Feb 25 2011

Holy shit!

Phil, my assistant, just informed me that, while I was off doing the butt-dance for a couple of weeks, I Blame the Patriarchy sprouted about 1742 purulent boils and should probably be put down.

“You might want to check that blog you abandoned,” he said. “It’s full of morons.”

(Phil is only partially hip to the privilege he experiences as a non-moron.)

In actuality, the blog is not “full” of morons at all. It is only half full of morons.

My sibling Tidy has a T-shirt that says “This ain’t my first rodeo.” This blogular event could be mistaken for my first rodeo, though. Jesus in a jetpack. What was I thinking, posting wild fantasies like “transpersons are human beings” and then going off butt-dancing? I should have known that my remarks would attract a firestorm of hateshitcrapbombs. I should have known that once I got back to my desk I would feel sad and defeated, because it would turn out that I had failed the blamers who count on me to filter the ick out these polarizing discussions (even though it clearly states somewhere in the FAQ that blamers specifically shouldn’t count on me to do that. Putting a thing in a FAQ guarantees that reader expectations will veer in the opposite direction). I should have known that I would find 700 comments on the post and another 200 in the moderation queue, all incendiary in nature.

I am a dedicated spinster aunt, so naturally I only skimmed, with my jaundiced eye, in the most cursory way possible, the 900 (total) comments. Holy shit, there sure is a bunch of hatas what comment on this blog. I was invited by some of them to quit calling myself a radical feminist, since the definition of radical feminism is, apparently, “a branch of feminism based on hatred of transpersons.”

OK then. I’m a Savage Death Islandist. As a Savage Death Islandist, just let me say, “ew.”

“Ew” doesn’t even begin to express the precise nature of my disgust and disappointment, but I say it anyway because it taxes my blown lobe beyond its capacity to coin the mot juste.

In the spirit of Savage Death Islandist inclusionism, comments proceeding from the dudely hata perspective are still banned. It is likely, since I am on sabbatical, that dudes and hatas will incurse. If that happens, I urge the sensible reader to stop reading those comments immediately, and to watch cute puppy videos on YouTube.


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  1. Comrade Svilova

    Here’s to savage death islandism. And there are some cute kitten videos on the ‘tubes as well.

  2. Barbara P

    My browser crashed when I tried to read the comments. This probably saved me a lot of time, not to mention the sparing of my emotional state. (Usually when my browser crashes it has the opposite effect.)

  3. AlienNumber

    Twisty, you’re being unfair. Nobody said that transpersons are not human. All we were quibbling about was whether MtFs were women. Anyway, I can see that this is tiring.

    Thanks for the video! It has showed me that horses and dogs are people too (which I always suspected).

  4. CassieC

    Home sweet savage death island.

  5. Mary Tracy9

    Please don’t stop blogging just because some people can’t get on!

    I know this sounds like it’s coming from a 15 year old, but still. Please don’t stop blogging!

  6. nails

    “Ew” indeed. The science/palin threads weren’t this bad.

  7. nails

    Oh jeez, AlienNumber.

    “Nobody said that women are not human. All we were quibbling about was whether they should be able to have abortions.”

    “Nobody said that women are not human. All we were quibbling about was whether or not porn is okay.”

    “Nobody said that women are not human. All we were quibbling about was whether or not women are smart enough to do science.”

    “Nobody said that women are not human. All we were quibbling about was if fake boobs look good on them.”

    and so on, forever. It is about humanity, and you said some of the vilest stuff in the entire thread.

  8. Friend of Snakes

    Oh drats. Moderation again. All sorts of vile stuff on the other thread, yet I’m not worthy. See you ladies later.

  9. Treefinger

    So it’s a tone argument if a Savage Death Islander would be told off for calling an offensive dude a “fucking asshole” (avoiding the “moronic” part for now as it’s ableist), but if a trans activist says it to an offensive feminist, it means they’re just looking for an outlet for their misogyny? Nowhere was any misogynist term used, nowhere did Saurs criticize the women in question using misogynist language. Wanting to dismantle the patriarchy and supporting women as a group does not equal being nice to them when they shit on other women (or if you can’t handle that, beings with equal or lesser social status than FAAB women) because they are trans. I agree with Saurs. If you can honestly read m Andrea’s comments on the previous thread and think “wow she’s the least bigoted person I’ve ever met!” step back and get some perspective here.

    Twisty, I’m sorry for the lobe-blowing that thread must have caused, but it was still a great thing to make that post. It takes guts to both stand up for trans people AND criticize femininity, porn, prostitution, et al. You’re gonna get it from both sides, but be assured that there are many of us who agree with you.

  10. Bushfire

    Well, Twisty finally responded to the shitstorm, and I’m so very happy about it; however, lo and behold, the shitstorm is beginning to creep into this thread too.

    I used to love reading the comments here.

  11. Comrade Svilova

    Cos let’s face it, if there was no sexism to this, they’d be on the MRA boards every time a man defended the fact he wasn’t a racist or a transphobe.

    There’s always the hope that women and other marginalized groups will be more receptive to intersectionality because they understand oppression, whereas talking about intersecting oppressions with MRAs is usually a waste of time.

    That said, this genderqueer blamer spends a lot of time calling out folks of all genders on bigotry, and being called out in turn. It’s an embiggening experience.

  12. Drushka

    Well, you’re not the only one who is disappointed.

  13. AlienNumber

    A decontamination of the Earth from males is already under way. Male frogs are turning into females that are able to reproduce.
    (google “male frogs turning into females” for more information).

    Today male frogs. Tomorrow: human males. Can’t wait!

  14. Darragh Murphy

    It will take a long time for male frogs who are turning into female frogs to be able to reproduce the SR-71 Blackbird, which was a conventional jet-propelled plane that could fly at 3,000 miles per hour at 150,000 feet above the surface of the Earth in 1984.

    3,000 miles per hour. At the time that Ronald Reagan was sputtering our future.

    that plane made it from LA to DC in less than an hour.

    If our future is in the hands of the frogs, as impressive as they are, I worry about our ability to catch up.

  15. AlienNumber

    Oh, my mistake. Reproduce as females, i.e. “giving birth.” I don’t see the MtFs doing that anytime soon

    (which is related to why I found it funny as in odd when you chose your GA fetus bill analogy in your previous post).

    Friday night. I should get out of here.

  16. Cyberwulf

    The assumption that women who call out women are too scared to call out men is just that – an assumption. More than that, it’s a way to guilt women into shutting up and letting other women spew whatever crap they please because SISTERHOOD. Then all us chalky chicks wonder why the black feminists are calling themselves womanists now.

  17. Saurs

    the discussion seemed rather polite and well-mannered and altogether respectful,

    Once again, this is ridiculously, ludicrously disingenuous, deliberately so.

    If making implicit physical threats against transfolk, randomly laughing at other commenters and “outing” them as “men” by virtue of their political beliefs and other nonsequiturs, and using genuinely disgusting, vile, bigoted, sexist language (as opposed to calling somebody an asshole ‘cos they’re acting like one) is polite and well-mannered, I’d fucking hate to see y’all when you’re angry.

  18. janna

    Jeez, this again? Anyone think that we are still missing some scintillating piece of enlightenment from mAndrea and Zoe Brain? Because in the humble opinion of this blamer, they’ve each already done about a hundred posts each on this exact topic and should seriously consider the pie hole thing suggested upthread.

  19. janna

    dang, typing too fast. Kindly ignore one of the “each”s from my previous comment.

  20. nails

    Kinda got stuck in the moderation holds, but all the folks saying that no one claimed transfolk weren’t human/people- it is possible to argue about the humanity of a class of people without directly saying so. Usually no one says it directly about women either, but they are arguing about our humanity when they have quibbles about our right to bodily autonomy, for instance.

  21. nails


    There have been species that switch sexes (sometimes there are even more than the two) for much longer than humans have been around. It has nothing to do with the future of humans.

  22. Saurs

    All this hand-wringing over the apparent pitfalls of intra-feminist conflict and argument strikes one as the reddest of herrings, particularly as most of it is currently being voiced by the same commenters who childishly and loudly shitstormed a post relatively friendly towards transfolk with a lot of transphobic nonsense, and effectively started the whole thing in the first place. If you want to engage in civil discussion (that is, without the violent rhetoric and baby-talk about “fweelings” and “thorry” and the like), you must come to expect that people will disagree, sometimes vehemently. This hardly constitutes a victory for the patriarchy. Fighting with women is not inherently a bad thing. No one ‘round these parts, for example, seems particularly reluctant to engage an anti-feminist woman when she’s being misogynistic. Disagreement amongst and between feminists will always occur, and it can be a sign of robustness. Only anti-feminists would like one to believe that feminists engaging in “catfights” is a bad thing, a sign of internal weakness. No social or political theory exists whose adherents are in perfect unison one-hundred percent of the time. And, likewise, engaging in discussions with men, most of the time, is inherently pointless, anyway; men aren’t going to participate in the revolution, aren’t going to be doing any liberating, so it’s women who ought to be doing the talking, arguing, yelling, screaming – we shouldn’t be afraid to disagree with one another for fear some anti-feminist bogeyman about Loud, Angry Women may be proved correct.

    As for commenters who don’t like being called out on their transphobic bullshit; tough goddamned titties. If you’re brave enough to put words to your hatred, deal with the consequences and stop trying to silence dissenters with this stupid-ass shit about “fighting with other women is what The Big P wants!” No, the patriarchy would have you be quiet and be cute and not think about things. When you think, you get angry. It happens. *shrug*

  23. Natalia

    Savage Death Islandism *does* have a nice ring to it…

  24. awhirlinlondon

    Jesus Christ on a cracker.

    The woman who runs this place has asked you to knock it off. I had the same “get your own motherfucking blog” thought MPMR,(or at the least take a gander at it – it’s illuminating), then I remembered that the principals in this crap-flinging contest in fact have their own blogs.

    Why not use them? You find each other charming and amusing and polite and interesting; excellent. Take each other home with you. The hostess of this place has asked you to stop throwing things in her living room.

    Alternately,if you’ve posted more than say, eleventy times in the last few days and can’t bear to do it out of the twistyfaster, I blame the patriarchy eye and audience, take it over here: http://twistyfaster.typepad.com. (It’s the 9th hit if you google “I blame the patriarchy.” This will have the additional advantage of annoying the crap out of the (I’m guessing) 12-year old boy who decided to trade on Twisty’s fame in order to get hits on his blog.

  25. GallusMag

    Twisty said trans would be eliminated when sex roles are eliminated.

  26. Catherine Martell

    The earlier translucent piece was one of the most elegant, humane and admirable things I’ve ever read on here, and that’s saying a lot.

    Haters gonna hate.

  27. Soporificat

    Well, I found the previous thread to be really painful to read. Since I wanted to understand the issues involved I read up to about the 300th comment, but I felt sick after doing so. The contempt and bullying being sprayed around was poisonous, and made it really difficult to hear the actual points of view. Several commentators were so awful that I gave up on trying to understand what they had to say. I find it hard to listen to bullies, even if they might have something useful to say.

    And, yeah, there were tons of sexism billowing about as well. It felt like a pretty normal day in the Patriarchy. In other words, yucky.

    As someone who rarely comments but reads avidly, here is a word of advice: if you really want to persuade, rather than just abuse, address people with civility.

  28. Soporificat

    Oh, and one more thing, it seems that some people think it is “edgy” or “powerful” to be obnoxious and mean. Well, it isn’t. It’s just rude.

    Also, to those who delight in verbally bullying others, are you aware that bullying behavior is a foundational value of Patriarchy?

  29. Jill

    Once again I am sad. End transmission.

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