Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 29 2011

Spinster aunt becomes proficient in typing words “open thread”

Spinster HQ is all blumped up again today. I don’t, for example, have time to tell you that bleeding heart liberal Tom Petty is cheesed off at Michele Bachmann for using his song “American Girl” as exit music at her rallies. So I invited my sidekick Stingray to guest-post on the Republican excrescence/presidential candidate who …

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Jun 27 2011

Spinster aunt answers eternal question “when should I dump him?”

Got a mean boyfriend who gets mad at you all the time? DUMP HIM. DUMP HIM NOW. Reluctant to completely change your life based on the exhortation of some random Internet feminist? Then at least try out for some No. 1 Verbal Abuse Information. Tragically, the entire website suffers from gratuitous Flash, which makes …

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Jun 26 2011

Buddhism sounds familiar

The other day I dared to impugn the feminist credentials of a global religious leader, head of state complete with palace and throne, and internationally revered dude whose every antic goes virtually unquestioned by the entire world. I caught a little flak for this impugnment. The impugnment to which I allude, of course, is that …

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Jun 22 2011

Spinster aunt watches another Turner Classic Movie, picks chunks of blown lobe off ceiling

Still from "Angel Face" trailer

Last night Turner Classic Movies — it’s horrible, yet I can’t look away — ran the crappy so-called noir classic Angel Face (1953), starring Jean Simmons and Robert Mitchum. Playing the titular character in a tight sweater, Jean Simmons, whose only motivation appears to be that she’s just a manipulative psycho bitch malignant narcissist femme …

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Jun 21 2011

Feminist blog saves lives


Reader testimonials! I. Just last week I successfully identified a cluster of stinkhorn mushrooms. All because I read this here blog. I took pictures! I told my friends! Life is better with Heartwarming Nature Crap! — cootie twoshoes Send the pictures, La Cootie, send the pictures. Stinkhorns are, as the poet said, teh awesome. Obviously, …

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Jun 20 2011

Dude wins by default, plus Open Thread!

Why no post today? I’m trapped — temporarily, I hope — in an alternate universe where it is considered bad form to write blogs when there are other, more tedious things to do (such as evading jury duty, taking care of a sick horse, or spending hours on the phone trying, with a pesky history …

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Jun 13 2011

Anecdote mania!

The author as funfeminist rocker

Why no post today? I’ve been in church. So in the fine old tradition where spinster aunts rely on blamers to supply content while they (the spinster aunts) are otherwise ocupadas, I declare Reader Anecdote Day. I know I’m always urging everyone to make with the analysis rather than the anecdote, but I read this …

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Jun 09 2011

More man-hating fun

No time to post! But here’s a fun comment from blamer Fictional Queen. Enjoy. It’s awesome that a movement of women supposedly hating men is complete and irrefutable proof that [women are] wrong, but all the woman-hating men are Great Men and great artists and cool, admired role models, like rappers or rock stars or …

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Jun 07 2011


No, there wasn’t a different post here yesterday. You are hallucinating. Perhaps you should go lie down, Paula.