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Jul 10 2010

Horrifying frizz experiences and other stories


Uh-oh! Sometimes I feel the patriarchy most of all with feminist groups, and the P leaves me alone on occasion in the real world. Hell, I turn off the TV and the patriarchy almost ceases to exist. Then I’ll be on a feminist committee and feel like women actually grouping together against the patriarchy are …

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Jul 04 2010

No Art Week would be complete without Yoko

On the other hand, here is a film script excerpted from our girl Yoko Ono’s 1964 arty book Grapefruit. In Grapefruit, Yoko writes poetical instructions for arty stuff, theoretically for the reader’s own lobes to complete. Like “go sit out in the sun and eat a tuna sandwich.” What a lazy artist. Trying to oil …

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Jul 03 2010

Art week brings you a spot of art

Sue Williams, 1992

It’s the last day of Art Week, so I thought I’d better actually squeeze in some actual art. Here’s a painting by Sue Williams.* A Funny Thing Happened, 1992. It comes with a trigger alert. This painting, about 4′ square, sold for $61,000 in 2008. The picture depicts three rape scenarios: the first begins with …

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Jul 02 2010

LA Times publishes article about woman; global reserves of sexist stereotypes dangerously depleted

In the news: a woman known as Anna Chapman is accused of being some sort of Russian spy (Russian spy? Seriously? I didn’t realize we still had those. It’s comforting to know that at least some beloved artifacts from my idyllic Cold War childhood endure). This LA Times story, the gist of which is gripping …

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Jul 02 2010

Blu r5rgh

Fig. 72. Jilroy Frosting. Self-Portrait with Feminist Coffee Table Art Book. 1987. Megapixels and cellulose on mylar. 3″ x 3″. This coffee table feminist art book has Nancy Spero’s 1971 Codex Artaud VI on the cover. If it alludes to Antonin “Jet of Blood” Artaud, it’s gotta be art. If there’s one thing a spinster …

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