Feb 29 2012

Spinster aunt blows off php tutorial

Screw it. I’m just gonna keep this theme. It’s just a flippin blog.


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  1. Shelby

    Lazy biatch

  2. Friend of Snakes

    I’m so glad you’re going to keep this as is. I really quite like it. I’m so glad you finally got rid of the pieces of shit banner photo (although having to look at it made me realize that shit from plant-eaters just plain looks better than shit from meat-eaters, or maybe I was more thinking about the smell).

    So I guess it’s all about me-me-me. Sorry.

  3. DastardlyMasterCylinder

    Dear Ms. Faster, I am a quiet and appreciative follower of your blog since 2007. I am confident that its new appearance will in no way detract from the vigorous and high-quality blaming. Thank you for continuing to give the patriarchy what-for.

  4. minervaK

    Are you telling me, for serious, that WordPress has a chicken-fried steak boilerplate theme? I may have underestimated them.

  5. qvaken

    As long as I can use the thing, and my initial worries that the completely different look meant that the site had been shut down are wrong, then I’m down with it.

  6. Rae

    Maybe it’s just my specific grab-bag of disabilities, but this new look is VERY, VERY hard to read.

    Please reconsider keeping it! I’d hate to lose my frequent anti-Patriarchy booster shots *frowny face*.

  7. buttercup

    Mmmm, chicken fried steak. Best thing about Texas, besides our Spinster Aunt, of course. And Pheeno.

  8. Ginjoint

    Is not just a flippin blog!

  9. Lovepug

    I don’t know that’s it’s actually a flippin blog. It might be a freakin blog. Or perhaps an effin blog.

    Do what you need to do.

  10. quixote

    (Rae, if you know some css, run Firefox, and get the Stylish extension, you can change the look any way you like.)

  11. quixote

    (Or, you can tell me what the major issues are for you, and I can send you the code to insert into Stylish. No blamer should be deprived of a congenial blaming environment!)

  12. TotallyDorkin

    I’m very familiar with php and would be glad to offer assistance if you would like it!

  13. Fictional Queen

    No! Please! It’s not just a blog! :(

  14. Twisty

    TotallyDorkin: I’m very familiar with php and would be glad to offer assistance if you would like it!

    Thanks, but I don’t think my lobe can take it. Maybe I can take a rain check?

  15. c2t2

    All that matters is readability and content. As long as it’s not pariarchal swill written in neon yellow text on a lime green background, I’m not going anywhere.

  16. damigiana

    What counts is what you write, and I’d read it even if you wrote it dark grey on black.
    I actually like this new look and find it very readable.

  17. gingerest

    I’m glad you’re not wasting your life fucking around with the stylesheet, since that’s not how you like to spend your time. It looks fine now. I like the green.

  18. Fictional Queen

    You’re right. IBTP is still the best blog ever. Plus, the horse picture looks amazing!

  19. Comradde PhysioProffe

    This blogge is a fucken horse’s asse.

  20. Rae

    quixote, thanks for the tip! I’ve bookmarked the Stylish site and will investigate whether it’ll do the trick.

    Much appreciated!

  21. quixote

    Good to hear, Rae. As I say, contact me if you have problems. I don’t want to leave my email out here, but there’s a contact page (with a stupid captcha, sorry) on my site: molvray.com/acid-test/contact/

  22. pheeno

    “Mmmm, chicken fried steak. Best thing about Texas, besides our Spinster Aunt, of course. And Pheeno.”

    CFS and The Spinster- impressive list to be included in

  23. caol

    I’m glad you’re keeping this format. I find it more comfortable to read now.

    Besides, the pic of the horse is amazing!


  24. hayduke

    Oof. Ya slack off on the blaming for a little while, and everything changes on you.

  25. TotallyDorkin


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