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May 30 2011

Spinster aunt: “white,” perhaps, but not white

A selection of hues from the skin of my left forearm. The next time I have to check a race box on some form, I’m gonna tick “other” and write in “aubergine.” UPDATE: I realize that this post may need a bit more explanation. Here is how I got these swatches. I took a photo …

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May 29 2011

Spinster aunt remembers something from the 90s

Who woulda thunk that here the Twain would meet?

It’s true that spinsterdom has been keeping me pretty well preoccupied with matters unrelated, except in a general weltanschauung-y sense, to this patriarchy-blaming blog, but I did happen to notice that one blamer recently commented thusly: Well, I keep reading about how not all women have breasts or uteri, and not all women have XX …

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May 25 2011

Spinster aunt watches komedy klips on Internet


OK, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t much of a feminist icon, but he’s often good for a couple of yuks, and let’s face it: a couple of yuks are what gets a spinster aunt out of bed in the morning. So, since I have no time to post — and by the way, not posting is the …

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May 24 2011

iBook Store bleeps out raunchy X-rated title of feminist classic

No time to post, but check this out: the only book by Andrea Dworkin available at the iPad store is titled “I*********e”. Yet they leave Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell intact! I’m downloading B*ss*p*nts right now. What a world.

May 23 2011

Girls in India: endangered species

No time to post! So I leave you with this remarkable remark from this morning’s BBC news feed, a story on the habit of certain segments of Indian society to selectively abort female fetuses, and the resulting “gender disparity” in India. “Clinics from Punjab were boasting that they had 10 years’ experience in eliminating girl …

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May 22 2011

Brit royals pay homage to unidentified cartoon

royal cartoon

Origin unknown. Sent in by Tidy.

May 20 2011

Why didn’t I think of that?

Once in a while there emerges an idea so radiant, so silky, so bursting with nourishing emollients and nutraceuticals, that the staff at Spinster HQ can but put down their string cheese, gaze up from their microscopes, and raise a prickly-pear margarita to its genius. Today I allude to this, one man’s response to the …

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May 19 2011

Spinster aunt temporarily icked out by stupid Geraldo Rivera column

Holy shit, remember that dude Geraldo Rivera? The edgy, muck-raking journalist from 40 years ago? But then he kind of turned into a supremely annoying one-man tabloid? I hadn’t seen him around lately, so I’d assumed he’d been sent off to Joke-Butt Island, where guys with 70s porn mustaches go to die, but no, he …

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May 18 2011

Science dude states obvious, gets news and blog media coverage

Stephen Hawking has announced that “the afterlife,” that mythical spirit-world so beloved of godbags, is a “fairy story for people who are afraid of the dark.” At last, a certified smart dude validates my lunatic determination to base my afterlife views on the overwhelming non-evidence for the existence of an omnipotent cosmic concierge with a …

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May 17 2011

Hugs, Twisty: rapist is asshole

Dear Twisty, Please Jill! Cast the jaundiced spinster eye apon the recent IMF rapist? I need your unique perspective. redpeachmoon Dear redpeachmoon, What luck! I just happen to have handy just such a perspective on the IMF rapist. However, you might not interpret it as particularly unique. It goes like this: That guy is a …

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