May 22 2011

Brit royals pay homage to unidentified cartoon

Origin unknown. Sent in by Tidy.


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  1. bzzzzgrrrl

    Cinderella, but it wasn’t the royals paying homage, just dreamy royal-followers with Photoshop: http://www.snopes.com/photos/people/cinderella.asp.

    Still blameworthy: the only reason people are wrapped up in the fantasy of The Big Wedding is that women are taught always that Disneyfication is what we are to strive for. When even real-life princesses dare to have their own hair color, we must paint one to match the other.

  2. TotallyDorkin

    That’s embarrassing. It just shows that you always gotta check your sources!

  3. Mary Tracy9

    I don’t think anyone has found the source of the cartoon yet.

  4. Pinko Punko

    Love that Snopes.

  5. Jill

    Ha, it’s even funnier that it’s a put-on. Yet another joke I wish I’d thought of.

    But hey bzzzzgrrrl, is even it legal for a celebrity as A-listy as Kate Middleton to wear her “own” hair color?

  6. Comrade PhysioProf

    It’s nasty that the Snopes article refers to the two princesses as “the blonde” and “the brunette”.

  7. cin17

    That’s freakin’ hilarious. TFF. But damn it hurts when I laugh cuz that whole Disney princess brainwash bonanza is right up there with organized religion as one of patriarchy’s most effective false narratives.

    Snopes needs to change their false to “Closer To The Truth Than We’d Like To Admit” because that’s some dead on target satire.

  8. Jill

    OK, look how skinny Kate is. I don’t even want to think about how many life-giving tacos she had to forgo to get that emaciated. Now look at Cinderella. She’s about twice as skinny as skinny Kate! Where are we supposed to imagine that C keeps her bleedin’ internal organs? Maybe those are her lungs holding up that bustle? What kind of fucking psychopath drew that picture, anyway?

    The princes look pretty similar, though. Human proportions. Dudes are human.

  9. magriff

    Eugenie and Beatrice are neither blonde nor brunette, both of them are redheads. And they look like they eat life-giving tacos and have wicked senses of humor; good for them!

  10. minervaK

    oh. em. gee.

    nice work, tidy

  11. yttik

    It strikes me as kind of funny that people have invested so much energy trying to debunk this cartoon. I mean, it’s a cartoon! Last week I got half a dozen emails informing me this was a hoax. I don’t mean to be impolite, but did anybody really think it was a factual piece of journalism or something??! The intensity of the response is kind of startling. I’ve heard the words fraud, forgery, and slander. Either everyone is a loyal British subject with no sense of humor, or else the patriarchy thought this cartoon came a bit too close to the truth.

  12. awhirlinlondon

    A local rag – Grazia – photo-shopped its cover photo of Kate in her wedding dress to slim her (US size 2) waist even further. They claim not – but they lie.

    Incidentally – Princess Beatrice’s insane hat just sold on ebay for $123,325.

  13. Freya

    It’s a fake – The cartoon has been shopped to imitate the royal wedding.


  14. Freya

    oops, already identified as a fake.

  15. anne

    How deeply, bitterly ironic that the first result in a google search for “Grazia, Kate Middleton” is a link to the Daily Mail, who feigns outrage over “impossible aspirations for the female form” before going back to policing the world’s “bikini bodies” and “baby bumps.”

  16. Jezebella

    Beatrice did sell the hat for charity (UNICEF?), which makes me wonder if she didn’t purposely choose a provocative attention-getting hat (from a British designer, even) with this eventual goal in mind. She looked like she was having fun with that bit of silliness on her head.

  17. veganrampage

    In case that flaming dog shit parade is finally over, so hip hip and fucking tally ho.

  18. Frumious B

    “OK, look how skinny Kate is. I don’t even want to think about how many life-giving tacos she had to forgo to get that emaciated.”

    Jill! Jeebus! What took over your brain? No body snarking on the skinny girls, ok? When I was her age, I could a boat load of damn tacos and still be that skinny. It happens to some people, and unless you have personal knowledge of Kate’s deprivation, you should not make assumptions and snark.

  19. Eliza

    Awesome. Made my day. Has someone sent it to the poor Brits themselves? Would they laugh?

  20. Jezebella

    Frumious, it is true that many skinny girls can eat like 300 lb. ditch diggers after a hard days’ work, and stay skinny, but Kate is now much thinner than she has ever been in her public life, and is rather extremely so. She’s clearly been on a reducing diet, and, bless her heart, needs a marg and some tacos.

  21. pheenobarbidoll

    The rule of thumb is you buy a wedding dress that’s smaller, and YOU fit the dress.

    This is, obviously, a P mandated rule.

  22. nails

    I don’t get it at all, but yeah, its totally a rule here to buy a dress that is too small for your own flipping wedding. Women who buy into that the-best-day-of-my-life crap do it too, as if you can feel like anything but hell when you crash diet.

  23. pheenobarbidoll

    I saw some of the horrible movie Bride Wars and a direct quote -You Don’t Alter Vera to Fit You, You Alter Yourself to Fit Vera! What do boys learn in school??

    pretty much sums it up.

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