Oct 07 2011

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Alien pod

I offer you a love pod from my home world.

Foto by Stingray.


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  1. Pinko Punko

    Put that thing in the ground and I expect a 20 tentacled plant beast to emerge that devours politico-cobags like they were cheez-its. Only problem- it might need water, so we should be safe. For now.

  2. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    What is that thing, and how do you cook/eat it? Or is it just for show, like those net bags of miniature gourds?

  3. Hattie

    Lookin’ good there in organic land.

  4. Notorious Ph.D.

    Most gorgeous eggplant I’ve ever seen. They’re in abundance here right now, too.

  5. Ottawa Gardener

    It’s purple, it’s round! Our eggplants should bite the dust soon in the middling north of Canada. First frost is late on arrival this year.

  6. Friend of Snakes

    I took my food stamps to Whole Foods this week. I thought of it as my mental health day. Won’t be doing that again any time soon, though.

    Cute eggplant. Did you buy it? Did it taste any different from the big ones. Or the long, skinny ones, for that matter?

  7. amrit

    Lovely eggplant, and surely worth that odd itchy feeling after eating it. Am making vegetarian eggplant moussaka with lentils, and then roasted red peppers with olive oil. It’s finally fall here. At least this week.

  8. Ottawa Gardener

    Love Vegetarian Eggplant Moussaka though I’ve never tried it with lentils.

    P.S. If anyone is interested in seeds of eggplants, I have extras (and other seeds for that matter). Especially for those that can get hold of a patch of dirt and need some food. I also have frost tolerant stuff. No trades or SASE needed. I’m part of seed giving networks. Okay, back to the message at hand:

    I don’t get an odd itchy feeling after eating eggplant though sometimes baby potatoes have too much solanine for my taste.

  9. Triste

    The hell is that thing?

    It doesn’t look like corn or potatoes, so I assume it is unnamurkin and possible furrin.

    On the other hand, nothing is more murkin than lens flares, so I think you’re safe for now. But I’ve got my eye on you, you had better believe.

  10. c2t2

    Jill! You have a tattoo!

    Not a fan of eggplant or peppers, but a love pod and mushrooms sound good right now.

  11. amrit

    Ottawa Gardener: Never thought of solanine, but it makes sense it’s not just in potatoes. The eggplant lentil moussaka takes awhile to make. I make one and freeze some, since I’m cooking for myself these days. It freezes really well. Being kinda sorta vegan I leave out the dairy and eggs and I still think it’s really good. This recipe is close to how I make it:


    Thanks for the seed offer. Maybe next season. Last time I grew eggplant I was hauling boxes of them to work. They grow very well here in the southwest U.S.

  12. incognotter

    Ottawa Gardener,

    I can’t figure out how to contact you directly but I would love some seeds. I am trying to get organized to try indoor basement gardening again this winter. I am low on seeds and eggplant is one of the things I am lacking. I’m at incognotter at yahoo.com.

  13. Been Teen

    If I may, I’d like to leave an emotional outpouring here that has nothing to with cute vegetables.

    I wander around so many feminist blogs, especially on Tumblr where they all seem to lunge from every directions towards me (although a lot of Tumblr’s feminist content is a funfem wet dream), but none of them, NONE OF THEM seem to “get it.” I mean they’ll be fantastic and then they’ll trip on some basic thing and it just sends one into a whirlwind of despair and supermarket value vodka.

    But you “get it” you are the only one that “gets it.”

    For example there is a lovely radical blogger friend of mine who is great and wonderful and good usually (but I suspect said blogger is sex-pos – egads!)who said earlier that notions of giving up gender should be challenged because while the gender binary and gender roles and all that are oppressive rubbish, gender is a great “personal tool” for self-expression or some such wishy-washy mystical nonsense. I thought surely this person is confusing “gender” with “personality.” I don’t imagine that were gender eradicated we would all become boring, empty drones. Actually, isn’t it that way now, precisely BECAUSE of gender?

    Oh Twisty, take me away to a world of boozy gender-kickin’ joy.

    I apologise for desperately bloviating all over your plant post.

  14. tinfoil hattie

    Be of good cheer, Been Teen. I am regularly excoriated on funfem blogs! It makes me know I am definitely on the right side of the feminist fight. It does get tiresome.

  15. amrit

    Been Teen: I haven’t the slightest idea what a post-patriarchal identity would look like or what would happen to the puzzling matrix of desire/objectification. Maybe your lovely radical blogger friend is struggling to articulate some way of describing desire that includes some ‘relics’ of gender without power and domination. It’s hard to read through that statement; it’s just not clear to me.

  16. sgc

    Re: Love Pod
    Thank you.

  17. Friend of Snakes

    Yes, I like eggplants, too.

  18. GMM

    “it just sends one into a whirlwind of despair and supermarket value vodka.”

    Hey, me too! And not just from the ones that don’t seem to get it, the ones that get it and remind me of how worthless my life is to society send me into panic attacks and suicidal ideation (yesterday it was to protest a T-shirt sold by a popular company in the UK that says “No + Rohypnol = Yes” [not sure if that’s spelled right but I DON’T want to google that drug, thanks.])

    For me it’s wine or an extra dosage of my anti-anxiety medication.

  19. Fede

    A world of boozy gender-kickin’ joy sounds beautiful, Been Teen. Can I come?

  20. Phledge

    Yes, nothing like the P to put us wimmin back in our (depressed) place. I regularly wonder if I will need my happy pills after the revolution.

  21. amrit

    Of course IBTP, but how about we take a critical look at what we ingest, (along with everything we are forced to swallow daily), and do some serious resisting.
    I’m not drinking alcohol, using drugs, or taking medication to dull my pain any longer.

    The more I resist the clearer I feel and the more effective I am in my daily confrontation and blaming activities. For anger, confront. For rage, get moving. For depression, blame vocally and often. I’m done being drugged into a stupor (and participating in my own drugging) by the cult of the P.

  22. Ron Sullivan

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned here already that Nigel and I named our first imaginary child Aubergine.

  23. skreader

    At first I thought it was a mangosteen, but on enlarging the picture saw it was a cute eggplant.

    Ron, it might make a good name for your second imaginary child

  24. buttercup

    Ottawa Gardener, I would also love some eggplant seeds. We tried to grow one this year but made the mistake of planting zucchini too close and the zuke murdered the eggplant.

  25. Ottawa Gardener

    To all those looking for seeds, I’m Ottawa Gardener at live dot com – no spaces. If you click on my name, my contact info is on the right hand column of my blog in case something goes awry here.

    Glad to see there’s some interested people!

    Zuke is a cruel veg.

  26. Sarah

    Been Teen and Fede: Let’s create a world of boozy gender-kickin’ joy! I’ll donate my liquor cabinet, we’ll start an annual convention.

  27. Jezebella

    Amrit, I will gladly try to live without the $6/month head meds that allow me to function in the patriarchy… just as soon as the patriarchy gets its fuckin boot off my neck.

  28. Fede

    Sarah, you are so on! I have a good and peaty single malt that I feel would go nicely with the gender-kickin’. Hereby donated.

  29. amrit

    Jezebella: I hear that. I’m speaking solely for myself and my choices. I’d never tell anyone else that they do (or do not) need their own medications. That is a personal decision. There is no one solution to the misery that the P produces.

  30. buttercup

    Thanks, Ottawa Gardener. Email headed your way.

    I have a pair of lovely eggplants in the fridge now. Slightly larger than softball-sized. I need to make them for dinner but have no idea what to do. Maybe I’ll stuff and grill them.

  31. Ron Sullivan

    skreader: Ron, it might make a good name for your second imaginary child

    That would be our son, Vector. We stopped at three, after little Vinda Lou.

    I shall keep that in mind to suggest for the next grandchild, however. It has a certain charm. Thank you.

  32. Phledge

    I thought of IBTP when I saw this: red pill

  33. TungstenVirago

    Sign me up for some boozy, joyous gender-kickin’ also. Cheers!

  34. Notorious Ph.D.

    Phledge, that’s pretty damn awesome.

  35. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Oh, it’s a eggplant. I see it now. First slice it and soak it for a while in brine. Then dip it in eggwash and coat it in seasoned panko. After that, fry it up nice and crispy. Personally, it’s good eats right then, with perhaps some honey-mustard dipping sauce, but if you want dinner, layer it in a 9×9 baking dish with some nice mozz and marinara. Bake @ 350 until bubbly and serve with nice crusty bread rubbed with baked garlic. Oh, and red wine. Don’t overindulge or it will give you a wicked case a the trots.

  36. susanw

    Thanks, Phledge, you made my day.

  37. veganrampage

    Occupy Vegetables!

  38. Bonnie

    Oh crap.

    Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

    The radiologist who read my mammograms and ultrasounds the other day indicated he wants to send me in for a biopsy.

    Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

    Oh crap.

  39. Sarah

    Phledge, hoooooray! I’ve been reading Sinfest for forever, ’tis an internet comic of the highest quality. ^_^ Highly recommended for all blamers.

  40. tinfoil hattie

    Bonnie: Hang in there. Hoping for the best. I am sure you are worried. It might still be “nothing.” I am glad you are getting it checked out. Let us know.

  41. speedbudget

    Bonnie, I know the feeling. Well, not the feeling of being biopsied, but at 31 I was sent for a mammogram because “There is a large lump here I’m worried about.”

    Take a breath. I know it’s hard to do. We are all pulling for you.

  42. Ottawa Gardener

    Bonnie: I used to work in a breast cancer centre and the vast majority come back okay. Good luck!

  43. Jezebella

    A plea to Blamers: I live in Mississippi, which is currently a battleground state for reproductive rights. Initiative 26 will be on the ballot in November, and it will grant “Personhood” to all fertilized human ova, from the moment of conception (not the moment of implantation). If it passes, it will outlaw all abortions (no exceptions, not even ectopic pregnancies), many kinds of contraception, emergency contraception, IVF treatments, and will likely make it impossible for pregnant women to get medical treatment if the medicine is bad for a fetus. We are in deep shit here, as we were only informed by the courts three weeks ago that it would in fact be on the ballot. If this passes here, your state will be next, make no mistake. If you have any time or money to donate, for love-a-pete, help some sisters out. The org coordinating campaign efforts is Mississippians for Healthy Families and the website is VoteNoOn26.org

    Thanks, y’all.

  44. Comrade Svilova

    Thanks for the head’s up, Jezebella. Draconian seems too mild a word.

  45. speedbudget

    I can’t remember who it was that couldn’t get their (what sounded like) awesome book about women’s lived experiences published because it would be “too heavy” for the intended (female) audience, but if you or anyone is still interested in trying to get your stuff published against the wishes of the mainstream publishing houses, here is an option: http://www.dinahpress.com/

  46. Bushfire

    Oh my goddess, Jezebella, that sounds like a horror movie. I was just wondering to myself why I fight with anti-choicers on the internet and you just reminded me why. Not that anything I say does any good though, they’re extremely brainwashed and nutty. I’ve got several douchey godbags praying for me right now.

  47. Margaret

    Seventeenth century Blamer, Arcangela Tarabotti of Venice, argued for human status for women. She sounds like Twisty too.

  48. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Be of good cheer, Bonnie. Since my initial mammo at 38, they’ve been eyeballing a cyst near my left armpit. The biopsy confirmed it was nothing but a cyst. They run in my family.

    And Jezebella, nothing angers me so much as men sticking their stupid oar into the reproductive rights discussion. A fertilized ovum (most revered of microscopic fauna) is a person, eh? Just for shits-n-giggles, howzbout treating its host like a person?

    Crap, what’s next? Maybe the polyps they remove from my lower intestinal tract could run for Congress?

  49. speedbudget

    I just married the tapeworm inhabiting my colon.

  50. josquin

    “Crap, what’s next? Maybe the polyps they remove from my lower intestinal tract could run for Congress?”

    That made me laugh! You know, I think a couple of them already got elected.

  51. pheenobarbidoll

    So,back child support will start from conception right? Right??

  52. Jezebella

    Oh, Pheeno. You make me laugh. A bitter, mirthless laugh.

    For those of you without time or money, would you consider spreading the info about this via facebook, twitter, your blogs, anywhere?

    There are nearly 10,000 instances of the word “person” in the Mississippi legislative code. Every one of those words will need to be vetted to see how “personhood” will change those laws. You know what Mississippi has LOTS OF MONEY for? Legal fees. Yeah. Right. I do believe the law will get struck down in the courts even if it passes the ballot initiative, but it would be better to stop it right here and now. We’re spending a lot of time and money dealing with these attacks, money that could be better spend on education, contraception, health care, etc.

    I’ve been phone banking, and apparently the election demographic gurus have decided we should target women voters over 60 or so. I have had some great interactions and some really depressing ones. I asked one woman if she was aware that the law would not allow for an abortion if the woman’s life was in danger and she said, “Well, that’s just the situation they’re going to have to deal with.” I almost dropped the phone. All I could manage to say was, “wow. okay…thanks for your time.” And then I had to take a break and eat some chocolate.

  53. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Speedbudget, that’s groovy as long as it’s the opposite gender.

  54. quixote

    Bad news, Antoinette. Tapeworms are hermaphroditic. Or maybe that’s good news. Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, that means either you can’t go right or you can’t go wrong.

  55. susanw

    So we can drive in the car pool lane, deduct them as dependents, and buy life insurance from the moment of conception too ?

  56. speedbudget

    Well, shit. Anybody know how to sex a nematode?

  57. phio gistic

    susanw, life insurance is a good idea. According to NIH, “up to half of all fertilized eggs die and are lost (aborted) spontaneously, usually before the woman knows she is pregnant.” So a Mississippi woman would have to be on the ball to notice the pregnancy and get the life insurance, but then she’s got a 50-50 chance of a nice payoff. Unfortunately, she will need it to fight the murder charges.

  58. Phledge

    phio, your very valid point made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  59. Bonnie

    Thanks, all. My GYN is sending me to a breast surgeon. Thinking good thoughts, as my mom has fibrous breast tissue and I likely do, too.

  60. Jezebella

    The fibrous breast tissue runs in my family, too. You are of course entitled to be worried, but those fibrous bits do confuse mammograms & ultra-sound. My spots turned out to be benign cysts, which my body seems to like producing. There are many possibly harmless outcomes. And if the results are not good, you have a lot of support and knowledge right here.

  61. Ugsome

    I am dressed as a Love Pod from Another World: crimson on top, aubergine from the shoulders to the knees, then crimson again to the toes.

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