Aug 20 2012

Genius politician/human reproduction expert Todd Akin

Veteran blamer Liza sneaked this link into the comments on yesterday’s post: the pinkfaced Republican genius running against Missouri senator Claire McCaskill has breaking news about human reproduction. According to nominee Todd Akin, women possess heretofore unheard-of “biological defenses” against any pregnancy that might result from a thing he calls “legitimate rape.” That women can magically dispatch a rape-engendered pregnancy is why Akin thinks that it’s just fine to oppose abortion rights across the board.

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Well, I have to say, that’s news to me. From what I understand from doctors, the female body can only “shut that whole thing down” by getting a fucking abortion. How does this anti-pregnancy bodily function work, exactly? Are abortifacients conveniently secreted by the victim’s Human Rights Lobe in response to sexual assault or what? Gosh, I hope Mr Akin isn’t thinking about the biological defense where the victim says “no, get the fuck away from me,” causing the rapist to concede, “Oh, well, damn! I guess that’s the end of that. See you around,” because it turns out that method of shutting the whole thing down doesn’t, alas, work so good.

And you gotta love that dear old “legitimate rape” concept. Like Whoopi’s rape-rape, it postulates the concomitant existence of a variety of rape that we apparently can all pretty much dismiss as inconsequential in the grand scheme of violence against women. You know, the fun kind of rape!



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  1. Anne

    At least the GOP is pulling funding from him, and practically everybody else who has commented thought he was a fucking nutcase (“outrageous, inappropriate and wrong,” “reprehensible and inexcusable,” “insulting and inexcusable”) and that he should resign from the race. Guess that’s something.


  2. Phledge

    He’s now clarifying that legitimate = forcible. So forcible rape is the only kind that releases the Magical Vagina Venom.

  3. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    And even if it were true, there’d be some idiot who’d want to prosecute those whose bodies rejected the Almighty Zygote.

  4. Phledge


  5. Comradde PhysioProffe

    The rest of the GOP is running away from this guy because he’s revealing the truth about what underlies the mainstream pro-forced-pregnancy GOP position, not because they disagree with him. They all think exactly like he does; they’re just a little bit better at hiding their gross misogyny behind “saving baybeez”.

  6. caol

    I knew you were going to jum on this guy’s bullshit sooner or later, glad you did.
    Good job, Twisty!

  7. KittyWrangler

    It’s quite simple, Twisty. The vagina doubles as a time portal, so if you get pregnant that means that what happened wasn’t rape you see. It’s the same time portal through which your past sex life and failures to comply with expectations of appropriate virginhood comes back to bite you in the ass once you try to seek justice for having been raped.

  8. minervaK

    This is what happens when you stop teaching sex education in schools.

  9. Lexie

    Oh, cool. Now, women are not only responsible for preventing our own rapes, but we are responsible for preventing our own pregnancies during said rape that we failed to prevent so if either of these things happen, it is our fault for not preventing them and if we didn’t prevent them, well, that’s because it wasn’t even really rape anyway.

    Problem solved! I feel so relieved, now.

  10. Kristine

    Oh, so he’s a believer in the Just Universe; the belief that only people who deserve (divine) punishment receive said punishment. Pregnancy is the (divine) punishment for “having sex incorrectly,” therefore only women who deserve pregnancy get pregnant.

  11. allhellsloose

    yes but forcible rape as in HOW MUCH force? Near death, almost death, comatose, walking injuries (do they count?), bruising but no blood. How is is it even measurable?

    Yuk. And George Galloway is on Newsnight now defending Assange, as in the George Galloway definition of rape.

    Leave it to the guys to define what’s rape. Free Pussy Riot.

  12. Kristine

    Scratch that. According to the Patriarchy, pregnancy is the culmination of a woman’s “useful” lifespan, the ultimate end to a woman’s purpose in life, after which nothing matters. Pregnancy is the official, final punishment for the crime of being born women, and we are expected to endure it with a smile, no matter what the cause.

    Is there a space station anywhere on Earth that can take me to Obstreperon?

  13. gingerest

    I spent a fair amount of yesterday daydreaming about a world where women’s bodies had the power to terminate pregnancy at will. It was a wonderful world, where gender didn’t matter at all and there was no sex class.

  14. hayduke

    Thank you. Was waiting for your post on this. And now I’m gonna try to ignore Akin for the rest of the night and read through the Men Hate You archives.

  15. Friend of Snakes

    Please note: Congressman Legitimate Rape serves on the House Committee on SCIENCE, Space and Technology. So he knows what he’s talking about. Dog help us.

  16. Cimarron


  17. Wolfhound

    This is not a new idea for the knobs who think women’s bodily autonomy is negotiable.

    “Magical Vagina Venom” – *snort* – I need some of this!

  18. Twisty

    Sometimes, in moments of quiet desperation, I like to imagine that these asswipe politicians really know better, and that they only say this fucked up shit to whip up their fanbase into a crazed misogynist frenzy. However, I have just returned from dinner with my pal Stingray, who informed me that, during the course of her evangelical upbringing in STL, she actually met the knob Akin in person on more than one occasion. She assures me that he (and all those other evangelical fanatics), really, truly believes the crap what he doth speak. I can’t decide if that’s more depressing than if he were just a cynical power-hungry panderer.

    By the way, I can totally recommend the red snapper with garlic tomato broth at Perla’s on SoCo.

  19. stacey

    “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

    Okay, I see what he did there. If a woman is raped, and gets pregnant, then she can’t have been legitimately raped, because she didn’t release the Vagina Venom, and is therefore a liar. What a fucking asshole.

    I’m so glad Obama addressed it. Free Pussy Riot.

  20. Keri

    Well Akin took the time on Huckabee to clarify and then the former presidential candidate wanted us to know all about great humans who came from rape too: http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/la-pn-huckabee-horrible-rapes-created-some-extraordinary-people-20120820,0,7976008.story

    Oh sorry, I mean forcible rape not those other kinds of lame rape.

    Speaking of lame rape, did I mention I was drugged by some asshole at a Brew Pub not quite two weeks ago and ended up in the hospital ? Some fucker slipped me, a middle aged woman, fucking ghb and I ended up non-responsive and barely breathing. My daughter had to call the paramedics and she saved me, cuz the kids (she’s 26) know about this creepy shit. And I’m gay damn it! Every dude I walk by since seems very potentially rapey to me.

    But ya know, in good news, my demon vagina might have rejected the rapist’s sperm if he would have managed to get me out of the bar. Unless I was asking for it which I can’t remember since I wasn’t conscious and all.


  21. Salty P

    Well, duh. A legitimate rape is one in which the victim defends her chastity to the death. Being dead is highly effective contraception. I don’t see why everyone is feigning surprise over this iteration of the obvious.

  22. KarenX


    Believe it or not, I just stumbled across a science fiction portrayal of such a society in the most unlikely series of books. In Omega by McDevitt, the aliens turn out to be so happy and so cooperative and so well-fed and at so much leisure because the women can close off their fallopian tubes at will and there are no unwanted children ever. Humans spend the entire book trying to figure out why this planet seems like such a nice place to live (and doing other things) and the fun fact isn’t thrown in to the story until basically the last page. And none of that is a spoiler because it is entirely incidental to the plot.

    I was gobsmacked not to find a utopia in scifi but for that to be the reason why.

  23. speedbudget

    The Republicans can try to run from this all they want, but their vice-presidential nominee, along with Akin, put forward a personhood amendment. He also signed onto the whole “except in cases of forcible rape” bullshit that the Republicans put into their Orwellian and meaningless No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (which is redundant, given that it is already codified in law that no abortions shall be paid for with taxpayer funds, i.e. Medicaid or Medicare).

    Now that all the Republicans are pretending like they are running from this position is the time to stick Ryan in the hotseat and interrogate him, but our spineless media won’t do that. Cheesus.

  24. Twisty

    @Keri: holy fucking shit!

    Of course every dude you see is now a potential rapist. Your self-preservation lobe’s kicking in. Shit like this makes me wanna rip my own fucking head the hell fucking off. Keri, if you wanna vent here in the comments, be my guest.

    On Wikipedia, GHB is repeatedly called a “date rape drug.” That’s because social circumstances are popularly believed to have mitigating effects on the severity of criminal assaults. “Date” rape isn’t one of those legitimate rapes, amirite? As we have seen, in the popular narrative, “date” rape is a whole nother, lesser can of worms compared to rape rape. If I weren’t Wikipedially challenged, I would edit the page to remove the word “date” as a modifier. Maybe one of you can do it for me? Culturally, we must obliterate the notion that social circumstances — i.e. whether you were on a date, whether your outfit subjectively suggested sexual availability to an assailant, or whether an attacker was a complete stranger jumping out of the bushes, etc — can even be remotely construed as relevant in determining a given assault’s degree of “legitimacy.” For in fact, rape victims almost always know their attackers, something like 90-95%.

  25. qvaken

    Well, I’ve never been pregnant, so this must mean that MY rapes-

    No, wait, you’re trying to get me to throw other women under the bus, aren’t you, Patriarchy? Other rape victims, no less. You really are a piece of work, you know that?

    I don’t THINK so, P. Better luck next time.

  26. Jen

    A little Eve Ensler for your aching lobes:


  27. yttik

    “The Republicans can try to run from this all they want..”

    Don’t kid yourself into believing that the D’s are wonderful by default. They poured a great deal of money into making sure that Akin was the candidate they got to run against since he’s such good political fodder. The problem of course is that it’s politically self serving rather than beneficial to women. What happens if he’s elected? Women are screwed but the Dems will get another few years of valuable talking points. Because Dems rely so heavily on their alleged fight for abortion rights, the battle can never be resolved or they won’t have any way to get people to vote for them.

  28. Keri

    Thanks Twisty.

    I know horrible shit like that happens to young women all the fucking time (guess I thought a college thing) but being this old and enjoying a beverage at a mainstream pub, in a big casino where there are security guards and cameras, blows my mind. The thing is, there was a very testosterone-tactic event in town and that brings in even more scary dudes out I guess.

    When I called security of the casino to report I had been drugged, a dude told me he would say something to his supervisor but didn’t ask for my name or info or anything. Asshat. Luckily a friend gave me a contact for a female in the security department who actually gives a shit and she has been reviewing tapes. She saw a guy who fits the description of the dude I think did it – since he had been talking to me and after I became all druggy and was hanging on my friend, he kept trying to get to me and she kept telling him to go away.

    My friend got me out of there and to her house somehow and then contacted my daughter who called 911 as soon as she saw me. I had a couple of beverages on board and that can combine with ghb to make you stop breathing as I have since learned from the Wikipedia.

    If that rapey asshole would have killed me I would have been really pissed. I had just gotten back from a 10 day backpacking trip with a friend and was feeling super naturey and happy too. People always think that the wilderness is a scary place for a couple of gals but it’s wonderful – it’s the fucking patriarchy that scares the shit out of me.

  29. Cimarron

    I’m watching this story take over the news cycles and wondering….where was all this hype when Ryan, Akin et al tried to change the definition from ‘rape’ to ‘forcible rape’ one year ago via HR.3. Or that Ryan has co-sponsored a NATIONAL personhood bill. Yuk, yuk the irony of the name–Brave New World couldn’t have done it better. The views of these wackos has been on public display for quite some time now.

  30. Cimarron

    Terrible grammar in the last post. I am nearly incoherent with rage.

  31. Twisty

    @ Keri: unbelievable! But more proof — as though we needed more — that it is impossible to age out of the sex class.

  32. Notorious Ph.D.

    Keri must be mistaken. After all, evolutionary biology clearly teaches us that men only rape because it’s part of a genetic strategy; that’s why only women of childbearing age are ever targets of rapists: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-History-Rape-Biological-Coercion/dp/0262201259

    (snark aside: Keri, that’s awful. And what a horrible bringdown after a fabulous wilderness time with your friend. “Civilizaiton,” my ass.)

  33. Keri

    Indeed. Way to smack me right out of my backcountry buzz. I would rather contend with the bears and mountain lions any day than the dudes. Thanks to that guy for piling on to the complex PTSD that comes with a life time of living in dude nation and that, no, we can’t even seem to age out of – Ugh.

    I think you all may appreciate the tone of this article: http://www.theonion.com/articles/i-misspokewhat-i-meant-to-say-is-i-am-dumb-as-dog,29256/

    The level of cussing is very satisfying.

  34. thebewilderness

    A Constitutional amendment to criminalize all abortion and many contraceptive methods has been in the Republican Party platform since the seventies. It is the “personhood” amendment.
    Akin believes what he says because in Seminary that is what they taught him and that is what many Calvinist religions have been teaching for many years.
    Akin just used the wrong euphemism in public.

    If women didn’t have all these magical body part abilities they would not have had to burn us.

  35. Phledge

    @Keri: I am so incredibly sorry that you had to endure that bullshit, and stand in solidarity with you against the rape culture that made it possible. *fistbump*

  36. reader

    Since you changed your banner, I think you should read this:

    Warning: vomit inducing male approved porno-“feminism”.

  37. Yankee T

    And then there’s this gem:

    The same total fucking patriarch loving asshole who brought you this:
    “If there is a sexual predator out there who has impregnated a young girl, say a thirteen-year-old girl…That sexual predator can pick that girl off the playground and haul her across state lines and force her to get an abortion…and that’s not against the law in the United States of America.”


  38. au naturel

    I’ve read this blog for a few weeks, but haven’t commented til now. This is a link to an essay called Men on Rape. It was written by a man and is possibly the first time EVER I’ve seen a male who “gets it”. It may be a tiny glimmer of hope. There are some stats, and the really interesting reading is a couple of paragraphs down.


    This Akin thing reminded me of a conversation I had with my husband a few days ago. He asked why little girls and women sit with their legs crossed. I automatically said something I didn’t really know I thought. I said it’s patriarchy. We are taught from the time we are wee little lasses to keep our dresses pulled down and legs crossed, because if you don’t, men and boys will see an invitation and decide you need to be taught a lesson. It can’t be helped because they can’t help themselves and anything that happens will be your fault. Even if you are only three. Indeed, we are trained well, pretty much from the day we exit the womb.

  39. Cyberwulf

    A legitimate rape is one in which the victim defends her chastity to the death.

    Which reminds me – last month this happened: http://www.rte.ie/news/2012/0730/lyons-jailed-for-six-months-for-sexual-assault.html

    Businessman Anthony Lyons rugby-tackled a complete stranger at four in the morning and proceeded to sexually assault her. The woman did everything “right” – she fought back, she dialled 999, she screamed, she went straight to the Gardai and even pointed the fucker out to them as he was running home.

    He got SIX. MONTHS.

    Oh and he was also ordered to pay her compensation because money will make everything better.

    This was after he whined that his cholesterol medication made him do it.

    Luckily the Director of Public Prosecutions is appealing the sentence on the grounds of undue leniency:

  40. E

    The thing is, it’s not even heretofore unheard of.


    It’s recycled bull$h!t.

  41. Gayle

    ” I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV in an interview posted Sunday. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” ”

    By “doctors” he means “Priests!”

  42. virago

    “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

    Akin must have seen the movie “Teeth” before he made this comment. That must be sex ed in Missouri.

  43. quixote

    Seconding yttik. The Dems make me sick with their protection racket, working together with their enforcers from across the aisle.

  44. Lovepug

    How about a female body uses a .38 to shut the whole thing down. That’d work.

  45. Nimravid

    That’s really terrifying, Keri, I’m sorry!

    Wikipedia is a cesspool. The article on “date rape” had a section called “social issues” about how consent was subjective and rape happens because of “miscommunication.” Changed now. Wikipedia is easy to edit but I always feel sick afterward.

  46. Zir In The Skirt

    @au naturel – The interview with the 23 year old man transcribed at the end of the link made me ill. I think two short sentences sum up exactly how plenty of men feel about rape:

    “…If I were going to rape a girl, I wouldn’t hurt her. I might restrain her, but I wouldn’t hurt her…”

    Hurting women is so definitely wrong, duh! So, remember folks, when you go around raping women, be sure to gently rape them. Women will be so appreciative of the kindness you show. And who knows? Maybe she’ll even wind up pregnant, and will then be able to realize it was never actually rape at all. Like some sort of fantastical rape culture-approved love story.

    If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in my bathroom. Seems something doesn’t agree with me tonight. Must be the patriarchy that’s been shoved down my throat.

  47. K

    E, thanks for the link. I love that the author called it an “old husbands’ tale” without even a wink.

  48. quixote

    I’m having lobe explosion issues.

    “…wouldn’t hurt her.”



    Women really aren’t human, are they? Blowup dolls, maybe. Even animals are sentient and obviously have more feelings than that.

    Guys like that. I don’t know. Re-education camps, I think. Surrounded with razor wire. They could re-educate each other. I’d hate to think of any real human being having to deal with that sewage plant scum.

  49. Jeanne

    Brava, Twisty, as usual. My head nearly exploded when I heard about Akin’s legitimate douchebaggetry.

  50. Roving Thundercloud

    The Onion has a second piece up, “Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate”:


    “Thank God for that,” Byars added. “I’m so relieved to know that my child’s father, the man who muffled my screams as he forcefully penetrated me over and over and left me hemorrhaging to death on the street, is not a rapist.”

  51. sam

    Many years ago I read a news story about a teenaged girl who was raped in her bedroom before jumping out the window to get help. The reporter concluded, “The girl escaped unharmed,” and I got into a verbal fight with a few male Tori Amos fans over them agreeing with that assessment.

    I grew up being told not to fight rapists because then I won’t get harmed, and as an adult men have told me rape isn’t as bad as getting stabbed or having a hand cut off because those are real harms and women’s holes are for penises so rape can’t be that bad. One friend-dude making that argument refused to answer when I asked if he would rather be raped or stabbed, so I took the opportunity and told him to make his silence permanent by never speaking to me again.

  52. au naturel

    Zir in the Skirt – I know, that line stopped my heart in its tracks too. I had to go back and re-read it just to make sure I’d read it correctly. That line made me more heartsick than any of the other venom the little turd spewed in that interview.

  53. Elle

    Of course, the risible “rape cannot impregnate” idea is just a subset of the larger cultural narrative that women’s reproductive systems are inextricably linked to their moral fiber (read: compliance). Inability to conceive? Frigid prude with a hostile womb. A loving, nurturing woman would get preggers the second her man deigned to want it. All your children are worthless girls? Time to find another wife, the kind who will give you sons. Some parts of the idea die off, put the gist always remains: a woman with the right feelings in her heart will be able to use her womanly magics to convey those feelings to her uterus. It is easier to deny women control of our bodies when one convinces oneself that women have some mystical earth-mother control of the whole affair and don’t actually need science or doctors to care for their health like men do.

  54. virago

    Btw, I sarcastically commented about Akin and sex ed in Missouri, but I was only half kidding. My ex husband was from Missouri, and he didn’t even know-I shit you not-what an umbilical cord was, did, or where it was located. He thought it was something attached to a male baby’s penis. I had to explain it to him. I remember learning about umbilical cords (and other things pertaining to sex and pregnancy) in junior high biology class and 6th grade sex ed. Every kid I grew up with knew this basic fact. At the time, I thought my ex-husband’s lack of basic facts was odd, but now I wonder what kind of sex ed class he had (or any at all). He went to public school in Missouri in the 80s. If it was that bad then, it sure doesn’t look good under Akin now especially when this guy thinks the female body can “just shut down” to prevent pregnancy in a “real” rape.

  55. Roving Thundercloud

    Hey, when I went to pick up my birth control at Kaiser Permanente last night, there was no charge! (Thank you, Mr. President!) I was jubilant until I realized that since I can’t get pregnant, any rape I might experience would be a Legitimate Rape. (Damn you, Obama!)

  56. Embee

    @keri, I am so sorry for and appalled by your experience with being drugged. Thank dog you had a good friend with you.

    When one applies a modicum of logic to the patriarchal views on women they are rendered instantly senseless, and yet!, no one does so because we fucking worship at the alter of marriage and family.

    So, a guy must drug a woman to have sex with her (because he is not appealing) and once rendered defenseless, if she fails to erect her anti-rape sperms blockade then it wasn’t rape. Huh? Also, with all this mystical powers they ascribe to our vaginas/uteriii, doesn’t it seem that they are de facto conceding our superiority? I mean, they can control neither their erections nor ejaculations reliably, but we are supposed to have a sperm defense system?

  57. Owly

    The only reason men care about rape is because the “wrong” kind of man is using THEIR women as a fuck-toilet. P approved men can have a fucking field day.

  58. Owly

    Elle, I love your point! It’s what’s been floating around my brain but hasn’t come out because I’m not articulate enough.

  59. quixote

    The whole “real men have sons” line is another look-at-me-I’m-stupid billboard. Among mammals, sperm, depending on whether they carry an X or a Y chromosome, determine the sex of the offspring. The proportion is usually around 50-50, but there’s genetic variation, and in some families the proportion can go all the way to 95-5. So the guy could swap partners until he’d run through all the women on earth, and he’d still get the same sex of kids.

    Luckily, environment can compensate for the hereditary component of intelligence.

  60. Razzby

    Keri, I am available for vigilante work. Just FYI.

    In some unexpectedly sucky ways, this Akin story finally connected some dots for me. Warning: rape.

    I was raped at a virginal and very naive 16. I learned later (too damn long later) that the rapist had planned in an effort TO impregnate me. In his mind, if I got pregnant, he could finally “have me” and “be with me always.”

    When I went for help, I faced all the same infuriating victim blaming we’ve all seen to whatever degree. But I could never understand why people would glance at each other then say variations of, “Well, sometimes it can be hard, when hormones are involved, to make better choices.” Like I had chosen it.

    I was put under disciplinary actions by our church for being “unchaste” by the very support structure I went to for help – which even by the handbook was harsh. Then, literally a week later, the “adults” arranged a wedding to marry me to “the father of my child.” The man who raped me, who planned it all, who protested tearfully to the adults that he loved me beyond his ability to chose reasonably, confessed he planned it all on the first birthday of my daughter. In a “See? I told you this would all work out. You misinterpreted the whole thing.” kind of triumph.

    I was married to him for 10 horrible years. Ten years of fighting the huge push to “make it right.” Ten years of continuing sexual aggression. Ten years of people deliberately looking the other way when I tried to describe what was going on, of patting my hand and telling him to “be a better husband.” And for me to give him time to “mature and figure it out.”

    And now coming up on seven years not tied to him, I see this. It was because I was pregnant, wasn’t it? No one believed I wasn’t somehow complicit because of the pregnancy?

  61. buttercup

    Holy carp, Razzby. Hugs if you want ’em.

  62. Razzby

    Buttercup is one of my daughter’s nicknames; I will take ALL the hugs.

    But I was asking in earnest. Through out this all, I’ve felt like I was living in some slightly off parallel dimension that was just enough bizarre that I couldn’t quite get why no one understood me. It wasn’t until the last several years of having access to literature and sites like this (Thank you, Twisty!) that I could start putting definitions to what I was seeing up close and personally.

    I know now that while my situation reads like a Dickens-esque bedtime story, I’m not the only damn one. That’s both a comfort and rage inducing. I had sort of settled on the idea that I was in a localized ultra-traditional nexus of patriarchy (and that may be still the case), but to see it professed so baldly ala Akins, I’m revisiting that. And connecting those dots.

    Gross. Terrifyingly, nauseatingly, maddeningly gross.

  63. Twisty

    Hugs, Twisty.

  64. Fictional Queen

    Men are obsessed with somehow making rape okay because all of them exist on a rapist continuum.

  65. tarian

    Razzby, I am having problems coming up with words. That was horrific, I am appalled that you had to experience it. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story; I could have been you. I don’t know if it helps, but “you’re pregnant” == “obviously you wanted it” is not the only false equivalence out there. Women get hit with Why She Really Wanted It all the time, for all the reasons. They’re all wrong. Hugs if wanted; I’m so glad you got out.

  66. TwissB

    @yttik: “Because Dems rely so heavily on their alleged fight for abortion rights, the battle can never be resolved or they won’t have any way to get people to vote for them.”

    Dead right. And until real feminists get up the will to change the terms of the discussion from “abortion rights” to “Constitutionally acceptable discrimination against women” nothing will change. It’s like a hanging rock that never quite crashes decisively down on women but just keeps them in a constant state of apprehension.and looking to the wrong people like politicians and official “feminists” to protect them. As Ol’ Ross would put it, it’s just sad.

  67. awhirlinlondon

    Dear Razzby: Words entirely failed. And for this, words entirely fail. Doesn’t matter what oddball, or more likely mainstream religion/cult/culture took you by the neck. 1. All are capable of doing the same and have. 2. Doesn’t matter to lived experience anyway where the blows and strictures are coming from. Glad only that you’ve found Savage Death Island.

    Don’t know if it’s only for a particular group – imagine it likely is, because it usually is – whitey-Westerner-females? but this recent explosion of woman-hatred has made me buckle and despair like nothing since the Anita Hill hearings. Post that travesty, women were actually elected to office and some have stayed that way. (My home state has.) I can only hope that this — horrifying –garbage — unspeakable — unbelievable– will have the same effect.

    None of which, however, Razzby, fixes damn anything.

  68. gingerest

    ” It was because I was pregnant, wasn’t it? No one believed I wasn’t somehow complicit because of the pregnancy?”
    Razzby, you poor dear, it was because of the patriarchy no one believed you weren’t somehow complicit. You didn’t do anything, honey – it was a power structure you didn’t make and you didn’t have a choice about upholding. I am so, so, so sorry that happened to you. No, wait, I’m so sorry that that was done to you. In the distorted worldview of your local “adults”, maybe the narrative did run “a pregnant girl must have consented”, but in a context where there is no opportunity to refuse, there’s no true consent, so the narrative is just more window-dressing to justify a culture of rape. All the hugs and sympathy in my world to you, dear.

  69. Razzby

    Thank you for your responses. The best part of the story is my daughter and the life I’m doing my dangdest to make sure she has. She’s older now then I was when I had her and the differences in her experiences so far stagger and elate me. Our bodies, our choices, dangit. For everyone.

    Those same adults involved with me frequently ask when she’s going to find a husband now that she’s barely legal, or point out that since her and I have such a great relationship she should hurry and have babies of her own, or question why she’s bothering to go to the university when she’s “so pretty.” Or whisper confidentially to her that she doesn’t need to “feel the same way your mom does about men or relationships.”

    Knowledge has a powerful way of illuminating shadowed rooms of tradition to show the crumbling walls, scurrying roaches, and dusty relics. People willing to take the time to advocate and help those around them, like Twisty, have my utmost respect. And thanks. I’m showing my daughter everything I find that gives more light and the clearer view. Forewarned is forearmed.

    And by forearmed, I mean with flamethrowers. (No, I’m mostly not advocating violence.) And by mostly, I mean “not ever, unless in self defense, etc.” Well, most days.

  70. Keri

    Oh Razzby- nothing like the patriarchy and a good dose of the Lord to control and victimize a young woman so so thoroughly.

    My daughter is all kinds of Radfem and I hope yours will be too.

  71. Embee

    Razzby your situation brings up so many isues.

    1. The only good pussy is a virgin pussy, but once denouement occurs (by whatever means) the pussy and its owner are declared disgusting. Men only “like” virgin pussy because it is something they could obtain and mark as exclusively theirs; however, in the obtaining, they convert it to something they hate. This is obviously a cruel joke played on them by the magical vaginas we women carry, and therefore we are to suffer endlessly for the injury. Our penance is continued service to the peen, and an obligation to behave like the whores into which they have converted us. In other words: it’s a no-win game. Even those crafty nuns are just out there taunting the men with their virgin pussies. The bitches.

    2. People are so uncomfortable with the P that they will go to extreme lengths to paint it as something else. When the 6 year old boy pushes his female classmate on the playground the P says, “Oh look! He likes you!” and your experience is just a more extreme version of this phenomenon. The P is just so awful that most everyone self-deludes or suffers blown lobes.

    Good on you for giving your daughter flamethrowers and an education. May she put them both to good use.

  72. EEB

    When the 6 year old boy pushes his female classmate on the playground the P says, “Oh look! He likes you!”

    I’m a little late to the discussion, but I just wanted to say “thank you” for pointing this out. I’d never really thought about that before, but it is so, so true, and I’m going to remember it in the future. We really do start training our girls young to be P-compliant. I’ll just put that one on my list of “things to never say to a young girl that trusts me.” (You know, right next to “you’re gonna be a real heartbreaker when you grow up/your dad is gonna have to beat the boys off with a stick” and “Hey, have you read Twilight?”)

  73. susanw

    Razzby and Keri, my heart goes out to you.
    I remember Andrea lamenting rape:
    “We are very close to death. All women are. And
    we are very close to rape and we are very close to beating.
    And we are inside a system of humiliation from which there
    is no escape for us. We use statistics not to try to quantify
    the injuries, but to convince the world that those injuries
    even exist. Those statistics are not abstractions. It is easy
    to say, “Ah, the statistics, somebody writes them up one
    way and somebody writes them up another way.” That’s
    true. But I hear about the rapes one by one by one by one
    by one, which is also how they happen. Those statistics are
    not abstract to me.”

    The only bright side I can see to Todd Akins’ comments on mystical reproduction and variations on rape is the opportunity to tell my Republican acquaintances that this was no gaffe by an old loony: I have been hearing these beliefs for forty years of clinic defense against the “Right To Life”. The hereditary conservative have no idea of the sick and archaic beliefs held by the wing of their party that is sending legislators to Washington, and they are shocked.

  74. Jen

    If it’s really abortion that republicans oppose, where are the republicans campaigning in favor of a logical abortion-reduction plan? Like one that involves educating men about what rape is and how to avoid raping people? Or one that involves educating strait men that women don’t need PIV sex to have orgasms, and so it is ideal to stop pressuring women (like by defining PIV sex as the only “real” sex) to have types of sex that can result in pregnancy? Ha, seriously, though, I’m just kidding. No republicans OR democrats would do that.

  75. Jen

    Also, how about a deal? If men agree to give up rape, all coercive “consensual” PIV sex, and defining sex as PIV sex; and they fund 24-hour access access to free birth control for all people on earth, as well as free education about using birth control; and they shift the responsibility for preventing pregnancy onto themselves, with various forms of birth control for men; and they develop technology that will monitor eggs for fertilization and painlessly transfer any fertilized egg into a container outside a woman’s body if she so chooses; and they agree to also house growing fetuses inside their own bodies and give birth to them by cesarean; and they agree to love and nurture all children (and not rape them or abuse them sexually, physically, or psychologically); and to support them (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.) even if a woman skips town and forgets she ever met any of them; then maybe I agree to give up my abortion rights.

  76. shopstewardess

    Attribution: Josh Smith interviewing Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan on 23 August 2012, WJHL.com, picked up by Paul Slansky on HuffPo, 27 August 2012 and tweeted by Twisty 28 August 2012

    Question:: Abortion, now, something we’re talking about, and I think our viewers would love to know exactly where you stand, specifically our pro-life campaign. but specifically where you stand where it comes to rape, and when it comes to the issue of should it be legal for a woman to be able to get an arbortion if she’s [interrupted]”

    Paul Ryan: “I’m very proud of my pro-life record and I’ve always adopted the idea, the position that, the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.” But let’s remember, I’m joining the Romney/Ryan ticket and the President makes policy, and in this case the President, the future President Mitt Romney, has exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother, which is a vast improvement of where
    So, according to Paul Ryan, rape = a method of conception.

  77. shopstewardess

    crap, that message in moderation went off unintentionally in the middle of editing.

  78. SUSANW

    I’d love to know how those “exceptions” are going to work. A man rapes me. He impregnates me. I go to a doctor for an abortion and say, “I was raped.” What do you suppose happens next ?

  79. Jen

    Twisty and TwissB, what do you make of media coverage of the GOP convention including so much talk of the strip clubs in Tampa? It’s beginning to feel like the major subplot of the novel to me. I even heard an NPR piece on the convention’s effect on prostitution in the area. They interviewed a prostituted woman to find out how she would act and what she would say in order to please her convention customers. Now, I just read this article:


    I find it particularly disturbing. I wish it could be rewritten from a feminist perspective.

  80. FM

    I can’t find the video anymore, but John Stewart pointed out that an “intelligently designed” vagina would have some kind of active defense to repel unwanted penises in the first place.

    Akin isn’t even internally consistent within his insane universe.

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