Mar 02 2013

Well met, olde blaming friendes

Horse legsMy fusty old lobe has been warmed by the welcoming response of the blaming community to my coming-out-of-retirement announcement. It’s great to be back. I think all I needed was a little breather. I’m feeling pretty goddam blamerly again. A new aunt.

So let me hip you to the new situation.

To facilitate my agrarian conceits (see Dreadful Acres), I have hired a new assistant, Dusty. Dusty is an awesome 18-year-old horse-crazy horsegirl who loves horses, and she’ll be taking over my farm chores twice a week. Theoretically this will free up two whole afternoons for me, so I can biff off to town for lunch and/or write a blog post, like every week.

I say “theoretically” because Dusty, though excellent in all other respects, has come down with the flu, and can’t come to work this week at all. She so informed me by phone this morning at 7:15, using the thin, frail flu-voice that I invented when I was a teenager for the purpose of conveying to an employer a sense of the devastating extent of my infirmity. It’s gratifying that the flu-voice is still seeing some action.

Anyway, although I occasionally might be able to swing it more often, I can pretty much promise at least one post a week, once young Dusty is restored to her former vigor. Not as frequent as when I was in my blogging prime, to be sure, but like I always say, you get what you pay for at I Blame the Patriarchy.

And now it’s back to the salt mines for me. Those horse feet aren’t going to pick themselves.


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  1. tsisageya


  2. Lidon

    Yay! I’m looking forward to having my atrophying brain get back into shape!

  3. Twisty

    Me too, Lidon, me too. Sometimes Neew York is where I’d ra-tha stay, if you get my meaning.

  4. Helen

    Whaaa? That looks like a pretty nasty knee oedema to me. I assume it’s Ginger Rogers and hope fervently the leg comes good.
    Speaking as one who has been to the ortho for subluxating patella.

  5. M.K. Hajdin

    IBTP left a hole no other blog could fill. Glad to see you back.


    YAY My Favorite Blog in the Universe Evah!!! Welcome Back Twisty!

  7. thebewilderness

    These old bones are not up to doing a happy dance but if they could they would!

  8. Nimravid

    Well, I’m really glad. IBTP is objectively the best blog on the internet. Welcome back!

  9. A4

    This occasion calls for a good butt dance!

  10. Twisty

    Don’t worry about the horse knee. It’s just the camera angle.

  11. shopstewardess

    Splendid news. IBTP hereby restored to ye olde bookmarks, which helps offset the rage occasioned by the news that Amazon has been found to be selling T-shirts with the slogan “Keep Calm and rape a lot” and “Keep Calm and hit her”.


    The company concerned, Solid Gold Bomb, has quite naturally put the blame on a computer program. I know what I blame.

    PS I wonder whether Caitlin Moran is a fellow blamer.

  12. M.K. Hajdin

    Shopstewardess, I doubt it. Moran has said too many horrifying victim-blamey things about women on Twitter to be a regular reader of IBTP.

    I just had a very frustrating conversation with an angry liberal feminist who hates radfems because we don’t pay enough attention to individual experiences and we’re meanie poo poo heads for being critical of ‘sex work’. She rejected my assertion that overthrowing male dominance would uproot the other oppressions.

    Excuse me while I go bang my head on my desk.

  13. shopstewardess

    M.K. Hajdin, thanks for the warning. Ms Moran is not someone whose work I have read, I just picked up on her use of “mellow-harshing”, which I have only previously seen here. Quite possibly I just don’t get out enough.

  14. M.K. Hajdin

    I vaguely remember reading some awful piece by Moran in which she basically blamed a rape victim for wearing the wrong shoes.

  15. Falkland

    I first came upon IBTP during its hiatus a couple of months ago, and I thought I’d missed out.

    I’m pleased that Jill and Co. are back and blaming.

  16. Cyan

    Twisty! I’m Cyan and I have been reading your blog for the past 2 years, and weeping and gnashing teeth that you stopped writing. Do you have ANY idea how happy I am now that you are back?

    This blog is literally an oxygen tank for me. I read it through not one but two vile sexist day job environments and it kept me from totally fucking losing my shit. Every time I heard a rape joke at work that everyone laughed at, I would race to this blog and inhale it and not totally fucking lose my shit, which was good because I needed the money.

    Furthermore: you are brilliant. Your satire is sharp and swift and awesome. Your writing is some of the best I’ve met. The fact that you are not a crazy-famous blogger with a fat 3-book contract and numerous appearances on talk shows is something for which I Blame Patriarchy Most Intensely.

    I don’t know anything about horse legs. But if you need any advice on cat husbandry, I’m here for you day or night.

  17. admirerofemily

    So glad you’re back – this is a life changing website.

  18. ellecain

    I am so happy you’re back! Can’t wait to sharpen my patriarchy-blaming skills.

  19. Satchel

    Deep sigh of relief and gladness from the northwest corner of the lower 48.

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