Mar 08 2012

Nude revolutionaries

It’s International Women’s Day again! Why, it seems like only last year that a couple of people in the media spent a few hours pretending that anyone gives a crap about women’s issues. Tomorrow, progressive dudepundits like Matthew Yglesias can go back to pointing out how the whole “war against women” anti-birth-control dealio (which for some reason everyone is treating like some kind of recent and bizarre ‘phenomenon’) is really not about women at all. No, the “real stakes in the contraceptives fight,” according to Yglesias, is about regular health care for regular people.

In the meantime, my inbox today will be full of girl-a-riffic stuff like this:

Freethought blogger Maryam Namazie has teamed up with sex-poz Slutwalkist Sonya JF Barnett to promote a calendar featuring photos of “nude revolutionaries.” The calendar is meant to express solidarity with “Secular Liberal Feminist Vegetarian Idealist Individualist Egyptian” Aliaa Magda Elmahdy. Why does Aliaa Magda Elmahdy require the solidarity of nude revolutionaries? Well, she went and posted nude photos of herself on her blog.

“Big whoop,” you say. “It’s 2012. Who doesn’t post nude photos of themselves on their blog? I’ve done it myself about 37 times.”

Well, Elmahdy abides in Egypt, which as you know is one of those countries where it sucks to be a girl. They’re running one of those popular wars-on-women there, too. The preeminent fundamentalist godbag movement, the Salafis, are big on keeping women wrapped up like porphyric nuns and isolated from public view. I don’t need to tell you what happens when women are isolated from public view. The word “abuse” springs to mind. Elmahdy intended the photos to be understood as “screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy.”

Well, you can imagine the uproar. The hate started pouring in. Facebook was all a-Twitter.

Eventually Elmahdy’s radical fuck-you to crapulent Islamist misogynist tradition got some feminist ladies on this side of the pond all lathered up on her behalf. Naturally they decided to respond by publishing a classic traditional centerfoldian pin-up girl style calendar, with a different nude revolutionary representing each month. The emailer hipping me to this thing, Saskia Vogel, referred to herself as “Miss March.”

This link directly downloads the calendar as a PDF, straight to naked young Elmadhy in her Bettie Page stockings and ruby slippers, so, you know, not work-safe or whatever. Or you can buy it for 20 bucks. The proceeds “will go towards supporting women’s rights and free expression.” No details are offered concerning the precise nature of the women’s rights and free expression what will be supported. Each to her own, of course, but gawd, I sort of get the feeling it will have something to do with burlesque.

But I digress.

There is cohort of blamers who believe that whenever it comes to feminists trying to foment revolution, if I can’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say it at all. If you are of this cohort, prepare to be annoyed, because I’m about to be all, like, “oh, mang, not again!” about these nude revolutionaries. For it is the duty of the spinster aunt to squint a critical eye at any public performance of femininity-as-act-of-subversion. In the ancient scrolls of Savage Death Island it is written that the tactic of using femininity against The Man, though it almost always proceeds from a decently feminist core agenda, is flippin’ difficult to pull off, and can enjoy but limited success on accounta patriarchy cannot allow femininity to be anything but itself, and will squash it like a bug every time.

Regarding Elmahdy, an aunt can but applaud the sense of outrage and activist response to oppression engendered by her blogular efforts. As I mentioned earlier, it’s no secret that women in Egypt are encouraged by stone-throwing godbags to wear head-to-toe Hefty bags or else, so you can appreciate that Elmahdy’s public self-nudification is quite the act of courage, transgressiveness, disobedience, and bird-flipping. In that culture, the sheer novelty of a publicly naked woman, and the subsequent attention it will draw to her cause, perhaps justifies the act. But. The context of Elmahdy’s revolutionary behavior does not align precisely with the context of Western feminism. Particularly with that of the Western Feminism of Empowerfulness.

By which I mean, the consequences for say, Canadian nude revolutionary Sonya JF Barnett, who claims that her nude calendar project “pushes the envelope,” cannot be construed as even remotely similar to those Elmahdy must currently be enduring. I should think that hardly anyone, as a result of viewing an arty black-and-white photo, will wish to imprison Barnett, or ostracize her, or abuse her, or kill her (not, at any rate, more strenuously than they do any other Canadian woman). In fact, Barnett will likely receive a shit-ton of praise and admiration, especially from those icky feminist-ally dudes who are always so gung-ho when hot women use their bodies to make political statements (nobody cheered louder for Slutwalk than liberal dudes). Unfortunately, it is unlikely to sock it to the Western male gaze when a striking woman appears in a nudie calendar, even if the calendar images are artsily gritted up, appended with feminist slogans, and picture only mildly enpornulated women whose compliance with Beauty2K is somewhat less than that which is normally associated with mainstream pornography.

“But Twisty,” you say. “Pornography? Seriously? You are mad; this thing isn’t pornography, it’s feminist activism. It says so right on the calendar.”

At a time when free expression and women’s rights and bodies are under attack by Islamism and the religious-right, nudity is an important form of resistance and defiance.

I agree that with this project they’re trying to call attention to the patriarchy-delimited scope of women’s existence, which makes it activism, but they’re doing it pornally, which makes it problematic. They’re not pornvertising on a PETA scale or anything, but the paradigm that generated the artistic vision displayed by this work is unmistakably dudelio- and pornliocentric. They’ve just swapped out the porn stars with what are known in today’s Hollywoodized parlance as “real” women. It’s all still looking, looking, looking at naked chicks.

I allege that, in a patriarchy, all images of women, particularly but not limited to those that involve nudity, and particularly but not limited to those that allude to a traditional cheesecake aesthetic, are inherently pornographic. I allege this not because I believe that women are themselves inherently degraded pornbot livestock, but because the imagery is always realized under the auspices of — and for an audience acclimated to — a culture of pornsick patriarchal oppression. Images of women can only be interpreted from within a framework of misogyny that universally defines women in terms of male desire, male fantasy, male incontinence, and male power. No framework for interpretation exists other than that which defines women as the sex class.

As always, I hope that these nude revolutionaries prove me wrong and somehow manage to strike the blow for women’s “free expression” that they intend. But I mostly hope that Aliaa Magda Elmahdy makes it through her protest in one piece.

If you’re casting about for an example of a really badly written Wikipedia article, check out “nude calendar.”


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  1. minervaK

    Ah, another opportunity for blatant self-promotion! I have written, myself, upon this very topic:


    Your blame is welcome.

  2. minervaK

    Also: Twisty is, again, correct.

  3. quixote

    “oh, mang, not again!” Indeed. There’s nothing else to say. And also that Elmahdy makes it through in one piece.


  4. Mary Tracy

    Ok, but what’s wrong with “cheesecake”?

  5. gingerest

    I was wondering what you’d have to say about this, as I saw it yesterday (IWD here, natch). There’s maybe too much attention being given to the white Western chix behind this – even though you’re getting e-mail from the sex-poz feminists, the creative force behind it is largely women from Muslim constitutional theocracies rebelling against sharia – it’s not about Egypt as such. Maryam Namazie is, of course, an Iranian refugee herself.

    The video linked at her blog is worth a look. If you can’t watch it because boobs, here is what the English captions say each women says (the women speak in what I’m guessing is Persian):
    “In place of those who want to but can’t…”
    “I believe in the equality of women and men”
    “My nudity is a ‘no’ to stoning to death”
    “My thoughts, my body, my choice”
    “My nudity is a ‘no’ to political Islam”
    “Why not?”
    “I am a woman…”

  6. gingerest

    (Also that Wikipedia article is priceless. The links to “male”, “female” and “gay” particularly helped me clarify my understandinf of the context and meaning of “nude calendar”.)

  7. Lovepug

    Here’s a revolutionary calendar idea: Miss January receives a larger paycheck for the same job done by a male coworker. Why here’s Miss August walking down a dark alley at night perfectly safe. Miss October just walked out of the house without makeup wearing sweatpants and a tshirt and nobody called her on her feminity. Miss June gives a speech before a group made up entirely of men and they’re all listening. Oooo, and here’s Miss March draped over the hood of her sports car…because she’s about to change the oil.

  8. Framboise

    It occurs to me that not only is femininity-as-subversion a difficult trick to pull off, white western women getting involved in non-western women’s movements in a way that doesn’t co-opt or steal attention from the non-western women is a pretty damn difficult trick to pull off as well. I am unsure on whether they managed here. Thoughts from other blamers?

  9. buttercup

    Subversive would be my fat 51 year old scarred ass giving the finger to the camera.

  10. humanbein

    Such restraint and sensitivity! I’m breathless. It’s so hard to understand how nudity can bring about change in a world frothing at the mouth for more of it.

  11. Immir

    Agree with above comment.

    I mean, why does the nakedness have to be pornified? It’s out of the frying pan & into the fire with this one.

  12. Ginjoint

    “Women all over the world – come, undress, win!”

    Does anybody know how to get lobe stains out of carpet? ‘Cause it went everywhere.

  13. Kea

    Dear Elmahdy, a true warrior indeed!

    Gee, what is our analogue of nude pics on a blog? That’s the whiny woman’s dilemma. If only we could figure that out. Many ideas out there, but the Orwellian power of apparently indifferent dismissal is known here. The media are silent. Blogs get abuse, but that’s not up there with godbag death threats and physical torture. Whiny women have been dissing P godbagging for centuries, if they ever gave it up at all.

  14. qvaken

    Fuck yes, buttercup. I was going to say, I’m white, blonde, blue-eyed and thin-framed, so any women who look in the least bit like me would be hopeless for a project like this. My appearance has patriarchy-compliance and male-gaze-approvability coming out of its ass.

    Public female nudity isn’t necessarily pro-patriarchy or anti-woman, just like avoiding public female nudity isn’t necessarily pro-patriarchy or anti-woman, it’s just that the P is so devious and ubiquitous that it makes either of these acts so.

    Full support (and hope) to Elmahdy. It would have taken some real vagina to do something like that in a country like that. Support to the Western women too, but also facing up to the fact that it’s not the same thing.

  15. josquin

    My idea of subversive is an entire calendar filled with women dressed in comfortable clothes appropriate to the seasonal weather, shoes that facilitate getting to where the wearer wants to go, with undyed hair which allows for full forward and peripheral vision, wearing no make-up, no jewelry or breast-accentuating underwear, and engaged in activities which don’t draw the gaze of the viewer to the physical attributes of the woman.
    But that’s MY subversive fantasy. Any raised middle finger to the monstrous Patriarchal toads who inhabit Elmahdy’s world still gets my admiration. It’s a risky act of courage in the context of that culture. Here, in the West, not so much.

  16. xtinA

    I also hope the middle eastern women escape a terrible godbag-mandated fate. And I’m totally digging Lovepug’s revolutionary calendar idea.
    Did anyone else have a similar reaction to mine to Eve Ensler’s V-day event idea for next year? “We want a billion women to leave their schools and jobs, assemble in open spaces and dance”. Dance?! Really? I can already hear the perpetrators of violence against women saying “We promise not to hurt you again just please PLEASE STOP DANCING!” Uh no. How about we mob up and do something menacing instead?

  17. Hippolyta

    It’s a parody of solidarity. Expressing western white women’s privilege by creating a nude calendar would be misguided and farcical if it weren’t so offensive next to Elmahdy’s activism. Hey World, I’d like you to congratulate me as a white man for refusing to move to the back of the bus in honor of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

  18. minervaK

    My idea of subversive is an entire calendar filled with women dressed in comfortable clothes appropriate to the seasonal weather, shoes that facilitate getting to where the wearer wants to go, with undyed hair which allows for full forward and peripheral vision, wearing no make-up, no jewelry or breast-accentuating underwear, and engaged in activities which don’t draw the gaze of the viewer to the physical attributes of the woman.

    What she said.

  19. Framboise

    xtinA – I see you are unfamiliar with the musical “West Side Story”, of course mass dancing can be terrifying, we just need good choreography and prop switchblades.
    Alternatively I propose that spending the night of ultimate compulsory heterosexuality hanging out in the public square sans-dudes to enjoy some butt-dancing, tacos (I added tacos to Eve Ensler’s plan, seemed important), and sisterhood is actually pretty revolutionary.

  20. Jen

    “Because the imagery is always realized under the auspices of — and for an audience acclimated to — a culture of pornsick patriarchal oppression. Images of women can only be interpreted from within a framework of misogyny that universally defines women in terms of male desire, male fantasy, male incontinence, and male power.”

    This is so depressing. And I find it’s not only true of imagery, but of the body itself.

  21. Phledge

    There is no place on earth where a naked woman is not a target, period. So brava to all the participants, but even in Egypt dudes will take that calendar home and use your image to whack off, imagining you as their fuck-toilet. Congratulations?

  22. someonered

    “a framework of misogyny that universally defines women in terms of male desire, male fantasy, male incontinence, and male power.”

    Yeah, baby, but women have power too. The power to be sexy and give men boners.

    For some reason I imagined that ubiquitous and ridiculous characterization of women’s power as if delivered by Austin Powers, and wondered how in the blue hell anyone could actually believe that crap, given that it is so all about the P.

    It’s probably too late for me to be posting.

  23. Friend of Snakes

    I’m surprised they didn’t get Gillette or Schick to sponsor that calendar.

  24. Tehomet

    Indeed. The only naked-lady calendar that I would have any smidgeon of respect for would be the one the Womens’ Institute ladies did as a fundraiser for cancer research.

  25. Katherine

    More like Boobquake than Slutwalk, surely? You can argue about whether or not it’s at all possible to reclaim, or otherwise subvert, the word “slut”, but the walks didn’t involve exposing flesh in a manner intended to be empowerfulerizing.

    Boobquake, on the other hand, was a classic case of “something bad is happening with those non-white women over there. Quick, let’s whip our (white) tits out and show men what’s what!”

    Not exactly the same, given the source of this action, but far more like a co-option of a issue that involves Western feminists being sexxay for the cause, and liberal men rubbing their knees going “hurr hurr”.

  26. Greenconsciousness

    Twisty – tried to email you but that gmail address does not work for me – ever. I wanted to send you this meat politics message and some of Carol’s past comments about discussions on your blog.

    Twisty – you should read this – PETA and feminism – Carol is a founder of the eco feminist movement


  27. Greenconsciousness

    people are signing petitions to get Limbaugh off armed services radio. this is relevant to the 8 military women who are suing the military for its tolerance for rape culture.

    Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said Wednesday that the Armed Forces Network should drop conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

    While the armed services continue to tolerate a rape culture within the services this is a more than appropriate request. Limbaugh’s women hating is too boring to repeat. But there is a law suit being waged by military women over the military’s tolerance for rape culture and that is relevant. They complain of being regularly called whore, and sluts, dykes (feminazi?) and prostitutes. Behind their back and to their face.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2012/03/06/20120306women-allege-rape-harassment-military-suit.html#ixzz1oYYeq4HD

    If the military continues to allow a broadcast by a radio host who demeans women of achievement in the same way, it is evidence of the military’s tolerance for rape culture.

    There is a white house petition and I am trying to find others (not Facebook) because I cannot get the white house petition to work for me. If people find other petitions let me know.

  28. Twisty

    More like Boobquake than Slutwalk, surely?

    You know, I think Boobquake is what I was thinking of. With the proliferation of feminist actions named after sexist slurs these days, the spinster aunt gets confused.

  29. Jen

    I’m thinking more about images of nude women this morning.

    (This is going to be somewhat off the subject of women taking their clothes off in public for empowerfulerizing purposes.)

    Growing up, almost all of the nude women I saw in images were thin, shaved, symmetrical, “feminine,” “sexy,” and so on. The images were also clearly styled to give the typical dude a boner.

    Seeing these kinds of images repeated caused me to make assumptions about myself, my role, and men. Cue adolescent self-loathing and depression.

    In college, I found a website that had hundreds of images of nude women. These photos were in a database meant for artists to use to draw, paint or sculpt nudes. Now, if I could access it, so could any dude who might then use them as masturbation material. Even though I was also aware of that at the time, seeing the images was helpful for me. Why?

    The images were not styled to be “sexy.” (Yes, I am aware that many might still find them to be so.) The women were not having sex or posed in the typical ways to look like they were inviting sex. Each woman was just standing there, not smiling. (It was important for me that they were not smiling.) Better yet (for me), the women all looked different.

    Some were big all over, some were bony, some looked athletic, some had humongous hips and narrow shoulders, or lumpy thighs, or nipples pointing in different directions. In fact, I remember being particularly struck by the variation in the breasts and nipples. I knew not all breasts were round and perky and not all nipples were small and pink, especially since mine don’t fit that description, but it was kind of life-changing for me to see it in image after image after image. Naked women. Women’s bodies. Brought to me by something other than the letters P, O, R and N and the number zero. Depicting something other than the message that all women, all breasts specifically, do look or should look the same.

    Reflecting on this now, I know that what I did was educational, but also voyeuristic. The male gaze looks at women through my eyes, too. I’m sure I had sexual feelings as I looked at those pictures. I’m sure I was conflicted about those feelings. The patriarchy is everywhere–including (and especially) in me. Still, I do think there can be something healthy about seeing more realistic representations of women’s bodies, especially when those bodies are not posed or photographed in a way that delivers the message: “Holes here!”

    I often fantasize about going back in time to protect my younger self.

    Perhaps there could be a program: On every girl’s 12th birthday, she should be sent a manual for young blamers in a plain brown wrapper. Perhaps the chapter on Trying Not to Loathe One’s Body could include pictures of adult women with no breasts, breasts shaped like bananas, and breasts with saucer-sized nipples. There could be women with hairy bellies and chins. There could be women with acne and birth marks. There could be women with shaved heads and upper arm flab. There could be women with wrinkles and liver spots. The could be obese women and women bodybuilders. Pregnant women. Women menstruating. Women with crooked teeth! And the message would NOT be, “look, all of these women are beautiful.” It would explain instead that women are.

    I mean, maybe it still wouldn’t make a difference. How cynical am I supposed to be as a feminist? On a scale of 1 – 100% of the time?

    Thanks for always being there to throw a wrench in my dreams, patriarchy. I still don’t want to take my clothes off at all; the picture wouldn’t be pretty.

  30. someonered

    “Brought to me by something other than the letters P, O, R and N and the number zero. Depicting something other than the message that all women, all breasts specifically, do look or should look the same.”

    This seems very important to me, too. We see less than ideal men’s bodies half naked all the time. In commercials, movies, tv shows, in the audience at sporting events, and acting as cheerleaders at sporting events. Yet girls rarely if ever get a glimpse of a woman’s not-pornified body. Sometimes they do, but usually the purpose is to mock, deride, portray a villain, etc.

    There are a couple of websites, one that shows average women’s breasts and one that talks about and shows images of non-pornified vulvas. It would be nice if such images weren’t so stunning in their unfamiliarity; if we weren’t mostly forced to internalize the patriarchy’s pornified standard.

  31. Greenconsciousness


    For a long time I have been advocating life drawing in the public school starting in first grade with age appropriate advancement to high school graduation. The only place children now see the body is in porn — shaved, airbrushed and distorted according to male fantasy. We all need to know what bodies and private parts look like and no one markets non sensational ways to show the body. In the women’s movement in the 1970s those pictures of normal breasts, vulvas and non eroticized sexual intercourse (gay and straight) were shown at conferences and in workshops and it was a real relief. Children today are limited by the insane religious theocracy we live under and we ought to protest and demand nonpornified images for children.

    However certain gay activist teachers went into advocacy under the guise of sex education and that is unacceptable to everyone. So we have that to overcome. We need to professionalize sex education and demand feminist input into the curriculum. We can combine in with abuse prevention education. To teach prevention you have to name the private parts and discuss sexuality .

  32. KittyWrangler

    It was probably either on Racialicious or What Tami Said several months ago that I read about the opinions of some other Egyptian revolutionary women regarding Elmahdy’s nude photos. Few quoted were supportive. Some seemed to be frustrated that the nudity grabbed international attention, while clothed non-sexy political activism went ignored. Others were concerned the photos would increase violence against other women, others were concerned the photos would be used against more conservative political activists by the male godbags. Some seemed slut-shame-y and most sought to discredit Elmahdy as a privileged woman, while many resented the photos as an appeal to Western feminist ideology.

    Anyhow, the photos apparently sparked a controversy among other Egyptian women activists that I’ve had a difficult time reading about because all the information is so selectively filtered through Western media. My list above is just a summary of what I read on one site, I have no idea how accurate it is! I get the overwhelming feeling that the majority of blogular enthusiasm for and criticism of these photos has more to do with what they mean about Western people than anything else. ‘Is this how feminism is done now?’ ‘Has empowerfulness gone global?’ ‘Does this help or hurt [x] cause?’ Valid questions, but it seems that even when a women puts herself at considerable risk to post her own photos of herself on her own blog with her own commentary her female nudity is treated as an invitation to absolutely everybody to completely bypass her individual personhood and treat the nudity as a public commodity.

  33. j_bird

    @josquin: My idea of subversive is an entire calendar filled with women dressed in comfortable clothes appropriate to the seasonal weather, shoes that facilitate getting to where the wearer wants to go, with undyed hair which allows for full forward and peripheral vision, wearing no make-up, no jewelry or breast-accentuating underwear, and engaged in activities which don’t draw the gaze of the viewer to the physical attributes of the woman.

    Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

    @Jen: I like your idea of sex education including an introduction to the variety of women’s body types. I’d just add that it would be helpful to see a catalog of men’s body types as well. Partly to emphasize that it’s not just one sex that’s for looking at, and partly to show the non-binarism that exists in reality: I mean, for every woman with “unfeminine” narrow hips or big upper body muscles, there’s a man with wide hips or a skinny upper body.

  34. Mildred

    My philosophy is if its pissing men off its probably feminism. If you have any dudes nodding their heads in agreement with anything you’re doing, you’re probably not doing it right.
    So Alia has pissed a lot of men off in Egypt, feminist for sure, some ladies in North America do it and no one cares, not feminist, just upholding the status quo.
    Years ago, a man on the internet asked me to send a photo of my ass to him for $5. So I bent my index finger and took a photo of the ass looking finger-cleavage. Yep, he gave me the five bucks and told me how hot it was bla bla. Dudes will jerk off to anything and there’s nothing subversive about boners and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be a wise-ass, they’ll interpret whatever you do in relation to porn standards.
    I used to see women trying to do something different with indie self-made porn, including myself. You have a hairier bush or you wear less make up or you don’t wear high heels. Dudes just send you emails saying, “Why don’t you wear hair extensions in your next set? Why don’t you wear a thong?” You can just tell they’re looking at your photos thinking, ‘yeah this is hot enough’ and just fill in the blanks mentally.
    Its a real shame and waste of time; imperfectly feminine women trying to shoe-horn themselves into the porn game. After a while you realise that ‘amateur’ is just another porn niche.

  35. yttik

    A couple of bright young girls were talking about the music world and how boring it is to see half naked women like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc. They think they’re being edgy and cool, but it’s no longer shocking to see a bra, corset, and heavy make up. That’s been done for like, decades. Oh look, a woman in her panties, how radical. Not! So anyway, these girls decided that what would really be shocking is if Lady Gaga showed up some day in a pair of old sweats with no make up. They giggled about the shock factor of THAT presentation, and in solidarity with the idea, ditched their dresses and decided to go to the dance in their basketball shorts. This idea spread around school and last Friday we had eleven girls show up, not decked out in compliant garb. It was quite fun to watch.

  36. j_bird

    Ah, upon closer reading, I see that someonered has already addressed my point about seeing men naked:
    This seems very important to me, too. We see less than ideal men’s bodies half naked all the time. In commercials, movies, tv shows, in the audience at sporting events, and acting as cheerleaders at sporting events

    This is true, but I still want to see a book of naked men accompanying the one of naked women. Even if the naked women we draw or look at in books are very respectfully portrayed, they’re still being put out there purely for the purposes of our viewing. And I want men to go through that too.

  37. TwissB

    Bottom-line realists of the day award to: Humanbein & Ginjoint

    @Jen: “And the message would NOT be, “look, all of these women are beautiful.” It would explain instead that women are.”
    If we must have calendars, imagine the Lovepug/Josquin calendar with Jen’s two-word explanation headlining each page.

    For western women, simple,useful protest actions not scripted by the Patriarchy , e.g.: an all-purpose form letter to be sent to sponsors of products advertised on the ever-proliferating TV programs of the Project Runway, Top Model, Makeover Magic, Design the Most Hideous Clothes for Women Contest, etc. type, all featuring over-the-top bossy men and their scary women handmaidens List them all together as a tangle of vipers, indistinguishable from each other in girl-mag speak as Programs We Won’t Watch and, another list, Products We Won’t Buy. Witty Blamers could do wonders with this sober scheme.

    Eve Ensler pegs the top of the “Patriarchy Loves Her” meter.

    Interesting sign of the times: Well-illustrated article yesterday in some pop source asking if the magazine cover doing the D. Moore/A. Leibovitz nude pregnant woman pose had become a tired cliche with every pregnant star lining up to strip and stand with one hand on the breasts and the other cradling the male-colonized belly. I suspect that few women recognized it as the wily Annie giving the boys a bit of the old pornography of pregnancy genre, but with higher production values. Perfect for taunting female co-workers “Whatsa matter, don’t you think a pregnant women is beautiful??” The original Demi cover was also new Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown’s announcement that she could compete with the guys when it came to exploiting women subjects.

  38. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Last time I watched my nephew’s kids while he & his wife went to a wedding, one of my auntly duties was giving his 5-yr-old son a bath. After the tub, I toweled him off & set him free to run, joyously, riotously naked, down the hallway. And reflected on how sad and sick it is that not everyone is free to enjoy such a simple pleasure.

  39. stacey

    I’m disturbed that nearly all the women in the calendar display incipient bunyons on their feet. Free your toes!

  40. susanw

    As POWs in the War Against Women, it is our duty to try to escape: test the bars, check the locks, subvert the guards, file another appeal, plan a breakout, dig a tunnel, hunger strike for publicity, subvert the system. If you’re performing femininity to keep your job, wear less make-up than yesterday, choose lower heels, or claim a bunion. Talk back, say no to sex you don’t want, stop cooking. Force the oppressors to crack down, and use their tyranny for agitprop. Push the limits every day in every way you can imagine.
    Commitment to the revolution doesn’t promise improved personal conditions. When we put our bodies on the line to oppose the patriarchy, we do so knowing we’ll have to endure even greater oppression in the short run, but that is the price of all great social movements; lots of us will suffer and some of us will die for change. Revolution isn’t a for profit enterprise or a self improvement class. It isn’t enpowerfullmentizing. It isn’t a walk-a-thon or a bake sale or a fund raiser. A radical feminist revolution (not the fun kind) challenges, undermines, and ultimately overthrows patriarchy by as much deliberate defiance and sabotage as each of us can manage. How is getting naked on the net a kind of feminist insurgency? Mutinous women refuse to strip for the male gaze

  41. Fictional Queen

    Greetings from Iran! I feel very conflicted about this. I understand where these women are coming from and I admire and respect their incredible bravery. But somehow women making a statement should always involve tits. Ultimately, this will have no effect. Why do women always have to be nude to make a statement?! The problem is basically that women are the sex class and the female body is imprisoned in nasty male defined crap. Cover it up and you’re oppressing women. Expose it and you’re oppressing women. That is a very suffocating and infuriating thing! There’s really nothing subversive about naked female bodies. Again, WHY is female nudity has become the standard thing to do to oppose things? And to sell things. And to make a boring movie interesting. And just about everything else. This is a Western thing and I don’t want it to pollute our idea of liberation too! It already has a great deal. A lot of people I know look at Western women, all porny and half naked on TV, and think wow, look how free they are!
    We’re so covered up all the time, these women are just fucking ANGRY. They’re taking off their clothes and going, F you! Here it is! My female body! F you! I hope at least they personally feel liberated and awesome. Part of the problem is that female nudity is already the tool of the Patriarchy in the West, just not in the East. It’s a complicated issue but it’s not gonna do anything for women’s liberation afterall.
    As for the Western women, oh for fuck’s sake. I don’t know any instance where Western women’s helping of Middle Eastern women isn’t a big huge misogynist failure. One of the biggest cornerstone’s of Western culture is naked women! Geez. Whenever Western women want to do anything againt the patriarchy… they flash their tits. Well intentioned, but a big fail. You won’t go to prison for saying things! Instead of getting naked all the time, use your mouth to make a statement. But I don’t want to be too harsh to them. They’re still women and the fact that they understand the misogyny of our patriarchy is a good thing. They just gotta understand theirs.
    You know what the problem is? That male reaction has any importance at all. That male ideas has an importance on women’s lives. IBTP.

  42. speedbudget

    As usual, some Class A blaming going on, and Jen deserves HUGE props for some awesome blaming.

    Somewhat related, here is a petition for a Personhood Amendment for women and those who identify as such. Please sign if you are so inclined. http://www.change.org/petitions/senators-patty-murray-al-franken-and-kristen-gillibrand-personhood-for-women

  43. speedbudget

    Jen and Fictional Queen’s comments, taken together, lead me to think: What would have happened if Elmahdy didn’t have a porn-compliant body with which to protest? Would she have gained any traction at all?

  44. Greenconsciousness

    and here is another – the WH petition to remove Limbaugh from armed services radio

    Sign the petition here…Look at the bottom of the page, your right side .. create an account .. its easy:


  45. Fictional Queen

    The idea that women being naked is opposing the patriarchy comes from the idea that women exist to serve. Even when you want to do something for YOURSELF, you do it in a way that makes you an object to be looked at by other people! It’s very difficult to understand this, and very difficult to break this cycle.
    And then, you have women who really are doing it for themselves, but because of this prison of society, it ends up being nothing but an object for other people to look at. I think that really makes women angry, and they attempt to challenge this by posing naked while not porny. The problem isn’t with the women. It’s with the patriarchy. And the fact that whatever we do, the patriarchy turns it into a meaningless object of the male gaze. IBTP.

  46. Doctress Ju'ulia

    Lovepug, yeah!

    Josquin, can I be in it?

  47. Kea

    Been wondering about the billion women, internet organised protest. Dancing, er, no. But how about something like this: job swapping. One day, any woman who wishes to join the protest swaps her job/duties with another woman, a stranger to her and her work colleagues, perhaps working for another company or in a different home. The point being that the men shouldn’t mind which woman works for them, because it’s just a woman.

  48. Jen

    Thank you, speedbudget, for the link and the props. I wonder what Twisty and others think of the Personhood Amendment for women (besides that it is doomed to failure).

    I think your question about Elmahdy is a good one. I don’t know the answer.

    This thread also has me thinking of the book Uncovered by Jordan Matter.

  49. Chawki

    Fictional Queen, everything you’re saying is excellent. Especially “Even when you want to do something for YOURSELF, you do it in a way that makes you an object to be looked at by other people!”

    Let’s take it a step further: This may be reading a bit too much into things, but can women really do anything publicly sex-related for just for themselves? Since women don’t enjoy the luxury of being seen as real individuals, when someone says they do public sex stuff for themselves, they may actually be doing that. They may like it, for whatever reason. But other women who have to regularly interact with men have to deal with the attitudes that all those things create- namely, that women are sexually available all the time, we’re loose, we’re decoration, our bodies are here to be sexxxay, etc. Women get lumped in with the individuals doing this stuff. THAT’S my main problem with all this.

    Different feminists in different places have their own ways of proving a point within their specific cultures. A bunch of Western women standing in solidarity with Eastern feminists is awesome. This doesn’t seem like the best way to do it. It seems sort of… exploitation-y.

    Regina: “Mutinous women refuse to strip for the male gaze.”
    I need this on a bumper sticker. Excellently worded.

  50. Frumious B.

    Looks like FEMEN put their dog in the race – see Taqueau October. I’m still not sure how I feel about that group. If they were Americans, I would roll eyes like I do for burlesque and roller derby. But they are not. They have a different cultural milieu that I am not sure I’m qualified to comment on. Maybe I’m taking cultural relativity too far.

    If anyone is not familiar, here are links:

    Natch, since all naked ladies are filtered through the male gaze, Buzzfeed has a best of FEMEN article that does not bear linking to.

  51. TwissB

    Thanks to speedbudget for alerting this blog to the patronizing, ahistorical, misinformative, and shallowly political move by exactly the kind of gate-keeping self-appointed Women’s Best Friends who played a key role in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. I hope Jen is right in assuming that this so-called Personhood Amendment will fall flat like all the previous diversions from a strong, meaningful ERA – i.e.one that makes it clear to men that equality will look different when women get their place in the 14th Amendment.

    But enough squawking. To see what is wrong with this cute pink lace-trimmed deceptive proposal to do something special – but DIFFERENT – for the girls , see Papers #10 and #760 on my web site and see Kathleen Barry’s excellent biography “Susan B. Anthony: A Singular Feminist” for the description of how the drafters of the 14th Amendment manipulated the word “person” to include corporations and exclude women.

    And please don’t sign that insulting petition.

  52. stacey

    Alas, alas. The personhood thingy won’t do shit for you. Canadian women were declared “persons” in 1929 and we’re still under the jackboot of patriarchy.

    h ttp://www.historica-dominion.ca/content/heritage-minutes/emily-murphy Emily Murphy was a kick-ass Canadian who fought for women’s property rights, became the first woman police magistrate in Canada (over speaking out to defend prostitutes!) and founded the Famous Five, a group of women who challenged the then-government to declare women “persons” under law.



    The Personhood Amendment petition isn’t a weaker alternative to the ERA; it is a (apparently NECESSARY (!)) response to all of the “personhood of a FETUS” amendments currently making the rounds of the statehouses, and it was put together by bonafide Feminists including Melissa McEwan of Shakesville.


    Alas, alas. The personhood thingy won’t do shit for you. Canadian women were declared “persons” in 1929 and we’re still under the jackboot of patriarchy.

    Correct me if I am wrong (ad I very well might be!) but, I am under the impression that in Canada you have unrestricted access to abortion? (Not to mention universal access to medical care). So it might be doing SOMETHING!

  55. Someone Else

    The thing about western gals posing nude for “feminism”, it always has a “buy this pink ribboned crap” vibe to me.

    What I mean is, if you’re a westerner, posing nude is something easy, cheap, and meaningless you can do “for a cause”. It feels to me like the same mentality as the grocery shopper thinking, ” Hey, I was gonna buy yogurt anyway, I’ll buy the pink one to save women. ”

    Or buy the bottle of dawn with a baby seal on it (I swear, we have these in our local grocery store), which clearly will fix whatever kind of problems we have regarding oil exploration in the deep oceans.

    What all of these actions have in common is you can do this thing (buy soap, pose nude) and convince yourself you’ve done your part for cause XYZ, when you haven’t done anything at all. (And as our host has explained in far better detail in regards to the Dread Pink Ribbon, you may very well have done the exact opposite.)

    And again, I’m specifically talking about privileged westerners, here. I respect the courage of Aliaa Magda Elmahdy – she is taking a significant, perhaps life-threatening risk. I have no idea if it will work, but damn, that took guts.

  56. Someone Else

    The pictures have been removed (“this content is unavailable”) , by the way.

  57. Kaline

    On the topic of getting naked in print as a subversive act:

    I went to a very small, very exclusive private engineering college. They made an effort to keep the male-female ratio close to 50-50, but the administration and faculty were overwhelming male. In every yearbook, each student got 1/6 of a page to publish whatever they wanted (no illegal activity or swearing).

    My senior year I decided to use my space to publish simple snapshots of the nude torsos of as many of my fellow female students as were interested. I’m still not sure exactly what we were getting at. Maybe just to state, as Jen and TwissB said, women are. In a school that dealt with gender by pretending everyone was a dude, we wanted to get in peoples faces as women.

    It was hardly an epic triumph of feminism, but I think we were onto something, because the dudes flipped. Student dudes in the student government, administration dudes, and the 100%-dude board of directors of the college all freaked out. It was scandalous! Vulgar! Inappropriate! Not in line with the character of the college!

    In the modern western world the female body is still dirty and shameful, even when it’s sexy. And men really don’t like it when they are forced to deal with a naked female body that isn’t under their control. They did not want those boobs next to their frisbee photos and thinly veiled pot jokes. The nude calender has a number of flaws, but I would be more supportive if they’d taken out a full-page add in the New York Times and the Washington Post, or put up a billboard. Make them engage on your terms.

  58. Lidon

    “Here’s a revolutionary calendar idea: Miss January receives a larger paycheck for the same job done by a male coworker. Why here’s Miss August walking down a dark alley at night perfectly safe. Miss October just walked out of the house without makeup wearing sweatpants and a tshirt and nobody called her on her feminity. Miss June gives a speech before a group made up entirely of men and they’re all listening. Oooo, and here’s Miss March draped over the hood of her sports car…because she’s about to change the oil.”

    No fucking shit, huh?

    God. Why is it so complicated to grasp that these are two sides of the same coin? It’s STILL about women’s bodies. Women are objects so they HAVE to cover up / women are objects so they SHOULD bare it all. It’s the Same.Shit. Naked or burqa, you’re not gonna get there by making statements with your tits. Brains people! BRAINS!!!

    “Does anybody know how to get lobe stains out of carpet? ‘Cause it went everywhere.”

    HAHA I’m in love with this blog. Any of you guys live in southern Calif? It gets lonely out here.

  59. Lidon

    It’s the hypocrisy, or dishonesty, that really gets me. “Oh, but it’s for a cause.” At least call a spade a spade.

  60. josquin

    Lidon: yes! high heels, boob jobs, porn = burqa, foot-binding, and “modesty”

    it’s the same crap, just packaged for a different market. Hell, sometimes it’s the same market. Whatever, it’s the same crap. It is an enforced uniform which states that the wearer is a second-class member of the sex class and that they should never forget that fact.

  61. qvaken

    Lidon: “It’s STILL about women’s bodies. Women are objects so they HAVE to cover up / women are objects so they SHOULD bare it all. It’s the Same.Shit. Naked or burqa, you’re not gonna get there by making statements with your tits. Brains people! BRAINS!!!”

    Fair call. On the other hand, they’re going to be oppressed no matter what they do. So they might as well do a nude calendar. Or they might as well have a Chador Day in the West, just to shove it in the face of their Christian male-gaze-exhibiting leaders. They could have Bikini Day or they could make a Warm Winter Clothes Calendar. In any case, men will just make it about themselves. And in ensuring that certain behaviours continue to suit the men’s own needs, they will persuade women into believing that it’s to the women’s own benefit to keep doing it.

    What’s there to do that would ACTUALLY make a statement?

    The part that does give me a sense of pleasure is imagining how pissed off the Egyptian men will be at Elmahdy’s pictures. Like Mildred said, “if its pissing men off its probably feminism.”

  62. Friend of Snakes

    I generally feel that most online petitions are worth the paper they’re printed on. And if the three Senators referenced in that request for signatures really think it would be a good idea to start the amendment process rolling, they can do so without needing 1000 random voters’ okay.

    I take it this amendment is along the same lines as proposed laws specifying exams with rectal probes for men wanting Viagra?

    I am interested in the choice of words in the first sentence of this proposed amendment:

    “A person identifying as a woman and/or having a uterus.”

    I think it better be clear and specify “a person identifying as a woman 24 hours a day.” And may I ask, what’s with the and/or construction? What does it mean: “a person identifying as a woman OR having a uterus?” Would that be a person having a uterus, but who doesn’t identify as a woman? My head is spinning. Maybe they should simply specify “a person having a vagina.”

    I’ll wait for a re-introduction of the ERA, thanks. Maybe someone could put up a petition for that. Just for the fun of it.

  63. mad

    Not quite ‘this side of the pond’: Maryam Namazie is an Iranian refugee living in the UK. And she appears to be appreciated by other women who are directly concerned:

  64. speedbudget

    Definitely your feminist act is very position driven. Posing naked here doesn’t have the same effect as it does in Egypt. I still wonder, though, if Ehlmady looked less P2K compliant, would there be women here jumping on her bandwagon? Would we have heard anything about her? I am suspecting that she only got the international play she got because she looked right.

    I know this Personhood Amendment is doomed to failure. It would just be nice to have a fucking conversation in which one side has to admit that they believe that in fact, no, women aren’t people. In fact, it would be great if BOTH sides admitted they thought that and we could get on with the movement without them. I think the climate right now is one in which many people would be outraged by the admission.

  65. nails

    Is there any way to find out how Elmahdy feels about all this? It seems really condescending for women who live in a country where it is impossible to avoid seeing sexualized images of women to show “solidarity” in such a fashion. There isn’t anything to struggle against here for the right to be sexualized and nude.

    If anything the duty of western feminists is to talk about what happened to western women after the sexual revolution. The freedom to post naked pictures of yourself isn’t so swell when porn is what it is. Men will treat you like you’re porn fodder no matter what, you have even less chance of recourse after participating in actual porn, no matter how mild. The men who make money off of nude women are treated like kings (hugh hefner is a good example), the women who are naked are treated like idiotic commodities (like hugh’s girlfriends). It is a definite step up to not be stoned to death for being naked, just like voting was a step up for women in America, but a new set of problems are introduced each time women step up in status. The backlash is hard and strong and pretends to be something else.

    I like lovepug’s idea. Where the fuck is that calendar? I’d toss my cows-on-a-dairy-farm calendar for the actually feminist women’s calendar any day, and it actually makes sense in the context. It would be a calendar of women doing things they aren’t supposed to do, that some people can’t imagine unless they see it. Of course no one but actual feminists would buy that calendar, so it won’t get a bunch of fawning media attention. I still think it might be worth doing.

  66. Lidon

    “On the other hand, they’re going to be oppressed no matter what they do. So they might as well do a nude calendar. Or they might as well have a Chador Day in the West, just to shove it in the face of their Christian male-gaze-exhibiting leaders. They could have Bikini Day or they could make a Warm Winter Clothes Calendar. In any case, men will just make it about themselves. And in ensuring that certain behaviours continue to suit the men’s own needs, they will persuade women into believing that it’s to the women’s own benefit to keep doing it.”

    I don’t think they might as well add to the pile by doing a nude calendar. They do get naked for their husbands behind closed doors – men are aware that they have nude bodies; hence the requirements for them to cover up in public.

    “What’s there to do that would ACTUALLY make a statement?”

    Education, education, education. Leadership, leadership, leadership. Independence, independence, independence (emotional, financial, etc.) And yes, these things take time but progression is slow. Nude pin-up photos with lacy stockings, cute little slippers, and hair bows aren’t going to cut it. Piss certain dudes off momentarily fine, but change? Don’t think so. Unless by change you’re referring to increased girly photos and porn, then maybe.

  67. JR

    This discussion always leads down several avenues, all worth exploring (I believe), if for no other reason, for the examination of how they lead women to a no win situation under patriarchy.
    Avenue A: Women should be free to undress as they will, and being naked in an patriarchal society – which is all of them – celebrates that. This is true, but inevitably leads to the “men treating women as sex objects” problem and thereafter to the “but she asked for it” ridiculousness of sexual harassment and rape. What is not addressed or discussed ever: how a man’s nudity, partial or otherwise, is demanded, culturally structured, or similarly punished when it occurs.
    Avenue B: Women should be free to be in a state of undress regardless of their appearance so that women of all sizes, shapes, and ages understand that they are beautiful and thus improve their self-esteem! This is laudatory from some angles, in an attempt to counteract the “all women must be anorexic and Aryan” demand of the beauty/porn industry that crushes so many women’s souls. However, what it fails to deconstruct is the idea that we should be getting our self esteem from our “beauty” in the first place – that our attractiveness to men is what is important about us. It also fails to be aware of the fact that women of color, women of size, older women, women who don’t shave, etc., are already represented in certain porn markets as fetish objects for the men who wish something exotic and different – such women are the off brand, so to speak. Because all women are still objects.
    Avenue C: Women should dress in such a way as to be comfortable and/or convey respect for their persons – in other words, like men. This is indeed what I do in life, and it tends to be the usual radical feminist response. It is what would make the most sense if we didn’t live under patriarchy. However in some ways it feels like living in a fantasy world. The fact is men won’t respect you. Or men will “respect” you for covering up in that way that an ex of mine “respects” women who are “worthy of respect” – as opposed to dirty whores who are asking for it by dressing like “sluts”, the old virgin/whore chivalry bullshit. Or men will call you a filthy, dirty, hairy, fat old dyke, and doctors and therapists and your girlfriends will imply you must be “depressed” for not “taking care of yourself” by wearing lots of makeup and showing a little skin and doing your best to look like a supermodel even though you never, ever really will, because you need to do that to show you have self esteem, you know. And even if you look as much like a supermodel as you can while not showing TOO much skin, get straight As in school and go on to work overtime at our job every week while adroitly avoiding any sexual harassers or awkward situations on the job, you still won’t get paid as much as any men there who do the same job as you, even if you’re doing it better than they are, even if you’re a conventionally attractive thin white woman, and it’s all downhill from there.
    I hate to sound so depressing. But sometimes I think it just all needs a good dose of reality. This is the patriarchy. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That’s what the patriarchy means.

  68. someonered

    This is a blog written by an Egyptian woman, in which she puts Magda’s action in context.

    Women aren’t forced to cover up in Egypt. Women are used as hypersexualized / sex-clowns / used as props, just as they are in the West.

    What I find striking is that this woman’s P2K compliant body (I agree the attention would have been much reduced if she looked mockable, she’d have been mocked and that’s about it) raised more outrage than the so-called ‘virginity’ tests.

    The naked ladies get a calendar in ” honor ” of IWD. The women who were raped on the street by soldiers get, well, mostly forgotten, apparently.

    The calendars, for me, tell us that objectification is still awesome.

    And nobody seems to be talking about the rampant objectification and abuse/harassment/rape in Egypt.

    Capitulation maybe isn’t the best strategy when doing battle, perhaps.

  69. someonered

    Sorry, bad word choice. We all look “mockable” to the P. I meant if her body wasn’t of the type that would be used to sell things other than diet ads, adultery facilitation websites, or perhaps used in a fat-shaming PETA campaign.

  70. someonered

    Sorry again, here’s the link to the blog. http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/3208/waiting-for-alia

  71. Jen

    Thanks for the link, someonered.

    Mikdashi is making some very important points here:

    “But it is surprising that an adult woman’s decision to take a nude picture of herself and publish it on her blog has created more controversy across the political spectrum than the fact that Egyptian soldiers were administering ‘virginity tests’ with their fingers on and in female protestors. It is less surprising that a photo meant to challenge, not titillate the viewer, has inspired more rage than film posters that pose a naked woman trying to escape the strategically placed grasps of a man, who is posed as a would-be rapist.”

    I’m not sold on her analysis of al-Mahdy’s photo, though. What do you think of this excerpt?

    “She is not selling anything, and she is not trying to turn us on. Her use of fishnet stockings appears to be a commentary on the clichés of commodified seduction. Her nudity is not about sex, but it aims to reinvigorate a conversation about the politics of sex and the uneven ways it is articulated across the fields of gender, capital, and control. She is staring back at us, daring us to look at her and to not turn away. Daring us to have this debate.”

  72. someonered

    It is as charitable as it can be, that’s my opinion. It’s a nice sentiment, but IMO you can’t fight objectification by objectifying yourself. And IMO a huge part of the problem is that women simply aren’t thought of as human, and to me it seems a big reason why is the dehumanization that is the natural and intended consequence of that objectification.

  73. tinfoil hattie

    Feminists ruin everything. How dare we point out that objectifying yourself sexually is not subversive or edgy; rather, it is compliant.

    “What’s there to do that would ACTUALLY make a statement?”

    In patriarchy? Nothing. It’s lose/lose. That’s why it’s patriarchy. JR summed it up nicely, I thought.

    I have so much outrage fatigue, and I am so tired of being the one lone voice in my group of friends who looks at ANY of this with a nuanced view. There’s a video going around with two P2K compliant white women singing a merry song (with accordion!) about how “we’re sluts!” because they have master’s degrees, need birth control for their painful periods, etc. It’s being sent around by my friends as a hilarious take-down of Rush Limbaugh! Isn’t that FUNNY! Haw-haw!

    I pointed out that the problem is: if Sandra Fluke had been advocating for unfettered access to BIRTH FUCKING CONTROL for women because women, you know, can get PREGNANT, and 40 years’ worth of not getting PREGNANT is a legitimate health concern, she’d be chastised by right and left alike as Whorey McSlutterton. But since she’s a good girl who is advocating for birth control for the “right” reasons (ovarian cysts, painful periods), we’re all on her side!

    One snotty answer I got back: “or it just a stupid song that makes fun of Rush in a way most people understand…”

    To which I replied something along the lines of: “Yes, and lots of people don’t like me for the things I fail to find funny. After all, it is the fault of people who point out sexism for RUINING EVERYTHING. Not the actual sexists themselves, right?”

    Furthermore: How is Greta Christina appearing nude on this calendar helping women in Egypt not have to wear burkas? It’s like me eating all my food so Poor Chinese Children won’t starve.

    FUN RUINERS UNITE! I’m so glad I have this place, for when the bile in my throat rises up so high I feel like SPITTING on misogynists everywhere.

  74. beth

    On women seeing other women naked and knowing that they aren’t terrible deviant mutants – I don’t think we need books full of pictures of women for that. When I was a teenager I went to festivals in the less prudish bits of Europe (than England), and saw normal women’s bodies in the showers and changing rooms.

  75. TwissB

    If I knew how to make this shorter, I would.

    @ Someonered: “Capitulation maybe isn’t the best strategy when doing battle, perhaps.”

    No perhaps about it. Sadly, it explains why women’s initiatives against men’s dominance are routinely defeated. Declaring them “victories for women” changes nothing. As nails: puts it: “It is a definite step up to not be stoned to death for being naked, just like voting was a step up for women in America, but a new set of problems are introduced each time women step up in status. The backlash is hard and strong and pretends to be something else.”

    The something else is delivered with the message to take this token change, call it Progress, and shut up.

    If I sound insistent about the significance under the US Constitution that men are still refusing to allow women to be “persons” that’s because that is the key to a valid claim to entitlement to equal protection of the law, obliging the courts to respond as they do when men, corporations, or (as some would have it) fetuses are “hurt” by federal action. Otherwise, any silly excuse for denial is acceptable, as @Stacy says:
    “The personhood thingy won’t do shit for you. Canadian women were declared “persons” in 1929 and we’re still under the jackboot of patriarchy.”

    And KMTBerry then points to the tokens: “I am under the impression that in Canada you have unrestricted access to abortion? (Not to mention universal access to medical care). So it might be doing SOMETHING!”

    All true, but in fact the campaigns to prohibit discrimination against women under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the US Constitution both focused prematurely on standard legislative strategies to get a win without patiently building broad grassroots understanding and demand by women that alone could provide the political force to change the Charter and Constitution and make these guarantees effective in the making, interpreting, and enforcement of law. Various capitulations to continued discrimination made along the way have kept women in both countries fighting the same old battles over basic issues. Any minority class of men – non-white, gay – trumps women in importance.

    It is essential to publicly fight through sexist barriers, including the sneaky “benign discrimination” ones and to build bold expectations in advance of ratification as to what changes constitutional amendments will support because this is how democratic constitutions work:

    “[The Canadian] Charter only states these rights and freedoms in very general terms. Their precise meaning is interpreted and clarified by the Canadian judiciary (and, in particular, the Supreme Court of Canada).”

    The Charter’s basic statement of the rights of “persons” (corporations specifically excluded) contains guaranteed spoilers , e.g. religion, affirmative action pretexts, that open the door wide to any kind of discrimination that has a powerful political constituency and thus can frame issues for public discussion in news media and elsewhere:

    “15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.
    (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.”

  76. TwissB

    Scalia gets to the heart of it “What does equal protection mean?” and then does the standard trivialization about toilets. But, honestly, is lawyer Feinstein’s weak questioning and ignorance of the historical record (watch it on C-Span) the best we can do??

    C-Span 3

    Diane Feinstein: And now I want to ask you something about the 14th Amendment and if both of you could respond to it. It’s simple, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, not shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without the due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Is a woman included in that definition?

    Justice Steven Breyer: Yeah, a woman’s a person. I think that’s well established. [Har,har liberal blow-off]

    Justice Antonin Scalia: Yeah, the issue is not whether a woman’s a person. The issue is —

    Feinstein: You’re right. Go on.

    Scalia: The issue is, what constitutes equal protection?

    Feinstein: Yes, all right. Are women included?

    Scalia: Of course they’re included —

    Feinstein: Well, let me ask you —

    Scalia: But does equal protection mean that you have to have unisex toilets, —

    Feinstein: No, no …

    Scalia: I mean that’s the kind of question you have to get into —

    Feinstein: Your quote, Mr. Justice, in California, “Certainly the Constitution does not require discrimination on the basis of sex. The only issue is whether it prohibits it. It doesn’t. Nobody ever thought that’s what it meant. Nobody ever voted for that. If the current society wants to outlaw discrimination by sex, hey, we have things called legislatures, and they enact things called laws.”

    So, why doesn’t the 14th Amendment, then, cover women?

    Scalia: The 14th Amendment, senator, does not apply to private discrimination. I was speaking of Title Vii and laws that prohibit private discrimination. The 14th Amendment says nothing about private discrimination, only discrimination by government.

    Justice Breyer: Yes.

    Feinstein: So — oh, I see what you meant.

    Scalia: Yeah.

    Feinstein: Okay. All right …

    [So maybe if she were wearing pasties, a G-string, and fishnet stockings they’d take her seriously?]

  77. GMM

    A little of topic, but The Southern Poverty Law Center is actually coming to the conclusion that the MRM is a hate movement, and dangerous ones at that:.


  78. GMM

    The SPLC also has these two articles from their Intelligence Report, Spring 2012:

    Misogyny: The Sites

    Men’s Rights Movement Spreads False Claims about Women

  79. Friend of Snakes

    Christ on a crutch, I understand the concept of being in moderation. But to have a comment held up HERE for using the words “uterus” and “vagina” in the same post. Yikes!

  80. Friend of Snakes

    On the other hand, since that ^ post went through snicker snack, musta been something else. Never mind.

  81. Lidon

    ‘“She is not selling anything, and she is not trying to turn us on. Her use of fishnet stockings appears to be a commentary on the clichés of commodified seduction. Her nudity is not about sex, but it aims to reinvigorate a conversation about the politics of sex and the uneven ways it is articulated across the fields of gender, capital, and control. She is staring back at us, daring us to look at her and to not turn away. Daring us to have this debate.”’

    Oy. This reminds me of all the art criticism and analysis I was forced to endure during college. No wonder I did drugs!

    “Feminists ruin everything. How dare we point out that objectifying yourself sexually is not subversive or edgy; rather, it is compliant.”

    I know, how dare you. I’m getting used to “ruining everything” when I comment on issues with my friends who just don’t seem to get it. Debbie Downers unite!

  82. stacey

    TwissB, many thanks for the in-depth explanation of Canadian charter rights, thus saving me the effort of being serious instead of glib. I much prefer being glib. I’d like to add, however, that “sexual orientation” is informally included in the list of charter rights; orientation is protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act, which covers the federal government and any entity overseen by the feds, and is also protected (to varying degrees) under the provincial and territorial acts. It’s a sore point that the gov’t has not yet officially added orientation to the Charter; but someday, someday.

  83. Shelby

    Oh tinfoil hattie I hear you sister. See this is why I HATE everybody.

  84. speedbudget

    I found this to be incredibly feminist. I wish this had existed when I was growing up. I always wanted to skate, but only boys did that, and I was never invited. More of this kind of stuff please.


  85. speedbudget

    Also: Don’t look at the comments.

  86. Bushfire

    FUCK funfeminists and their patriarachy-compliant bullshit. I’m so pissed right now.

    I have been a part of Slutwalk Toronto this whole time, and I have met this woman a couple of times. I posted exactly what I thought of this on the Slutwalk Toronto Facebook page, and now I’m counting down to getting banned.

    Aren’t there enough funfeminists around? You blamers are my favouritest people.

  87. stacey

    Ah, crap speedbudget. I saw this the other day:

    h ttp://ladies-of-longboarding.com/

    You guessed it… a nude calendar. To raise funds for breast cancer research, no less. Two of our favourite things on this blog!

  88. TwissB

    Stacy – You are so right that Sexual Orientation will be specifically included in the human rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it will in the US because, like race, the sexual orientation class includes MEN and we certainly would not want them hurt by discrimination so we’ll just agree to speak of sexual orientation, not discrimination on the basis of stereotypes governing biological sex. Women, as the only class that does not include men, is the one denied full human equality. and excuses can always by found to allow discrimination against them., including when they are also members of a racial or sexual minority class.

    Getting constitutions to mean what they say is the challenge. To watch the weasel-wording going on, just look at this commentary on Section 28 on Wikipedia that typifies them all:

    Canadian Charter
    of Rights and Freedoms

    Part of the Constitution Act, 1982.

    Equality Rights

    15 (quoted in my previous post)

    Section 28 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a part of the Constitution of Canada. It does not contain a right so much as it provides a guide as to how to interpret rights in the Charter. Specifically, section 28 addresses concerns of sexual equality, and is analogous to (and was modelled after) the proposed Equal Rights Amendment in the United States.

    The section reads:

    “28. Notwithstanding anything in this Charter, the rights and freedoms referred to in it are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.” [Nice and glib]

    Section 28 is not so much a right because it does not state that men and women are equal; this is done by section 15. Instead, section 28 ensures that men and women have equal claim to rights listed in the Charter. Section 28 can be more beneficial to women in that the section 33 notwithstanding clause can be used to nullify women’s section 15 rights, but not to impair the operation of section 28. Constitutional scholar Peter Hogg has even speculated that section 28 cannot be limited by a section 1 test, given that section 28 is supposed to operate “notwithstanding” other Charter provisions.[1] Nevertheless, in the judicial decision Blainey v. Ontario Hockey Association et al. (1986), it was found that section 28 should have limits of some sort, or it would threaten “public decency” and affirmative action meant to aid women.[2]

    In the case Native Women’s Association of Canada v. Canada (1994), the Court considered and rejected the argument that section 28 could reinforce section 2 of the Charter (freedom of expression) so that a women’s interest group could receive equal benefits as other Aboriginal interest groups in constitutional negotiations, as the other groups had received government money to discuss their concerns. While the Court acknowledged that discussing issues in constitutional negotiations is a matter of expression, there was no evidence that Aboriginal women received lesser rights, as the favoured groups supposedly represented both Aboriginal men and women.

    Alternative interpretations
    The standard conservative reading of section 28 came as a disappointment to feminists. As the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women noted, many of the feminists who pushed for having section 28 in the Charter hoped that it would not just be read literally but would also “provide a social and historical context in which women’s claims can be better understood”; it existed to remind judges charged with enforcing the Charter that women had been “recognized as ‘persons'” and had gained more equality in marriage. This would, in turn, hopefully strengthen women’s rights in section 15, which feminists felt was needed after having been disappointed by pre-Charter women’s rights case law. In fact, in the British Columbia Court of Appeal case R. v. Red Hot Video (1985), some judges did refer to section 28 to say that laws against allegedly sexist obscenity could be upheld; section 28 could have a role to play in a section 1 test upholding laws against obscenity. This line of thinking, however, has had little influence since.[3]

  89. AK

    speedbudget — that girls’ skateboarding crew video made my Sunday. Girls and women being physical, athletic, enjoying their strength–I think that’s much more revolutionary than women getting naked for a calendar and putting feminist captions on the pictures. Women enjoying our bodies in athletic pursuits is subversive because that’s not what we’re supposed to be for. (And we aren’t supposed to be getting strong either).

  90. Jane

    Personhood, Equal Protection Under the Law, yada yada…well, allow me to interject some reality here, about the true Lack of protections for thousands of women in the USA under the ‘law’. Wednesday, I most likely will be going to jail. The charge, child neglect, no injury, reason, dirty house. My children are 12 [male] 16 and 19 [females]. My husband, was of course no charged, why? He wasn’t there, but the DA gave him protected ‘victim’ status and role as parent…of my two minor children, one who he has absolutely no legal rights over whatsoever, because he isn’t the bio-father. He was not charged because he, as a male, as a Parent as told by the DA and by my ‘token DA who is female, painted bird who supports the DA’, he has rights, but NO responsibilities as a parent, other than squirt squirt and sit on his entitled male ass, ALL THE TIME. Did I mention he also works for the State.

    Now, why was our house dirty, I’ll tell you why. I am partially bed ridden, spine cord disease, that is progressively getting worse. I can only walk a few hours before I need several heating pads, on high heat. I was diagnosed in 2009, with my last savings, as my husband canceled our insurance. Now I am uninsured and cannot get coverage because I have pre-existing serious spinal disease that is permanent with permanent nerve damage. I was told this past year, after further injuries to my back after the system forced me to clean with no help from husband or children, from a spine disorder specialist that I need three surgeries, plus some. I immediately was sent to have MRI done, which I am having to pay for, monthly now.

    So, here I have been in chronic pain [excruitating] and CPS knew of this because they had to take me to hospital after my upper back disk herniated for overcompensating for my lower back, all the while they coddled my lazy ‘parent’ husband who never had to be accountable for one thing, reinforcing to my son that men, as parents, have no duties and that WOMEN BETTER CONFORM TO GENDER ROLES AND IF SHE’S ON HER DEATH BED TOO BAD, OFF TO THE GALLOWS SHE GOES, and when I could not move my neck they realized, OH, wow, she really IS disabled. Of course, they left me at hospital to walk home, on drugs and barely able to function, because it’s all about the kids’ right?

    The PD told me, no matter how many X rays and expert medical diagnosis, that my disability, no matter how limiting, is no excuse for my failing to clean, function according to PATRIARCHAL demands, of what constitutes as ‘good parenting’. My husband, however, gets a get out of jail and accountability free card, because you see, it’s not about the children [who were not three, four, but teens], but about the woman who by golly better be the Stepford Wife and if she can’t perform, even if she’s hooked to feeding tubes, why that’s CRIMINAL. Once CPS saw that no matter how injured or how abusive my husband was, via neglect and verbal, they closed the case…after all, it was always about gender roles, hiding behind the skirts of ‘children’s rights’ defined by MALES in a gender bias system.

    Of course, we know that men care so much about housework that is why unpaid labor BY WOMEN, is still that way, unpaid. We know that Women, are charged with ‘failure to protect’ if any slight by man is done to the children…but not MEN, oh no, and not if he has a record of DV [which my husband does, two other women] and if there is evidence of not only neglect of the house, but neglect of a disabled woman. Seriously disabled…and this all, happened in a so called Liberal State.

    What I didn’t realize, is that I am not alone in this, because I am poor and invisible, older and crippled, I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I cannot plead no contest, cannot plead Alfred’s Plea though men in court during my disposition Did and for far more serious crimes, who got a slap on the wrist.

    I am not advocating child neglect, or that I didn’t have a duty to see the house was clean, that isn’t the point, and yes it was deplorable. It was also noted by CPS that this was episodic, that prior to the injury and it getting worse I had always kept the house spotless [with no help of course]. What gets me however, is that here I am, serious spinal cord disease that the specialists, said and wrote, without surgery I will lose all ability to walk and be in a wheelchair. I am near there now, I am 49 years old. My husband, who has never been to a doctor for anything gets a ‘poor poor baby’ pat and not only that, his priors are ignored…I have no criminal history. He has DV history. But that doesn’t matter either…the big thing with the cops and the DA was that I, a woman, was not conforming to my expected GENDER DUTIES as a WIFE, MOTHER, no matter disabled or not, and by golly I deserved to be punished severely.

    Since then, I’ve done research….women in prison do far more time for self defense saving their lives and the lives of their Children…than men do for violent premediated murders, FACT. Women go to prison for non-violent crimes and do more time, endure abuses, medical neglect, rape, from not only men but women, than men do for violent crimes [and this gets worse when you compare the racial disparities]. FACT

    And it’s not just Women…it’s children, in our juvenile system alone, foster care, females are drugged [forced drugging, raped and brokered by family courts and juv systems] with no recourse, while the system makes bank…same is true for youth boys. The male perps, IF they are charged, that’s a big IF, are given full immunity…but the Mothers, get slammed and slammed big,

    failure to protect, etc. This is EPIDEMIC, btw….and elderly women, are dying in jails and the numbers are rising. It looks suspiciously like the beginnings of the Holocaust in Germany against the mentally ill, and disabled.

    Domestic Violence shelters are no help to disabled women, few realize this. Not only that, on many DV shelter boards, they are run by men…who work for the system, and the brokering of human female bodies is huge…to the system to the family courts to the mental health and of course,

    forced drugging. If you are abused, you are mentally ill, don’t you know [and yes, the CPS worker told me just that, in no uncertain terms…blame the victim, never mind economics, court realities, male privilege], if you are angry at past abuse, you are mentally ill, if you reject to being raped, you are mentally ill.

    Fun feminism has done a huge disservice, to the thousands of women whom are neglected in these debates who are suffering and dying in our own backyard…from ages of two to 70, the whole system is nothing more than a Stepford Wives Nazi Surgical via chemical restraint or terrorism via violence, and thousands are literally DYING as we speak. Dying slow horrible deaths, this is not some understatement…and the horror is, there are painted token women who are more than happy to assist in their deaths. Over 100,000 people are giving forced electro shocks, 70% of these are FEMALES, reasons,

    for Defying gender norms, that are enforced via criminal and family courts operated under a sinister misogynist but deliberate planned out strategy to silence and kill those who dare to rebel, who dare to Demand responsibility of duty and CITIZENSHIP on all, not just on females, but to males who claim the ‘rights to the title, parent’.

    Bearing ‘nude’ in calendars to me is senseless…in fighting male oppression, females are forced to bear nude and bend over and be raped in our penal system/juve included on a daily basis. Peta’s pro-porn is a mockery of animal rights–women are forced drugged and criminalized for being WOUNDED by our systems, those institutions of forced drugging have we not forgot,

    tested those drugs in horrible experiments on ANIMALS for years. They hypocrisy is mind blowing, to say the least. I think, there’s like this huge disconnect, HUGE, and that, there is this ‘myth’ that we’ve arrived at equality and rights, when in fact…we aren’t that much liberated than the Egyptian women, not at all.

    The only difference is, it’s sanitized here. And the crematoriums of dead females, is rising…..but hey,

    you might just be wearing the underwear, by Victoria’s Secrets, that are sewn by force, on female inmates, for the profit of male corporate fascists, in our lovely Nazi prison, mental health and court systems, making profit off the broken minds and broken nude bodies, of females all over this country. But men…

    are parents, with rights…just no duties. Women, are bound by law, to obey those gender roles via duties, but with no rights or few rights, and really, no true CITIZENSHIP. No, we aren’t that far from Egypt really, not at all.

    And I don’t think, a nude calendar, will do anything to help me or any other female, under the boot of patriarchal death camps in this nation, whatsoever. Or for the female children, who have to see the reality, of the death rape culture.

  91. Jane

    in regards to my reply [if it’s posted], it is a bit off topic, and I apologize for that, the intent is not to go on and on about my case, it is what it is. But being that I am now part of the ‘criminalized female’ in this so called Equal Protection and Yoo Hoo we are sooooo liberated crock bunk myth so many adhere to in the West, I had to say something,

    because living this hellish nightmare I soon realized the horrors and realities of thousands of women who live in oppression that yes, is very much like Iran’s and Egypt’s, and while they may not be forced to wear the coverings of dark oppressive sheets….

    they ARE forced, to wear the coverings of forced silences, with the black cloud of very real oppressive violence and gag orders mandated by our very own COURTS, fact. They are forced to comply with horrid like witch hunt tortures and rapes while at the same time forced not only into invisibility but into the ostracization [spell?] and mental stoning’s that are public, as well as media covered and celebrated as righteous virtue, that many females themselves support. And these are not rare cases,

    these are epidemics that are astounding, if not shocking. Through this horror I have felt very much like a woman in a theocratic state and yes, I have thought, through numerous tears, at the blatant and DELIBERATE misogynist injustice how easy it would be to just immolate myself, though of course I wouldn’t because one, I wouldn’t do that to my children…but I’ve been to that brink of darkness of where I KNEW there was absolutely no hope whatsoever, of having Any human rights. In a nation that spews human rights and equality, equal protections under the law, etc….

    and I’ve now learned that I am one of thousands, another statistic, that yes, I could die in jail, it is nothing for the system to kill by neglect and abuse elderly women, abused women, prostituted women, in our jail systems…it happens monthly in this nation.

    These are not hardenened criminals either as the media would have you believe, but women and female/and boy children who have been horridly raped, beaten, abused, tortured, and then criminalized for being victims. Worse is the protections through the systems that the real criminals get…the men who profit and protect each other in their dirty deeds while slamming Islamic countries for their horrors…

    doesn’t matter, right wing, left wing, religious or non religious men, I know, my FEMALE CHILDREN know, they are guilty of murder of women and women’s souls through the system. I know, I am living it,

    and I see these discussions on to pose nude or not to pose and I think, “wow, being criminalized for being broken physically, I could very well be forced to be nude and stripped and verbally abused and who knows what else…in This nation of so called Equal Protections…and the crime,

    not cleaning a house.

    Not beating the children, not starving them, but not cleaning a house…because two other adults in the same home, one being a MALE, do not have to clean, do not have to do anything, but be waited on hand and foot. My other adult doesn’t live here full time but still……IF I was a single parent working outside the home [and btw I do homeschool so I do work], and had an elderly disabled person in the house with three teen children, do you think I would be immune from prosecution because I worked, NO. Do you think I would be immune from prosecution if the disabled person was left to rot in bed in a dirty house? NO.

    So then, why a male? Why does a male not be charged with failure to protect, or in abusing a disabled person [and yes there is neglect there to yes, abuse], why?

    Because the laws are NOT equally applied, that’s why. Because the laws USE patriarchal defined laws to abuse and oppress women, while protecting men via immunity. The system criminalizes females horribly for drug use then turns Right around and force drugs them with worse drugs or the same equivalent while making bank….never mind that these forced drugging and reinforcing BURKA like restraints on females leaves many to yes, commit suicide or kills them through complications,

    never mind that these forces of restraints are being used more on more on young females, including the new Teen Screen’s misogynist ‘if a girl is shy, translation, she isn’t putting out’, why she Must be mentally ill and needs forced drugging to make her BDSM COMPLIANT, and never mind if she’s only 10 years old.

    Yes this IS happening, how is that different from Egypt’s forced covering and forced marriages and horrid oppression? In numerous ways it isn’t,

    but you see, it’s suffered by many in the lower and invisible classes, those ‘non-deserving’ women who like how the porn culture separates the compliant from the non-compliant, the system of RESTRAINTS does the same exact thing. But you see, it’s on a far more sinister and even difficult for the most knowing of radical feminists to see,

    and maybe because it IS so intertwined with the Judicial and Religious Inquisition Knights who seek out those non-compliant females for their witchhunts and bdsm ritual fests. Not that unlike the hunts for women who dishonor religious laws and cultures elsewhere…

    so my point is, the whole thing with nude calendars, WE got far more serious issues that are DEADLY facing us…and we had better get a bit more serious in confronting it….abortion while on the forefront, with birth control is yes, important, but I warn you,

    the Holocaust is coming, they’ve been practicing and ‘becoming quite expert’ at murdering females without a glimmer of notice

    right in front of you. I am one of those women…you may not hear from me again., BTW, I do find it a bit odd that the cops swarmed my house not that soon after I wrote numerous articles about the realities of religious bdsm abuses that are being perpetuated and of the porn industry, and how closed door the whole thing with me has been…even keeping it out of the media. If I didnt’ know better, they plan out their murders, as paranoid as I know that sounds,

    we had better be worried, and concerned, and serious. Cutsy stockings and pasties aren’t going to cut it–when they decide to hunt you, they don’t mess around. And you soon find, the so called Illusion of feminist support, simply isn’t there, and the Orwellian nightmare, gets VERY real, Very real.


  92. Bushfire

    In this steaming pile of funfeminist horseshit, Barnett explains that she’s tired of everybody blaming the patriarchy, because the enlightened women have already tossed it aside and moved on.

    Only read it if you want to be enraged.

  93. Jen

    Maybe it’s the late hour, Bushfire, but I found the post amusing. Someone should ask Barnett how she exorcized the male gaze and tossed aside the patriarchy. That way we can all enjoy the sweet liberation.

    I do think the process is going to involve posing nude for a calendar.

    If it doesn’t, I’ll be so disappointed I might have to send her a photo of my downtown sideways frown. I’m sure she’ll think it’s a thing of beauty, a thing to be admired.

  94. zibber

    It’s so meaningless. In Elmadhy’s context, the nudity is entirely subversive. In the west, this kind of nudity holds no power whatsoever. You know what held power? Zoe Leonard’s pin-up style photos of Jennifer Miller. Not this great white savior, Kony ass bullshit. No offense. (No – offense!)

  95. speedbudget

    I tried to toss aside the patriarchy once. It’s got that static cling like those plastic wraps that you take off of tapes and such and then try to throw away and it takes both hands and a foot to remove it from your fingers, only then it gets stuck in your hair.

    I would love to know how she defeated that. Tips, please!

  96. speedbudget

    awwww I keep getting in moderation. Have I reached my thread limit or something?

  97. Kali

    The Egyptian men want women to be privately owned sex objects, all covered up until unwrapped by their husbands. These women have responded by posing nude, essentially saying “no, I’m a publicly owned sex object, any man can look at me and jerk off”. What would be truly revolutionary would be to make the statement “I’m a human being, not an object”.

  98. stacey


    “I can appreciate a nude woman for her mind as much as her sexuality, and I’ll never let anyone tell me that doing so is feeding into the Patriarchy.”

    Oh, this line is to die for. It’s like saying I read Playboy because I appreciate the articles.

  99. minervaK

    The Egyptian men want women to be privately owned sex objects, all covered up until unwrapped by their husbands. These women have responded by posing nude, essentially saying “no, I’m a publicly owned sex object, any man can look at me and jerk off”. What would be truly revolutionary would be to make the statement “I’m a human being, not an object”.

    Word up.

  100. tinfoil hattie

    Oh, Shelby, hearing my daily mantra from another blamer nearly made me sob with relief here in piblic. Seriously. I prefer seeing to not seeing, and knowing to not knowing, but sometimes, I swear to Blameria (my own made-up deity) that I get so goddam fucking LONELY out here.

  101. tinfoil hattie

    Here in PUBLIC, not “piblic.”

  102. Bushfire

    “The Egyptian men want women to be privately owned sex objects, all covered up until unwrapped by their husbands. These women have responded by posing nude, essentially saying “no, I’m a publicly owned sex object, any man can look at me and jerk off”. What would be truly revolutionary would be to make the statement “I’m a human being, not an object”. ”


  103. Fictional Queen

    It’s because of the patriarchy that the logical protest seems to be to say “no, I’m a publicly owned sex object.” Because of the virgin/wh0re prison. If you feel like you’re being made into the virgin, you wanna be the wh0re just to feel like you’re doing something the oppressor doesn’t want you to do. And it feels satisfying. It also feels like rebellion because it seems that’s not what the oppressor wants.
    Not everyone understands this dichotomy, it’s difficult to see it unless you’re an advanced blamer. That very feeling of wanting to do the opposite of what your oppressor wants, I respect that very much in these brave women.
    A lot of girls here in Iran do that, get all dressed up, wear a lot of make-up when they wanna go out, as much as they can get away with and they are very defensive of it because they are damn sick and tired of being forced to be the Virgin. The most heartbreaking thing is you automatically fall into the other category whether you like it or not (which no one does).
    We can make the change at this point, perhaps. Create a different kind of rebellion, outside of conforming to ready, stereotypical patriarchal men’s categories.

  104. Kea

    Create a different kind of rebellion, outside of conforming to ready, stereotypical patriarchal men’s categories.

    Some really try, but the backlash is very serious. Yes, it needs to be a true rebellion, rather than a bunch of loners fighting battles they can only lose.

  105. someonered

    Egyptian men don’t seem to want women covered up at all. Women’s hypersexualized images are used as advertising props just as they are here. Women are shown mostly naked and gyrating in music videos in Egypt just as they are shown elsewhere.

    Or maybe the idea is that their own chattel is supposed to be a privately owned sex object, and any other man’s chattel is free to choose her choice. Either way, joining the self-objectification/dehumanization game seems counterproductive to me.

  106. wiley

    It seems an especially poor choice by Western women to make a nudie calender while Sandra Fluke is being mobbed with slut-shaming for talking about contraception and women’s health in response to a House panel in which six men and zero women spoke on contraception and health insurance. Patriarchal privilege is lining us up like bowling pins and feminists are responding with pictures of themselves naked?!

  107. Boner Killer

    One of those “conext is everything” situations – as you already mentioned, Egyptian women posing nude photos on her blog with political intent is completely different from a Canadian woman, who is already viewed to be an object – all nude Canadian women do is get guys to look at them and go, “sweet look at that naked chick over there, brah!”
    All of this is making more women feel they need to strip down and become objects of the male gaze in order to be noticed, let alone noticed for political ideas…it sends a really screwed up message, why are we making nudie calenders akin to retro-sexist issues of playboy in order to raise money for women’s causes? It’s like i’m living in backwards land! Mind-fuck!

  108. JoshS

    In case you hadn’t seen, Jill, the calendar’s designer has done told you. You totes need to move on from blaming the P, and you’re not to tell her she’s feeding into the P (because she’s not gonna let you so tell her). Also, she’s empowered.


    Very odd passive aggressive behavior on the part of both bloggers, refusing to name you but saying you know who you are (one would hope so).

  109. JoshS

    How stupid of me–other people already noticed Barnett’s post. Maryam Namazie’s just went up, though, which twigged me to it.

  110. Terre Spencer

    It is a tactic of the patriarchy to have women self-humiliate, like porn-posing. They are very lazy that way. I am not fooled.

  111. ma'am

    Dear TwissB,

    You are an asshole.

    You are engaging in exactly the kind of conversation-stopping, thought-policing, anti-feminist, anti-woman behavior that this blog, and many others, try to stop.

    Ya know what? No one is working on the ERA. No one gives a fucking rats ass about the ERA. “Personhood” is our fucking petition, my fucking petition, and I do not appreciate your hateful fucking disdain.

    We think “Personhood” is goddamn clever language given what the fuck is circulating around right now. So do the 3000 or so other people who’ve signed it. Yep, it’s incomplete. But it is designed to re-orient the conversation about whether women are, or are not, persons. That’s a very different conversation than what is happening right now, which is about “religious fucking freedom” and doesn’t even touch the key issue of bodily autonomy.

    So what are YOU doing about it, smartypants?

    Thought so.

    March 9, 2012 at 6:19 pm (UTC -6)

    Thanks to speedbudget for alerting this blog to the patronizing, ahistorical, misinformative, and shallowly political move by exactly the kind of gate-keeping self-appointed Women’s Best Friends who played a key role in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment. I hope Jen is right in assuming that this so-called Personhood Amendment will fall flat like all the previous diversions from a strong, meaningful ERA – i.e.one that makes it clear to men that equality will look different when women get their place in the 14th Amendment.

    But enough squawking. To see what is wrong with this cute pink lace-trimmed deceptive proposal to do something special – but DIFFERENT – for the girls , see Papers #10 and #760 on my web site and see Kathleen Barry’s excellent biography “Susan B. Anthony: A Singular Feminist” for the description of how the drafters of the 14th Amendment manipulated the word “person” to include corporations and exclude women.

    And please don’t sign that insulting petition.”

  112. ma

    PS, Twisty, apologies for the derail.

  113. teddy lynch

    Nude calendars make about as much sense as shooting yourself in the foot to protest violence against women.

  114. naomi

    Jane, my heart goes out to you.

  115. Boadie

    Ain’t that the truth? Try walking around naked just because we want to be free, and see how free you really are. Ya ain’t free at all. Men will automatically view you in a degraded way purely by virtue of the fact that you are naked and have chosen to be naked. After all, if you didn’t want to be stared at, harrassed, and fucked in every hole, then why Earth would you be naked??? That’s the mentality. For women, there is no such thing as natural nudity. It does not exist. It has been wiped out of our existence. It only still exists in some indigenous tribes.

  116. josquin

    If I hear one more funfeminist celebrate, respect and honor her patriarchy-approved body parts by strewing them all over nude calendars, I will scream. Good grief, did their breasts negotiate a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians, or bring home the troops from Afghanistan or something? Did someone’s ass discover the cure for cancer? Hey, my taut, silky smooth belly is a Booker Award finalist, so give it some respect and celebration, fer gawd’s sake.

  117. Jen

    Did anyone else read the NYT article “Ladies, We Have a Problem” by Rebecca Traister? It’s about SlutWalks.

    “At a moment when questions of sex and power, blame and credibility, and gender and justice are so ubiquitous and so urgent, I have mostly felt irritation that stripping down to skivvies and calling ourselves sluts is passing for keen retort.”


  118. LisaB

    @Jen: Here’s an awesome book along the lines of what you’re looking for:

  119. Damequixote

    Girl commits suicide in Morrocco after being forced to marry her rapist.


    Just existing as a woman no matter what you wear or don’t makes you fodder for the patriarchy. You can wear an army uniform, a man’s tuxedo, sweatpants, a beekeeper costume or nothing and voila there you are smack dab in some doods fantasy and objectified.Or worse. Agree with all who basically said the real subversion is to make the same or more money, change laws and such. But luckily I haven’t lived my life boiling under a burqa so I don’t know how that feels and therefor what would seem subversive to me. But the male protest of women displaying any flesh over there does remind me of, “Don’t throw me in that briar patch!”.

    The patriarchy. I blame it for that girl’s death and a million others. Damn that shit.

  120. TwissB

    Since I believe in identifying the agent of the harm, I’ve always been bothered by references to “my rapist.” instead of “the man who raped me.” As with batterers who say “I’m sorry for what happened” instead of referring to “what I did to her.”

  121. Lidon

    “Nude calendars make about as much sense as shooting yourself in the foot to protest violence against women.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  122. Ginjoint

    TwissB is not an asshole. She is a blamer par excellence.

    It may also behoove you to google someone before you put up ridiculous posts accusing someone of not doing enough. You made yourself look quite foolish.

  123. Darragh Murphy

    Speaking of recapitulating our status as the sex class using fun feminist activism, what do Blamers think of the FB page-bombing of the nutjob state senator in Virginia. McDougle is the creep who sponsored the forced wand-rape ultrasounds of women seeking abortions. Activists have bombarded his FB page with hundreds, thousands even, of up to the second detailed updates on the state of their vaginas and menstrual periods, ovulation etc. Using the most graphic technical language to make their points. It’s funny, for sure. But but, somehow it rings wrong for me.

    Just because scumbag men in power want to enshrine in law the right of the state to treat us like cows and brood mares doesn’t mean we have to respond with crude references to our body parts and functions so that it seems that all we care about and all we are is, after all, sex parts. ? I don’t know. Just mulling it over and wondering if anyone else feels similarly.


  124. Darragh Murphy

    The fact that McDougle’s life and his public image are being effectively hijacked and ridiculed brings me great joy of course.

    It’s kinda like that image of the freak Santorum that’s making the FB rounds: his face, composed entirely of tiny images of gay porn.

    It’s wrong because it’s porn and I hate that. But I am not sorry the freak is being viciously ridiculed.

  125. stacey

    We just did the same(ish) in Canada, to one of our cabinet ministers trying to pass a law on giving the police greater freedoms to request internet account info. (unpardonably, someone broke into his email or something and posted details from his recent divorce.) So there was a twitter-bomb of #TellVicEverything to demonstrate the sheer mountain of data that he was saddling law enforcement with. I told him about my bowels, of course, and how they were doing that day.

    So I can totally understand detailed vagina updates.

  126. Twisty

    I was about to make the point that the recently-maligned TwissB is in fact a splendid and accomplished blamer who has made many valuable contributions to this blog and to the anti-pornography cause in general, but I see Ginjoint has already taken care of it. Thanks!

    And ma’am, in future please refrain from posting here while drunk.

  127. Twisty

    What do Blamers think of the FB page-bombing of the nutjob state senator in Virginia?

    I can’t look at Facebook since they will reinstate my account if I do, but I think somebody should stick a probe up that dick’s peen every time a woman comes within 30 feet of him.

  128. Twisty

    Also, FYI, “nutjob” is considered a slur by many sufferers of mental illness and their advocates.

  129. Phledge

    As a nutjob, I appreciate the Spinster Aunt’s observation that my lobes’ inability to process things the way most folks’ lobes do is completely irrelevant in the discussion of why dudes feel compelled to attack the sex class. The nutjob condition is nothing like the privilege of dudeliness in the Patriarchy.

  130. Wanering Uterus

    As another nutjob, Phledge, I agree wholeheartedly. But let’s not forget the Patriarchy (and its dudely enforcers’) role in creating and exacerbating mental illness. We ought to give credit where credit is due.

  131. Framboise

    @ Twisty: ” I think somebody should stick a probe up that dick’s peen every time a woman comes within 30 feet of him.”

    You know, I recently read a suggestion that women should start kneeing Rick Santorum in the the junk every time we see him and then lecture him on how he ought to accept “God’s broken gift” of a knee to the junk and try to make something beautiful out of that. I felt the blametariat might appreciate this quality idea.

  132. Jessica

    What is a cheesecake aesthetic?

  133. tinfoil hattie

    @Jessica, “cheesecake” is but another word used to describe the sexxxxyness of so-called “pin-up” photos of women. Primarily associated with those old bathing suited photos of women in the 50s, it is but another derogatory term used to describe women-as-objects.

    My own cheesecake aesthetic, however, involves eating actual cheesecake. Yum!

  134. Jen


    Returning to the subject of “personhood” for a moment, did you happen to read Soraya Chemaly’s recent article, which explains to Rep. Terry England that women are different than farm animals?


  135. Holly

    Since discovering your blog I hope to continue reading such things as I wish I had written myself!

  136. Noel

    Jane –

    You are seen, heard and understood.

    You are loved.

    Keep going.

  137. staceytoob

    HOLY CRAP, Jane. What can we do? Letters? Phone calls?

    I never noticed your post – was it held up in moderation? Y’all scroll back up to March 11th – two long posts by Jane detailing her urgent situation.

  138. EmbraceTheCondidtioning

    First, I would like to let Jane know that I support her. Our “laws” are weird, their applications and outcomes often make no sense, justice-wise, and ….well….making myself vulnerable here – I am on the radar too.
    Second, I wish that I had had the courage to comment here instead of on facebook, in the first place, when I first encountered that THING by Sonya JF Barnett. I am still PO’d by it. It has been so many days.

  139. Jane

    Thank you Noel, Naomi and Twisty for allowing me to share and for the support. Update, I was given 6 mo probation, mental health counseling [obviously, ya know if a woman not conforming she needs ole dick doctor/and his painted birds right, arrrgh] and only because I was able to interject [I was being gagged literally by DA and by my PD] the facts of my spine disease/inability to walk/move much by Thanking Social Services for the little help they did give me when I was able to speak–those few minutes, but it was enough to reveal that uh, victim hubby [abusive ass that the female, FEMALE D.A. was all to happy to ENABLE and CODDLE to win her case] was just as if not more so, responsible for the condition of the home, etc., put it short, the judge got pissed, at the hubby and said it was a disgrace that one disabled woman had to clean up after four–two of them adults and two older teen children with no help–HE got it, the judge, anyway the DA got pissed, big time, then she interjected to an already dropped charge of the animals [cats] and said, “Oh there was 20 cats and 10 birds”, what she Neglected to mention, is that over half of those Cats were just born kittens, from two female cats that my husband refused to get neutered, and I was in process of rehoming with no car [because hubby is anti-gov doesn’t believe in license/insurance, that’s ok with police-DA though] and well–yea,

    any moron with an IQ of 10 could have seen what was really going on and that a disabled woman was Also being abused–but you see this was just another case where the system saw an easy conviction and win, to hell with truth or justice. To make matters worse, or what really peeves me to no end, all that they accomplished was re-enforcing to both my daughters and to my son that men are not to be held responsible but they have rights, and that women/females are not only responsible for all the home, child care and anything that goes wrong, they are to do it with no complaint, no pay and no human rights, only Males are afforded those. It’s also The reason our family courts are handing over children to abusive fathers, to their deaths…so epidemic that there is now a Mother’s Political Party that sued/in international human rights court.

    Anyhoo, reason I update, while going through all of this horror, I of course did research, which left me more horrified, to say the least. I knew yes, the system was biased and stacked against women, I grew up poor, was in the system as a child [children’s home, Catholic, ritual abuse, my father’s side works for gov in D.C. no joke, long story, mother’s side on the criminal element–let me mention they did deals with Senators–also D.C., and in fact this all came up with CPS during the months and I suspect it had something to do with why they wanted to close it and pawn it off on the criminal] but–I mention this, because for years I’ve been piecing a lot of what I know, together, mostly to deal with the mental trauma I’ve had to learn to live with [early childhood] and what I saw, as far as two women in my life destroyed by the systematic/and very powerful patriarchal system, both religious, government and cult.

    But it was just recently that I learned how this all ties into the criminal side-judicial, as I had never been in trouble before. What Mary Daly said in her book, “Gyn-eclogy” is so very true, but believe me, when I say, it’s far worse, and it’s deliberate and planned out. The topic here obviously is the blog of the woman posting nude in resistance to the regime in Egypt. The laws in Egypt, are similar to the judicial laws of ancient Assyria…which is the similar laws of ancient Rome-Greece in the control of women–same as in the United States. What many miss however, is the cultic controls that are used to mentally ‘restrain’ women, as not only the sex class but as the ‘sex slave class’ and this is true in former communist bloc countries too–particularly in the use of psychology-psychiatrics. [sic] I worked in far left parties for several years before I quit–over women’s rights…I would not realize till these past two years, how the knowledge of psyops would be very real to me–esp in dealing/learning about the dealings of women in the prison industrial and mental health industrial complex,

    On another feminist blog, there was a long discourse over the cult craze of BDSM, this is where I began to see huge connections between the cult that I know via RA [ritual abuse] and it’s huge in the ‘dominion movement’ in the churches–and in the liberal fun feminist world, so to speak,

    this is NO ACCIDENT, let me assure you. The dominion movement is very friendly with the clerics/woman haters of Islamic nations, fact. This is why you will see many in the MRA and Left support Islamic repression of women, and the whole thing about fun feminism is that they are being manipulated by both, ignorance of social engineering in history, is huge reason why. The left has done a brilliant job in stirring up emotions of anger in young women but not for the welfare of women, oh no, but for the steering women into supporting the very system that will strap them into devil’s chairs and mental wards–when the time comes,

    why? Genetics, is huge part of reason, under ‘behavior modification’. Mary mentions this in the book, how the Nazi’s did this to mentally ill patients, most of them women…what many don’t know is that the Soviets did the same, as did the Socialists through out Europe. In other words, this ‘fragments’ of oppression as well as divisions are deliberate stratified to DISTRACT, from a far more sinister plan–now before you think [reader] that this is just a huge conspiracy, do some research on the increasing use of drugs/and screenings on females, starting from teens, Then do some research on the manuals being sold to Men, on how to create sex bondage slaves out of females–using the same psychological methods, which are used in cults/fraternities and militaries–and much of the techniques are police-soldier trained techniques–also used from studies from none other than experimentation on prisoners/gulags, etc, hospitals, where children, women and political dissenters were experimented on.

    they are connected–more than what one may think. I cannot stress enough, how important now more than ever, it is for all women to educate themselves on the mental health abuses [increasing electro-shock-drugging] in the West, the increasing mandatory sentencing of women for non-violent crimes And then the forced drugging-or logging via data under severe abuse in a very controlled setting with forced slavery [prisons] of these women–many of whom are invisible, many whose children are in federally funded care where there is HUGE increase of forced drugging and rape–pedo club like no other, sponsored by higher ups with power/elite males who operate/and maintain a system that is Deliberately stratified and very corporate–both over foster care and juvenile systems–

    and they are all using the very same Porn-BDSM techniques, using the same weapons often times used on cattle, sheep, tasers [because they leave no tell tail signs] and they work in creating sex slaves, mind zombied slaves, fact…or ‘re-education’, and these SYSTEMS are identical and work in support with the very same brutal totalitarian systems like in Iran and Egypt–especially over Women.

    You really see it if you research the prison system [and it’s corporate is global] and the systematic mind control/breaking down of females, and children. It’s no coincidence that the increase of sexual abuses of both children and females in the system, along with robbing the banks of the families through GALS, fact–this includes mentally ill, elderly, disabled, is working on a systematic data/collecting–question is Why? And this is where it gets really scary–

    is in the increase of not only experimentation and trafficking of females, but organ harvesting and womb genetic studies. [dna studies, etc] I have only collected some research on the genetic but I am finding some very disturbing similarities–

    the thing about this woman posing nude on a blog in Egypt is that it will do no good, as brave as it might be and even understandable in light of the horrid forced imprisoning under black sheets of armor, and it IS a form of mental torture, a form of MENTAL RESTRAINT that works just like chemical restraints do, both work to ERASE A FEMALE’S SOUL, PERSONHOOD, HUMANITY, and both use psychological terrorism to do so. And while posing nude may be a small bit of lashing out and even freeing from those oppressive controls, it by itself in no way frees the female mind from the oppressive SYSTEMATIC terrorism that is so policed and perfected, and this is what many fail to grasp I believe…

    the myth that here in the west, that the permission if I can call it that, to unveil and expose oneself is a freedom is just that, a myth. What posing nude Will accomplish, sadly, is the incentive and operations of the controllers to log reactions and work on harsher means of control, in Egypt that is what will be accomplished, in turn the big brother network of the west will work to ensure that the means to punish the mythical free woman work to their expertise, all the while working to create/maintain more markets of virgins on demand for sex trafficking, profit for arms sale connected with that, for the war machine [war gods] and working to perfect experimentation on female minds and the minds of citizens, esp the young, through very subtle yet innocent looking methods.

    Example, one of the fastest growing screening to force young females on drugs is now ‘shyness’, meaning, if she isn’t putting out by the age of ten then she needs to be drugged. That’s just one of many–if a female is depressed/traumatized due to rape, and is using drugs, why just drug her with more powerful drugs, to where she’s zombied and cannot even object to rape, the BDSM dream of control, all police/soldier methods, fact.

    Bottom line is, the focus on to be nude or not to be, is not even skimming the surface of what is being manufactured against females everywhere, behind the scenes. It’s Stepford Wives on Steroids, to put it bluntly,

    as for Islamic nations, in Pakistan, it’s already been introduced, by the academic scientist misogynists there, to use drugging to force ‘depressed’ women to submit, of course, to rape, torture and slavery. Their model, the West–and of course, the West Academic Pedo Wank club, is all to happy to oblige–West meaning both Europe and USA, both Right and Left Wing.

    I will be writing a lot on this, my research and findings on my blog–some of it might be a bit confusing as I’m still piecing together and sifting, as for the genetics, I stumbled onto a lot of this on the putting together pieces from the genetic engineering of food [cattle, fertility, etc, of livestock] and crops–with the same universities that are using drug-genetics on criminal and/or behavior modification studies and they are very disturbing–genetically planned births, just like what the Nazi’s were doing–Mutterland, and what the Soviets were doing in hospitals to orphans and to women/prisoners,

    if I didn’t know better I’d say they joined forces, the rape camps in Bosnia/former Yugoslavia and the ongoing trafficking of females from that region–scream volumes, as well as the organ sales from poor women in that same region [Romania, etc, as well as Israel, many trafficked victims], and these are State sponsored and protected.

    And last but not least, the Porn industry, the very thought out BDSM industry, that is corporate, is all in this–kid yourself not, and I can assure you, it is networked, thought out, controlled and planned. I know, the stripper industry, they log females under a number system, just like horse races, and those numbers are kept strong data on…and when they are no longer needed, they are snuffed out. Where did they learn That system from? Recall, I mentioned my family–back in the day, 50s, 60s, etc., gov and criminal [ties to diamonds/mining so you know], but it goes further back than that. To understand better the relation between the global sale/system of women’s bodies and experimentation–legal system, see laws under Assyria, on women. Women, Crime, and Punishment in Ancient Law and Society: The … – Google Books R..Elisabeth Meier Tetlow look online

    these laws didn’t end, all Abrahamic and yes, even Pagan systems based laws on these, particularly the sale of women’s bodies, both private and communal. I post this, because young women need to look more into the systematic global system of oppression and how it operates, and why, resisting under so called ‘liberal sexual freedom’ may feel good, to remove some of the shackles, but it in no way removes the IRON yoke around our necks,

    this is a war against women, and it’s a war where they intend to kill us, just like Alice in Resident Evil…once they have no need for us [genetics], and while I realize this may sound very extreme and even paranoid…

    and I hope, for our sakes it is, I really do and IF I didn’t have the logical empirical data I would say, yes it is just conspiracy but due to the limit of resources, WATER being the most important, the conflict over that, the history of warfare/resource management including women’s bodies as part of those resources, the push by ethnic-culture political machinery to force us into birthing or to ‘rid us our wombs’, minds, then yes, I can say we have real reason to be not only concerned, but diligent in keeping our eyes open, dig deeper, because this war, is about to get really nasty–a lot more than it is right now.

    I will write more on this on my blog, thank you Twisty for allowing me to share here…it’s a lot of info, not the best summation, but hopefully it will encourage many to take a serious look, at what’s at stake, for all of us.

    Peace, Jane

  140. Cynthia

    This article ran me through infuriation thinking about what women go through in Egypt and other similarly shit nations, and ended with me making the sad realisation that the end portion was correct. Not the most feel good article ever, but if we ignored the bad stuff and tried feeling good all the time then we wouldn’t get anywhere.

    Hopefully some day we can actually create a framework which allows a non-sexualised display, but until then this will indeed have no positive effect in Western culture. But at least we have made it to the point where we don’t get death threats here at least. *sigh*

    Off Topic (apology to Twisty ;x): I recently returned to the radical blogosphere and actually started commenting after a loong hiatus. Does anyone know of any other blogs currently not obsessed with “the cotton ceiling?”

  141. Jam

    I want a nudie calendar featuring ONLY what mainstream culture has deemed “ugly” — fat women, old women, transgendered women, disabled women, hairy-legged women who don’t shave their pits, either. And I want them in action poses, doing something, refusing to acknowledge to the male gaze and no hint of submissiveness anywhere.

    That might be sufficiently revolutionary to me. I might even be in it (would have to be under the hairy women category). Because the human body is beautiful, when you’re not sexualising and degrading it.

  142. Your Mom Uses Birth Control

    This sort of action is sort of similar to the Slut Walks that have been cropping up lately. I’m not entirely sure those will be as effective as their originators would like, though the audacity of engaging in such behavior should be perfectly acceptable, due to free speech issues. I will, however, put in a shout out to the Sex Strike method, which has been used to stop wars before, successfully. If you’re going to push for rights, I can think of no better option.

  143. pie

    This is old and I’m late to the party but just wanted to say two things:
    1. The only photo in the calendar that I actually like is the one with a woman breastfeeding a baby. That one is in my opinion pretty subversive, because there’s a beautiful woman who is using her breast – The ultimate fetish – for something else than sexxxiness. It’s pretty cool and will sure make some dudebros uncomfortable.
    2. Like someone noted above, one of the women is from Femen, the Ukrainian feminist group. Most people in the West don’t understand the group and it could be of use to feminists to learn more about it. Its use of nudity is certainly very different from that of “funfems” but I’m afraid the quote used in the calendar doesn’t reflect that at all. Ah and of course the women, being Eastern European, function in a reality completely unknown to Anglosphere feminists.
    But just consider this: have you ever heard of any Ukrainian feminist groups before? Probably not, and the fact of the matter is, none of us would have ever heard of Femen if they were fully clothed. And they know it. They undress to exist, it’s as simple as that.

  144. Jam

    Scrolled down past 136 messages to leave a message of love and admiration, and found that Noel had beaten me to it.

    Yay for Noel.

    Yay for Twisty: we don’t have anything like you in Australia, so I quote you frequently on Lamebook (with full attribution, of course) to raise girly consciousness in the antipodean zone.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  145. Jane

    Update: btw thank you Noel and Stacy and Embrace and Twisty for your support. Sorry for the Long ass post, it’s a lot of info and probably reads all crazy like and gurgled but I wanted to at least get some of what I am and have been researching [connecting a lot of dots through years of my work against trafficking-porn-homeless advocacy, etc] and well, I had never really researched or known a lot about the Prison Industrial Complex and Mental Health Gulags [that yes, are deliberately murdering women in the THOUSANDS in this nation, and it IS deliberate and YOU would be shocked to see who is behind this as well],

    as for me personally, an update for you.

    1. I was at the time relieved to only get 6 months probation but I found soon that how it’s set up [private corp] and how the DA made my Abuser husband [who CPS did charge with severe neglect but then they passed the buck to save their sorry asses], a Victim, and Parent over a girl-child who he has absolutely NO LEGAL rights to whatsoever [she flat did not care] AND DELIBERATELY IGNORED, REFUSED TO LOOK AT, HIS PRIORS, D.V., TWO PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDERS BY TWO OTHER WOMEN IN SAME STATE–AND A EVAL OF BEING A PSYCHOPATH NARCISSIST in 97–the DA as well as CPS, THE PROBATION DEPT, THE MENTAL HEALTH that CPS ORDERED, all refused and WILLINGLY ignored while CODDLING, SUPPORTING AND MAKING HIM A ‘HERO’…as well as they ALL deliberately and with wanton disregard ignored the FACT that his children from his prior marriage had been psychological abused by him and two had run away and one put in foster care and Both now have criminal records [sons], they are adults…

    and put ME AND MY DAUGHTERS in danger, of being harmed, even killed.

    Also putting my son in danger of being deliberately groomed to be an abuser-misogynist.

    They all know, they’ve seen the documents, they flat out DO NOT CARE.

    On top of that, they All have seen and/or heard [refuse to look at even the most recent Medical records proving I am disabled with severe spinal cord disease-injury] my medical-physical condition AS well as the ongoing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST ME BY MY HUSBAND-CARETAKER [more like hostage taker and warden Dr Mengele wannabe] and even though the latest–he broke our bath-shower head so that I am now forced to take showers, no baths, therefore risking falling which with my disease I am at severe risk of spinal cord fracture]


    What is worse, now I am forced to undergoe mental health ‘counseling-treatment’ because While I was TOLD AND IN WRITING I NEED SURGERY NOW, the agencies would rather force me to go through medical-possibly forced drugging that I do not need while preventing me from getting the Medical care I do need, therefore I am losing the ability to WALK,

    leaving me at further risk at the hands of my abusive husband–with their help and blessing.

    It gets worse, the DA insisted on ignoring my husband’s blatantly and public abusive behavior and put all three of my children at risk, one a 19 year old female who helps me and protects the other two [we were single parent family for years before I met him] AND because she is dark skin [oh yea it’s racism, make no mistake about it, I live in KKK Adams County near Denver CO], the DA and the CSP and the rest of the assholes ignored her, refused to talk or listen to her, and insisted on coddling a very hostile and verbally-physically abusive man and insisted on making HIM the VICTIM of a crime that CPS CHARGED HIM WITH [HE’S ON REGISTRY BUT THE DA DID NOT CARE]

    and he assaulted my daughter right after when She confronted him about cutting off our phones so I couldn’t call out for help.


    mentally and me physically

    and they want to Add to that by endangering my mental health while ignoring the physical which was directly related to the whole damn charge of dirty house to begin with–I COULDN’T MOVE–SO THEY CRIMINALIZE ME AND REWARD MY NEGLECTFUL ABUSIVE HUSBAND,


    That’s why they kept it OUT of the media.

    Now, it gets worse, I have called I don’t know HOW many Domestic Violence shelters and so called helpers of women in DV, and once they realize all the messiness of the case and how the State is aiding my husband WHO WORKS FOR THE STATE BTW [college],

    then they ignore me, they don’t call me back, they postpone counseling or tell me there is a Wait list [never mind if the SOB KILLS ME, WHO CARES RIGHT? OR IF HE KILLS ONE OF MY GIRLS], so yea,

    I am so fed up, they are getting by with this because 1. I am physically disabled and getting worse, when I was diagnosed in 2009 hubby manson [he thinks Charles Manson and Kadinski the unibomber are heros] canceled our insurance, NOW I can’t get insured due to ‘pre-existing spine condition’ anywhere

    2. I am dirt poor and in debt with med bills hubby refuses to pay and now since he’s a Victim he doesn’t have to pay for them NOR even support the kids, cuzz hey blame the ole cripple here [sorry if I sound bitter, I am but to mental health that means I am CRAAAAZY]

    3. I have history of working in political activism [was chair of a socialist party for few years] and feminism therefore making me a defiant enemy of the whole damn Fascist Matrix [hubby is anti-government when it Suits him]

    4. and I’m a white woman who had a dark skin Native American child out of wedlock

    so yea, I’m on the shit list ‘hit list’ of the good ole CO government

    and this isn’t deliberate? like hell it isn’t,

    this is state sponsored agency murder is what it is…hubby is a big supporter of misogyny and Father’s Rights and all that woman hating crap, and of course, I find out,

    so are the Board Members of our local DV shelters-crisis centers here who all are in BED together with CPS, THE DAs, the CORPORATE BEHAVIOR MOD PROBATION-PRISON, MENTAL HEALTH, etc.,

    it’s not surprising then that just in the past Four months we’ve had four cases of children being murdered by fathers who got custody by our lovely fascist Franco like family courts–

    or the same state where a mother filed human rights suit against El Paso County a few years back for protecting her abuser [refusing to enforce restraining order] and he shoots all three of her children to get Her back because god forbid, that witch Left him!!!!

    or the same state that Two children are RAPED, TORTURED IN CPS-FOSTER CARE here A YEAR, actually more than that but there is an Interesting pattern of these deaths [our foster care-system here is not audited and CO wanted to pass a law giving foster PEDO WANKS IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION, all of course with blessing from the same DAs that charged me and CPS, etc.,

    anyhoo, the board members, are all in bed together, or they have wives [rich elites] who are board members and the money goes around and the commissioners and judges and so forth–and of course they have their fundraisers and Oh the media parades them as SAVIORS AND FIGHTERS AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

    meanwhile they imprison women who fight back, force drug them, rape-torture-force drug their children and/or give them to the very abusers who later kill them


    Well what do ya know,

    kill women and children in the name of PROTECTION AND ‘FEMINIST SYMPATHY’ while GETTING RICH!!!

    And dare any woman say anything then it’s off to the Shock treatment or Drug treatment to shut her Bitch ass up

    and Yea, this is stratified, planned out, and the worse part of it is Ladies,

    is that, the numbers of Rich women who are ASSISTING IN THIS GARBAGE. I’m talking Professional women who are all in Mouth anyway, for women, so they say,

    no, they are THROWING US OUT TO BE DONE AWAY WITH FOR A CHEAP BUCK is what they are doing and I have a name for them but you see it’s kind of misogynist but sorry,

    they are Killing women, while spewing SISTERHOOD

    and then I find, in our Prison and Jail system, they are Trafficking women here…raping them, it’s 1984 Hell

    all the while, everywhere you look in CO, it’s Anti Domestic Violence and all that Shit and it IS SHIT,

    no wonder so many young women are self medicating on drugs here, I don’t blame them…and the more women I meet IN the system [criminal] the more I am finding, how many of them were Charged for ready for this,


    and it’s NOT just women they are doing this crap too, it’s disabled men too, poor men, it’s Unbelievable what is going on and All under the radar,

    but maybe NOT,

    so I close with this, from Dastardly Dads [you really Should go look at the numbers of murdered children all due to the FORCED COURT ORDERED ABUSE] in this nation


    Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children (USA)


    Top 5 HHS Programs Endangering Women and Children

    Anne Stevenson
    Posted: 05/14/2012 12:15 pm

    pass it forward [OH, if you Think you are immune to all the above, THINK AGAIN, I am finding in research, the abuse-forced drugging of ELDERLY WOMEN is increasing and you had better know, you are NOT even safe if YOU go to a hospital and are over 50, this is flat out Eugenics at work, they are Killing older women,

    this is NOT paranoia, I have the Empirical Evidence to prove all of it, the reason this isn’t known is that these Agencies have been doing these CRIMES in fragments here and fragments there, therefore making it Appear that it’s just those ‘few’ who fall in the cracks,

    WRONG, this is deliberate and it is CLEARLY ORGANIZED.


  146. Jane

    I wanted to just briefly add, and I would post this on my blog but hubby stalks it, so I have to be careful there…Oh yes, he knows I inform on my blog but you see he’s so use to the system NOT doing anything about his mental abuse/hostage crap that he don’t care…he just spins it around and says, ‘look see, I’m a nice guy, she’s just mental or paranoid or bi polar or some crap, depending on what mood he’s in’, and yea, he did this or told me the same thing,

    about his Mother, about his Ex Wife Steph, about one girlfriend right after that was jailed for trying to stab him [she had Lupus disease] and then another ex girlfriend right before she met me…that was the one he was arrested for, it says on charge ‘he’s not physical but emotionally abusive and it’s draining making me sick’ but you see he was arrested for grabbing her by hair and dragging her clear across room when she called the police to throw him out…

    as for Why didn’t I know all this, because I only was told partial stories and his oldest sons backed him up as well as his ex wife, what I didn’t KNOW at the time is that his ex wife was lying to save her own ass, as soon as I was pregnant she took her kids and left town, that was when I found they weren’t even divorced. [she told me they were], that’s how desperate she was to get away from him and he stalked her from five states [and she was already with another man whom she married] through CPS calls and Sheriff calls, always harassing her, but bottom line was, HE didn’t want to pay child support. And CO gave him joint custody, anyway the info I got at the time, was that she was mentally ill bi polar depressed who neglected the children, her older sons also mentioned this, but they mentioned more about their step father [they didn’t like him]….

    I would find later, sad to say, that my husband is a very clever and intelligent mastermind psychopath who uses the system to coerce control, and the system is All but too happy. Again, he works for the State, he uses the whole passive aggressive model, nice guy with fake anxiety attacks, and always gets out of trouble THEN tells me all the time, when he brags about how he beats the ‘stupid inferior system’, “I always land on my feet like a cat” he says, he even brags about it on the internet, I told the cops, they didn’t even bother to look at it…it’s just surreal at all the crap my husband gets by with. Hasn’t paid taxes in over 13 years, but hey, they’ll just blame me as he’ll say, his domineering wife made him do it and you know something, They’ll believe him. Unreal, seriously, it’s absurdity and it’s actually wouldn’t be surprising if I’m not already nuts…just living with him day to day. [for those who may ask, why don’t she leave, I am severely disabled/spine injury, can’t work, owe student loans so even if I did work I’d be in cardboard box with two teens, now I have a criminal record of child abuse therefore he’d get custody of our son which then of course, narcistic, he would turn his attention towards him and so it goes…]

    Anyhoo, I wanted to say [see top post], the problem with the whole Fast Track and DV victims particularly drug related in the system, is that Once a woman has a criminal, she is not believed. Men know this, and so do Men’s Rights lawyers…the Shelters will not let a woman with criminal stay, therefore she is forced to endure the beatings, rapes, crimes by partner further risking arrest or revoking of probation or parole, at threat of real abuse in mental health, etc etc etc….with Fast Track, women are arrested for protecting children even, as DV therefore she loses all rights to the kids…

    the way I see it, it’s about money, the father if he makes more, she is screwed. This is particularly dangerous for stay at home moms or women who wind up ill, with abusive men. Disability is a huge problem for women…the system further demonizes you, even ignores medical while giving her dangerous drugs that could kill her–they don’t care,

    and then there is the failure to protect [but Never for men, I find it ironic that the police report in my case said our house was filthy for two years, it wasn’t, I proved that to CPS, but now…let’s say it Was…and yet they didn’t charge my husband with anything, not even failure to protect but oh he’s a victim of dirty house…with teens, and with a severely spine injured wife and still, no failure to protect, no abuse to disabled, nada, nothing, all the Cops saw was a poor poor man who oh so works with a horrible wife that doesn’t give him blow jobs and who is a horrid house keeper and has too many cats. Never mind that my Husband has all the CONTROL including getting our car towed for non drivers license and breaking the Law there…or that I can’t walk several days out of week. Unbelievable!!! He’s a victim, why Don’t ya know, can’t ask a Man to clean up a house…it’s perfectly NORMAL for a man to live in filth and NOT be bothered by it [his psyche eval…they said he was perfectly normal, not a problem with him not being bothered by filth, why it’s that ole Bitch lazy wife and HOW DARE SHE BE DISABLED, SHAME ON HER…WHY SHE DOESN’T HAVE DEGENERATIVE DISK DISEASE, HERNIATED DISKS AND BULGING DISCS AND ATROPHY, because gee, I don’t know, the Spine Surgeon top in state, why She’s mental too, must be….and the other doctors are all nuts too because ya know MRIs are false and XRAYS are false and why all I need is some mental drugs, some leeches and of course, as my husband says, “all you need is some dick”


    and oh never mind he’s a chronic drinker, I mean IF it wasn’t happening it would make a horror show for Hollywood because it’s just so absurd and unthinkable,

    but Then I find, they do this crap all the time to women charged with small drug charges, like marijuana or if she’s a meth user, which IS serious but most of the women I have talked to, young women, with the meth charges, ALL ARE VICTIMS OF HORRID SEXUAL ABUSE-RAPE, and then the System, as their treatment-punishment, says to them, “oh no, can’t do drugs including medical marijuana but now WE will give you very dangerous lobotomy causing and chemical castration drugs that eventually will sterilize you because YOU bad girl…need BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION and if there is DV., well Bitch, don’t ya know, it’s because you’re a trashy drug user, etc.,

    I mean, seriously, This is the treatment women are getting and then, off to jail-prison they go and then they get to sew Victoria Secrets panties for ready for this: $.23 cents a day, AND IF THEY HAVE MEDICAL, they get to die with no medical care while being raped, with impunity,

    that’s not even the gist of it. This is an increasing problem, the population of female non violent inmates is rising, in astronomical proportions…

    while male abusers walk.

    Or if they are arrested, for child abuse or DV, they can plead no contest or Alfred [I couldn’t, was told no way in hell I could] and they get probation for causing INJURIES, and if there is wife or girlfriend, She goes down too…for failure to protect. Every time,

    worse, is the three ring run about circus you get from DV shelters, lawyers [a laugh] when you try to go for help to protect yourself or your children, I’ll tell you how crazy it is, I feel like that woman on the movie Exorcist when her head is turning around in all directions, That’s how crazy the whole system is. And it’s insane, at the Ignorance at DV, the probation told me, I can just leave my husband, Oh, Wait,

    they don’t know, that the Risk of Violence goes up WHEN AND AFTER A WOMAN LEAVES…uh, duh, duh, These people are working with MEN with DV convictions, supposed to protect Women?????

    UNBELIEVABLE, head turns around and around…..

  147. Carrie

    I was feeling it, but you said it better than I could have. Thanks!

  148. Jane

    News update from the crazy front here…well I’m serving my probation [Stepford Wife re-Modification] and part of probate-ion is I have to go for mental help, etc. It’s the nice way of Patriarchal judges/DAs and the rest of the court-system whores to put WOMEN back into their submissive-porn culture place. Anyhoo,

    so I call up one mental health for low income, oh yea, they were lovely, forget any counseling, the minute you mention your female name it’s ‘line up the brain atrophy drugs series’, so because I was only ordered to go to counseling I had a choice, somewhat…and the mental health place was also the same one that Nigel was ordered to go to during the CPS investigation and they said ‘he was normal’. I come to find out that the bimbo doc who said he was normal never gave him a full psyche eval, and what really peeves me is that CPS knew this all along…CPS and the court whore DA never were interested in finding truth or the DV dynamics, oh hell no, they simply wanted to nail another female to the wall.

    Anyhoo, so one shelter [DV] here that does have a few workers who haven’t sold their souls yet, referred me to a counselor who does DV and who works with Offenders, yea that’s what they call us. Female Offenders, anyhow, so I go to her, had to do the Psyche Eval, which is the one from the 50s [Minn] and well let me tell you, NO WOMAN WOULD TAKE THAT THING AND ‘NOT’ BE LABELED WITH SOMETHING, if you’ve been raped, forget it, you’re labeled bi-polar, if you’ve been abused, you’re paranoid, I mean, the thing is so damn rigged that no matter What you answer, T or F, if you have a Vagina, you fail. So I thought screw it, mark most false and I’ll be labeled a frickin sociopath, unfeeling detached Bitch, because hey, it fits with the Offender profile.

    Then I thought later, hell, should have marked every single one of them True and said, OK I got them all doc, what ya say we play spin the bottle and you can just Pick on out for the day!!! Seriously, the whole test is total bullshit, because either way you answer, you gonna come out with some kind of disorder, but what Really got me, was the questions like,

    “do you walk sometimes off balance and lose your gait?”

    I’m like, WTF, I have a spine cord disease, how in the hell do I answer that? If I say F I lie, if I say T then off to the electrocution block I go, I mean, what a nice little Nazi way of killing off disabled folk. And then the drug-alcohol ones, if you mark F then well you’re not a total fall down drunk but you’re a drinker/drug user, and I don’t do either. But there isn’t a N/A option you see, it’s either you are Psycho Bad or Denial Bad, but you bad, and you need to be ‘fixed’…

    and the horrible thing is, the whole test is ‘think, act and talk like a MAN’ or find yourself in the grave type of attitude, they might as well just put, LEVEL OF FEMALE HYSTERIA TEST and be done with it. So I took the damn thing and I’m now a proud labeled Sociopath Bitch [at least I think that’s what will come of it with all the F I marked] and well hell, I had a bus to catch so I wouldn’t have a stranded night at the bus so other priorities, the test doesn’t take into consideration HAVING CHILDREN AT HOME, JOB, NIGEL’S, etc., so anyhow,

    Why I mention all this, well because I as you know like to research a lot [because my sociopathic ways I don’t care about NOBODDDDY] and I found, that Kansas, the JackAss Gov [misogynist from hell] has decided that ALL RAPE VICTIMS, DV VICTIMS, MUST, I SAY MUST, TAKE A PSYCHE EVAL and then, of course get TREATMENT,

    therefore not only are we in this nation demonizing mothers, now they’ve knotched up the post to criminalizing RAPE-DV VICTIMS, and of course, the whole ‘well What did that Witch do to bring on such horrid treatment’ culture impunity. If Kansas allows this, you know This will spread. Now here’ s what many of you may NOT know, is that,

    D.V. shelters, Rape Crisis Centers, who get any type of funding from the State or County’s, must oblige these rules, unless they opt out and go totally private but then you see they are dependent on the community only for funds or churches, etc., and you know that means, no shelters or crisis centers. One of the D.V. advocate-shelters in Kansas said no way they were going to work under these conditions penalizing victims, and opted out, they are fighting it,

    but I can already tell you that in CO the system already works this way. This is why the Increase of arrests of women for DV have soared, in Boulder it’s gone up to 23%. The MRAs [who many are lawyers, court whores, CPS pedo-wanks and this will offend some but let me tell you, some of the worst Pedo-wank Misogynists that I met in CPS were lesbian, not PRO-WOMAN lesbian either, but the transgender-wanna be MEN kind, they are the Most dangerous of all, rest assured on that, they LOVE abusive men, because they want to BE abusive men, yea I met them, it’s scary shit let me tell ya, and they are NOT feminist, they are the opposite pole of the ultra fem sub but they are just AS patriarchal and woman hating, as men are, and so you have both working in CPS at least in my state, ultra submissives [let’s go back to the 40s type conservatives men are GAWDs mentality] and the ultra hate on women let’s be men women are weak mentality men are GAWDS mentality] either way, women are Screwed as are female children [adult male rapes you, don’t complain, why that’s only Natural here take some drugs makes it easier the next time, seriously, not joking here, the whole racket is nothing more than Pimps and Madames]

    sorry to get off on tangent there but yea, the MRAs and ultra woman haters club all work in the system you see, it’s like one big BDSM fest, and they are after the sacrifices. Women, Children and they are sex obsessed, this is why so many mothers are losing children in the Family Courts to Pedophile-Murderers,

    and it IS the P.O.R.N. culture kid your self not, more like the BDSM porn culture that is reminesent [sic] of ancient Rome-Greece, the big orgy rape before cutting out the guts and consuming type of cult crap…except today it’s done a bit more clean and with a friendly Moral face.

    The problem with the Psyche Evals being forced on Victims [and how the system is more and more penalizing women, including now women who owe debts, debtor’s prisons are coming back], is that once a woman has been labeled with a Crazy [Hysteria] illness, then in Trial, her credibility is shot to hell,

    and guess who gets to walk? More rapists, more women killers, more child rapist-murderers, because hey, don’t you know, the woman or female was hysterical and really Wanted it…the Psyche Eval says so.

    I will keep you updated, rest assured, I am not the only one this crap is happening too and what’s so frustrating is how many other women I met that very similar or about the same shit is happening too and they are mostly poor, disabled or middle aged, and many are isolated in the suburbs. And this war has been somewhat of a Silent one because these women are isolated and invisible, without resources because of how the system works, few know this is going on.

    I will add, before I close here, that I also found that the shelters, DV that is, in the suburb areas, discriminate heavily towards the poor, women of color and disabled/elderly. So I looked into this, like how the projects-housing works, it’s the same way with the gov assisted shelters for women, it’s deliberately Segregated, building a Data Base. This is why you have to answer all those questions, prior to getting help, they screen out those who don’t fit the ‘token’ profile, because the politics behind it, many shelters have been hijacked or colonized, guess is the better word. And if you live in a city that has a huge history of KKK like in CO, then you see nothing really has changed,

    the face may appear to be progressive, woman friendly, anti-male violence, but rest assured, it’s anything But. And they’ve been Fooling American Women, for a very, very, very long time.


  149. Jane

    I wanted to say, because when I’ve brought the issue of misogynist lesbians in the past up, it’s caused a lot of problems, being misunderstood you know, because well I don’t really know how to address it, but I have seen it and not sure really about why or how of the dynamics,

    but I will say, I first noticed this when I was in one of the socialist parties, back years ago…and the disturbing thing was, when I noticed this, it wasn’t the only thing I noticed that was strange. I also noticed a lot of Nazi ideology, and the thing was you see is that this was ‘supposedly’ a Marxist [very anti-nationalist anti-Nazi] party, supposedly,

    I would find later that it was not, and in fact, many socialist parties today are a mix of Leninist ideology/Maoist and extreme elitist fascism, Nazi or racial purity..but it’s not just about race, it’s about how they measure human worth. Anyhow, so I did some digging into where this was coming from and of course, a lot of the influence is from European socialism [heavily mixed with nationalism/misogyny] and huge into the whole Academic Elitist male Pedo wank club, NAMBLA and so forth. I was shocked, because as a die hard Leninist/Marxist [back in my young days] it was heartbreaking to say the least, that the foundations of what I believed were shaken to the core–but then it made Sense, as to why so many of the men And women in the parties saw no big deal with religious misogyny [like in Islam] and their support of the most extreme woman hating theocracies in the world, Even to the point where they could have cared less about worker solidarity and socialist parties [that are not Nazi hijacked] like in Iran, who are rotting away in prisons, etc.

    It also explained why there were many who were very gung ho on supporting the Catholic misogynists of South America/Central America [and they are VERY misogynist] and why so many were wanting to revive the ancient nationalism’s that demand that women have babies for the State, etc. For two years it was really confusing to be in a climate of so called ‘progressive radicals’ that reminded me more of the ultra conservative woman hating churches of the south I grew up around/in. When I first joined the party there was a strong LGBT group, one woman whom I was close friends with, a lesbian, had a strong voice in the party. That didn’t last long however, when they realized that she was woman identified, not male identified. I didn’t know a whole lot about the LGBT and still don’t know too much about the whole transgender thing…got enough confusion in my life but anyhoo, yea I saw this change, this was prior to Obama being elected, but it IS related, I can tell you that. [political culture/wars for the minds so to speak]

    then I got a hold of a book, Shulasmith Firestone, Dialectic of Sex, a critique of Marxism but sure enough, pro-pedophilia and well, I didn’t find it woman centered at all, MEN would love that book/her theory, obviously, works great for Men, needless to say, I wasn’t in the party too long after that, well that and they kicked me out for my anti-porn stand and I refused to compromise on that. [huge convention battle over prostitution, it was sickening how many of these socialist thugs wanted to legalize prostitution and bdsm and all that other shit, in the name of ‘progression’, yea progress my ass, more like state forced female fuck toilets]

    a lot of this crap triggered me so for years I was out of politics, haven’t gone back to a lot of the activism I used to be involved in because of this, now I stick to women’s rights and women centered movements, let me Also add, because of the poli work I did, I did work with women from former Soviet bloc countries who are no longer socialist nor communist Because of the very same things I saw, except they LIVED them, and they all said the same things, nightmarish conditions for women….this is why women from the East do not support the Western ‘left’ fun feminist feminism, what seems to be patriarchal to us here, in regards to them, is not [or how the conservative fundie groups refer to the Eastern women for their propaganda], they aren’t capitalist either, but they damn sure don’t support the ‘male dick think tanks’ either.

    So when I refer to the lesbian misogynists I met working with CPS, I am not saying this is lesbianism, I want to make that clear because I know lesbians who are nothing like those women in the CPS/Court system, nothing like them. But for a long time I was afraid to mention what I saw or witnessed because the few times I did I got my head chewed off, know what I mean…and because I don’t know a lot about the LGBT I am not familiar with the dynamics, language, culture, etc., like I am let’s say on porn, trafficking, poverty, etc. I’ve always just worked from the women’s rights angle, without dividing it, except when confronting poverty which I have written about the racial segregation [welfare Jim Crow] and so forth, because Those things I do know about, seen them, lived them, etc. [homeless for several years and was very low income single parent for years]

    But I do want to mention it because the system presents itself as a progressive, leftist, anti-d.v. knight in shining armor but believe me IT IS NOT. It’s almost like they hand pick people who will do the bidding of the banality of evil–and what IS SCARY about this, is that a lot of what I have witnessed/and found via research [so I don’t think I’m crazy] is very eerily familiar to the records of years of research I’ve done on the former Yugoslavia, the race-nationalist groups in former Soviet bloc countries [who were horrid to minorities, women, children, etc], and THAT is what I see happening here in the West [US]. So just because someone identifies as Lesbian, does not mean, they are Pro-Woman, or not racist [many I’ve met in CPS I would say for sure are racist as hell, or class prejudice in huge way or both],

    in fact, it was the lesbian who I would say is clearly a male apologist, who told me right in front of my daughter [who has had to deal with misogyny from her step father] that and I quote, “studies have found that women who are in D.V. situations or have been, are mentally ill, their brains are missing certain chemicals, blah blah blah”, in Other words, these women are not normal and want to be abused, etc., are chemically imbalanced therefore the men are not to blame type of bullshit….

    I’ll never forget it, because it was in that socialist party that i heard similar by one of the pro-prostitution women high up in the socialist party in CA, and she said, ‘that many children are sexual and want to be molested’, I never forgot that either…why I got out of the party–well one of the reasons.

    There are some very weird power dynamics with so many of these people, banality of evil that even I don’t understand, where that thinking-belief systems come from, maybe years of privilege, I don’t know, but yea, I’ve seen it, can’t always put it into words but I’ve seen it. Because so many women and children are literally dying from slow torture in this nation, I no longer can hesitate telling what I know to save offending, I don’t have all the answers or understand all of it,

    but when I see the cruelty, I just am going to point it out. If it’s not P.C., oh well, the blood shed of thousands in our prisons, jails, juvenile systems, foster care, children living under court ordered abuse, women living under court ordered or coerced abuse either with D.V., or Economic coerced D.V. or prostitution, sex work, or women, children being chemically castrated, lobotomized, by forced drugging, electro-shocked, involuntary [mostly women], and yes men too [mental health abuses-eugenics, fuck it, down right genocide in white labs because THAT’s what it is], well,

    that blood doesn’t care about P.C. It’s about saving lives…so ok, there that is.


    Jane more updates to come

  150. BlancheDevereaux

    Everything this article says is totally right and obvious to me. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and I was surprised at all the ‘splainin’ Twisty did here for her detractors when in previous articles she just let loose. I prefer to have the distilled “Hothead” Twisty version myself, but I can understand that a writer may also at some point want to become more diplomatic, as personally disappointing to me that may be, lol.

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