Feb 29 2012

Remain calm

The old blog theme is broken. I am substituting this boilerplate WordPress theme until I can fix it. I agree that it is ugly. I know you will find a way to cope. Thank you.


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  1. yttik

    I can feel my arteries clogging as we speak.

  2. Ginjoint

    I’m calmed just knowing that the Times New Roman isn’t going to stay.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe

    Whatte the fucken fucke is thatte gruesome shitte in the fucken banner!?!?!?!?

  4. Allhellsloose


    Why does no one like TNR anymore? What IS the default type? One that kicks the patriarchy while blaming at the same time?

    I think it’s Comic Sans myself. Come on now, no more cognative dissonance on this one. I jestte!

  5. TriciaMilitia

    Chicken fried…something. With a side of butter!

    You’ll have to eat, like, 75 Activias to get that movin’ out of your gut.

  6. Twisty

    It’s chicken-fried steak from the Hill Country Cupboard in Johnson City, Texas. It’s just temporary while I sort out the blog, so don’t panic.

  7. quixote

    The gruesome shitte is The Patriarchy! (Honestly. How could you not know that after reading this Blogge?) It looks like a gooey bad-for-you indulgence from the outside, and before you know it, it’s coated your arteries.

    Times New Roman gets slagged off for being hard(er) to read on a screen because of all the serifs and close spacing that make it rather good in print. Opinions vary. Read some typography blogs. You wouldn’t believe how much opinions vary.

  8. Twisty

    Nobody asked me, but I like Times New Roman on a screen. In fact …

  9. zibber

    Thank you for that entry. I was panicking :).

  10. Discombobulated

    I remember that chicken-fried steak and gravy banner! Ah, the good old days. Like, two years ago or something. Then the dead frog….

    I have too much time on my hands.

  11. someonered

    At least the lime-green text color is no more. That shade of blue is much nicer.

    Also, chicken fried steak (IMO) is very, very good.

  12. Twisty

    That wasn’t a dead frog, it was a live toad.

  13. Katherine

    Seriously, what the hell is “chicken-fried steak”? Steak fried in chicken, chicken fried in steak, chicken steak fried in something else? With some kind of melted cheese involved?

  14. quixote

    Chicken fried steak, in my book, is down there with deep-fried Mars bars in the deepest circle of food hell. It is a thin and rather crappy piece of beef, breaded and fried in the style of fried chicken. And then, to add injury to injury, it’s smothered in something euphemistically called a white sauce. (Well, it is whitish. I have to give it that.) In case that’s not enough of a fat depth bomb for you, you can dollop butter on it, too.

    Appalling stuff. There’s a reason I compare it to the P.

  15. tinfoil hattie

    Now, quixote, don’t forget that there’s SAUSAGE in that there white gravy.

    At least at IHOP, there is.

  16. Kea

    Want cake.

  17. Sarah

    PANIC! Now I’m hungry. I require breakfast foods.

  18. Friend of Snakes

    I’m not exactly sure what that photo depicts, but it reminds me that once you start making your own mayonnaise, you’ll never want to go back to the store-bought glop.

    What’s so bad about this format anyway?

    Embedded secret message: that salt kicks ass.

  19. Comradde PhysioProffe

    I am happily reading all these comments in Verdana, because I have my browser set to flip the big motherfucken bird to whatever shitteasse fonts Webdouches try to shove down my fucken throat.

  20. Twisty

    Fuck Verdana.

  21. Friend of Snakes

    Apropos of nothing much: I really miss Molly Ivins when the primary season rolls around. Don’t you know she would have had some great one-liners (and more) to lay down on all the Republican clown car occupants, but particularly, Mulluh Rick.

  22. Comradde PhysioProffe

    No, wai! Matthew Carter, FTMFW!!!!!!!!


  23. Triste

    That shit is a steak?

    I thought it was fucking pudding or something, christ.

  24. quixote

    Sausage? Sausage! Oh my God. And I thought I was joking about the P.

  25. eilish

    In non-US parts of the world, we call it beef schnitzel.

  26. Pinko Punko

    Other El Classico Banners that are beloved:

    1) Kiddo jumping on the chair

    2) Was there also a Mr. T? I think that was the first post I ever read at this casa.

    When you fix the old one, I might ask about your style sheet. I have a super old K2 and I am afraid to update it because I forgot all the bailing wire and gum HTML that I put in there to make it my particular shade of ugly.

  27. caol

    I’m think i’m ok with this format. It’s not THAT bad. I think it’s easier to read.

  28. Kathy McCarty

    I just wanna say that CHICKEN FRIED STEAK is DELISH!

    Oh, and also, I think it is really great at THE SILVER K diner in Johnson City, and, how does the chicken-fried steak at the Silver K compare to the Chicken-Fried steak at the Hill Country Cupboard? I have the general impression that THE SILVER K is the finer establishment.

    Also, the Chicken-Fried steak is marvelous at THE HOTEL LIMPIA in Fort Davis, TX. In fact, I highly recommend THE LIMPIA but be sure to stay in the ANNEX, it is normal price and just as historic, and in the ANNEX you can have YOUR DOG(S).

  29. Friend of Snakes

    I’ve always liked the JUDICIOUS use of ALL CAPS myself.

  30. alamo

    There is no evidence that animal-derived fats and proteins cause heart disease. There is evidence that carbs cause heart disease.

    ” . . . N.I.H. spent several hundred million dollars trying to demonstrate a connection between eating fat and getting heart disease and, despite what we might think, it failed. Five major studies revealed no such link.”


  31. Katherine

    Well, thank you for all the chicken fried steak education. Wonderful to know that Blamers will help me out when I can’t be arsed to Google.

    I think it sounds repulsive. But given that I like pineapple fritters I’m on shaky ground here.

  32. procrastinatrix

    Content trumps format every time. I couldn’t care less about fonts as long as I can read them. Sorry you’re having trouble with the blog, Twisty. Too bad operant conditioning doesn’t work on tech.

    I miss chicken fried chicken (same as steak but with a pounded-thin chicken breast), sausage gravy and biscuits, and midwestern pork tenderloin sandwiches since becoming a veggie a few years back. The banner inspired me to search for some veggie and vegan sawmill gravy recipes which I’ll try this weekend.

  33. speedbudget

    Every now and again, I get a hankering for chicken fried steak and eggs. It’s the southern in me.

    PS – How do I make that picture happen?

  34. buttercup

    No sausage in chicken fried steak gravy. It’s a white gravy, roux made with bacon fat or lard if you’re a purist. Salt and pepper only. If you want to get fancy, you can use some of that highfalutin’ smoked chardonnay fleur de sel.

    Also, Texas truck stop standards declare that the CFS should not be deep fried, but grill fried. Battered as you’d expect but placed on the grill and browned well on both sides until cooked. That makes up for the lard in the gravy and it also makes the meat come out more tender.

    Working at truck stops in Snyder has apparently made me the foremost expert in chicken fried steak or something.

  35. buttercup


  36. quixote

    Ooh, I like the horse! I hope that’s a permanent replacement for the well-some-people-like-it glop.

  37. speedbudget

    Having previously worked with special-needs students, I cannot express my love for Arial enough, which has been proven to be one of most easily read fonts.

    PS – I have to keep logging in in order to comment, which is adversely affecting my spam rate.

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