Jul 02 2011

Same shit different day

No time to post, but dammit, I called it back in May, when I predicted that this Dominique Strauss-Kahn excresence would walk. Naturally, because I am the world’s leading authority on New York jurisprudence, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Why is he walking? Because the victim of his assault apparently lied on some old tax forms and employment applications. In the United States of America, it is settled fact that women who lie on old tax forms and employment applications cannot legally be raped as long as the rapist is rich and famous enough. Pronging such women in New York hotels, as well dislocating their shoulders and hitting them in the face, is an old white dude’s right. Luckily for American justice, a handy old dirtbag French politician happened to be on the spot when this particular woman needed her punitive yet “consensual” pronging, which was so “consensual” that the dirtbag felt compelled to try to flee the country immediately upon completion of his Great Seducering.

I am disgusted that the DA’s office is letting this slide, but, dammit, not surprised.


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  1. Lidon

    I am surprised, although I guess I shouldn’t be. That is incredibly fucked up.

  2. ecorad

    French politicians and media are already debating whether Strauss-Kahn can “resume a potentially stellar career that could lead to the presidency”; doubtful that his victim’s prospects are so rosy.

    Another especially revolting aspect of this situation is that one of the victim’s “lies” concerns the fact that she said she was gang-raped on her asylum application, when in fact she was raped in Guinea before arriving as an immigrant, but not in the way specified on the application. This detail shows that she realized that a mere rape would probably not be enough to convince an asylum officer that she should be allowed to stay in the US – demonstrating the fact that the P sees rape as a fact-of-life and nothing too serious. She was forced to embellish the story because a “standard” rape just isn’t a big deal in our asylum system. IBTP.

  3. A Ginva

    Thanks so much for the post! I was hoping you’d write something about it. The reversal of responsibility strategy all over again.
    Accuse a dude of rape? Too bad, it’ll be your own trial! She’ll first have to prove she’s not a slut, which is impossible since anything a women is and does, will prove the rape to be consensual sex, which by definition, makes her a slut.

    Anything she’ll do from now on, it will be scrutinized and judged as if she is the accused. Who cares if DSK called countless IMF mafias, lied about previous rapes and is corrupt up to the neck, got rich by exploiting poor countries. All they need to know is whether she secretly desired the rape, whether she consented and therefore wanted the violence inflicted on her. All they want is to dscover her ‘inner whore’.

  4. A Ginva

    And yeah I can’t believe he’s already a re-canonised hero by French politics. Some are pledging to put the primaries to a halt so to wait for him for the primaries, to let get a chance to be elected as president. And if he happens to miss the deadline for the primaries, he’s already got a place as minister waiting for him anyway.

  5. tinfoil hattie

    Looking back at the old press around the original charges, I read account after account wherein the defense claimed the sex was “consensual.” That was all they had, back then.

    Now the google search results for “Strauss-Kahn” are full of “victim” in quotes, grave doubts abotu the “maid’s” credibility, and of course, the requisite slams on her character – not only did she lie to try and get into the U.S., she also is a “hooker.”

    All of which means she cannot be raped. I am so glad the American Dudebro Saving System (aka “justice” system) is in full effect. Finally! Serial rapist seducer guy had to spend something like a month in jail!

    Maid/prostitute will undoubtedly be deported when all this is over.

  6. nails


  7. Mortisha

    Yeah. Money & power beats justice every time.

  8. ashley

    if everyone who lied to get into the US is nonrapeable, there’s hundreds of thousands of men and women walking around who are fair game for punishment-free sexual assault.

    how absolutely predictable, and what a testament to how lame and ineffectual the media and the public venues for free speech in general are, that no one has come out and SAID how fucking predictable it is and why. It’s so boringly obvious to everyone on this thread, I won’t waste my time. I will say, that ten years ago, it would have been a bigger deal and it’s depressing that now everyone’s busy watching the Real Housewives of New York/Dr. Phil/Stepford and getting their assholes bleached to give a shit.

  9. simone

    It was the call to the bf that truly topped the case, or so it sounds. I’m shocked that they didn’t trash it because of a lack of eyewitness testimony about the rape from several unrelated males, though.

    By the way, that ain’t no meat hangin’ off that Buddha.

  10. Heo

    How completely disgusting it has been to watch the news, and see the crowing of nominally liberal reporters at DSK’s release. Because she LIED. Funny how they never say that she lied about the assault. They just say that she LIED, implying a lie about the assault where none can be proven. Know what else is fascinatingly nauseating? I have not heard one of these bastards say “alleged” when
    discussing her lies.

    I’ve gotten into several screaming matches with a close male friend about this case and IMF in general over the past few months. Nothing terribly advanced, he’s just stuck in the vortex of “Innocent until proven guilty, after all” extreme privilege, and “I’m not malevolent towards women so how can you say my thought process is sexist?” type stuff. It’s extremely frustrating, hence the screaming. I expect the next few months will involve high volume discussions and copious amounts of vodka.

    Also: Assholes bleached? What the fuck?

  11. Helen

    Ugh. In Australia, which as you know has a jury system roughly similar to the US, it’s very common to read of damning evidence in murder/rape cases, such as the perpetrator having previous form, being excluded from the proceedings on the grounds that it would incriminate them. Only facts which are immediately surrounding the case are deemed to be germane to the case and lawyers are expressly forbidden to mention, for instance, that a guy accused of wife murder had form for violence previously. Isn’t it similar with your US justice system? It just makes me so angry that they’re allowed to bring up unrelated and tangential evidence to smear a victim while in our country at least, you wouldn’t be ALLOWED to do that to the defendant, even where it’s logical and reasonable!

  12. allhellsloose

    Er. In France the legal system presumes that the accused is guilty until proved innocent. Or so I thought.

    I loved Deputy Dawg as a child and heavens little did I ever stop to think that 40 years later I’d say Dawg Dammit on anything. I reserved it for testing times. These are surely testing times.

    Has anything actually changed in the last 40 years?

  13. Tigs

    [quote]”if everyone who lied to get into the US is nonrapeable, there’s hundreds of thousands of men and women walking around who are fair game for punishment-free sexual assault.” [/quote]

    Isn’t a big part of the whole damn thing that there are millions of people walking around who are fair game for punishment-free sexual assault? I thought that was pretty much the cornerstone of patriarchy.

  14. Xynthia

    I’m so disgusted. Where is the outrage? Just the sight of DSK’s smirk as he exited the courtroom made me want to vomit. Of course the victim has lied to the authorities in her life, she’s otherwise totally powerless. When people are poor and desperate they lie to immigration officials and tax authorities–perfect probity is a luxury for the well-off. Rapists like DSK have a sixth sense about finding women who are already in trouble, already victimized. I wish there were something I could do, but what? Another rich and powerful rapist who got away with it. Add him to the roll call, along with Kobe Bryant and Oracle’s Larry Ellison.

  15. Sarah

    The more power you have, the more justice you can buy. Men, particularly rich white men, have got a whole helluva lotta more power than servant-class womenfolk.

  16. minervaK

    Love the new header.

  17. Ugsome

    Some folks here in France are calling halt to the Socialist primaries so he can get back in the game. It doesn’t look likely as his supporters have already been divvied up between Martine Aubrey and Francois Hollande. But all he has to do is lie low for about a year (going to lecture in Quebec would be ideal, like Alain Juppe did) and he’ll be back and as good as new.

    I doubt I’ll ever run into him on the street, but if I do, I’m spitting on him.

  18. angie

    Yeah, she’s the lying whore. Never mind the fact that: (1) DSK lied/changed his story several times about the incident when questioned by the police; and (2) was fleeing the country without any luggage right after the incident! All that is conveniently forgotten by just about everyone but — basically — us.

    Among several other things that are really disgusting me in these latest reports (and I’m limiting myself to 3 more or I’d go all day):

    * Reports characterizing the telephone call with her boyfriend as her using a West African dialect so that the investigators couldn’t understand her. Seriously? How about she used her native language to talk to her loved one during a time of stress.

    * The fact that not one of these reports have referred to her ALLEGED lying. They are all stating it as fact.

    * All the mansplaining I’ve heard about how “crying rape” (never mind that there are more false reports of car thefts than rape) hurts the “real” victims and that the authorities need to “throw the book at her” because it is lying whores (no “alleged”) like her that make woman who are actually raped not want to come forward and/or make rape cases hard to prosecute successfully. This is always accompanied by the assertion, of course, that they only feel like this because they are really, really *concerned* about getting the *real* rapists — it’s all to protect the poor women. I’m just gobsmacked at the cognitive dissonance.

  19. Laughingrat

    Funny, in a not-funny-at-all kind of way, how all the other women he’d harassed and assaulted, who stepped forward after he was arrested, are being erased by the media. Oh wait, I’m sorry, they’re just calling it “womanizing,” not “a pattern of violent behavior towards women.” Whoops. Wouldn’t want to get any accuracy all up in their patriarchy.

    There’s a lot of policing of trauma in this case, too. If the victim had remained icily calm, they would’ve said she wasn’t acting traumatized enough, and therefore no rape occurred. (This is currently the case with a contractor who was raped by fellow contractors overseas. She didn’t seem upset enough after being locked in a crate and raped, so clearly, it was consensual, right?) But DSK’s victim has been acting in an unpredictable, extremely emotional way, and see, that also makes her “untrustworthy.” Apparently, because there’s a “correct” way to be traumatized after you’ve been raped and beaten. Except, of course, we ladies will never really get it right enough to be considered valid witnesses to our own oppression.

  20. tinfoil hattie

    10-year-old mini-Nigel just asked me: “If she’s ‘lying’ because she’s a prostitute, then how come all the other women who are raped are also always lying?”

  21. Ginjoint

    Having finally gotten yesterday’s migraine under control, I must. not. think. about. this. Oh hell, I just started picturing the arguments I’ll have with any males IRL or online about this, and here comes the excrutiating pain behind my left eye. Breeeeeathe. I’m sorry, Blametariat, I just have to momentarily step away from this. I can’t stop thinking about her, and how much anguish she must be in.

  22. Citizen Jane

    From what I’m reading in the NY Times, it looks like they want to prosecute but they believe that jurors won’t be convinced of her case. Anecdotal, but I had a conversation with a cop a while back, and he was telling me that they are always getting these cases where they work damn hard to catch a rapist. Then when it goes to court, the jurors astonishingly pronounce the clearly guilty rapist as not guilty.

    The jurors seem to be the major obstacle to justice. I know cops and judges can be terrible, but it appears that there would be a whole lot more rapists in jail if it weren’t for those damn jurors.

    I’m so depressed now.

  23. kel

    He could not have possibly known that she had question marks on her tax and asylum affairs but yet he knew that whatever her background, whatever her history, he could rape her and get away with it because any woman can be discredited.

    The US think they are so much more advanced than places like Egypt with the “virginity checks” that “prove” no rape took place but it is all the same.

    Whether we have had sex before, lied on our taxes, spoke our own dialect on the phone to our loved ones, could not think straight after an assault, were friends with the rapist, were walking on our own, were wearing the wrong sort of clothes, had signed arbitration agreements; we can all be discredited. Powerful men can rape at random safe in that knowledge. (Even not very powerful men can rape with impunity if they select victims that they know.)

    No amount of forensic evidence is enough, we have to be a “perfect victim” and that definition shifts with whatever our baggage turns out to be.

  24. speedbudget

    Laughingrat, I’m glad you brought that up. People seem to forget that this man has a history of making unwelcome sexual advances and generally “womanizing,” which I am putting in scare quotes as it’s code language for date rapist.

    I can’t remember who it was or where I read it, but there was an account of a female reporter who refused to be in a room alone with this man.

    Why is it that her past is scrutinized, but the stories about his past are being whitewashed or ignored?

    Don’t answer that.

  25. Frumious B.

    I just read an article about sex crime prosecution in NYC in some news-y magazine. Newsweek? I don’t recall, even though it was just two days ago. In the eyes of the NYPD, this victim was extremely credible as evidenced by how her description of the rape didn’t vary from telling to telling, and in particular from how it didn’t vary from the very first time she told it to subsequent times. Funny how this high level of credibility isn’t coming up in the media at the moment. I guess lying about something unrelated to the rape is higher evidence of your truthiness than telling a consistent narrative about your rape.

    That credibility granted by the NYPD isn’t that heartwarming, though. It might be supported by evidence and experience (ie, over time, if you examine all rape cases, you will find a high correlation between the victim telling a consistent story and there being a clear case that the rapist is guilty) but it sits in the context of being the “correct” way for a victim to behave. The NYPD unit which prosecutes rape (as described in this article) is all men except for one woman. Apparently wanting to tell your story to a female officer is sign that you are lying rather than a sign that you were just brutalized by a man and would really rather not have that reminder in your life as you relive the experience by describing it. I guess these guys are not familiar with the common female preference for female doctors, esp. female gynos. The stated reason in the story is that (according to the NYPD) women believe that other women are more likely to believe their lies. Evidently these men are also not familiar with how women actually blame the bejeezus out of other women, and we women know it, being women.

  26. yttik

    Women are always presumed guilty unless they prove themselves to be of such high moral character they are reluctantly deemed worthy of justice. This is true whether you are a victim or a defendant or even lucky enough to not be involved in the justice system.

    We don’t really care whether or not Casey Anthony killed her child, and we don’t really care whether or not this woman was raped. We simply want to tear down and punish women for well, existing in all their manipulative and conniving evilness. We carry these ideals right on over into politics and you can see them on full display with our recent parade of female candidates. Obviously all these women are evil, dangerous, manipulative, and guilty, so let’s all find a nice, innocent liberal man to rally around instead. Perhaps somebody like an Anthony Weiner or a John Edwards, any penis endowed innocent would surely be better than the cold manipulative Hillary or the deranged Bachmann or the stupid Palin.

  27. Metal Teapot

    It is for the best, for his other victims at least that they are ignored. The victim of this crime will be lucky to keep her job, and possibly will be deported. The story has a strong moral, which tells the other victims not to come forward. They had guessed that already, I imagine, and now it is confirmed. If they are thrust in the lime light, their lives will be ruined as well. They should at least get to decide this for themselves knowing the risks. I wonder how much of the stuff about the case being close to collapse is just propaganda. The jury hasn’t been chosen yet, and there is no way they can be unbiased now. Sadly I can’t help feel the claims made at the start if the case, that this would show the world how seriously America takes rape cases has been proven true.

  28. Dyke On Wheels

    Citizen Jane- in the HBO film about New York’s sex crimes unit there’s a case where a guy raped someone he’d bought sex from earlier in the day. He went back later with a friend and a gun, and claimed it was “all good” because he’d paid her that morning for sex, and as we all know once you have sex with a woman once, she owes you free sex for life.

    Anyway- jury selection time comes around, and while the male jurors are all appalled by the limited details, the prosecution have to eliminate virtually every woman from the jury pool because they keep insisting that “prostitutes can’t be raped”.

    Such good little fembots, internalising all the P’s filth, and spewing it right back into the faces of other women. Working for the P, so the P don’t have to get their hands dirty.

  29. humanbein

    A major advancement towards the complete legalization of rape, since men, when confronted by the idea of another man being prosecuted for having normal every day non-consensual sex, suddenly start to howl. All non consensual sex is legal outside of the incredibly restricting legal parameters that men have been slowly creating through the courtrooms of the world.

    To me, this shows how obvious yet completely unconscious it is to men that all sex is rape. They can’t very well claim that most normal sex isn’t rape-like and at the same, refuse to call even extremely non-consensual sex not rape. If the continuum you cite as not-rape includes cases of sexual attack with bruises and injuries, then why pretend that sex isn’t rape to you?

  30. A Ginva

    “I wonder how much of the stuff about the case being close to collapse is just propaganda”

    All of it is propaganda. Why did they look up the victim’s life in the first place? What the hell does her life story got to do with DSK’s behaviour and the fact he decided to assault her?

    Everything was cooked up to make her loose – the evidence against DSK being too difficult to get away with, they had to resort to more drastic measures and find whatever bullshit excuse about her character that would make her unrapeable (now she’s apparently become a hooker, surprise surprise).

    Once the media is made to believe the case has collapsed and lets the world know about it, there’s no way to revert the “truth”, everything becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lawyers use the media in that way all the time as a deliberate strategy to kill the opponent and protect the person they’re defending, generally powerful white dudes.

  31. Yardshark

    @A Ginva: “Everything was cooked up to make her loose”

    I’m pretty sure you meant LOSE. Your sentence has another meaning entirely. Spelling counts.

    But umm, yeah – we here all know that this was going to happen. It’s legal precedent and pretty much always wins for the defense. As long as it works, we will keep seeing it. It will probably never stop.

  32. Amrit

    I am an attorney and I used to practice in New York. Maybe I’m not the world’s expert on New York jurisprudence, either. But this whole case reeks of privilege and the abuse of power. DSK was never going to be convicted. Not ever. Not only did he have an army of detectives researching every aspect of the victim’s life, he had the full force and investigative power of the NYPD and the prosecuter’s office. One woman, poor and without resources, was never going to survive that. I feel truly sorry for her. It was beyond brave of her to speak out at all.

  33. AlienNumber

    Is there anything we can do about this? Like flood the DA’s office with letters to at least put the rapist on trial, biased jury or not? Start a consciousness raising campaign? Send some letters to his wife? Any other ideas?

  34. ElizaN

    Sadly, the single surprising thing in the whole case is that they arrested him in the first place. So often they don’t feel like going to the bother, when they already know what the result will be.

  35. A Ginva

    Argh! Sorry for the spelling mistake, I did mean lose. My english is getting worse every day, this is really embarrassing!

  36. Rachel

    Sadly, the single surprising thing in the whole case is that they arrested him in the first place.

    Agreed – and it kind of reminds me of Julian Assange. Hear me out. He, too, was accused of a sex crime that sounded utterly believable and likely. He, too, was prosecuted with uncharacteristic and heartening zeal by authorities who would normally smirk and turn a blind eye. Immediately and similarly his supporters howled that it must be a setup and so of course those bitches must be lying…as if it’s an either/or thing. The obvious and glaring alternative, of course, being that their “great men” have a weak spot a mile wide in their disgusting misogyny, and yet, even as they defy powerful people who they know are looking for something to hang them with, they still think they can blithely abuse women, as if that doesn’t really count. Spitzer too. I loathe “liberal” men.

  37. Jill

    Like all spinster aunts, I like standard spelling in the interest of clarity, but it is unnecessary to point out every little typo. No extra points are awarded for jumping somebody’s shit for a spelling error, particularly when the meaning of the remark is obvious from the context.

  38. ecorad


    Your desire to do something about this entire situation is no doubt shared by many. The problem seems to be that most would agree that the tactics you mentioned would never actually change anything – for this individual woman or for future victims. I’m not saying this to attack or in any way demean your statement, but this situation seems to suggest that nothing short of a revolution will ever be enough. I think it can be helpful to analogize individual abusive relationships to the relationship of the system to those it controls and oppresses. An abuser cannot be convinced, cajoled, reasoned with or placated into stopping his abusive behavior. Letter campaigns, reasonable legal arguments, and appeals to the powerful will never bring real change.

  39. Heo

    ‘I loathe “liberal” men.’

    The male friend whom I mentioned earlier in the thread got the tiniest glimmer of comprehension flitting ever so briefly across his eyes when I gave him this analogy:

    Liberal men are to feminism as Hybrid SUV owners are to environmentalism. Smugly self-satisfied for no damned reason.

  40. ginger

    My Nigel pointed out to me (in a veritable froth of rage) that many cases of rape are abandoned by prosecutors because of an absence of physical evidence, but in this case, a plethora of forensic and medical evidence was trumped by “concerns” about the victim’s “credibility”.

    Nigel B’d TP (and the K, since of course intersectionality!), and it would have been a proud bonding moment except that, duh, it came at the cost of a woman’s violation and our collective diminishment. And also while blaming is fun, the fun is lessened by the realization of the huge weight of the P (and the K) on all of our necks.

  41. Jill

    Liberal dudes! They’re the worst. They’re all for progressive change and shit until you try to fuck with their porn.

  42. Ottawa Gardener

    Certainly this has been already said but having lied on official documents (especially in regards to jumping through the fire hoops that allow you to try on the better life in the US/Can/Uk dream) does not mean that no crime came be committed upon you. What kind of purgatory do we live in? Wait, I just remembered – IBTP.

    And I also love your new header.

    Rich liberal men have always had the potential to be annoying. I think it’s the double whammy of privlege poorly covered with the cake makeup of progressiveness. However, I find rich conservatives no better company when it comes to forced sex justification.

    However, I’m not a stickler for authenticity. I want everyone on the boat toward progressive change as long as they really are onboard.

  43. Rachel

    However, I find rich conservatives no better company when it comes to forced sex justification.

    A true friend stabs you in the front?


  44. allhellsloose

    He’s not out of the woods yet.


    I don’t know if that link will work or not but Banon’s lawyer has said she will file a suit against DSK for attempted rape.

  45. Shopstewardess

    Latest news is that a criminal complaint for attempted rape is to be made in France. Another brave woman taking on the Patriarchy.


  46. Frumious B.

    “this situation seems to suggest that nothing short of a revolution will ever be enough.”

    I think that is the theme of this blog.

  47. Tigs

    “Letter campaigns, reasonable legal arguments, and appeals to the powerful will never bring real change.”

    But taking concrete actions to get incremental change and, more importantly, to build solidarity and the framework for the revolution is crucial.
    Revolution is’t just about everyone jumping into the streets one day. Revolutions are concrete political actions, and until we know what this revolution looks like, I would say that we shouldn’t be knocking letter-writing campaigns.
    Many people I know have been radicalized because they were involved in reformist movements and were later disillusioned by the barriers.

    As Red Rosa suggested– We need to act to improve lives now–Reform as a Revolutionary act!

  48. allhellsloose

    Thanks shopstewardess for posting the link as I’m in moderation and linked to the same story earlier via the Guardian. Yes she is brave for taking on the P and she has a great lawyer by her side too. Double pronged attack may well floor DSK.

  49. yttik

    I also have no love for liberal or progressive men. Great SUV analogy. Smugly self satisfied for no damned reason, indeed!

    True, one group of men stab you in the back, the other stabs you in the front. Sometimes it’s preferable to just see it coming.

  50. minervaK

    Tristan Banon for President!

  51. Emilybites

    Plus ca change, eh? Assange, DSK, line ’em up and we can gaze gratefully at the ranks of liberal dudes saved from false rape accusations. Sure, rape happens, but not in this case. Or that case, or that case.

  52. TwissB

    @shopstewardess and allhellsloose. It occurs to me that the French journalist’s rape accusation will probably be attacked as an attempted political smear by opponents of DSK’s presidential campaign.

    Somebody’s gotta say it: I find the new heading repulsive. But, then, I’m still pining for the one featuring the Austin Motel’s neon sign.

  53. Cyberwulf

    Liberal dudes! They’re the worst. They’re all for progressive change and shit until you try to fuck with their porn.

    Then they threaten you when you dare point out, in less than polite language, that they aren’t the bastion of progressive thought that they think they are.

  54. A Ginva

    @TwissB: I share your repulsion, but also I just don’t get it: is there a hidden joke or message or wink? Is it just supposed to be absurd without any meaning?

  55. Josquin

    I am sick and furious at this development. If it is true that any past lie ruins our credibility, then not a single solitary soul in this blessed world is credible. Yes, my name is josquin and I have lied a few times in the course of my 44 years. Does that fact now make me unbelievable if I tell you the sun rose in the east this morning? Did anyone investigate Mister Grabby Mcfuckhead’s past and see if HE has ever told a lie? Oh! He did? Then his story is officially shot to hell also.
    Woops! I forgot — that rule only applies to women.

  56. eb

    It appears a taped conversation with her drug dealer boyfriend coupled with a penchant for ‘fabrication’ sealed the deal.

    It doesn’t matter about the rapist’s past. We all know the drill. When it comes to rape, a woman has to be a saint on earth in order for the charge to stick. He can be the devil incarnate, but, if at the age of eight, she lied about the price of Girl Scout cookies in order to make a profit for future Polly Pocket purchases, she’s a lying whore and probably deserved it.

    What gets me is the people who condemn her for wanting to profit off the rape. If you were poor and working every angle to make ends meet and some a-hole rear-ends you in his Benzy, are you gonna take him to the bank? Hell fucking yes you are. Don’t even try to deny it.

    Then there’s the spin that this guys is an honorable citizen of the world who has been wronged by America’s rush to justice as if this rich motherfucker hasn’t profited off the backs of the poor all his life. How the hell do people think he made his millions? Cuz he’s a nice guy? Jesus fucking Christ in a dish of pareilles, hit me with your rhythm sticks and feed me to Shamu, I’m so sick of this crap.

    And it doesn’t help that it’s just another day in Texas without rain.

  57. Jill

    “Somebody’s gotta say it: I find the new heading repulsive. But, then, I’m still pining for the one featuring the Austin Motel’s neon sign.”

    Happily for you, it’s only temporary. Like, as the Meaty Buddha might say, everything else.

  58. Zrusilla

    Do. not. get. me. started. on. liberal. progressive. doodz.

  59. Zrusilla

    Why, even as we speak a liberal-dood self-exculpatory trainwreck is going on right now at Ian Welsh’s blog. Did you know Andrea Dworkin is responsible for creating the rules of the world? I did not either!

  60. Tehomet

    Mister Grabby Mcfuckhead (thank you Josquin for the incredibly apt renaming) is apparently to countersue the French writer who is accusing him of attempted rape. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/04/dominique-strauss-kahn-tristane-banon-lawsuit) Because apparently it’s not enough to have accusations of rape against a rich powerful white male effectively dismissed for no reason, now even accusing such a man of attempted rape is a crime. I spit on the ground. And IBTP.

  61. Ginjoint

    I was with TwissB. Hated that banner. I like this classic one, because I love, love that kid’s face. (And the kid on the left’s, too!) Is that a therapist’s waiting room for the background?

    French leftists are making me hurl right now. The only conspiracy involved is this predator having masked himself for so long as a respectable human being.

  62. Marcie

    So, fabricating a rape story for one’s personal benefit is OK?
    Practically part of fighting patriarchy?

  63. Jill

    “So, fabricating a rape story for one’s personal benefit is OK?
    Practically part of fighting patriarchy?”

    Yep, you nailed it, Marcie. The radical feminist motto: “Cry-rape your way to power and success!” Revolution is for assholes!

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