Oct 26 2010


Sexy Chilean miner costume.

Photo from purveyors of Patriarchy2K-compliant dudefantasy receptaclewear yandy dot com.


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  1. Solniger

    I think thats a gold-digger isn’t it?
    Whatever its called, the implications are the same.

  2. Orange

    Wait, I think she’s a gold digger.

    Enjoyed the NYT review of Gayle Sulik’s new book, “Pink Ribbon Blues” (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/26/health/26zuger.html). I hope it sells like hotcakes, or at least better than the Inspirational Komen Family Book that’s also reviewed there.

  3. speedbudget

    FFS. No they didn’t.

  4. yttik

    I’m laughing. Good grief, not even the Chilean miner idea is safe. I didn’t see that one coming. Of course, they’ve figured how how to sexualize breast cancer, how to sexualize intestinal activity in yogurt commercials, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Jill

    October 26, 2010 at 8:06 am

    I think thats a gold-digger isn’t it?

    October 26, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Wait, I think she’s a gold digger.

    Yeah, but I’m making a joke. Because feminists are funny.

  6. Notorious Ph.D.


    If I swear to god I was only making a joke in my last comment, will they take it back?

  7. Shinila

    Think of anyyyything, add a v. short skirt, show cleavage, stockings, and presto it’s a halloween costume. Anyything.

    Can someone smart explain when and how halloween turned into this patriarchy fest?

  8. Orange

    And it was a good joke. And my and Solniger’s remarks are kinda useless since hovering over the link for the costume reveals quite clearly that it’s a gold-digger costume.

    I just hope any woman who chooses to buy that costume interprets it as an homage to the Chilean miners.

  9. Mare_Island

    Just saw this linked over at Pursuit of Harpyness:
    Sexy mustard! Sexy lobster! Frog!

  10. mercurialsunshine

    The few seconds before I realized this was a joke were terrifying. I was ready to give up feminism for good and dig my high heels out of the “screw this crap” box in the back of my closet.

    On the plus side, the patriarchy suddenly looks much less dismal. (And if a sexy Chilean miner costume does exist, for the love of all, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.)

  11. mercurialsunshine

    Actually, I take back the part about the patriarchy looking less dismal. The miners were all dudes, and thus sacred and protected from sex-ifying. If the trapped miners had been women, the whole story would look much different. The imagined media coverage on that hypothetical story is enough to set my face in a permanent cringe. (Oh no, that’ll cause wrinkles! If only the stuff crammed in our heads was as easy to get rid of as high heels.)

    In summary, crap.

  12. norbizness

    Maybe they would have gotten rescued quicker in a get-up like that.

  13. Karley

    Luckily, I don’t think anyone’s capitalized on my “Sexy Feminist” costume idea. Yet.

  14. Pansuit Sally

    mercurialsunshine, you’re absolutely correct. If the miners were women, there would be lots of “See, this is why women shouldn’t do men’s jobs”, and then they would have had an offer from a ladmag to do a photo shoot with a title involving some play on the word “shaft”.

  15. Snickersnack

    In response to what Karley said (and yes, I got the joke; I just like to overthink things like this as a mental exercise sometimes): I almost wish a “sexy feminist” costume was feasible, if only because some of the sexiest women I know are feminists (because brains + passion + political and philosophical awareness = very attractive as far as I’m concerned), so if it were “feasible” it would almost be like an homage.

    The key words here being “almost” (because I refuse to wear “sexy” costumes myself, because I get enough “attention” as it is wearing normal clothing), and “feasible” (because it’s not).

    The problem with a “Sexy Feminist” costume would be that to make logical sense, it would have to take one of two paths:

    Option 1 would be a total parody, which means it would innately be mocking – sorry, I mean “slapping the face of” – feminism via painting it as either a so-crazy-it’s-funny radicalism, or something even worse.

    That “something worse” being portraying it as a coy female attempt to get attention/appeal to male fantasies of female doms. Who of course, while wanting to be “in charge”, secretly also want nothing more than to be “in charge” of the contents of a guy’s pants, for his pleasure, because why bother pursuing and persuading a lady to give you sex, when she’s willing to pursue you and give you sex so long as you’re willing to wear handcuffs? Or perhaps you’re supposed to “tame” her and “help” the Sexy Feminist with her misguided lack of sex with a Man, like a modern-day version of the dude from Taming of the Shrew.

    Or, Option 2, is painting a Sexy Feminist as she really would be: an ordinary woman, who happens to also be pretty sexy. The problem with this is that, though much more accurate, a.) if successfully pulled off, it would just lead to more sexual harassment on Halloween, and b.) as with my costume this year, it looks so “generic” that you’d inevitably get asked “so, what are you supposed to be again?” more times than you really want to answer.

    (My costume, for the curious, was “zombie librarian”. That’s right, not the Sexy variant, but the Zombie variant. Much more fun, and you get hit on a lot less! The problem is that I didn’t have time to add books and “due date stamps” and a fake nametag identifying me as a “librarian”, I just wore a brown button-up vest over a white shirt, with black flats, a knee-length brown skirt, my usual glasses, and my hair in a bun. Which means I got mistaken for everything from a “teacher” to a missionary, particularly before the makeup and fake blood got applied. Disappointing!)

    And it just occurred to me that there is probably a Sexy Zombie costume somewhere out on the internet. And unless that Sexy Zombie is supposed to be Karen DeSonne from the “Generation Dead” series (absolutely my favorite mellow, empathetic, fierce, smartass, intelligent, fashionable, semi-Catholic, teenaged, lesbian zombie character ever), I really don’t wanna see it.

    (And I just wrote what appears to be a novella in the comments field. Lovely. Sorry about that, must be that Chit Chat Gene we’re supposed to have! Though why it never activates when I’m offline naturally baffles my wee female brain.)

  16. janna

    Whether or not it’s really a sexy Chilean miner (I saw it posted on another site as such as well, so it’s not just a hilarious joke among feminists), I bet anything that there were women wearing that costume “ironically”.

  17. Alison

    Well, that was completely amusing. :D

  18. Maria de Lourdes

    Sexist and racist.As a latin women,i feell myself deeply offended.It is not surprising that many European and North American men have rape fantasies with us! We are Haloween fetish!If women in USA and Europe like to dress themselves like sluts in the Haloween,so dress like sexy celtic,sexy victorian lady and similar bullshit,not like a woman from other culture who is exploited in women trafficking!Endorse this patriarchy crime for them,not for us!

    Besides,there is teh glamourization of a very exploitative job.Very disgusting and offensive!

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