Feb 25 2011

Heartwarmth reaches new level


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  1. Belle

    Your post made my Friday so much better!

  2. speedbudget

    I am rendered speechless by the brash cuteness of it all.

  3. Hermionemone

    Sweet! and Inspiring too, being from two completely separate orders and all (not just species) they get along just fine.

  4. Gayle

    That is so sweet.

  5. veganrampage

    Pup almost kinda got her head caught up in that loose bridle. Call me a killjoy but a bad scene would ensue. Maybe just take the bridle off for snuggle sessions?

    And yes, cuter than cute.

  6. Jill

    I know, I know. There’s another moment when the puppy sort of rolls into the stall and I’m going “yikes, the horse is gonna squash it!” I am personally one of those (extremely rare) dogs-and-horses-together-isn’t-the-best-idea types, but in this case, all’s well that ends well.

  7. Friend of Snakes

    That is a bucketful of cute. Still, I kept waiting for the horse to loose his big chompers on that pup’s tender flesh. Or when the pup put his head through the bridle, for the horse to suddenly jerk his head upward in annoyance. Why can’t I appreciate cuddly anthropomorphism?

  8. ElizaN

    Being largely ignorant of the ways of dogs and horses, I was able to blissfully miss any sign of danger, and simply revel in the truth and beauty.

  9. AmyP

    I now know where to come if I’m feeling sad.

  10. Friend of Snakes

    IBTP that I misgendered that pit pup in my comment upthread.

  11. Comrade PhysioProf

    KYOOT EXPLOSHUN!!!!!111!!!!EGEENKKNTY!!!!11!!!!!!

  12. damequixote

    Finally, some heartwarming nature crap! Popcorn popped. Electric blanket set to ‘stun’. Commence warm gooey smile that even scares the cats in 5–4–3–

  13. AnnieMe

    I love that the horse just kinda took the whack-whack-whack of the puppy’s tail and didn’t get all uppity about it. That was some cute-warming heart-stuff. Keep it comin’!

  14. tinfoil hattie

    Reduced to baby-babble here. Mmmmmm. I wanna nuzzle the horse myself!

  15. hero

    Cannot believe the warmth of the heart here. Seriously, obscene adorabititude. I have cavities and diabetes now. And I am going to watch is eight more times.

  16. Laughingrat

    Holy crap, that really was heartwarming. Thank you!

  17. Mortisha

    Standardbreds have gorgeous personalities.

  18. buttercup

    My heart just grew three sizes.

  19. Helen

    Mortisha – seconded.

  20. Jodie

    Oh dang, that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in like forever, and there’s even an incredibly cute puppy here at my house!

  21. Val

    We formerly had in residence, an adorable lynx-point barn kitty who loved to launch herself at my mare’s tail & swing like Tarzan!

    Unfortunately I was never lucky enough to catch video of it.

  22. arfeuse

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that’s better – thanks. My dog prefers to run round & round horses barking like a nutjob & attempting to bite their rumps, so this is a very pleasant change. It is nice to take a tiny little break from radical butting one’s head against a concrete wall, AKA blaming.

  23. Ruby Lou

    There are days when I need reminding that not all mammals are buttheads. I watched this on one such day. Righteous horse, righteous pup, righteous human sharing.

  24. CrowMeris

    How can radical blamers stay fired up when we are subjected to a heart-warming puppy-and-horse video complete with totally appropriate tuneage?

  25. Samantha B.

    Breaking News: Herbie and Jabby were apparently picked up on Ellen DeGeneres’ radar. She posted this video on her facebook feed.

  26. Ottawa Gardener

    A-dor-able. Would you believe, that following the video, is an add for how to get a girl to flash you? Intentional plant, some sort of irony, happenstance?

  27. Tigs

    First lamb of spring was born today or yesterday (up here in NJ)!

    Soooo heartwarming to see the group of gamboling babies!

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