Jun 09 2011

More man-hating fun

No time to post! But here’s a fun comment from blamer Fictional Queen. Enjoy.

It’s awesome that a movement of women supposedly hating men is complete and irrefutable proof that [women are] wrong, but all the woman-hating men are Great Men and great artists and cool, admired role models, like rappers or rock stars or all of those philosophers who thought women were inferior. Imaginary man-hating is condemned and yet real woman-hating is celebrated. Why shouldn’t I hate men? Clearly they hate me and that impacts my life daily.

I would aver that the supposed movement of manhaters is also considered proof that women are not merely wrong, but also evil, repellent, and deserving of punishment by Great Men.


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  1. nails

    I was thinking about that just yesterday. It is more of a red herring than anything else. The biggest failure of fun feminists is that they take these kinds of comments from men seriously (that feminists hate men, are ugly, are lesbians, are hairy, etc). They waste all their time trying to prove that they aren’t those things. They spend all their time trying to man-please, as if that ever got women anywhere.

  2. Sarah

    I never hated anyone unless they hated me first. Jus’ sayin’.

  3. Lovepug

    Stellar blaming Fictional Queen.

    Because somehow objecting to being raped is BAD and manhating, but making excuses for rape culture is A-OK.

    Of course the warped way my mind works is that now I’ve got that horrid Hall & Oates song “Maneater” stuck in my head after reading this.

  4. Butch Cassidyke

    What I find funny is how feminists are accused of lacking a sense of humor when we react to sexist jokes…

    … yet, when jokes are made about the dominant group, suddenly it’s not about having a sense of humor anymore, but it’s “you’re man-haters”, “you’re violent”, “that’s revert sexism”, and so on.

  5. bitchwithopinions

    Spot on, nails.

    I think “Why shouldn’t I hate men?” should be the rejoinder to all future accusations of man-hating by misogynist fucks.

    Optional additions: “They’re fucking awful.” “Men seem to have no problem hating women.” “You’re certainly not changing my mind.”

  6. Notorious Ph.D.

    Nails nails it.

  7. yttik

    It is actually the culture that hates men. Oh, we tell them they’re special, but we portray them as incompetent boobs, prone to violence, unable to control their sexual urges. Women are expected to support and admire these low standards, and of course, humor them and put them in charge of everything. In truth many rad/fems actually view men as full human beings perfectly capable of controlling their behavior. The fact that so many act badly is not viewed as innate, it’s not accepted that boys will be boys, or that they just can’t help it.

  8. tinfoil hattie

    Weiner, a woman-hating predatory pig, is just a dude with certain sexual preferences.

    Women like me, who see him as a sexually harassing danger to women, hate men.

    So be it.

  9. speedbudget

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the following conversation:

    Other Person: I thought you were a feminist.
    Me: I am.
    Other Person: But clearly you don’t hate men.
    Me: I don’t.
    Other Person: How is that possible?
    Me: Because feminism has nothing to do with men. It’s not about men. Quit making it about you.

    Also, clearly feminists have a higher opinion of men than the rest of society, since we expect that men can control themselves and their impulses and that they are people and not animals beholden to hormones and instinct.

  10. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Butch Cassidyke: If you want to see how shrill and humorless some men can be, try telling a few circumcision jokes.

  11. Mary

    I’m not really a fan of circumcision jokes either, but only because I am the mother of an intact 7 yo boy. I’m not exactly a fan of men, despite being in a hetero relationship, but circumcision on newborns turns my fucking stomach. It’s not funny whatsoever.

  12. Alice Molloy

    Feminists have spent the last three decades claiming that no, we don’t hate men. Bad strategy. We need to claim it: of course we hate men, we should say, and why wouldn’t we.

  13. cootie twoshoes

    Yes a thousand times to what speedbudget said.

  14. humanbein

    Another bizarre thing about men criticizing feminists for hating men is that many men hate men far more than women do. It’s not like men are taught to love other men; they are more forced to undergo humiliation until they accept and perform masculinity up to whatever standards they are told to accept.

    I myself don’t hate men as much as I despise masculinity, a toxic concept that discourages love for others, and encourages violence towards others. Men come with varying degrees of masculinity, and I take them as they present themselves, even while I know that they are always capable of resorting to masculine behavior whenever they think it’s to their advantage, or else they are afraid that failing to do so will impinge in some slight way on their privileges.

  15. nails

    The book I just read is from a dude who thinks masculinity should go away forever. The distinction he used was that men are males who buy into masculinity (“we should stop trying to be men and just try to be human”). So yeah, I hate men then. Males…are okay without masculinity, although they are always kinda damaged by the traditional gender roles (then again, so are women). I find ones that aren’t into being men pretty damn tolerable.

    The thing I would most look forward to post-revolution is actually getting to know people for real. It is all a huge game with the patriarchy bullshit all of us have to put up with during development. Everyone has to overcome these weird ideas about what they “should” be doing, and some folks never overcome it. I want to know what people would do if they were free.

  16. Sarah

    Anybody who wonders why some women hate men should spend some time in a domestic violence advocacy office or facility. And before anybody jumps on me, yes, I know that female-on-male DV exists. So does male-on-male DV, and female-on-female DV. The majority of intimate partner DV (excluding DV involving children) is still male-on-female.

  17. ginger

    What bugs me about the “man-hater” thing is that it so completely misses the point. I hate the patriarchy: I hate the systematic oppression of women, and I hate the systematic promotion of men. I dislike some men I know and I dislike a great many men in public life. But men as a class include babies and Gandhi and fellow victims of the kyriarchy, not to mention some people I love.

    Shit, I’m even ambivalent about Anthony Weiner: he’s been a staunch advocate for abortion rights and he fights the good fight, but the stupid asshole did something I can’t see as anything but uniformly hurtful to women in his personal life and damaging to women as a class.

    But it’s all beside the point: even if I was eternally warm for the male form, even if my swerve was that all I could think about was chest hair and penises, I would still hate the goddamn fucking patriarchy and it’s belittlement to reduce hating the patriarchy to hating men.

  18. anne

    Sarah – Some “activists” in the shmen’s shrights shmovement finally got off their lazy whining asses and built some DV shelters for men. As I understand it, they’ve all closed down for lack of need and donations or went “coed,” meaning they’re all full up with women and LGBTs like all the other shelters.

  19. tinfoil hattie

    Sarah, I’m laughing because I would be really surprised if anyone here jumped to the “WOMEN BEAT MEN TOO!” whine.

  20. TungstenVirago

    Re. nails – “I want to know what people would do if they were free.”

    Sadly, they don’t know that they’re not.

  21. humanbein

    Sarah, bless your heart. If I were to presume, I would guess you are so shell-shocked by the sick reactions you get from people when you talk to them about working in a shelter, or even supporting shelters, that you went straight to the usual disclaimers out of sheer habit, like flinching from an expected blow. IBTP!

    Women beat men, too! That’s mansplaining used mostly to excuse men from any responsibility for beating their women. Closely related to black people are prejudiced against white people,often used as an argument by idiots to defend their own racism while loudly declaring themselves not racists.

  22. Holly

    The Future after the Death of Feminism.


  23. K.C.

    I generally only reserve my love for individuals who wouldn’t gut me if the whim struck them*.

    *This includes women, geez, all I ever do is apologize these days.

  24. phio gistic

    Nails made me think that it feels like the whole culture runs on the “pick up artist” strategy. Using “negs” (compliments followed by criticisms) is supposed to confuse women, knock them off their pedestals, and make them wildly interested in the deliverer.
    Even though the compliment part seems to be missing, saying “Feminists have hairy legs”is a very effective neg. Many young women go to great lengths to make their legs look just as orange and smooth as a Barbie doll’s. And their peer group polices them mercilessly if they stray.

    “I’m being negged by the patriarchy!”

  25. janicen

    Everyone should hate oppressors. It’s the right thing to do.

  26. Sarah

    Heh. I actually did get jumped on for talking about male-on-female DV, and it was on a page created to advocate *for women* in response to the recent anti-woman agenda from the GOP in Congress. That shocked the hell out of me, that I would have to explain, *to a woman*, advocating *for women* on a page created for *women’s advocacy*. Being trained in the legal field, I’ve learned to cover my butt.

  27. Sarah

    Ginger, I can’t blame you for thinking that way about Anthony Weiner. I feel the same way about Bill Clinton. Hell, I even want Clinton back in the White House. I would have voted for Hillary if she’d made it through the primary.

  28. MaryK

    Holly: Wow, that link sucks. Where is the eye-bleach?

  29. IrishUp

    “The biggest failure of fun feminists is that they take these kinds of comments from men seriously (that feminists hate men, are ugly, are lesbians, are hairy, etc). They waste all their time trying to prove that they aren’t those things. They spend all their time trying to man-please, as if that ever got women anywhere.”

    So true. You can’t reason anyone out of thinking that doesn’t rest on REASON. Trying to sing to the cheap seats justs wears out your voice. Alas, it took me many funfem years to figure this out.

  30. minervaK

    I don’t hate *men* (well, not all of them), I hate “masculinity.” Viz the whole femininity vs. female discussion a while back.

  31. awhirlinlondon

    A breathtakingly hideous and utterly terrifying couple of lines from the post to which Holly linked above:

    “A sadly forgotten fact among today’s generation of women is that they survive only on the good humor of men, who, whether in the guise of husbands, fathers, taxpayers or police, have always been and will likely always be the only thing standing between women and a swift and brutal death. The fundamental contract between the sexes is based on women making themselves worth the trouble by giving men something in return for this favor.”

    It takes no close reading whatever to translate: “Behave, or you will be swiftly and brutally killed. You’d better make it worth our while not to.” Granting the general paucity of, say, saber-tooth tigers, the agents in the wholesale murder of women could only be men.

    This is hate speech. Is it legally protected in the US?

  32. Jezebella

    Ah yes, the old “men will protect you from….. men” protection racket. Do they really think we can’t see through that shit?

    Also, Phio, I love this: “I’m being negged by the patriarchy!” It’s all the fucking patriarchy EVER DOES: tell us we’re worthless and meaningless, and then expect us to get on our knees and thank it for the continuation of our meaningless existence.

  33. minervaK

    Jeebus, don’t QUOTE from the damned thing, awhirl! It contains the word “Anglosphere,” for fuck’s sake.

  34. pheenobarbidoll

    “A sadly forgotten fact among today’s generation of women is that they survive only on the good humor of men”

    Isn’t this what pisses them off about feminists? That we *haven’t* forgotten this? And we remind them of it when they claim we have equal rights now (so stuf already)?

    And doesn’t this imply all men are murderous rapey bastards? But only men can point that out, and it’s not a bad thing (unless women point it out) it just means women should step up with the ass kissing.

    By this logic I’m a fucking life saving hero. I haven’t killed anyone, so look at all the lives I saved! Now be grateful you bitches!

    I’m beginning to believe that men are the root problem. P is a side affect and we’d all be better off if all men everywhere simply ceased existing.

  35. Orange

    It’s the same crap in race. The dominant groups insist that the very worst things you can do to a white man are to accuse him of being a rapist or a racist. These are deemed to be worse assaults on white men than actual rape and racism are to their victims. How dare we threaten the rightness of their dominion over women and people of color?

  36. awhirlinlondon

    Dear MinervaK – What? Help?!

  37. TungstenVirago

    “I’m being negged by the patriarchy!”

    And the antidote is awareness. And major rethinking of all the conditioned “values”. Which takes a lot of consistent mental work.
    Even years after my Awakening, it still actually feels like an ACTION to NOT feminize my legs (or whatever) rather than a passive letting-it-be sorta thing.

    Re. PUAs; You have to wonder why they gain satisfaction from manipulating, let’s face it, easily manipulated subscribers always in need (but never really in receipt) of male/peer Approval. But then it’s easy gratification. The real challenge would be for them to up the goal to seducing, with their amazing talents, a RadFem.
    Oh, but that would be a guaranteed fail, wouldn’t it?

  38. anne

    @Sarah – The female women’s rights advocate who jumped on you about male victims of DV was probably similarly harangued because she ran that site. There’s an internet cottage industry of seeking out advocates for oppressed persons and nagging the bejeezus out of them until they qualify every statement with a pretense that shit rolls uphill as well as down.

  39. awhirlinlondon

    MinervaK – aplologies – god knows what else is in there. I stopped reading after the bit I quoted. Went back to see if the word you suggested was there – a perfectly lovely word and so assumed you were making a joke – but oh dear god! It gets worse and worse and more and endlessly more horrifying / terrifying.

    Please – I know that there are a number of lawyers in the Blameatariat. Is there cause to take this down? It is inciting-violence hate speech. No rational person could argue otherwise. It made me sick, scared, horrified, terrified.

  40. awhirlinlondon

    and yes, you were makng an excellent laughing-in-the face of horror joke, I know. In my horror, list my sense of humour. Humourless feminists? Today, sign me up.

  41. minervaK

    I just worry that all our visits there will give whoever runs that droolfest of a website the idea that people *like* it. And I’ll start getting penis enlargement spam again.

  42. Sarah

    awhirlinlondon–the way I would read that passage, the guy seems to be saying that men protect the women from the big bad world and make sure that we get enough to eat because we’re too frail and helpless to do that on our own. Ann Coulter alluded to this in one of her columns years ago. So, if we don’t offer our gratitude in the form of kissing the patriarch’s ass, cleaning his castle, cooking his meals, and having with him whatever sex he wants, whenever he wants it, we will get turned out into the cold, cruel world in order to fend for ourselves. Which kind of makes it, I don’t want to say better, but less bad? I don’t know? Than saying, do as I decree or I’ll kill you and find another woman. It is b.s. either way.

  43. bitchwithopinions

    Re: “Men are victims of DV, too!”

    I’m reminded of a Mitch Hedberg routine about billboard advertisements for Vegas showing someone winning, even though that’s what happens the least.

    What about the menz!? mentality dictates that if one man suffers an indignity that is generally suffered silently by millions of women (rape, domestic violence, workplace discrimination), such an indignity is not only now somewhat important, but should only be fought against to benefit men.

  44. Noel

    Comment left on that pathetic, shitastic insanity of a blog:

    “Thank you for inspiring me to learn how to rip balls off with two fingers, recommit to fighting for my freedom and the freedom of all women, and for proving the hundred thousandth time in an hour what worthless bags of rancid dogshit 99% of men are.

    *Raises a glass to every woman on the planet who would rather die on her feet than live on her knees*

    Don’t let the door smash your head in on the way out, filth.”

  45. vagabondi

    Having subjected myself to the comments on that post for y’all’s benefit, I am pleased to report that there is a bright side: one commenter believes that “After this fake ‘war on terror’ is over, most likely there will be a Fourth Wave Feminism, that will be even more anti-male than the last one.”

    They’re scared of us!

  46. speedbudget

    Sarah, I read it as a direct threat. “The only thing standing between women and a swift, brutal death” can only be read as such. This guy isn’t talking about saber-toothed tigers or angry mammoths, either.

    Sadly, you have to be considered a class before you can be considered to be discriminated against. Look at the recent Wal-Mart case that made it to the Supreme Court. Are women considered a class? If they aren’t really people, can you really discriminate against them? These are the questions that were before the Court.

    If crimes against women were hate crimes, every rapist would be held accountable. Every flasher, every peeping tom, every guy who rubs up against a woman on a crowded bus would be held accountable. But these aren’t considered hate crimes. No, those men aren’t sending a message to you and every other woman out there to be afraid. One thing has nothing to do with the other, and ESPECIALLY since the victims here aren’t even really people.

  47. Ottawa Gardener

    Stock it up to my hippy upbringing but I’m more of a blamer than a hater. In my very early feminist days, this used to mean I spent a lot of time debunking the myth that men were colorblind (couldn’t sort laundry), fumbling (can’t keep their schedules straight) boys with toys. The anti-male jokes bandied around by my nonfeminist gal friends ended up sounding like apology for certain types of bad behaviour along with an attempt to make their inferior position seem both natural and secretly superior. The behind every great man crap. Women multitask – ie, they could take on all other responsibilities so that men could focus on the important stuff. Women are more emotionally intelligant – ie, they have to put up with bad behaviour or thougtlessness because the poor XY are just incapable of that sort of thought. Not to open up a debate on biological determinism (please noooo) but I don’t buy it. In other words, I think guys can do the crap we do, and in fact have demonstarted it as someone pointed out in terms of class and race. For the most part, these differences, are artifacts of a power structure. Of course we are more atuned to what people are saying. Paying attention to power is inescapable and a good defensive strategy.

    Hate aside, I do feel a profound fear and anger toward the patriarchy, along with other systems of subjugation mentioned.

  48. TwissB

    @speedbudget. “you have to be considered a class before you can be considered to be discriminated against.” followed by some pointed “If…” examples demonstrating that women are not considered to be a class. As Justice Scalia tauntingly but correctly states, the Constitution which is the foundational test for U.S. laws, can “throw out” (as the press loves to say), any law prohibiting sex discrimination. The 1972-82 ERA campaign was sold as the remedy and it would have been if leaders hadn’t opted for the self-defeating strategy of leaving out the hardest – and therefore the most essential issues – to stand up for, a perfect strategy for turning those issues into scare talk to defeat the amendment And the worst is that ERA leaders are still doing it. Rep. Carolyn Maloney and all the rest annually announce that they are fighting the good fight for “women’s equality” and urge other women to join them without ever mentioning that their ERA does not include rape, prostitution/pornography, and barriers to abortion as hate crimes focusing on women’s unique reproductive organs because “It will never pass with those in it.” Forgetting that it did not pass without those in it. And every year the legislators smugly repeat the ceremony of refusing to acknowledge that women are human and entitled to constitutional recognition of their right to equal protection of the law that is guaranteed to all men (and increasingly including gay men) by the 14th amendment. And that will continue until ERA proponents stop dodging the tough issues and adopt a strategy that puts men on the defensive by telling the truth about sex discrimination.

    As for hating men as a class, that discussion is misdirected if it assumes sexism is biologically innate and then urges men to defy their biology.

    Sexism, is much more realistically understood as (excuse me for repeating myself) what John Adams correctly named – a “Masculine System” – a pervasive social practice that pays off for all men *as a class* no matter how they individually behave yet acculturates them to protect and enforce it as dominance over women without having to identify it as sex discrimination and admit how and why they are doing it. Which is why feminists have to keep analyzing and defining it and building a huge constituency for doing what is necessary to end it.

  49. el

    Twisty, I was reading Hugo’s post about gay & straight men as friends and people claimed that while many women candidly talked about men with their gay male friends, “there’s really not a lot of friendships between heterosexual men and lesbian women”. Could you clear the issue a bit, please?

  50. A Ginva

    As much as I can, I try to imagine men don’t exist, and avoid their contact. It gives me incredible peace of mind. I refuse to watch their films, read their books, listen to their music (etc) whenever I can. Even hating men is a waste of energy, and that’s what patriarchy wants anyway.

  51. Bushfire

    I just had to share this. My Facebook profile alerted me to this awesome gadget that will reverse “loose or hanging skin” around the neck by “applying pressure” or something or other. http://www.neckperfect.com/index.php?country=CA&a=001&b

    This stuff is so weird it’s hard to believe it’s true. It would be interesting to take all these stupid products and display them all on one page.

  52. random_anomaly

    Holly: At the end of the article, he (I’m assuming the writer is a cisgendered straight male, because that’s what he sounds like) extends a laughable but telltale offer of “cooperation”. Telltale because, when any system of oppression begins to feel threatened, they try to compromise with their opponents, because the oppressors know they can’t keep the system in place on their own.
    While trying to prove that the downfall of feminism is inevitable, and telling us to “cooperate” with the MRAs, he has given away the fact that he is terrified of us.

  53. Speedbudget

    TwissB, thanks. I was nibbling around the edges but couldn’t articulate, although I do remember some discussion about the implications of treating women as a class during the Wal-Mart case and people being upset that they might have to treat women as people if the case set any precedent and the attendant pearl clutching. Heaven forfend.

  54. Yas

    Feminists can I ask, does anyone know why there is such a difference between the sympathy that Lara Logan received as rape survivor and the always familiar barbaric rape victim blaming that was shown at DSK’s rape victim and countless others rape victims. I mean Anderson Cooper of CNN even called out Nir Rosen for the sick jokes about Lara’s assault. I mean at that time I was thinking finally the media is calling out the rape victim blaming and talking about Rape. But as soon as DSK was arrested for Rape, it was same old same old, barbaric rape victim blaming, worse their refusal to call Rape, Rape but calling it a sex scandal instead or using the words sex crimes. I mean the media was back to its victim blaming again and this time no journalist, not even Anderson Cooper called it out. I guess I have just been thinking about this, why have the same journalists who called out the rape victim blaming in the Lara Logan case have stayed silent about these other cases. It is just not the DSK case, even the recent acquittal of two Rapist New York cops, teenage rape victims. What is it about the Lara Logan rape that is different from all these other rapes? I mean is it because she is famous, is it because there were other journalists attacked in Egypt so the male journalist this time were able to identify with the barbarianism of what she went through. Why do they turn a blind eye now when they were previously able to express shock and outrage at those who made rape victim blaming comments against her?

    Before she gave the interview detailing what happened on that day, I was thinking where was her security, why didn’t her security just shoot at the crowd, to get the crowd away from her, more importantly why didn’t the Egyptian military shoot at the crowd. I was thinking this was just another case where men just don’t help women who are sexually assaulted or being raped right in front of them as in numerous cases of victims who are raped at parties. But it seems from the interview, her team of all men were trying to keep the Egyptian men away, her bodyguard tried to hold on to her for as long as possible. So in this case the men tried to help her, her team managed to get hold of the Egyptian military to get them to find her. Amid the initial barbaric rape victim blaming, there was later support for her in the blogosphere, even in newspapers such as the New York Post, New York Times. But the New York Post and for that matter other journalist mostly male could not be bothered to show the same compassion and shock for other rape victims such as the rape by New York City Police Officers, the DSK rape case, the barbaric rape victim blaming of an 11 year old gang rape victim. I mean why? I don’t get how male journalist were able to get how barbaric it was the Rape and beating that Lara endured yet turn blind and deaf at all other Rapes and how journalists are not calling out their own peers about their Rape Victim Blaming. Shouldn’t those who were reporting Lara’s sexual assault and whishing her well, be expressing shock at the rape victim blaming coverage in the media as well?

    Anyway sorry for the very long reply, I know it is slightly out of topic for this post. I just wanted your opinions on this or if I am asking stupid questions, then ignore this reply. I guess I just thought, when I saw the concern and outrage at what Lara went through, I thought, finally the media is doing something about the rape victim blaming from the media and public. I guess I was just an idiot to think that.

  55. Rachel

    To those asking about the Spearhead’s rancid dribble of a site – No, in the U.S. since he’s not threatening specific imminent harm his hate speech is protected under the First Amendment (unless you can somehow tie him into a “terrorist” group – we’ve been making a whole lot of exceptions to the Bill of Rights for those recently.)
    …But for me at least, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want them to feel totally free to put those loathsome thoughts out right in front and center so everyone can read them and see just what nastiness lurks in their brains. And I want to know whose balls to rip off first.

  56. anne

    Rachel, since Operation Rescue still isn’t rightly defined as a terrorist group, I don’t hold out a lot of hope that a group that explicitly targeted women for violence would be defined as such. Women still aren’t protected by hate crime legislation either, as I understand it.

  57. buttercup

    Yas, I imagine it has a lot to do with status. DSK is a powerful white man so of course any rape he commits is a naughty fun french farce of a sex crime, while poor noble hawt blonde Lara Logan is a good high-status white woman who was brutally attacked by brown people. Both rapes are inexcusable, but the difference in reporting lies in status.

  58. Rididill

    @ Yar – that’s because it was BROWN men raping a WHITE woman, duh. Everyone can see how EVIL the oppression of women is when it’s those nasty Islamic types with their shouting and their bombs and their ‘I hate America-ness’. But when it comes to our own (and by ‘own’ I mean ‘Western’) white, and especially left wing heroes like DSK or Assange?

    Oh well they couldn’t POSSIBLY have done a thing like that, they’re the GOOD GUYS aren’t they? Must be those lying sluts, at it again.

    Don’t be fooled. That ‘concern’ over women’s rights is actually just a manifestation of racism.

    @buttercup – I just realised you already said this. but I’m going to say it again anyway, just to back you up.

    On a side note… blamers. I’m so glad I found you. I think I have a backlog of blaming to do.

  59. AlienNumber

    (I took a class on transnational feminism and nearly failed it because) anything that calls itself feminist and focuses on “difference in reporting” of rapes instead of focusing on trying to end rape, all rape, all equally horrendous, whether done by white dudes or brown dudes or one-legged dudes, makes me really exasperated. Also, was it really necessary to diminish the violence against Lara Logan by calling her “white poor noble hawt blonde” and “good high-status woman”?

    From this angle of the Internet I don’t see much difference in reporting between the two rapes: in both cases there is/was plenty of victim blaming and plenty of racism/xenophobia (“those icky French” in one case, in case you missed that one). Finally, I’m already getting a headache thinking DSK may manage to get out of this one (similarly to all those Egyptian men who raped Lara Logan and did not suffer any type of punishment for it. Except, now that I think about it, DSK did spend a couple of nights in prison).

  60. mythago

    The biggest failure of fun feminists is that they take these kinds of comments from men seriously (that feminists hate men, are ugly, are lesbians, are hairy, etc).

    Can we put the blame for this where it belongs – on the men who troll them with those comments? That is a very common predatory social technique, typecasting or “negging” in P terms. You give the other person a slight insult to try and get them to prove they aren’t that. It plays on the very natural human desire to be seen as worthy and to be liked – this is especially toxic when we’re talking about women, often young and experienced, who have spent their lives being taught that their primary worth stems from male approval (and particularly male sexual approval, with the lie that this is hard to get).

    In other words, the “biggest failure” of funfeminism is that we’re talking about women who are trying to be feminists but don’t yet have the tools to deal with P game-playing effectively.

  61. Shelby

    I don’t hate men but I do think that their presence in such high numbers is dangerous, unpredictable and frankly like a cancer on the planet.

    Hatred of women doesn’t stem from the women’s movement. We have it on record that men were burning and drowning women because women used their so called witchery and magic and were therefore responsible for men’s bad behaviour centuries ago.

    Those desperate losers who, today, write for and comment on the spearhead and other MRA sites are no different. If something goes wrong, who can I blame? The problem is that they are increasingly confused about who actually wields the power that is making them powerless. They have varying degrees of culprits ranging from the illuminati, communists, socialists, government, lawyers, judges, police, politicians and of course the feminazi wimminz who are too stupid to hold any actual power themselves, but who are brainwashed by marxist athiest white nighting manginas. Fuck knows why? There’s never a valid reason.

    They are insane and/or stupid and/or inferior to their so called alpha brothers and as such they have become redundant. This is what makes the fuckers dangerous.

    The only realistic way out of this is to sensibly control the gender of the population so that every male born is actually needed and behaves as a useful functioning independent entity.


  62. laxsoppa

    I’m late to this party but just happened to stumble upon this blog post on another subtle form of woman-hating and just got to share. To quote: “Name one incident where an irate women’s studies major physically assaulted a male classmate for something he said? Women are regularly beaten and raped — even on college campuses — but I know of no instance where a man found himself a victim of violence for making a sexist remark in a college feminist setting!”


  63. GMM

    As Catharine MacKinnon once said: “those who point out that women are being victimized are said to victimize women. Those who resist the reduction of women to sex are said to reduce women to sex. Subordinating women harms no one when pornographers do it, but when feminists see women being subordinated in pornography and say so, they are harming women.

    “Words do nothing except when feminists use them. Go figure.”

  64. misandry

    Hypermasculinity, or fuck it I’ll be brave and say masculinity, is what makes me hate the bullshit behaviors of men, not the walking male body itself. If men are so tough, why the fuck do they care when a woman says she hates men? If men are so tough, tougher than the short feminist I am, why the fuck do they cry when women call them out on their male privilege? If men are so tough then why do they think women can fight off rapists from taking self defense classes, instead of beating up the rapists their manly selves?

    This is why I hate what is inside men, masculinity. Because they don’t have half the spine they claim to have.

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