Aug 17 2012

Chick blog post

Holy crap, it’s been so long since I posted that I actually forgot my blog admin password. And then I realized I forgot the password to the thing where I store my passwords. Spent over half an hour straightening that all out. By then I was so exhausted I had to sit around with a trippple essspressso reading the internet on an iPad. Whereupon I learned one or two things.

For example, I found out that modern brides-to-be are now expected to pose for porn photo shoots as wedding gifts for their porndog husbands. This conveys to the groom, in graphic terms that even he can understand, a sense of his woman’s commitment to pornulational hegemony, to male supremacist mores, and to such compliant self-abasement as befits a newly endrudgened member of the sex class. It used to be enough that she put up with having cake smashed in her face at the reception, but now she’s gotta spread it for some perv “boudoir” photographer? Seriously, can wedding culture get any more gross?

But enough about me. What about this flippin all-girl Chicktown in Saudi Arabia? That’s right, Saudi dudes are building an entire woman-only city so they can put their underutilized females to work in a separate-but-unequal environment while continuing to comply with antediluvian laws governing women’s oppression. Now that is some super-sexist shit, there. Like, the sexistest shit ever. You might be tempted to think, “yay, you go girls, it’s a separatist’s dream come true,” but you know these women arent going to enjoy any real autonomy. When has apartheid ever produced anything but misery and oppression and rancor?

I’d go off on this for about another 17 paragraphs, but I’ve got niece duty in Austin. The kid is having some kind of hula girl party. Le sigh, as they say in these chick blogs.

UPDATE: Cheeses, you have to fact-check everything these days! The newsbite about the Saudi thing came from the Guardian, but according to The Stream (al Jazeera), Saudis aren’t building an all-girl city at all, they’re just cordoning off some woman-only areas — I surmise some locker rooms and production lines and a Kotex machine — “within the factory” (the nature of “the factory” remains unclear). So they can utilize lady labor and still keep a patriarchal eye on their property. No more lounging around at home with a box of bonbons, girls! To the factory with you!


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  1. Fictional Queen

    Never has marriage been illustrated so clearly before. That’s what being with men is about anyway, why not explicitly portray it as what it is?
    I bet women think that’s so romantic and empowering to do. I give up on women completely. Not only have they no problem with the things they do at their own expense for men’s benefit, but they defend it and enjoy it.
    At this point, what I want is to not be in this sex class anymore. I want there to be an alternative for those of us (all 5 of us) who don’t want patriarchy. Why can’t people who like patriarchy stay in it, and people who don’t like it to just simply check out? That’s the suffocating part now.

  2. TwissB

    @Twisty: “When has apartheid ever produced anything but misery and oppression and rancor?”

    Same goes for the kindly patriarchical push for single sex tax-paid public schools in the U.S., thanks to Title IX regulation-tweaking in 1976 by BFFs Hillary Clinton and Kay Bailey Hutchison. (Tweaking is a euphemism for gutting.)

    Austinites take notice – and action – http://www.statesman.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/education/entries/2012/08/14/austin_schools_to_move_forward.html

  3. phio gistic

    The linked Jezebel article puts it starkly as “an arms race with internet porn” in which the bride-to-be is willing to attempt becoming porn herself to try to tear her intended away from the internet porn. Deeply depressing. And as all of us know, ultimately futile.

  4. Derpina

    So in other words, brides are giving their grooms a whole stockpile of future blackmail material should she ever decide she’s had it with the dirty socks and contempt. She gets out of line, he just threatens to make a website.

    The job of boudoir photographers is to be “very discreet,” says Haberland. They aren’t supposed to show your photos to anyone without your permission, and reputable photographers will “offer you a contract stating such.” Be sure to get that in writing.

    And what of husbands showing it to his bros? Guess she’s just supposed to hope for the best.

  5. Kristine

    Goddammit. If I was unsure about marriage before, I’m definitely not doing it now. Nothing say’s “You are now the sole owner of my body, and can do whatever you want to it without consequence” better than a porn shoot for hubby.


  6. Kristine

    Also, isn’t it just adorable (by which I mean transparent and disgusting) that the photographer in the article defends it as “art” and “expression?”

  7. Notorious Ph.D.

    Anyone notice, in the photography article, how the “investigative” phase only addressed its questions to photographers with a vested interest in people believing it’s *not* degrading? I’m open to thinking that there might be reasonable arguments on both sides, but when you only address your questions to people who profit from the practice… well.

  8. Redpeachmoon

    Oh Twisty you’ve been missed! I know some smart Feminism – raised, capable young women, some of them daughters of deadbeat fathers, suddenly tying on the ‘ Future Mrs., …sash, the tiara, and sex in the city type booze binge with the girlfriends… Posing for drunken photos in sexy wear, and registering for gifts. And it’s so shocking to me. The wedding industry is so insidious. Planting the seeds of the fairy tale wedding, early and often. I think it’s worse than ever.

  9. yttik

    On the subject of single sex schools, it’s not a cut and dry issue. The debate rages on. I’ve watched boys starting as young as kindergarten harass and annoy girls and then watched girls under perform to try and appease them. By the time they reach high school, the rules are ingrained. Sometimes taking boys out of the picture gives girls the chance to finally thrive without the distractions.

  10. Treefinger

    Counterpoint, yttik. People raised in single-sex environments (especially boys/men but still) usually end up with very regressive ideas about ingrained differences between the sexes. Show me a dude who went to a boy’s private school and I’ll show you someone who, even more than the average man, perceives women as sexbot aliens, because he’s never befriended or been forced to have a conversation with a girl outside of a sexual context (except his relatives).

  11. ptittle

    And yet, and yet, the Saudi women will be working with the country’s drugs and its food…

  12. Judi

    Gob. Smacked. Double.

    I am likely to remain speechless for days.

  13. Friend of Snakes

    When I first heard about the All-Woman Saudi City, I tried to read one of the articles on same, but just couldn’t muster the interest to get past a couple of sentences. What’s the flippin’ point, at least if a Blamer wants to keep her blood pressure readings south of the danger zone? Who do you think is going to build, provide the upkeep, administer, guard the entrances, and pick the work-day occupants for said city? Duh. IBTP x 1000.

  14. stacey

    HAHAHA okay not really. I clicked through to the boudoir photo story and there’s a “See all 99 photos” link underneath the main photo. NINETY NINE? I guess they’re being responsible journalists. (Riiiiight.)

  15. stacey

    Uh, belay that. It’s photos for the whole magazine. Whoops.

  16. Comradde PhysioProffe

    For example, I found out that modern brides-to-be are now expected to pose for porn photo shoots as wedding gifts for their porndog husbands.

    Jeezus motherfucke. I don’t even.

  17. Notorious Ph.D.

    “In January the government enforced a law allowing Saudi women to be employed in lingerie and cosmetic shops, following a campaign by the women’s rights activist Reem Asaad. Previously women had to purchase underwear from male shop assistants. The plan is that by the end of this year women will replace men in stores selling abayas, the traditional black cloak worn by women.”

    I don’t even know how to begin thinking this quote. Every time I try, my lobe implodes into a mess of goo.

  18. Stella

    Twisty: nice juxtaposition of the Western pornification with the Middle Eastern apartheid. I see what you did there.

  19. nails

    Ugh and there are revenge websites for posting naked pictures of your ex (girlfriends and wives only, of course, in compliance with the sexual double standard). I wonder how many women indulging in this “trend” are aware of that?

  20. Swanhilde

    I have had this conversation with many of my female friends.

    Every single woman I’ve talked to about this has had nude/semi-nude-in underwear pics taken of her without permission by boyfriends or other jackasses; or has been photographed undressed while asleep by a date/boyfriend/husband; or had consensual naked/sexy photos (or video) taken with a boyfriend….

    ….and then the pics or videos were distributed. I know SO many women who have been violated in this fashion.

    It makes me so fucking furious that I can’t see straight. I hate MEN and their FUCKING CAMERAS.

    I let one boyfriend take topless pics of me. He was a really decent fellow and treated me well, but when I knew I was going to break up with him, I took all the pics back AND the film negatives (this was like 2005, before digital took over) while he was out of his apartment. Because you never know. You just never know.

    And I’ve been photographed asleep by two different men.

  21. quixote

    About the porn shoots: that’s just sick.

    About Saudi Arabia: that’s just sick.

    I’m waiting for the ferry to Savage Death Island.

  22. Unree

    @Swanhilde–yes, and when the pictures are published you have only yourself to blame, because you “let him.” Clearly you made a mistake. Of course if you don’t let him, you’re paranoid and hostile and opposed to mildly erotic mutual fun + sharing and you’ve brought suspicion into your relationship. Now that this boudoir shit is getting popular, it’ll soon be mandatory. Kind of like the removal of one’s pubic hair.

    Not to mention being photographed while asleep. I had no idea it was that common. GAH.

  23. lizor

    “I hate MEN and their FUCKING CAMERAS.”


  24. Linda

    Women have been doing those sexy lingerie shots for the hubby/hubby-to-be for years now, but it seems to be the random sex pics taken with a mobile phone, whether consensual or not, which seem to be more commonly used against women by the scum they align themselves with. My friend’s ex-abuser sent her naked shots to the principal of the school where she worked as a primary teacher. I can also imagine an angry ex-abuser using those shots within the context of family court proceedings.

    Treefinger:”Show me a dude who went to a boy’s private school and I’ll show you someone who, even more than the average man, perceives women as sexbot aliens, because he’s never befriended or been forced to have a conversation with a girl outside of a sexual context (except his relatives).”

    Still, the dudes who are most likely to go to the elite private schools are probably more likely to have been exposed to patriarchal values about gender, in the home, first.

  25. shopstewardess

    “It used to be enough that she put up with having cake smashed in her face at the reception”

    I hadn’t heard about this – is it just that I don’t go to enough weddings, or is this ritualised assault on a bride at the wedding reception particular to North America? It sounds like one of those customs which gets in-depth academic anthropologic investigation if it’s done by poor brown people in less economically developed countries but is treated as rational and normal when done by rich white people in rich white countries.

    As a metaphor for the state of being married it appears to come too late in the ceremonial proceedings to act as a useful warning to the bride herself. I would favour moving it forward to the engagement party, along with readings from feminist classics and testimony from each of the women present on how men eff up women’s lives. “Endrudgened” is the least of it.

    The separate city in Saudia is a safe space for women in the same way that a little room with a woman in it on her own, performing for an internet camera, is a safe space.

  26. Friend of Snakes

    Seeing how part of this Chick blog post is about the pornification of females (nothing new under the sun in the P), I’m wondering if this might be an appropriate spot to seek out the help of fellow blamers in answering a question for me in the turn-about-is-fair-play department. Someone on the We Blame the Patriarchy Facebook site posted a link to a video, appropriately titled, “Bounce That Dick.” http://youtu.be/1njojxS9vws NSFW, yo. Or at least, lower your volume.

    My question: Is it wrong of me to like this work of art? I think it is hysterical.

    Actually, I’ve got another question. I promise I’m not itching for a fight; just truly curious. This is directed at Blamer Derpina upthread. Did you formerly post here as Yessenia? And before Yessenia you posted here as Shira? Whassup with all the multiples? If I am way outta line here, just ignore me as best you can.

  27. modrad

    the women only city was merely a case of shit reporting, and not actually true (journalism is not what it used to be) http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/saudi-women-only-city-look-again-0022319

    single sex schools are great for girls, and co-ed is good for boys apparently – so being around boys is shit for everyone. for which i, obviously, blame the patriarchy. i went to a feminist progressive all-girl catholic school (i know!) & it rocked. the feminist bit being the most important factor – it was all community and connection and valuing individuals for themselves & what they did, not for their sporting or academic talents. if i had a daughter i would want to send her there. if i had a son i’d want to send him there too, but i wouldn’t be able to :-( i don’t know of any feminist schools for boys. again, ibtp.

  28. lucida

    shopstewardess: “I would favour moving it forward to the engagement party, along with readings from feminist classics and testimony from each of the women present on how men eff up women’s lives. “Endrudgened” is the least of it.”

    You’ve just described the closest analogue I could think of to an Actual Bachelorette Party. A ritualized meditation on “are you really sure you want to do this? gee golly whiz this might suck.” As it stands one of the articles about the boudoir shots linked out to another article that observed women’s bachelorette parties consisting of (groan) lapdancing classes. Way to suck any joy out of the possibility of mutual objectification.

    I went to one of the photographer’s website. He actually whines about clients “bringing their inhibitions” into the room as potentially ruining the shoot. “Ladies there must be NO inhibitions in this space!” If that isn’t every skeezeball male photographer I’ve ever met…. I’ve been petitioned in various Starbucks by photographers wanting me to come to their empty flat down the street and leave my inhibitions behind with my latte. I’m still convinced that being skeezed on by a photographer is something one can accomplish for free without paying $1000 for the privilege.

    I’m a photographer (mostly of buildings and landscapes.) Shot a wedding once, for a friend. Actually got a pang of worry that I spent too much time taking pictures of everyone (including the bride) having the time of their lives, and not enough time objectifying the bride. They loved the shots anyway but having a conscience behind the lens is (rightly) anxiety inducing.

  29. Shelby

    “i went to a feminist progressive all-girl catholic school”

    I’m genuinely pleased you had a great schooling experience, modrad, but using Catholic and progressive and feminist in the same description smacks of oxymoron. I’d love to hear more.

  30. Fictional Queen

    All-girl schools are awesome. Males will be misogynists no matter what kind of school they go to, this is because men are scum. I’m from Iran, and before university all schools here are single-sex. I believe that is one of the reasons girls are so successful academically here. The idea of girls dumbing themselves down, or thinking there’s a subject we’re inherently not good at, is pure stupidity to me. All I’ve ever seen is girls being great at everything at school.
    Men shouldn’t be allowed near cameras. They are horrible enough with their nasty eyes. The reason porn, for example, is so disgusting is because it is pure male fantasy. It is looking inside the head of a male and seeing how he wants the world to be. So, it is deeply unattractive, nasty, filthy and gross.

  31. KittyWrangler

    Thirding– or fourthing– the praise of all-girl’s schools, at least the ones that are not those fringe conservative Christian hell holes. I first hated, then loved my all-girl middle school and high school (in the US that’s age 10-18ish). Without it I’d probably have shuffled through all 8 years of school shyly in the back row, never raising my hand or venturing onstage. And I’d probably have put up with all the tedious consuming bullshit that boys that age tend to heap on girls. I found putting up with only the girl bullshit was do-able.

    The boy’s school where everyone’s brothers went, however, was a slimy arm-pit of patriarchal entitlement, where the dregs of teen boy culture dominated and were completely unopposed. After spending time at that school I now understand where YouTube comments come from. Good freaking God, I would never send my hypothetical child there even if the educational quality was on par with respectable universities in a state whose public schools occasionally trail behind Mississippi in ranking. I knew some good kids who came out of that school but they were good in spite of that environment and their personality bore visible marks from the culture of “everything is a competition to the death,” and entitlement / cluelessness. Shudder.

    But if girls tend to do better in single sex schools and boys do better in co-ed that is sort of a big problem for school administrators to work around.

  32. Liza

    Off topic, but did you see this crap: http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/08/todd-akin-legitimate-rape.php?


  33. KittyWrangler



    “First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

    I’ll bet you anything he heard that “medical fact” from someone speaking at his church.

  34. madspinster

    Heh, so does Saudi city/ghetto have mullahs and philosophers and other dudely vocations? You know, personally, I wouldn’t mind living there. Sure, it’s as sexist as hell, but it’s a bit like one of my endless bullying bosses asking me to clean the toilet every day. She never twigged that I preferred to clean the toilet to the other more people-oriented duties. Has to be opportunity here.

  35. Kristine

    All-girl schools may be good for the individual girls who go to them, but they are not good for women as a whole in the long run. People tend to forget this, but schools are competitive environments. When boys make fun of girls at school, it’s anti-competitive behavior; the boys are trying to lower the number of equal competitors in their environment. When girls go away, boys learn that instead of being punished, they will be rewarded for their abusive behavior with a smaller pool of competitors, and thus a greater chance of “winning.” And this leads to the assumption that they shouldn’t have to compete (or cooperate) with women at all, ever.

    But then again, boy’s bullying causes long term damage to the girls who suffer it in co-op schools, who then find it harder to fight for themselves and other women. It’s a fucking catch-22. I blame the patriarchy.

  36. Unree

    All girls isn’t all great all the time. I did six meh years in such a place. Poorly funded compared to its brother school, anti-intellectual, bossed by men, plenty of patriarchy. I don’t discount other people’s great single-sex educational experiences; just testifying.

  37. josquin

    Twisty – the new banner is great.
    And the phrase “legitimate rape” sounds like some sort of Freudian slip. (Is there a better patriarch-free phrase that means the same thing? Do let me know.) As if inadvertently revealing a belief that certain rapes are justifiable.

  38. nails

    isn’t school kind of bullshit in the first place? there isn’t any voluntary association involved so it seems to me that people are arguing about what variety of asshole they want to be boxed up with for 7 hours a day. People who had a good time (at any school) are in the minority, and if they weren’t bullying someone they were probably doing nothing while some other kid got the brunt of it. This doesn’t even touch on the authoritarian aspects of schooling. Outside of really alternative or progressive schools the goal is to make young people submit to older ones without any good reason being given. It is supposed to train people for a lifetime of following rules that don’t make any sense because someone told you so (sounds a lot like patriarchal compliance to me…).

  39. allhellsloose

    Thanks for the update re the ‘city’ for women, as if it would really happen in Saudi Arabia! Once that pretend baby of a city was in force the men would be wanting a piece of the action. Damn you patriarchy.

    Free Pussy Riot! IBTP for their imprisonment.

  40. allhellsloose

    Plus a big fecken boooooo for Julian Assange. Get thee to Sweden you prick and face the consequences. What have you to hide?

    Plus JA, those women who brought the charges against you have the right to freedom of speech as well.

  41. allhellsloose

    Both my daughters went to state all girls school (UK) and they are doing well. There is a boy’s school and they have close links. My son is going there in September. Are they any different? No! IBTP.

  42. Kali

    Adding another vote in favor of single-sex schools for girls. I did my schooling in both types – co-ed as well as all-girls schools. The girls in all-girls school had more fun, took more leadership opportunities, had more confidence, were more competitive, had a better rapport with the teachers, were more sporty and more interested in extra-curriculars. I noticed a change in myself too along these lines when I moved from co-ed to single sex.

  43. quixote

    So, Saudi Arabia is not building a women-only city. They’re just building a city in which women can slink in to drudge work while maintaining total apartheid. Progress.


    Why is there no massive boycott of those psychopaths? No divestment programs? No OUTRAGE?

    Oh, right. I forgot for a minute there and started thinking women are people.

    (Sorry about the caps, but I’m screaming here.)

  44. quixote

    And that goes double for politicians who missed their call from the Dark Ages. They want them back.

  45. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    And, like unto a greasy, nut-filled turd that has been set afire, it just keeps getting worse. Why does it continue to shock me? I must be a big dumb-ass.

    “Legitimate” rape? As opposed to what, pray tell? Made-up rape? Who’s gonna make this shit up? Because the ensuing shitstorm that descends upon a person’s life when she reports a rape is so many shits and giggles?

    I don’t know what this asshole from Missouri’s point was to begin with, but his knowledge of human biology is appalling. If he has aspirations towards making laws that govern a woman’s body, he needs to learn how the thing actually works.

  46. Twisty

    If the argument for co-ed schools is that the presence of girls mitigates in some way the “natural” Lord of the Flies behavior of boys, then that’s a crap argument. Instead, put feminists in charge of the boy schools and mold their little minds into something decent and civilized. Hold boys responsible for their behavior.

    Anecdote: I went to an all-girl prep school for 10 years, and although in some respects it was a flawed system, it was a heck of a lot better than what I would have gotten in a Texas public school in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m still coasting on that education, too.

    I can sort of grasp the feminist argument for co-ed schools, but I sure as hell wouldn’t send my kid to one. There, I said it.

  47. KittyWrangler


    Apropos of Twisty’s plan for boy’s schools, I’d love to hear how your experience of your son’s school turns out once he starts. Hopefully some better ones exist out there than those I’ve dealt with.

  48. nails


    re: assange. Face the consequences? They aren’t even charging him. They want him for questioning, period, and they have refused to question him at the embassy (which is weird). No one is planning to do a god damned thing about those accusations except to use them to snare a dude for leaking documents. It isn’t as though the world suddenly gives a fuck about rape.

  49. Comradde PhysioProffe

    @Lucida: Awesome typeface handle!

  50. Murasaki

    Single sex schools in Australia are pretty much all private. So unless you have something close to $10,000 a year just lying around collecting dust your kids go to co-ed. So I’m with Twisty. Put them all together, fund everyone equally, tax the rich higher and put feminists in charge.
    Hey Presto society improves enormously in 20years.

  51. stacey

    I would have loved to go to the all-girl’s high school in my town when I was a teen. (Yep, there was only one – and it was private.) It had a brother school, and they did co-ed for the final two years; by then, the girls had enough self-esteem to blow off boys’ criticisms, and the boys realised that they needed to step up their game to compete with girls academically.

    My own boy, recently-diagnosed ADHD darling that he is, is going to private school this fall. He’s also got learning disabilities, and with our public school system completely decimated by our current provincial gov’t, there was no way we could rely on them to get him through. The school is full of boys; each class is about 1/3 girls, however, but all have the same sorts of LDs and associated neurological stuff.

    I think that’s how we should arrange our schools – by learning differences (or styles). Those kinds of kids who can learn aurally, one kind of school. Those who learn visually, kinesthetically, etc. get other kinds of schools. Then teachers can be trained specifically for those learning styles, instead of having to stretch themselves over an entire classroom of different types of learners.

    BAM I solved education.

  52. Twisty

    Education? Easy. Dismantle schools entirely. Bam.

  53. CarevaRuha

    (Nails: I learned from a Swede that the questioning is a lot more involved than it sounds. They get his story and everyone else’s involved, then compare them and go back and ask more questions. It’s not a few hours in a room with him, but spread out over days, involving other people, so it’d be silly to keep flying everyone back and forth for the whole thing. Assange has been questioned before in Sweden and walked – plus, he’s scared of being extradited to the US, so he flees from Sweden to the UK, of all places? At this point, I’m not buying that he’s scared of anything but being forgotten by the media…)

  54. buttercup

    Wow, the photo thing brought up some crap I’d buried. Back when I was a nubile young thing, I got roofied and raped by a co-worker. He took pictures during and tried to blackmail me with them. I was terrified and ashamed for years. Ashamed. Because it was obviously my fault that after two drinks and some mild flirtation at a club, I somehow ended up unconscious in his apartment. I really could have done without remembering that.

  55. awhirlinlondon

    Buttercup: I’m so sorry. Am also staggered by the horrible nasty putrid shame/misery/flashbackery that all of this is turning up. Think that millions of us are. Blindsided and physically sick.

    CarevaRuha – you write: “It’s not a few hours in a room with him, but spread out over days, involving other people, so it’d be silly to keep flying everyone back and forth for the whole thing.”

    Based on your comment, I just looked. Ryanair, round trip Stockholm/London.$76. Direct flight.

    It would not be remotely silly to pursue the matter by flying everyone back and forth. Because, you know, rape.

  56. quixote

    Yes, rape. But the Swedes say they want to *question* Assange. Have they heard of video links? How about phones? I really don’t get why they need him physically in Sweden, if it’s not to stand trial. Yet.

    Admittedly, I haven’t been following this garbage too closely. It makes me ill.

  57. Linda

    I don’t understand Assange’s supposed fear of being extradited to Sweden, when Britain also have a similar agreement with the US, meaning he could just as easily be extradited from where he is right now.

  58. K

    Linda, he’s taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, so legally he’s in Ecuador. Why Ecuador cares about him, I don’t know. But he can’t leave the embassy (which presumably has grounds where he can stroll; I don’t think he’s locked inside or anything) without risk of extradition. AFAIK b/c like quixote, I haven’t been following this garbage too closely.

  59. awhirlinlondon

    Hehe. No, happily, it does not have grounds & he is indeed locked in. Google the embassy if you’d like – it’s coughing distance from Horrids and although am sure it has access to one of those private, key-only parks nearby (the Hans Place “garden,” specifically), he’s only on Ecuadorian grounds when he’s in the embassy. The best he’s got is a balcony upon which to sun himself.

    In fact, let me do it for you: https://plus.google.com/115590698300526313512/about?gl=us&hl=en

    Still, can I go back to the $76 r/t tickets?! Direct flights? Not a waste of time or money?

    Ecuador doesn’t care about Assange, though they do care about what they see as (and I’m not arguing, understand) US Imperialism. Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, is believed to be using this opportunity as an anti-US, lefty positioning chip to boost his cred., particularly in anticipation of the elections he’ll be facing early next year.

  60. Kate

    Spending money to send my daughter to an all girls school in Australia
    Upside: She gets confidence, hands on time with the equipment at school, non sexualised environment during the day at school. And as the (Female) Head teacher says, in a coed school girls are 50% of the class and get 25% of the teachers time. In our school the girls are 100% of the class and get 100% of the teacher’s time.
    Downside: She doesn’t learn that men and boys get to go first, have all the equipment, make all the noise and boast and get listened to the most. And be the most Stupid.
    But I guess she can learn that when she’s 18 and in the Real World. Because the P will always be there :)

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