy little termites aren’t they.

    Forthcoming Events…

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Martinsburg, WV
    Where: Taboo
    When: 30 July from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Geneva, OH
    Where: The Cove
    When: 31 July from 22:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Burton, OH
    Where: Riverwalk
    When: 04 August from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Cleveland, OH
    Where: ANATOMY Nightclub + Ultralounge
    When: 05 August from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Allentown, PA
    Where: Maingate
    When: 05 August from 22:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Troy, OH
    Where: The Brig
    When: 06 August from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Dayton, OH
    Where: South Beach
    When: 06 August from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Centreville,IL
    Where: Beaver’s Sports Bar
    When: 07 August from 21:00 to 01:30

    Girls Gone Wild Bus Tour – Pontiac, MI
    Where: Clutch Cargos
    When: 07 August from 21:00 to 01:30

  51. Jill

    The Nerd
    July 28, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    This reminds me never to walk the streets of St. Louis in anything less “modest” than a burqa, lest I be consenting to sexual assault. Which is a real buzz-kill, because I live here. I’ll be starting the revolution somewhere near Grand and Delor, if anyone wants to get a jump start.

    If you wear a burqa at S. Grand & Delor, the hoosiers will shoot you first, you dirty Muslim, and ask questions later.

  52. SelinaK

    Lovely, JREF fans. Phrases like “she had it coming” are about punishing women for their ‘sexuality’ (i.e. having female parts), not about a reasonable person thinking she willingly displayed her breasts to the public.

    No JREF assholes, no one (male) will lose any sleep over this. But every woman who has read about this case surely will. “Behaving stupidly” and “choosing to toying around” (read: being female in public and having the audacity to think you’re body belongs to you) is now righteously punishable by assault? You guys would make the Taliban blush.

  53. nails

    Vania- yeah, the JREF is a cesspool of misogyny. Many women have tried to fight it there and just ended up leaving. I’m one of em. Maybe if we corraled a bunch of us together and showed up it would make a difference? I am grieving over a death right now though so I don’t wanna for a few days at least. Some of the JREF chat regulars disowned my nigel as “whipped” for agreeing with me about things like pornography and housewifery.

    Pharyngula is a lot better in terms of the regulars.

  54. wiggles

    Cycles – I like your plan. But you know what’s missing? Video cameras. We need to film the exposed junk and sell the videos and profit from them.
    Maybe it can be a whole new franchise. GGW Gone Wild.

  55. Vinia Bright


    Very sorry to hear you’re grieving. I just don’t think the JREF is educable. The thread has actually deteriorated since I posted about it here.

    And their responses to the Pharyngula thread show that there’s just no help for them. Skeptifem (who I think posts here, too) is over there bravely trying to hold down the fort, but I think it’s hopeless. Makes me kind of sad, actually.

  56. Comrade Svilova

    Skeptifem (who I think posts here, too) is over there bravely trying to hold down the fort

    Hehe, that would be Nails herself. And she’s always doing her best to bring enlightenment to the unenlightened. I salute thee, Nails/Skeptifem.

  57. nails

    Yeah sorry to be so confusing. I changed by blogging name to match the blog awhile back, and changed it for damn near every website except for this one.

    The pharyngula thread is good. The JREFites get their asses handed to them.

  58. Feminist Outlaw

    Hi Jill,

    I have a question. This person Phiogistic rings a bell with me. I run a feminist bulletin board on yuku.com and a while ago I got a request from someone with that name to join the bb. I didn’t approve at the time because many people may know, I’m really not highly regarded due to my feminism and all my work exposing MRA’s. So I am incredibly picky about who I let in the board. Allecto is a member. If this person you speak of is the same phio then I will give them access to my board.

    Diana Boston aka Sael Palani

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