Aug 22 2012

Spinster aunt posts link to satirical video à propos of “legitmate rape”

I usually find that by the time I get around to watching a YouTube vid, it’s already been co-opted for a Burger King commercial and its catch-phrase is appearing on bargain-bin T-shirts at Walgreen’s. But on the outside chance that your finger is even more distant from the pulse of pop culture than mine, here’s the Legitimate Rape song.


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  1. spyke

    Alles klar now. Also, I was waiting for it. National Review is bringing it, once again, down to sperm – that driving force in all that evolutionary superior – like the mormon male with sons. What timing.


  2. private on this one

    Fucking brilliant. Made me cry.

    Keri – I’m so terribly sorry. Had a similar, though not with the terror of a hospital, ie.e not similar at all. Was rescued. Was rescued by an aggressive evil bastard, dear friend who threatened the fellow’s life and informed his wife. I’ve never been so happy to have an aggressive evil bastard on my side.

    Yeah; should have called the police, right? But, you know, legitimate? I was having glasses of bubbles among mostly strangers at a party somewhere – legitimate? No videos or cameras – all I had to go on was feeling suddenly utterly wrong and ill, & the freakish memory of some rational-looking complete stranger saying “I want to lick your pussy.” Fairly sure that my skirt wasn’t too short, but who knows. It was 110 degrees out. Couldn’t figure out for a few minutes why on earth in a normal world someone would say that. Even if he was new-age-ish. Then realized: oh – what I’m trying to figure out how to make sense of makes no fucking decent sense & feeling — I think I’m going to pass out – help – oh. And woke up — 14 hours later, I think. Feel desperately lucky that I was with someone who heard the small help me please something’s wrong and got me the fuck OUT of there.

    Legitimate, yeah. Police, yeah, probably should have, right? Except of course not. Proof what? Who what? Legitimate what? When I was a 16-year old virgin and had too much to drink & had the stupidity to go somewhere alone with a date and got well and thoroughly raped despite the yelling and struggling and hitting, guess who I blamed?

    Nimravid: THANK YOU.

    I blamed me.

    At age 45 when I got slipped a whatsit, not the same fucking reflex fucking thinking but close enough that it never crossed my mind, until right now, that I should have done something about it.

    Legitimate rape.

  3. private on this one

    Got home and was grounded for 3 weeks for breaking curfew. Because, you know, was busy being illegitimately raped and as such couldn’t get home on time. And no amount of personal integrity, honors’ studentry, basic decency or parental affection would have bought me the right to go home and say I WAS RAPED.

    Near 50 now, and with an excellent relationship with the Wrinklies and you know what? I was absolutely right to keep my mouth shut – not just with the police (as if) but with them. Because – DEF not legitimate rape.

  4. Comradde PhysioProffe

    Is she singing all the harmony and everything with herself? Cause that’s what it sounds like, and is very impressive.

  5. Twisty

    Yeah, she’s one of those women who has multiple sets of vocal cords. She can sing harmonies with herself for, like, up to an hour at a time!

  6. Comradde PhysioProffe

    Hahahahahah. I was figuring she did it by taping herself.

  7. TwissB

    Since I can’t seem to re-find the post that included this extremely important link:
    I’m repeating it here to call attention to this fundamental feminist analysis and to thank the poster who had the guts to implicitly remind Twisty re the”Free” etc. heading to think twice before accepting as “feminist” anything that men are promoting with feverish approval as feminist, be it (at random)PETA, single sex schools, Victoria Woodhull, “Feminists for Life,” nuns, or at the more obvious extremes, any of the countless hateful forms of self-pornogrification that women under the control of pimps and misogynists can be made to perform.
    If this comment seems a bit dense, check out the link and the video that appears in it.

  8. Hattie

    I think those Republicans are taking some stuff that is making them crazy. Can’t think of anything bright or funny to say but just scratching my itchy head over all this.

  9. Keri


    I am so sorry to hear that you too were a middle aged target amongst the other trauma. I didn’t call the police either because I didn’t have enough information to tell them to find the dude and plus they suck ass.

    Well the GOP platform announced today sure gives comfort to us gals on these issues doesn’t it? For the love of cheesus, I swear they want the Handmaid’s Tale to be our future.

  10. Linda

    Freakin’ hell, Twiss B, the backstory about Pussy Riot is nauseating.

  11. qvaken

    Free Pussy Riot from jail, but DO NOT support their politics. For that matter, don’t support anything that they do.

    @private: Yeah, a couple of years ago I reached the point of realising that not opening up to my parents about my adolescent rape experience was the best decision I could have made for myself. Sad, isn’t it? Also, I’m becoming slightly terrified for the future, with this talk of middle age vulnerability. And rape prevention tactics are springing to mind, even though I should know better.

  12. Friend of Snakes

    Also, I’m becoming slightly terrified for the future, with this talk of middle age vulnerability.

    There is no life stage for us where we are not potential prey. Just google “nursing home” and “rape” and consider the sort of vulnerability that only ends for women when we stop breathing. And even then maybe not if they don’t get our bodies buried or burned up before a male can whip his dick out.

    Sexual attacks by male workers on aged, physically and mentally incapacitated women in “care” facilities are not in the least rare.

  13. Carpenter

    @spyke…just read that NR article. Holy Cluster Fuck!

  14. Redpeachmoon

    Thanks for sharing TwissB. I also just read that article and was attempting to post it.
    This ‘ free pussy riot’ thing has been making me uneasy from the beginning.. I thought just this morning that my worry was about what those women might/will suffer under this sentence, but interviews with some of the husbands, or male partners of these women made me suspicious..
    Of course, when mainstream men around the world get behind something like this we should all be suspicious of other political motives.

    Keri; I’m so sorry about your assault.

  15. stacey

    Wow, Pussy Riot really do need to be freed, from their asshole “husbands.”

  16. Guest Blamer

    Here’s another satirical video about legitimate rape, from the Renegade Raging Grannies:


  17. Tiakristi

    Guest Blamer, I ran over to post that same video. All blamers, if you need a happy thought to float on this ocean of bullshit that is American politics, this it it. All spinster aunts should aspire to be a raging granny.

  18. Christine White

    @Tiakristi: Too ageist for me. I don’t aspire to be a stereotype and besides no kiddies=no grandkiddies.. If those women want to call themselves that it’s ok with me but I think they do themselves and the rest of us over 35, 45, 50,etc. a disservice by promoting that noise

  19. Guest Blamer

    Tiakristi, I had a similar reaction to yours. The P gets us so down all the time; that video was refreshing. I like the subversion of the grandmother trope they’ve got going on there.

  20. Cade

    in other news: http://huff.to/PWm0qV

  21. Elizabeth

    The raging grannies have been removed, alas. I missed the clip that was going to refresh my sorely tried mind. Thanks for this intensely engaging discussion, everyone.

  22. Friend of Snakes

    Elizabeth, the Raging Grannies singing about Legitimate Rape are on YouTube in more than one posting. Here’s one:

    They also have a website with the lyrics for their many songs: http://raginggrannies.net/
    It looks like they’re a loose collection of autonomous groups. Or something.

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