May 24 2011

iBook Store bleeps out raunchy X-rated title of feminist classic

No time to post, but check this out: the only book by Andrea Dworkin available at the iPad store is titled “I*********e”.

Yet they leave Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell intact!

I’m downloading B*ss*p*nts right now.

What a world.


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  1. Lindsay

    Is Inga Muscio’s C*** also available?

  2. yttik

    “I**********e is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women.”

    That’s why the worst insult in the world is to tell somebody to go get F*****.

    If I were the patriarchy, I’d bleep that stuff out, too. You never know when such radical ideas might catch on.

  3. KJB

    I am sorry to derail the thread, but I must send out the Blamer distress signal!

    I live in the UK and not only has our government taken away services for trafficking victims from a pro-feminist charity and given it to the Salvation Army, local government in a borough near me has chosen a CATHOLIC group to provide counselling services to children. This is a charity that dropped adoption services rather than comply with the legal requirement to let homosexual would-be parents adopt.

    Now, not only have they put the Equality Act online as part of a ‘Red Tape Challenge’ to find justification to attack it – THEY HAVE DRAFTED IN ANTI-CHOICERS TO ADVISE THEM ON SEXUAL HEALTH.


    That’s not to even go into mass genocide of women in India (a topic very, very close to my heart) and the variety of rape-themed ‘excitement to the headlines,’ to paraphrase our justice secretary Ken Clarke… Dear fellow Blamers, the astonishing recent confluence of bare-faced misogyny in world affairs (and in my private life) is overwhelming me!

  4. tinfoil hattie

    Does the IPad atlas show “I*********e,” Pennsylvania? Or “B*** B***, PA?”

    I did buy “C**t on Kindle. Without the asterisks, which I have installed here because of the IBTP spamulator.

  5. allhellsloose

    Here in Blighty I ordered from my local library, Dworkin’s Right Wing Women and Pronograhy, Men Possessing Women, alas, Inter course wasn’t available. Off to the online book shop it is for me then.

    And everything KJB said + a gazillion. Take care. To those reading from the UK I suggest going online to show your support for the Equality Act. When I did it ALL the comments I read supported the Equality Act.

  6. Jill

    “You never know when such radical ideas might catch on.”

    I know when. Never.

  7. Bushfire

    I read I********e and P**nography, which I got from the library, because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So I think radical ideas do catch on, Twisty. I wouldn’t have touched the term “radical feminist” with a ten-foot pole before reading this blog. (Although I’m still trying to figure out if one can be a radical feminst and a trans ally at the same time. The quest for an answer is blowing my mind.)

  8. Lurker Lyn


    Such is the beauty of self-definition – be all the things you want to be.

  9. Ron Sullivan

    Boss Pints? Bass Pants? Oh wait; not a space.

    Damn, I’m old lately.

  10. mearl

    Bossypants was a letdown.

  11. Jill

    “I’m still trying to figure out if one can be a radical feminst and a trans ally at the same time.”

    Yes, Bushfire, one day we’ll look back on this and laugh. Because it’s patriarchy we’re against, not individual persons stuck, via cultural construct, in some bogus gender binary netherworld.

  12. Jill

    “Bossypants was a letdown”

    Agreed. I figured it would be.

    Tina, man. She arouses in the spinster aunt such ambivalence!

    Also, in the introduction, she writes as though she’s written an actual book, rather than an electronic download thingy. Ha! Like people have room on their bookshelves, next to the Shakespeares and Miltons and Germaine Greers, for a book by a TV writer. Who is she kidding? “American-made genuine book” my ass.

  13. Bushfire

    Well, I keep reading about how not all women have breasts or uteri, and not all women have XX chromosomes, and how womanhood can be defined as “feeling like a woman”, which makes me think I have no idea what a woman is. And if I don’t know what a woman is, what do phrases like “women’s oppression” even mean? The oppression of who?

    I think a radical feminist would agree with the Michigan’s womyn-born womyn policy, but then a trans activist obviously would not. I don’t even know what my opinion is. I can understand both sides.

  14. Triste

    You know, I was just thinking that this blog needed more conflation of transgendered identities with lines from Shania Twain songs. But I told myself, you’ll never get that, Triste. It’s a pipe dream!

    But you came through, Blametariat, just like you always do.

  15. Bushfire

    Triste, that was obviously aimed at what I said, but I couldn’t actually get your real message out of your heavy sarcasm. Could you explain it to me?

  16. Triste

    My point? I didn’t really have one, strictly speaking, since I didn’t want to get into this. I expect that Twisty will return and shut down this conversation, since she, like the rest of us, is apparently sick unto fucking death of the trans debates. Which is pretty understandable, given what a phenomenal fucking waste of time they are. I don’t think anyone in history has ever benefited in even the slightest way from one of this discussions. I don’t think I’ve seen a single trans debate in the history of feminism wherein the obvious truth of the matter (which is to say, transpeople are oppressed by the Patriarchy, feminism is a movement against the oppression of the Patriarchy, therefore transpeople are natural allies) isn’t obfuscated by a bunch of stupid Philosophy 101 shit like “BUT WHAT IS A WOMAN REALLY!!!11!11”

    Seriously. If we can’t define womanhood in black and white terms, we can’t fight against women’s oppression? That’s the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life, and I’ve heard some grade A bullshit, I assure you. The oppression of women, much like pornography, is a concept which is ill-defined, but I know it when I see it, mostly because it’s fucking ugly. The idea that the women’s movement is dead if we dare to fudge the lines in pursuit of not being a bunch of callous privileged dirtbags is just bunk. What, do you think if we let a few transfolks listen to Tracy Chapman, suddenly the world will turn upside-down? “Good god, that woman has a dick! Maybe rape /is/ a good idea after all!” Like that?

    Anyway, my point is stop talking about it, stop debating about it, stop sitting around discussing the validity of people’s identities, particular as concerns people who are pretty much the fucking bottom of the social ladder. Any decent human being can see how fucking unconscionable the state of affairs is for transgendered people, and any reasonable human being can see that their plight is a direct result of the Patriarchy. So what the fuck is the issue here, exactly? I don’t really see how anyone whatsoever benefits from the fucking purity purges. I suppose it’s nice if you’re looking to run an exclusive social club, but if your goal is to dismantle the Patriarchy, please explain to me how making absolutely sure that transgendered folks stay the fuck out of the movement is in any way conducive to that end, regardless of whether or not transwomen are ~real women~, whatever the fuck that means.

    I just wish that you all would take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re in this for. Are you in this for resisting the Patriarchy, or are you in it because you discovered that feminist culture sets up a whole new hierarchy that you can claw your way to the top of just by throwing a few underprivileged types under a bus? I mean that sincerely. Is this a movement for you people, or a country club? Is this a resistance, or are you just in this because discussing bizarro abstractions like “Patriarchy” and “humanitarian crises” and “misogyny” is a fun exercise for you?

    Because if you are really, honest to god in this because you think the Patriarchy sucks and needs to go, I don’t fucking understand how turning away those who are hurt just as badly as you, if not moreso, is in any way productive towards the destruction of that paradigm. Is the idea that we can lift ourselves up if we just have someone to step on? Is that our goal? That someday we, like patriarchs, will be able to fuck and murder a lower class over which we have total authority? I thought our goal here was to destroy Patriarchy, not climb up to the top of it, but maybe that’s just me being old fashioned, thinking about things like “compassion” and “human fucking decency.”

  17. Strigophilia

    Triste, “The oppression of women, much like pornography, is a concept which is ill-defined, but I know it when I see it, mostly because it’s fucking ugly.” is one of my new favorite sentences in the English language.

    But there are plenty of self-identified radical feminists who are also trans activists and allies. Me 4 1. Thus the peril of “you all”. Which y’all is your all y’all referring to?

  18. Triste

    I mean “you all” as in the general contingency of people who thinks transgendered types are icky. I myself am a radical feminist who is all for transfolks, so there you have it.

  19. Bushfire

    I am all for the trans-folks, triste. I’ve just come across self-described radical feminists who happen to be transphobic (some of them trolling in these parts) and I have an inexplicable need to be able to explain everything. I completely agree with the content of your rant.

  20. Triste

    I see. Sorry if I seemed pissed off at you, Bushfire. That is just kind of how I talk.

  21. Jezebella

    Triste, I don’t know about anybody else, but it sure as shit gets my hackles up when somebody tells me to stop talking, which is exactly what you just did up there:

    “…stop talking about it, stop debating about it, stop sitting around discussing the validity of people’s identities….”

    Which is not to say that Jill isn’t entirely validated in managing her blog however she sees fit, nor that I enjoy the Debate Which Shall Not Be Named, nor even that you’re wrong, but the truth is: silencing talk of sticky issues is NEVER productive. YOU may be an advanced blamer, but not everyone is, and there are plenty of people who *do* need to hear the questions of gender and sexuality problematized. Your shushing is no less offensive to me than “Chad’s” shushing was in the other thread, frankly. The only person entitled to shush others around here is our host with the most.

  22. Triste

    I would suggest that in this particular case the act of debating about it is actually counterproductive and oppressive. If a bunch of dudes were sitting around debating whether or not broads are /really/ all that bright or if they’re maybe a few IQ points short and better off in the kitchen after all, I’d tell them they were a bunch of fucking assholes even if they were legitimately debating the issue. People of a higher class discussing the validity of the identities of those in a lower class (in this case, a bunch of cis women discussing whether trans women get to count as real) is kind of gross, particularly when it goes on and on for ages. I understand that at some point everyone needs to look at this issue and weigh both sides of the argument, but at the same time I don’t think it’s outrageous to suggest that going back and forth about it ad nauseum, particularly without any actual trans people having any say in the discussion, is not just harmless discussion.

    So I will say this – you’re right that it’s important to talk about this. But the discussion on this blog has hit a dead end. Openly trans perspectives are tragically lacking here, and given the hostility of some of the contingency towards transpeople, I don’t forsee that changing any time soon. I see absolutely no benefit in cis women continuing to debate the matter back and forth. I agree with Jill that the humanity of transpeople should be considered a settled matter, but even beyond that, if people absolutely insist upon debating it, I don’t see that it should be done in this blog of all places, where trans people are not particularly able to speak for themselves without opening themselves up to attack.

  23. Fictional Queen

    Is there a free text the complete book Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin available online? Wher can I get it?
    These books are not published here,I have no means of access to them! It’s no fair!

  24. Citizen Taqueau

    Fictional Queen, it’s available in e-book format, so if you download the a compatible e-reader app, you should be able to order the text for $10 or so.

  25. Fictional Queen

    @ CT: But that’s the problem.I’m from Iran! I can’t order stuff and I don’t have dollars.
    Apologies for my typos in the previous comment!

  26. Sarah

    I spent the longest time wondering what bad words could possibly begin with capital Is or little Ls, and trying to think of what else Andrea Dworkin wrote besides Intercourse. Then I realized they actually bleeped the word Intercourse. Which is also a town in Pennsylvania. Sheesh. I knew eBooks would be the downfall of civilization!

  27. Eliza

    This blog is the only place I find these days where “Andrea” and “Dworkin” are not erased, even among self-identified feminists. Yay for IBTP.

    And, everything Triste said.

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