Jan 25 2011

A pity there isn’t an antisocial network

I’m not sure why, but I Blame the Patriarchy is now on Facebook. Got some ultra-feminist thingy on your mind? Go on over and spew. By “spew” I of course mean “contribute elegant, concise, thought-provoking remarks that elevate the discourse.” We’ll see how long this lasts! Also, here is a picture of my horse. Carry on.



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  1. Bushfire


  2. hero

    Ooh, is that Maypearl? That’s some PREEEEEEEETTY horse!!!

  3. joy

    O praise the day! Joined.

    Also, Maypearl looks very much like the only noncastrated male I enjoy being around — my horse The Dude’s neighbor, a large gray Trakhener stallion by Abdullah.

  4. shopstewardess

    Ha! I joined Facebook 3 days ago, now I know why. I just have to figure out how it all works.

    Your horse (is that Maypearl? the only other view I’ve seen was from the other end) looks fat and happy.

  5. Jill

    Man, that horse is fat. She’s so fat the vet has put me on notice. But what can I do? She’s an air fern!

  6. joy

    Tinker, the Trakhener, is also fat — he looks like a giant furry barrel on legs! Damn thing could pass for a draft horse right now, except he’s blissfully agile and light on his (dinner-plate-sized) feet.

    Trakheners are mostly Arab, though, right? Do Arabs just get plumper quicker? Spud, the barn’s gelded Arab pony, is called Spud because he’s the world’s easiest keeper and looks like a potato on stilts.

    (Sorry, I could talk horseys all day. Combine horses with radical feminism and I’ll never shut up again.)

  7. Shinila

    I checked out that facebook group before. Soo many followers you have out there. A bit of a wonder why all of them don’t post here on the actual IBTP site!

  8. Darragh Murphy

    Well, there is this for an antisocial network.


    Though it isn’t very fluttery.

  9. Blind Horse

    My blind mare’s seeing eye pony, Pooh, is so fat I call her butterball. She’s a palomino too, so the color only contributes to the effect. No grain, just hay, fat as a pig.

    Your horse is lovely and that is an really nice photo. I can’t wait to join the conversation on FB.

  10. Comrade PhysioProf

    Fucke facebooke.

  11. Manuela

    Such a magnificent horse, I feel like bowing!

    Also, yay for having you on fb.

  12. nails

    too bad facebook sells info from their users. I sorta wanna join in.

  13. joy

    Regrettably, it seems all of the internet (except maybe here, and other radical feminist blogs) sells info on its users.

    Gmail keeps inundating me with ads about shaving my legs, learning to knit, taking female hormones, and flying to Korea to get cutting-edge voice feminization surgery. Based on nothing more than my frequentization of feminist blogs.

    Also, there is a weird recurring advertisement for Tonkinese kittens that I haven’t figured out. Perhaps it’s because of the catpix I posted on flickr. Which would mean Gmail looks at my flickr, and that’s creepy.

    I just want to check my fuggin’ email.

    (Now I will lay off the blame.)

  14. Noanodyne

    They’re free to sell all the info they want about Noanodyne – “wild goose chase” doesn’t begin to cover it. (There’s no law you have to be yourself on FB.)

  15. Ron Sullivan

    I checked out the newest Intimate Info aggregator site that people on FB were talking about. There was so much wrong (and physically impossible) about me that I just had to laugh. Ditto for Nigel: Apparently we live alone with two housemates each in a sort of quantumdimensional one-floor two-story house worth more than anyone in the neighborhood.

    Partly because I’m old and unemployable anyway, I’m entirely amused.

  16. Comrade PhysioProf

    (There’s no law you have to be yourself on FB.)

    No, there isn’t. But if you stay logged in to facebooke when you aren’t on their site, any time you go to sites with facebooke clicky links on them facebooke is able to track you and your travels on the Web and amass a huge amount of information about what you are doing. Facebooke and the other massive sociopathic corporations that are paying huge sums of money for the information it collects have extremely sophisticated software for figuring out who people are and what they are doing.

    You know how relatively easy it is for you to figure out who a lot of pseudonymous bloggers/commenters are, based on patterns of information and–sometimes–a single key piece of divulged information? Now imagine how easy it would be if you had information not only when that pseudonymous individual was using their pseud, but no matter where they were on the Internet and what they were doing.

    Fucke if I’m gonna make that shit easier for these greede-fucke corporate assholes.

  17. speedbudget

    I like ye olde fucke. It’s quaint.

    SaveFace by Untangle locks down your privacy settings for you on Facebook.

  18. Noanodyne

    “Facebooke”? The cuteness, it kills.

    Yes, if you don’t protect yourself, you can be tracked. But there are ways of protecting oneself, the information is out there for everyone to find, and many people are working hard to find more ways of throwing corporations off the scent.

  19. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    One way of sort of keeping the Facebooks out of your shit:

    Don’t give facebook your real info. It will learn enough about you by who you friend and what you like soon enough.

    Use a dedicated browser ONLY for the facebooks, and another browser for EVERYTHING else. Set the privacy settings for a private browsing session each time you open and close it. (This automatically empties cache, cookies, browsing history.)

    BUT it will not mask your IP.
    That IP, along with various unique computer settings on your computer can be mined and correlated with other data about you from other sources, but it MAY make it a bit harder for the Facebooks to profile you in the short term. In the long term, they will win.

    SECURITY & PRIVACY ISSUE: (x posted from IBTP FB comment as my evil win)

    So you all know when you post anything to IBTP on FB, or any, page, FB notes your recent action on your personal wall for all your wall readers to see, and track back? Your cover (if you are undercover as a compliant female “citizen” will be blown!

    Unsatisfactory work arounds:
    1) get a new account under a pseudonym
    2) put your privacy settings for wall reading to “only you”, but that means no one can read anything on your wall.
    3) come out of the rad closet.

    Also, this may be a good opportunity to untangle your privacy settings, and set them to Friends Only. I clicked on a few familiar names, and saw a huge amount of personal info and photos. If you need some guidance with this mess, give a shout: auntidisestablishmentarian gmail
    I’m not an expert, but I play one on TV.

  20. Jill

    Using Firefox? Install a plug-in called NoScript. Then select “forbid Facebook” from the menu that pops up whenever you arrive at a new website that runs Facebook scripts. NoScript will prevent about eighty gajillion evil entities from running assorted other scripts, code, Flash, and plugins on your computer, too.

  21. Bushfire

    Maybe this is naive, but if some company is reading all the totally rad queer feminist shit that I write all over the internet I think it might be pretty cool. I don’t give them much of my important information- nothing about where I work or what I do.

  22. Jill

    Privacy is dead.

  23. pheenobarbidoll

    Ha! An IBTP facebook started on my birthday. Happy Birthday indeed!

  24. Vibrating_Liz

    I was enjoying the IBTP facebook for a while but lately it seems to have devolved into feed the trolls central.

  25. Toothless

    Wish granted, for an antisocial network, check out http://www.spittingteeth.com, the anonymous network for saying what you want to say without consequence!

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