May 17 2011

Hugs, Twisty: rapist is asshole

Dear Twisty,

Please Jill! Cast the jaundiced spinster eye apon the recent IMF rapist? I need your unique perspective.


Dear redpeachmoon,

What luck! I just happen to have handy just such a perspective on the IMF rapist. However, you might not interpret it as particularly unique. It goes like this:

That guy is a fucken tool.

Sure, I’ve got a little more, but that’s pretty much the gist. So if you’ve got something else to do, go on ahead. I won’t mind.

Meanwhile, if, unlike blamer redpeachmoon, you serenely abide in your cloister under a self-imposed news blackout, you may not have heard of the IMF rapist. No great loss. If you’ve heard of one IMF rapist, you’ve heard of’em all.

This particular IMF rapist is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, pink-faced captain of industry and managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Dominique Strauss-Kahn went on a little spree in Manhattan last weekend and assaulted a hotel employee. According to the first link I clicked on Google, this is how it went down: Strauss-Kahn “emerged from the bathroom naked and dragged [the hotel employee] through the suite from room to room in a violent sex attack.” He then high-tailed it to JFK, licketty-split, but was yanked off his flight to Paris just before takeoff, brought back to “a police cell in Harlem,” and denied bail as a flight risk. [cite]

The woman Strauss-Kahn attacked is being referred to as a “maid” or “chambermaid.”

Maid is a creepy-ass word. No matter what, a maid is not a good thing to be. In days of yore the term was used to denote a mythical female who had so far escaped — but would soon be forced into — getting pronged by some entitled prick. Denoting females thusly was of vital importance back in yore; owing to a lot of macho-religious nonsense that equated women with sex, as-yet-unpronged ladies were worth more than pronged ones. Intact virtue could make or break your career.

Nowadays maid still refers most commonly to a member of the sex class, but with less emphasis on purity, and more emphasis on the flipside of the misogyny nickel — suitability for interaction with other people’s filth. It means “low-status servant who cleans up after high-status assholes.”

Some high-status assholes make themselves feel like magnanimous benefactors by calling their maids “housekeepers,” paying them “more” than the maids would make back in the Dominican Republic, and treating them “like” family. Oh please. The job is fucking cruddy. It’s so cruddy that dudes are never, ever maids. If maids were actually paid what the work is actually worth, dudes would get all the maid jobs.

Also, your maid already has a family, Your Highness.

Anyway, in the narrative of IMF rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the victim’s status as a sub-human hotel cleaner is an important detail. Apparently this Strauss-Kahn shitsack is a celebrated rapscallion, rake, and ladies’ man. Boys will be boys! His nickname in the classy world of international finance is reportedly “the great seducer.” So it makes titillating how-the-mighty-have-fallen news copy to depict him, not as a suave Casanova jetsetting around with supermodel heiresses, but as a privileged fiend predating a powerless, lower-caste menial. In a world where it’s generally considered OK to use women according to their universally-acknowledged purpose (sex), it is sometimes permissible to use them, as long as patriarchal prurience is served, for other stuff, such as, in this case, leverage in toppling a poobah. As for the actual woman herself, nobody gives a rat’s ass about her. She is merely a symbol of a towering potentate’s descent into ignominy, frothily recounted by patriarchal media. Like the virginal maids of yore, hotel maids are also receptacles for male disdain.

Anyone who goes around calling himself “the great seducer” is undoubtedly a serial rapist, so naturally other women are beginning to turn up with accounts of Strauss-Kahn’s abuses. One of them, a young journalist who had previously publicly recounted her assault (with Strauss-Kahn’s name redacted), now describes his behavior during her attempted rape as that of a “rutting chimp.” Not surprisingly, the woman didn’t press charges at the time. She didn’t want her career to be permanently stained with “she’s the girl who accused Strauss-Kahn of rape.” Which is exactly how rapists get away with it: fear, humiliation, and shame are superb silencers.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn will undoubtedly get away with it, too. He has retained Michael Jackson’s lawyer.

Speaking of entitled white patriarchs who use domestic employees as toilets, California ex-governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has apparently fathered a child with “a longtime member of their household staff.” Wife Maria Shriver, an original member of the long-suffering-stand-by-your-political-man wives’ club back in aught-three while candidate Arnie was at the center of a groping scandal, has finally left the schmuck.

Internationally powerful, white, rich, successful, married to heiresses they famously cheat on at every opportunity — these dudes are patriarchy’s poster-boys. You don’t become a global financier or a steroid-poppin’ muscleman California grope-ulator by being an enlightened sweetheart of a guy who doesn’t rape the maid.



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  1. Comrade Svilova

    Thanks, Twisty. The MSM narrative about this case is lobe-blowing and rage-inducing.

  2. Pinko Punko

    California sex-governator is how I would put it. I think they will actually take the guy down (deservingly so) but they won’t be doing it because he’s a raping sh*tf*ck. I’ll take it. The judge in a paraphrase, “eh your client was led off a PLANE when arrested. NO BAIL”

  3. Mary Tracy9

    Excellent as always.

    Great take on “the great seducer” as being codeword for “serial rapist”. I mean, if you really are such a fantastic “seducer” (a word that sounds far better in French), then why would you need to run after someone?

    Sounds more like “the great repellent” to me.

  4. Alice Molloy

    Such behavior isn’t a bug in Patriarchy, it’s a feature.

  5. janicen

    “Great seducer” congers images of candlelight, soft music, maybe a smoking jacket with an ascot in a coordinating color. “Rutting chimp” is a more realistic description.

  6. Ashley

    As always, only rapists who could potentially unseat ultra right-wing leaders end up in jail.

  7. Josquin

    The only bright note in this tawdry tale: the woman who was attacked by the this creep BUSTED HIS ASS OFF THAT PLANE. My only hope is that she gets paid a boatload of $$$damages. I hope I am not proved a naive fool for writing this. This morning on the radio I heard all these concerned experts (sic) shaking their heads that his arrest would cause the world’s economic markets to plummet straight to hell. Subtext: the rape of a mere maid is an acceptable cost to maintaining the virility of the world’s markets: screw the maid, let the man free so he can do his good noble work.

  8. A Ginva

    Ha! Well said. Phew, some sense after watching the French media, one after the other, ALL of journalists, defending the rapist. Even the slutwalk received more criticism than DSK. I’m really happy the court refused to accept the 1 million $ bail.
    And I hope he will stay in prison for a long time.
    Wonder if any of the white powerful patriarchs in the world have NOT raped a women? I’d bet they’re all rapists, that’s why they’re all jumping at his defense. They must know what it’s like.

  9. A Ginva

    Different strategies used by the (French) media to defend DSK – and that I have identified so far:

    strategic conflation between violence/rape and sexuality/love; omission of the victim and her suffering / omission of the facts / omission of words such as “rape”, “sexual assault”; identification to the ‘suffering’ of DSK following his arrest / identification to him as a victim; identification to the family and friends of the victim; concern about the future of the ‘left’ party, but not about the future of the victim; denunciation of the extremely harsh and cruel American judiciary system; naturalisation of men’s sexual dominance / it was his instinct, his manly drive, he couldn’t help himself; DSK was a seducer and ‘liked’ attractive women, so he couldn’t have raped her since she wasn’t attractive; the complaint is a conspiracy and an ‘attack’ against him; he was a seducer, so couldn’t have been violent; he was known as a seducer, so he was an easy target; incredulity (it couldn’t have happened, he was such and such); sexist jokes and remarks on the “maid”; the victim must have consented;

    etc, etc, the list goes on…. *** good night

  10. Spiny Norman

    Oh looky. He has the support of Ben Stein. Vomit? Meet Pus!


  11. tinfoil hattie

    It was a “honeytrap”; he is a victim; it was a setup; the whole thing was a lie.

    That’s the current narrative.

  12. Tehomet

    @janicen: Agreed that the description ‘rutting chimp’ is a more accurate one for the IMF dude. The only problem I have with it is that by mentioning the IMF dude in the same breath as them, it could be construed as insulting to chimpanzees.

  13. TotallyDorkin

    Well of course it was a setup! Under patriarchy, all rapists are set up, because how could they possibly be at fault for having sex with a woman! In their twisted minds, that’s what women are for. All of this consent nonsense is just posturing, and obviously negotiable.

  14. tinfoil hattie

    Using “woman” as a verb is the language of rapists.

  15. Satchel

    I never realize just how stressed my own obstreperal lobe is getting until Twisty unleashes one of these beautifully righteous rants, and then I feel somewhat sane again, for awhile.

  16. Bushfire

    A Ginva: Je ne savais pas que vous étiez française. Je suis traductrice anglais/français. :-)

  17. yttik

    “As always, only rapists who could potentially unseat ultra right-wing leaders end up in jail.”

    Okay, but just because you have the potential to unseat a right wing leader, doesn’t mean you aren’t an asshole rapist. Not directing this comment at any blamers here, I’m just seriously pissed off at how rape has recently been dismissed as not really “rape-rape” when the perp has the correct left wing politics. Roman Polanski, Julian Assange, Dominique Strauss-Kahn,.. etc. Also pissed that when these particular slime balls are busted, it’s always a grand conspiracy, like some evil woman must be conspiring with the CIA to set him up. By the time the left wing branch of the patriarchy is finished, they’ve perverted reality and turned him into the victim.

  18. Comrade PhysioProf

    Ben Stein is such an odious motherfucker, it’s an insult to the word “odious” to use it to refer to him. It doesn’t surprise me a fucken bit that he is a rape apologist.

  19. Lovepug

    Egads the comments on both these stories in the online news just sickens me. Even npr.org is so full of rape apologists and dudes who think the whole thing is funny, I feel like the entire world has suddenly turned into a frat house (as if it already is not). The only consolation to any of this is that now Maria Shriver can finally re-start and re-own her career.

    I’m also feeling sick about the level of comments in a news story about the 3rd woman who’s been raped at Cal Poly. Of course the headline must include that the women were passed out drunk, and – right on cue – the comments are all about how women shouldn’t drink. Not about how men shouldn’t rape.

    I think I may have to enter into a self-imposed news blackout for a while.

  20. Athena Andreadis

    Entitled men consider everyone around them part of the furniture and get annoyed if the furniture starts moving.

    I opined on both these exemplars as well.

    What’s Sex Got to Do with It?

    Parting words, to whet your appetite:

    “Civilization came into existence and has precariously survived in spite of such men, not because of them. If we hope to ever truly thrive, we will have to eradicate cultural alpha-malehood as thoroughly as we did smallpox — and figure out how we can inculcate snachismo as the default behavioral model instead.”

  21. ginger

    EW. Ben Stein. Ew.

  22. Orange

    As ginger says, a big “EW” to DSK, Schwarzenegger, and Ben Stein.

    I took a cruise a few years ago and all or most of the chambermaids were men, many of them Asian or South Asian. I have no idea why this was so.

  23. AlienNumber

    When the maids are men it’s because they get paid men-wages for their labors. If there were women-servants on that cruise ship, don’t worry, they were getting paid even less money for even more work!

  24. Jill

    It’s different on ships. Maritime chambermaids are “stewards” because sailing over the bounding main is manly, even when it’s with a shipful of sunburned tourists.

  25. Triste

    Watched the news on TV tonight. It occurs to me that this was perhaps a mistake, but eh, being unable to find work means I have a lot of free time on my hands. Some dude suggested that perhaps maybe it was awfully hasty of the police to arrest this douchebag before he flew out of the country forever and ever, which got a good laugh from me. They also described how harsh the prison he was in was in loving detail in a painfully obvious ploy to elicit sympathy for the son of a bitch. Complaints abound that there was no need to send him to such a nasty place as prison just because he was, you know, accused of a crime. For heaven’s sake, it’s not like he was accused of something serious. She’s just a maid for crying out loud!

    Somehow I can’t really get outraged about this case. I’m not quite sure why, really, but I only had to turn off the TV when someone suggested that the mother who got her 8-year-old a birthday present of Botox injections really should have gotten her a Barbie doll instead. I couldn’t hear the stories anyway, over the sound of my anguished guffaws.

  26. Ashley

    yttik: yeah, of course. Just sayin’ that rapists only face consequences when punishing them somehow falls in line with a kyriarchal agenda.

  27. Fictional Queen

    I hate the way people talk about rape.Even if they’re not victim blaming (which they always are),it’s this big spectacle of ooh,the female was raped! It seems as if they’re getting a sense of pleasure and thrill from it.
    And men,most definitely,get a sexual feeling by the thought of a woman being raped,this whole rape thing turns them on,and they pervertedly make jokes about it,laugh at it,spew contempt and hatred for the raped woman,and of course commit rape.Stories about rape is entertainment for people.
    You can’t blame a woman for lying about rape! The virtually endless priviledges and luxuries that come along being a rape victim just tempts them to lie about these poor,innocent men!Why the hell would someone lie about that?Because of the unanimous love,approval,kindness and priviledges that come with it?
    Men really ruin everything.How much longer should women suffer waiting for them to evolve past the level of repulsive animals?

  28. Shelby

    “Civilization came into existence and has precariously survived in spite of such men, not because of them. If we hope to ever truly thrive, we will have to eradicate cultural alpha-malehood as thoroughly as we did smallpox — and figure out how we can inculcate snachismo as the default behavioral model instead.”

    Dems Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudiful words. But what about all those non alpha MRA fuckheads?

    “It’s different on ships. Maritime chambermaids are “stewards” because sailing over the bounding main is manly, even when it’s with a shipful of sunburned tourists”

    And because these stewarding jobs can entail being away from home for months at a time it wouldn’t be seemly to allow women to fuck off for a while and have a little freedom. Anyway, they’d probably just get themselves raped.

  29. Metal teapot

    I know it is slightly off topic, but I wanted to share the UK justice secretary (Ken Clarke’s) comments on rape quoted on the BBC news website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-13436429) because they made me really angry. To avoid difficulties with rape trials, the government are thinking of increasing the discount in penalty for pleading guilty from 1/3rd to 1/2. Amid criticism that this would mean rapists could potentially spend only 15 months in jail, Ken Clarke kindly pointed out that this would only apply to “real” rapists, not those phoney date rapists.

    He dismissed suggestions rapists could be out in 15 months as “total nonsense”. On being told that the sentence for rape was five years on average, Mr Clarke said: “That includes date rape, 17-year-olds having intercourse with 15 year olds..”
    “Serious rape – I don’t think many judges give five years for a forcible rape frankly, the tariff is longer than that. A serious rape with violence and an unwilling woman – the tariff is longer than that.”

    It is good to know that apparently if you are drugged, someone has sex with you when you are unconscious etc. you are completely willing. Similarly unless the perpetrator threatens violence it is obviously completely voluntary. While I agree consensual sex between two underage people should be treated careful, since when did date rape count as willing sex? Bah!

  30. speedbudget

    Oh, Metal Teapot. My rape wasn’t serious. It was HYLARIOUS! I laughed the whole fucking time! It was so funny! We need to save justice for the serious rapes, the ones that make you make a sad face. Otherwise, we would run out of justice.

  31. tinfoil hattie

    Honestly, I once read a sickening essay on a dudebro website wherein men were arguing whether women could be harmed by “gentle, silent rape.”

    There is no such thing as rape. It’s all just men fucking whomever they want.

  32. Lovepug

    I wonder if said dudes would still consider it murder if I used a “gentle silent handgun.”

    I love the parsing out of different kinds of rape. Like date rape is akin to rolling through a stop sign.

  33. Ginjoint

    I am getting much pleasure out of knowing that this asshole (the IMF one) is at Rikers. Yes, protective custody, but still Rikers. Not exactly a three grand a night hotel room.

  34. humanbein

    Whenever someone questions the feminist idea that sex is rape, this kind of controversy should come to mind first. If men didn’t think that seduction was a successful rape wherein the female object didn’t assert her personhood by avoiding it, why do they defend rapists so vehemently?

  35. Unree

    Argh, Metal teapot. Someone should explain to Clarke that date/acquaintance rape (at least here in the US, probably in the UK too) is typically *more* violent than stranger rape. To rape a woman he doesn’t know, a rapist usually makes her unconscious with rape drugs: the dark-alley assaults by total strangers that Clarke likes to think of are rare. But a rapist who has to look his victim in the eye will usually pin her down with force. Often it’s much more violent than that. Jeebus.

  36. IrishUp

    Having grown up in a neighborhood where stints at Rikers are known as “vacationing on The Island” (ironic reference to wealthy Manhattanites’ phrase for staying in The Hamptons), I can indeed confirm that Rikers is a hell hole. I am in fact amazed that DSK is actually there. DSK’s wealth & privilege will probably afford him protections that are uncommon amongst inmates. Fat fucken chance this will “scare him straight”.

  37. EmilyBites

    Not seven minutes ago two dudes who sit next to me at work were watching a news report on Clarke’s accidental rape endorsement.

    Quoth Dude 1, ‘This is just a chance for that opportunist Miliband to smear the Tories – Miliband is such scum.’ I pointed out that having a justice minister who doesn’t think the vast majority of rape is ‘serious’ is a bit of problem, which was met with sceptical grimaces. The guys then cracked up, giggling, ‘This would never happen in France!’
    Quoth Dude 2, ‘I heard it’s all a conspiracy and he was framed – apparently it’s against the hotel’s policy to have one member of hotel staff alone with a guest, so this would never happen. She was in on it.’

    Le sob.

    Clarke doesn’t think that some types of rape are more serious than others; he thinks that most rape isn’t actually a crime and shouldn’t be treated as such. Just like most people, including most men.

  38. speedbudget

    Dude 2 needs to stop reading Levy’s rape apology screeds and learn some fucking truth. Also if it were hotel policy for maids to go double in rooms, I doubt very much the hotel would have backed her up as much and as quickly as they did. What an asshat.

    IrishUp, he was put in solitary. I imagine to protect him from the proles.

  39. incognotter

    “We need to save justice for the serious rapes, the ones that make you make a sad face. Otherwise, we would run out of justice.”

    Thank you, Speedbudget. You just clarified what has always annoyed me about that particular stinking argument. Maybe some day we can ration male privilege instead of rationing justice.

  40. EmilyBites

    Truth, speedbudget.

    What don’t I don’t get is this ubiquitous insistence that wealthy, powerful, good-looking white men don’t rape women. For those that have motive, they have means and opportunity like nothing you’ve ever seen. OF COURSE they rape. It’s the guys who can get away with it who are doing the raping, because they know they can get away with it. Everyone here knows that’s how they pick their victims too: they pick women, so that they will get away with it.

    Giant DUH to the global media.

  41. shopstewardess

    When the UK government proposes encouraging early guilty pleas to rape charges “in order to avoid difficulties”, the difficulty it has in mind are not the difficulty of getting a conviction, it is the “difficulty” of how much a trial cost.

  42. Comrade Svilova

    Maybe some day we can ration male privilege instead of rationing justice.

    Signal BOOST.

  43. tinfoil hattie

    Sending more than one maid at a time to a hotel room would double the hotel’s scut staff, with attendant HUGE payroll expense, so it would never happen.

  44. A Ginva

    salut Bushfire!!! Ouais, je suis française : D
    Wow cool, do you translate feminist works then? If I had more time, there’s some stuff I’d love to translate, so little radfem anglophone works are available in French. I’m thinking about creating a network of French-English feminist translators, would be really useful. If you’re interested, n’hésite pas à me contacter : )

  45. Skye

    In other rapists and their laywers are asshole news: Elizabeth Smart, the girl who was kidnapped and sexually assualted repeatedly by Brian David Mitchell, now has to deal with his lawyers saying that since she survived and recovered from her ordeal, he should have a lighter sentence.

    This guy raped a child and held her captive in order to make her one of his FLDS ‘wives’, but the fact that he didn’t completely mentally destroy her is going to be used in his favor.

    I admire Elizabeth’s strength, she demanded to be able to look at him during the trial and she made sure that he would have to listen her testimony. This is going to be used against her?

    Elizabeth has had strong support from her community and family, which no doubt has helped in her surviving and being able to face him down in court. I wish our society would give the same kind of support to all women and girls who have been sexually abused. Elizabeth is lucky to be involved in a cult that, even though misogynistic, doesn’t throw their daughters to the wolves if they are abused by a nutty FLDS dude who makes the normal Mormons look bad.

    If he was her non-fundamentalist Mormon husband or neighbor or coworker, that would be another story.

    (accidentally posted this on the Hawking thread)

  46. Solniger

    I cannot stand the pity that is being thrown this guy’s way. Apparently he has to eat cabbage for dinner. Boo-fuckin-hoo.

  47. mearl

    “I wonder if said dudes would still consider it murder if I used a ‘gentle silent handgun.'”

    Brilliant. Lovepug, would you ever consider doing a post where you took headlines or commentary from murder/robbery/fraud trials involving male-on-male or corporation-on-corporation crime, and applying the language used in those types of cases to male-on-female rape cases? Hell, the Blametariat should publish a monthly zine that satirised this sort of shoddy Dudeprivileged reporting. It would be like The Onion, except it would be ten zillion times as witty and at least a bazillion times as awesome.

  48. mearl

    Whoops, I meant to write “satirises.”

  49. slade

    He won’t get away with it….don’t say that he will….I just can’t take a rad fem saying he will get away with it.

    I want a rad fem to say…’the dude is in orange and looks like a clown ready to take his shoe laces and end it all.’

    Now isn’t that uplifting???

  50. A Ginva

    Conflating rape with seduction is like saying over and over again that the Nazi concentration camps were just holiday camps for consenting adults.

  51. Zrusilla

    I live in Paris and the view from here is surreal. This event has declenched a torrent of fail from the French chattering classes that would sweep away entire cities. So-called intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy (BHL) is a rapist’s best friend and the biggest tool walking the planet. 57% of the French people think there must be a plot. Pearl-clutching “Socialists” have decried the cruelty of the DSK’s perp-walk. The head of CFPJ (journalist training center aka the liars’ headquarters across the street from the office) was asked if the press’ staunch refusal to investigate previous incidents does not amount to malpractice to which he answered uh-uh-uh-meaningless bullshit-uh-uh. Pierre Laski of Rue89 is calling into question the press’ role in this trainwreck, but everyone else can see no evil. DSK’s wife Anne Sinclair is engaging in Kennedyesque denialism. Since she has all the money,she wired a cool million cash to get a hotshot lawyer. Only Jean-Luc Mélenchon and other Parti de Gauche members as well as feminist organizations such as Osez le Feminisme (Dare to be Feminist) have pointed out that there’s a victim here and our thoughts must be with her.

  52. Michele

    Has anyone else grown weary of the news coverage surrounding this story centering on how marital infidelity & robust sex lives are looked at differently in France than the US? It’s so irrelevent, who cares whether he was faithful to his wife, that’s their business. But the subcontext is that since he’s a guy his sex life is celebrated (at least in France, apparently) while I’m sure they are attempting to dig up all of the partners that the victim might have had so they can call her a slut. Fucking patriarchal double standard!!

  53. Comrade Svilova

    The problem with rape is that Americans are prudes.

    What? How is that “angle” even possible with this story?!

  54. tinfoil hattie

    The IMF Rapist was just granted bail.

  55. Citizen Jane

    It is horrifying to think about all the rapists who get away with it, but there is a special kind of horrifying when the rape is all over the media. I cannot imagine how that guy feels right now. After 62 years, he suddenly can’t get away with this, which must seem inexplicable to him. He probably feels like he has crossed over into some bizarro Twilight Zone world where people go to jail for silly trivial little things like raping someone.

    If he gets convicted, it will send a very sorely needed message to him and all those like him. If he doesn’t, then it confirms their belief that it is okay to rape someone.

  56. speedbudget

    Some thoughts:

    Why are these assholes always gallivanting around on the money of their wives? And why don’t said wives use their money (read: power) in order to kick their asses to the curb the first time the men disrespect them?

    How many women need to be raped before the first reaction of the general public is SHOCK that someone was raped, then denial?

    I have mad, mad respect for the victim in all this. The fact that she had so many intersecting reason to be disenfranchised and powerless and yet she gathered her courage and told anyway and is now weathering this shitstorm is just so fucking awesome. I love her.

  57. Jill

    tinfoil hattie
    May 19, 2011 at 4:57 pm
    “The IMF Rapist was just granted bail.”

    What’d I tell ya, goddammit. This morning on Diane Rehm they were still calling it a
    “sex scandal”.. My lobe is blown.

  58. Zrusilla

    There’s a lot of misunderstanding on both sides. The French don’t get the American justice system at all–today I was asked about plea bargaining, to which I confessed ignorance, having successfully avoided contact with the criminal justice system–and we are busy repeating tired old tropes about the French attitudes about sexuality (as if that has anything to with violent misogynist crime).

    For what it’s worth, the two men I talk to the most in a regular day, my husband and my sysadmin, are very French and want DSK to rot for the full 75 years. They’re beyond disgusted. That doesn’t make them advanced patriarchy-blamers by any means but they are among the many French who quite readily grasp the difference and are horrified by this.

  59. Tigs

    To be fair, the American legal system is designed to grant almost everyone bail.
    It’s the old innocent until proven guilty thing.

    The only legitimate reasons to deny bail are if the suspect is considered a likely danger to others (it is doubtful this guy is going after the help with this much scrutiny), and to ensure that the suspect returns to court. With a GPS moniter and a million dollars bail (and an internationally recognized face), it’s also unlikely that he’s going to flee.

    All other scenarios have a right to bail.

  60. Marcie

    “It’s the old innocent until proven guilty thing.”
    We should get rid of this obstruction of justice.
    Also, it’s clearly a patriachic invention, since most criminals are men.

  61. Jill

    May 19, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    There’s a lot of misunderstanding on both sides. The French don’t get the American justice system at all […].

    But the French understanding (or not) of the American justice system is entirely irrelevant. All that need concern the French (or anyone else) is that rape is either a crime against humanity or it isn’t. All this “we do not undair-stand zeess plea bargen-eeng” and “Amaireecaans are prudes” is, as an old French pal of mine used to say, besides the point.

    The guy’s gonna walk either way.

  62. Zrusilla

    Jill, I am totally with you there, and je m’excuse if I hadn’t made what I thought was implicit clear. The misunderstandings are occuring *around* the central issue. On the agreement to ‘misunderstand’ rape as some form of sadly misguided sex, cultures around the world are firmly agreed.

  63. kirsty

    just the right shad of yellow to crank up my jaundiced eyesight on this world….gracias and hugs*

  64. A Ginva

    Living in france too, I hate how journalists use this case to fuel age-old anti-american sentiment/racism: it’s just a hypocrital device to deviate the discussion from rape, as if the justice system had anything to do with it. It’s one patriarchy offended that another patriarchy had the guts to pin down one of their major patriarchs. I think the french are baffled that the NY Justice system didn’t show male supremacist solidarity towards DSK – they probably feel like it’s treason.

    Zrusilla, quite a lot of feminists have shown anger about all this, but they havn’t been given the same amount of tme / space / voice. As for Osez le Féminisme, (OLF) I love how they have been really vocal about condemning rape, but their anti-rape campaign, amongst many other things, made me totally cringe.

    Here you can listen to Clémentine Autain


    Gisèle Halimi also spoke in a debate against Roman Polanski’s Lawyer, with Krief. Anne sugier also wrote an article against the DSK case.

  65. anne

    Marcie and Tigs, isn’t it interesting how nobody trots out the old “innocent before proven guilty” chestnut when it’s an arson case or a bank robbery or anything other than a sexual or “domestic” assault?

  66. anne

    The French media unsurprisingly is far less concerned about dignity of the complainant in this case as that of the defendant. In all their hand-wringing about handcuffs and perp walks, they’ve published the victim’s name, her teenage daughter’s name, and have conducted a spirited debate about whether the complainant is attractive enough to rape or ugly enough that she should be grateful for being attacked. They did the same to Polanski’s victim, and came around to her home and her school, intimidating and humiliating her away from pressing forward with her case.

  67. Bud

    All credit to the US for not allowing this sorry speciman of a “man” to get away with this. And let’s hope the maid’s lawyer can get her some sizable “compensation” for her trials – should be in excess of US$5 million IMO – those boys at the IMF have loads of dosh after all.

  68. remacutetegisti

    I liked this entry a lot.

    Except that I am a ‘cleaner’ or whatever you want to call it. I clean houses for a living. I work for myself. It’s hard work for somewhat OK pay. I deal with assholes sometimes, just as anyone who works in the service industry does. It’s a newish job for me and I’ve been fine with it, emotionally, because I’ve been telling myself to just see it as a way to subsist while I try to finish grad school.

    I’ve not felt like my status has been lowered or like I have to deal with the worst type of filth. Most people tidy up before I come over.

    But somehow after reading this entry, I’m beginning to feel like shit about myself for the job that I do.

    Honestly I’m a fan of your blog. I just feel belittled and icky.

  69. Z

    @remacutetegisti – you are not alone! I have various students doing that for a living. And others with worse jobs. And I’d hire you if I could afford a cleaner right now.

    @anyone – is Arnold especially psychopathic or are all rapists like that? His reactions are so sadistic…

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