Mar 19 2013

Eat more kale.

Gulp on, Palin. Nothing says "Freedom!" like the right to cook your liver in its own fat.

Gulp on, Palin. Nothing says “Freedom!” like the right to cook your liver in its own fat.

No spinster aunt would presume (except in her dreams) to tell anyone over the age of nine what to eat. We aunts can but lead by example, sanctimoniously choking down our raw-kale-on-Mestemacher-fitness-bread sandwiches, perhaps while casually describing the process by which ad-lib fructose turns the viscera into diseased slabs of fat.

However, one can’t help thinking that if the populace were to enjoy — say, through improved, non-corporate-sponsored education — a more thorough understanding of the human metabolic process, the hi-larious spectacle of historical footnote/reactionary buffoon Sarah Palin chugging a defiant gallon of soda at CPAP yesterday would have had all the comic overtones of a slow suicide. The caption might as well read “I support the right of the beverage industry to profit from poisoning you, me, and the millions of poor and underserved who have no access to decent food!”

Bloomberg’s giant soda ban was a dumb idea, but if the discourse it provoked hips a few more people to the link between fast food, poverty, megacorporate profits, and metabolic disorders like diabetes, I say, you go, girl. When waved as a banner to rally the troops, however, the Big Gulp has all the inspirational ideological zing (and even fewer of the health benefits) of “Leggo my Eggo.”

Sarah Palin photo: MSNBC.


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  1. Sxydocma1

    I must delurk so I can express how happy I am that you are writing on this blog again. I have just read every post since your retirement and feel inspired. I’m working from home today with the kid due to yet another snow day in the Northeast. Thanks Twisty. You. Are. Amazing.

  2. pheenobarbidoll

    It was Fat Shaming couched in Concern Trolling. Evidently, no one who proposed this idea had ever been so poor that a treat at the half price movie night was buying a huge drink so everyone in the family could have a sip of coke during the movie. If movie theaters didn’t offer those sizes of drinks, we would have had to smuggle in our own. 1 giant drink for 4 people is cheaper than 4 smalls. And when you’re digging through couch cushions for snack/drink money, that counts.

  3. M.K. Hajdin

    It is highly unlikely that discourse on the subject of health will be embiggened when it’s just so darn easy for people to wax sanctimonious as they victim-blame, because lard knows the only people who ever get diabetes are poor people who prefer to wallow in ignorance and HFCS rather than adopt the privileged organic lifestyle of their physical, moral and economic superiors.

  4. buttercup

    If only I could have found a way to ban my mother’s genetics from infiltrating my body, I might have avoided that pesky diabetes. Genetics is a sure fire way to get it, unlike soda, which I never drank much of anyway.

    You know I adore my spinster aunt, but blaming metabolic disorders on what people eat is only about two steps away from concern trolling followed by a hefty dose of fat shaming. Despite common discourse on the subject, one cannot eat or drink oneself into diabetes.

  5. KittyWrangler

    It HAD to be Palin.

    I’m torn: is it important for conservatives to see their well-paid ambassador of the Conservative Sex Fantasy to champion fast food because

    a) women are seen as health nags and it is therefor comforting that “even a woman” like Palin indulges?

    b) being a woman, it falls to Palin to lead a campaign directly referencing Michelle Obama’s?

    c) as a woman, what Palin consumes in her diet is of utmost importance?

    d) women’s enjoyment of food is a direct stand-in for women’s enjoyment of sex, so the ultimate conservative woman has the svelte appearance of abstaining yet reassures dudes with a wink that she can indulge, too?

    e) conservatives need to be distracted from the stark fact that, as a woman, if Palin loses her figure she loses her political status?

    f) Big Gulp=Good, Liberal Salad=Bad is the sort of kindergarten message that even a woman like Palin can send to her grizzly mamas?

    g) feeding the family is a woman’s responsibility so Palin needs to address it?

    Gee, so many possibilities, and they all seem so likely. Writing this made me realize that the sexual overtones of diet and food are so strong that proponents of healthy eating and food access are probably doing themselves a disservice by making it a woman’s issue as well (Michelle Obama’s campaign, Beyonce and Britney Spears helping to promote, the gendered emphasis on weight loss). With such a small percentage of female politicians and so much of the focus on diet linked to them, it really seems male activism could help a lot with this issue. People now expect any woman in the spotlight to “lead by example” regarding “health” (as expressed through weight). Which is, of course, a problem.

  6. ew_nc

    Nice blaming M.K. Hajdin. I concur.

  7. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    The soda-brandishing Ms. Palin reminded me weirdly of Ted Nugent with his firearms. Not that sugary drinks are potentially as harmful as guns, just the level of batshit craziness.

  8. Saurs

    (pheeno: I really appreciated your perspective on this shitty fucking subject when it was being discussed at Feministe. You helped to counterbalance all the white, middle-class sanctimony going on, and I never got to thank you for it there. So, thank you.)

    Kale is swale, but I really like dandelion greens and nettle. That both are free provided you steal them from other people’s poorly tended hellstrips doesn’t hurt–and you’re kind of doing the propertied buggers a service.

  9. Saurs

    (Thank you to tinfoil hattie in aforementioned thread, as well. It’s always heartening to see blamers outside of the hivemind, doing their thing brilliantly.)

  10. Maritess Zurbano

    Thank you Twisty for being active on the blog again. I try to visit you daily so I can get tips on how to be both sassy and erudite at the same time. Also a fan of the snark.

  11. Twisty

    Yikes, I’m fat shaming? I had not thought to, though of course I’ll cop to it if necessary. The adipose tissue to which I allude is the kind that accumulates around the abdominal organs, not the love-handle kind that people get liposuctioned out. I mention all this a result of having recently been measured with 37% fat. This is a pretty high number considering I’m underweight for my height and look pretty stringy, so I’ve been reading up. I’ve been apprised that visceral fat like mine behaves like a gland, secreting chemicals that have been linked to cancer (particularly breast cancer, a crummy disease of particular interest to me), insulin resistance, and other crappy stuff. I was instructed to knock it off with the sugar, potatoes, corn, smoothies, anything made with flour (even whole wheat flour), anything sauteed, and of course, wine and margs. Which leaves, basically, kale-and-fitness bread sandwiches. Yippee.

    I am well aware that Big Gulps are not the sole cause of everyone’s diabetes. But is it actually “shaming” to suggest that the Processed Food Industrial Complex + genetics = illness? Is the American diet above critique? How am I fucking up here?

  12. gingerest

    There is a big difference between the first and the subsequent two statements:
    1. habitually drinking very large volumes of soda sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup will encourage the accrual of metabolically active visceral fat and give you metabolic disease and fatty liver, particularly if you are genetically predisposed to such disease
    2. people who have metabolic disease developed it by habitually drinking very large volumes of soda sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup
    3. fat people get fat because they drink gallons of soda

    Twisty was saying #1. Clearly #2 and #3 are hateful bullshit. Moreover, Twisty was even saying that people who do habitually drink vats of soda aren’t to be held as responsible for consequent illness as a society that gives a big thumbs-up to the deceptive, capitalist predations of billion-dollar beverage and processed-food industries on the poor and underserved. (I would add “children” to that select list of victims, but that’s maybe just me.)

    Smoking inevitably results in emphysema (if you don’t die of something else first). But not all emphysema comes from smoking (mild emphysema is part of normal ageing; there’s also genetic vulnerabilities), and it’s not blaming emphysema patients to restrict tobacco advertising.

    (Tobacco taxes blames smokers for smoking-related disease, and since smokers are disproportionately low-SES and members of disadvantaged racial/ethnic minority populations in the US, there’s an argument to be made that it’s not fair to punish smokers because clearly societal disadvantage plays a role beyond individual choice, even leaving aside the horrors of corporate depredations on vulnerable populations. But even tobacco taxes don’t blame emphysema patients for having emphysema.)

  13. quixote

    “How am I fucking up here?”

    You’re not.

  14. Nolabelfits

    What led you to getting measured for fat percentage? If you’re 37% now I’m worried!

  15. willa

    Twisty Faster is a Concern Troll now?

    Has the world turned upside-down?

    Am I in some sort of MirrorVerse?

  16. Saurs

    I don’t think “the American diet” (who’s the American, here, Twisty, you or Palin or the deathfatties, or someone else besides?) is above criticism. But (und it’s a BIg Butt, ha):

    However, one can’t help thinking that if the populace were to enjoy — say, through improved, non-corporate-sponsored education — a more thorough understanding of the human metabolic process,

    Despite what live action muppet-laden children’s television programming suggests, education isn’t the solution to every problem, and you can’t educate yourself affluent and privileged (or thin). Fat, poor people (I resemble that remark!) aren’t stupid. Ignorance is a red herring, here, and it is, yes, a bit disappointing to read NPR-approved party lines in your favorite spinster’s aunt’s personal space*.

    *it is your blawg, and I’m not trying to concern troll you.

  17. buttercup

    I’m not going to belabor the point, just when you read articles about studies regarding fat, check the actual studies for the numbers, then follow the money. You’re not fucking up, but there are many, many questions and not very many real answers when you start talking about metabolic issues as related to diet. The links are frequently not as concrete as one might assume, due to a patriarchy-approved six point something billion dollar a year diet industry that counts on repeat customers to keep raking it in.

  18. fanty

    Whenever I hear talk about “fat poor people”, I feel like punching someone in the face. I’ve been underweight all my life because of poverty and starvation, and here are all these westerners talking about how poverty makes you live on soda and potato chips. I CAN’T AFFORD soda and potato chips, I don’t even remember how many years ago it was that I last bought a frizzy drink (7? 8?). Processed food is inordinately expensive, if you are actually able to live on it, then you are not poor. People should seriously come up with a new word for “poverty” that makes people fat, because that’s not the poverty that I know.

  19. quixote

    This drives me nuts. I’m sorry to contradict other commenters, but I can’t stop myself.

    1) Society, media, advertising, and the whole kit and caboodle should stop with the fat-shaming and fat-hatred. Absolutely. Agree 100%.

    2) There are powerful socioeconomic and environmental reasons for obesity. (In the gospel according to quixote, the two biggies by far are advertising and endocrine disruptor pollution. Read the whole blah-blah here if you want.) Poverty is a big factor, but it’s not causal. It’s dependent. There’s been poverty since forever, but there haven’t always been poor fat people. That’s a modern phenomenon, so it has to be caused by something new and different in the modern environment.

    But, in any case, the point that fatness isn’t the fat person’s “fault”: agree, 100%.

    3) Genetics is a big factor. Another agree 100%.

    Okay, so, all that said, it is, I’m afraid, nonsense to try to believe that scientific evidence does not come down strongly on the side of a diet with lots of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, small amounts of protein, and all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in optimum amounts. It does. The “corporate” diet is poison. That’s been shown over and over and over again. It has also been shown over and over and over again that what doctors call “morbid obesity,” (i.e. disease obesity, not normal, healthy, fit stoutness) causes a whole pile of diseases and shortens life span. Trying to believe otherwise is up there with being anti-vaccine or denying global warming. Honestly. Just stop it.

    I am not — not, not, not — saying it’s easy for people without resources, including the resources of knowledge as well as money, to get a healthy diet. Our whole society is set up in the exact opposite direction.

    Which I think was exactly part of Twisty’s point.

  20. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    It’s a complex issue, all right. If it were as simple as calories in minus activity expended, we’d all be thin and healthy.

    But it’s not complicated to the woman pushing her cart through Save-A-Lot, trying to work out how she’s going to feed four kids for the next two weeks on a hundred bucks. For her, the math is terribly, irreducibly simple.

  21. buttercup

    Quixote, thank you for being so brave as to state that everyone knows fatties just eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Thank you for being courageous enough to come out and say that everyone knows a moderate diet composed of healthful foods will make and or keep you magically aesthetically appealing. i.e. thin or at least “robustly stout.”. I for one really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us ignorant fat asses who don’t know what we actually eat every day. For the record, (since apparently I DO get to belabour the point otherwise I’m a big fat liar who is just as bad as an anti-vaxxer) I love kale. I love veggies. I eat little meat, red or otherwise, a balanced, healthy diet with whole grains and fiber and lots of greens. My weight has not changed in the past ten years. I am also a gigantic morbidly obese diabetic.

    You don’t get to deny my lived experience. And I am not the only one living this experience that you seem to think is just as bad as denying global warming. But go on with your bad self. There’s a vast audience for your bravery.

  22. pheenobarbidoll

    “Yikes, I’m fat shaming? ”

    Not you, personally no. Sorry if I was unclear. The Ban The Soda!! people with Bloomberg are. Fat people need bans enacted so they’ll stop 2 fisting 64 oz Pepsi’s, because we all know they have no will power. That’s why they’re fat. No fat person has ever been healthy either, so we’ll say the ban is about public health, not fatty mcfatties who shove too much food in their gobs.

    You know the spiel. ” It’s not because you’re fat, it’s because of your heeaaaaalth!!”

    So not only are they fat shaming concern trolls, they’ve not ever had to dig through a couch for money either. (But poor folk shouldn’t be wasting their money on a movie night, we should be pitifully huddled in our living room reading by the light of a candle, and chastising ourselves for being so fat and lazy)

  23. pheenobarbidoll

    I forgot- we’re also dumb as a box of rocks. Otherwise, we’d just start buying fresh veggies and non processed foods, amirite?

    1) I have a budget for food. It’s a pretty strict budget. The second I have X amount of money, I go grocery shopping. If I DON’T, I’m well aware that money will end up paying another bill and then there goes enough food for the family.
    2) I can’t afford to pay the gas or take the time to go every week or even every other week. Our shopping is done monthly. Guess what doesn’t last a whole goddamn month? Hint- it’s not the canned food/processed stuff. Yup. It’s the fresh veggies that are the best for me. They may be best for me, but they don’t do me a whole hell of a lot of good if they can only be eaten a few days out of every month. So the option is- veggies with every meal the whole month or veggies for the first week after groceries are bought.
    3) I try to buy a mix of fresh and canned veggies, that way when the fresh run out we’re covered. But that’s not always possible, because MONEY.
    4) I and just about every other person and their dog know by now that coke isn’t good for you.We know when we’re addicted to it (again, not dumb as a box of rocks, thanks) and we also know it makes us happy and goddamn it, so very few things do. And lots of things that do are beyond our reach, so we’re going to take what we CAN get.

    So coke and processed foods are going to make us unhealthy and kills us. Well, so are our jobs. Neighborhoods. Government.

    At least I can PICK the fucking drink.

  24. ChariD

    One’s weight isn’t a marker of good or bad health. A person considered “obese” can be perfectly healthy, with no signs of metabolic syndrome. As Twisty has shown, even a “thin” person can show signs of early metabolic syndrome.

    Although sure, maybe some folks have issues due to what they eat (unknown allergies), one can’t make a blanket statement that everyone who is fat eats processed foods and drinks gallons of soda. That’s bullshit.

  25. minervaK

    As a card-carrying Fat Broad, I snorted out loud when I saw that picture. If there’s real, live, sugared soda in that cup, I will eat it with sauce. A big part of the megatheocorporatopatriarchy is making women so afraid to ingest ANYTHING that they will, literally, starve themselves into submission to the Feminine Ideal (transformed, when necessary to rope in that stray women who refuses to conform via the standard body-shaming crap, into the healthist FAT WILL KILL YOU ideal). At which Ms. Palin is obviously a champeen. Were sugared soda to pass her honeyed lips, I have no doubt that her ass would literally explode. LITERALLY.

  26. blue


    Fat acceptance advocates reject the word “obese” as it medicalizes a natural variation (not aberration) in human beings: being fat.

    Fat people are often poor and vice versa because fat is genetic and so is being poor (one rarely if ever escapes the socio-economic status into which one was born).

    Genetics isn’t a “big” factor. It is pretty much the only factor. Weight is as heritable as height. Imagine the government and the diet industry and everyone in the world yelling and shaming and discriminating against all us short people to grow several inches. For our “health.”

    Scientific fact has actually been ignored by researchers and industries with a financial stake in getting people to diet. Fat people are not failed thin people. A fat person “dieted” down to a socially acceptable weight is not metabolically like a thin person. They are like a starved thin person.

    Moreover, the extremes are what’s considered potentially dangerous to one’s health: extremely thin, extremely fat. “Overweight” (another term FA activists dislike because it implies a certain weight is correct and one is not when in reality one’s weight has a set point) is actually the most healthy weight to be and does NOT cause the diseases you think it does.

    And health is, again, largely if not completely determined by one’s genes — save for smoking, excessive drinking, and the like. Eating is not “the like.” What and how you eat is not “the like.”

    I’ll come back with some resources you may want to read.

  27. ew_nc

    There are none more self-righteous than those who secretly hate fat people.

    Perhaps the energy that is spent on their impassioned entreaties to get people to just understand how bad their eating is, is better spent on doing some research on the real reasons “studies” find fat to be so harmful. A simple check of funding sources will show that it’s the diet industry and health insurance companies that are mostly behind it. One might also spend some time contemplating their own attitudes about fat people.

    Fat hatred is very much like racism. It exists in all of us to some extent. A very common thing fat people hear is, “You would look so pretty if you lost some weight. Your beauty is hiding behind all that fat!” Try applying those phrases to comments on skin color. “You would look so pretty if you lightened your skin. Your beauty is hiding behind all that dark skin!” You’d never say that, would you? That’s because you realize that your internalized racism is wrong and you’re working on it. All a fatty like me is asking is that you apply that same respect for human dignity to me.

  28. quixote

    buttercup, I was really hoping I’d made the point that I wasn’t fat shaming. (Right at the beginning?) I was trying to respond to the point earlier that the scientific evidence on the health effects of being very fat and unfit is weak. It’s not. That’s all.

  29. blue

    You’re right in a way, quixote. The research isn’t weak. It’s flawed and debunked. (Also, you can’t study fat’s effects on health without factoring in dieting’s toll on the body and mind. Show me a fat person that hasn’t dieted. Show me a study that takes that into account.)

    A few primers:


    Rethinking Thin by Gina Kolata (Keys starvation study extrapolated to dieting, frightening revelation that all research debunking “obesity” research is ignored, fat people aren’t fat because they overeat/under-exercise/are crazy)

    Losing It by Laura Fraser (debunks all major modern Western reducing diets)

    The Diet Myth by Paul Campos (especially for the “obesity paradox” as well as debunking the study that began the current moral panic about the fake “obesity epidemic”)

    Big Fat Lies by Glenn A. Gaesser (fat does not cause heart disease, diabetes)




    http://junkfoodscience.blogspot.com/2007/10/junkfood-science-exclusive-big-one.html (“healthy” eating does not affect health outcomes)

    For having to do this bit of 101, IBTP.

    It’s bad enough that men expect me to provide h@rd-ons just because they look at me…and oppress me because I don’t. But it really sucks to have women pressure me to comply with the patriarchal beauty ideal as well, even while pretending to themselves and to me that it’s about my health.

    “While we’re obsessed with fixing our bodies, the men are running the world.” (Eve Ensler)

    “Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.” (Naomi Wolf)

  30. buttercup

    Yeah, Quixote, right before you told me it was obvious that obeeeeeeesity is only caused by eating gross food. And that obeeeeeeeese people can’t be healthy. Which is concern-trolling at minimum and denying my lived experience (and that of many, many others). Then you said I was just as bad as a global warming denier and an anti-vaxxer.

  31. buttercup

    I kinda feel like I’m coming full circle here because the now-defunct IBTP forums were where I first heard of Kate Harding. I’m pretty sure someone hipped me to this and it changed, and maybe saved, my life.


  32. Cyberwulf

    buttercup, it’s obvious, even intuitively, that a diet comprised of delicious garbage food is not going to do one any good. Saying otherwise is what was compared to denying global warming and having an anti-vaccination stance.

  33. blue

    It’s intuitively obvious that the sun revolves around the Earth.

    It’s intuitively obvious that the world is flat.

    It’s intuitively obvious that women were born to make babies.

    It’s empirically obvious that even in a radfem space, fat prejudice is insidious.

  34. buttercup

    Not to mention I didn’t say one word about a garbage diet. The supposition is that a garbage diet is the only thing that causes that gross kind of fatness that is intuitively unhealthy. I am that kind of fat. And I do not eat an unhealthy diet.

    Although if I did, it wouldn’t be anyone’s business but mine and my doctor’s.

  35. Cyberwulf

    Are you seriously suggesting that anybody thinks eating takeaways and junk food all the time is actually healthy? Because that’s pretty insulting.

    There was no value judgement in my comment. Some people, because of time and economic constraints, have no choice but to rely on junk food. I’ll bet that most of us, fat or thin, are addicted to that shit. Our genes scream at us to devour all the sugar and fat, store the calories, there might be a famine. None of that changes the fact that it’s garbage food and bad for people. You may bristle at that because it allows smarmy assholes to blame fat people for being fat while they crunch their way through whole heads of lettuce, but comparing it to saying “the earth is flat” makes you look like you’re in denial.

  36. blue

    The comparison to “the Earth is flat” is because you think you know what you know because it’s obvious — even intuitively so! It was also obvious that the world was flat by viewing the horizon. “Obvious” and “intuition” don’t necessarily make it so.

    If a previous comment of mine is let out of moderation, you’ll see where I’m coming from with this.

    Things are obvious and you know what you know…until you find out what you know was wrong.

    “Are you seriously suggesting that anybody thinks eating takeaways and junk food all the time is actually healthy? Because that’s pretty insulting.”

    No, it’s insulting that YOU think that type of food is unhealthy. Food is food. And while I don’t like to point out people flaunting their privilege, it’s being brandished about in spades here :(

  37. buttercup

    Once again, not what I said. Not remotely. I said, I eat a good, balanced diet of healthy foods in moderation, but I am still and will ever be extremely fat, what the medical term “morbid obesity” is. It was posited that the only way to get that kind of fat, as opposed to I dunno, cute fat, is to eat scads of crap food. I found that supposition to be insulting and extremely inaccurate, as there are tons (HA) of people as fat as me and fatter who eat the way I do. Even vegetarians and vegans. Saying the only way to get a certain kind of fat (morbid obeeeeeeeesity) is to eat crap is a crap statement that denies my lived experience.

    Even thin people who eat a crap diet can end up with crap health. It’s wrong to call it obeeeeeeeeesity, because that’s a definition that requires one’s BMI to be over a certain point and has nothing to do with what kind of fat you have and how healthy you are. In the same way “patriarchy hurts men too”, the idea that fat = unhealthy and therefore thin = healthy hurts thin people too.

    And I still say that people can eat whatever the hell they want and it’s none of my damn business.

  38. Cyberwulf

    “Are you seriously suggesting that anybody thinks eating takeaways and junk food all the time is actually healthy? Because that’s pretty insulting.”

    No, it’s insulting that YOU think that type of food is unhealthy.

    Perhaps I think that because I ate that kind of diet for seven years and ended up 254lb (at 5′ 4″) and unable to walk the dog without developing leg and foot pain. Or perhaps you’re right, McDonald’s is completely healthy, and I should go back to eating it.

  39. blue

    I don’t care what you eat. I care that you are blaming eating for being fat. That thinking underpins much of the oppression against fat people, resulting in kids being taken off of their parents, not getting hired for/getting fired from jobs, negligent health care or outright denial of health care, denial of housing, and suicide.

    Demonizing food is one of the primary tools used to oppress fat people. It’s depressing but not surprising to encounter fat bias yet again in a liberal/progressive/radical/feminist space. It’s really no wonder the fat liberation movement has gone nowhere in over 40 years when our natural allies view us as akin to climate change deniers when we attempt to share the truth that has set many of us personally free in our own minds even though we are still very much discriminated against.

  40. pregnant pause

    Even IF a person eats a ton and that’s why they’re fat, even IF they eat junk food all the time, so what? I don’t get all the judgement. You never know anyone else’s life, what they’re going through, what they feel they need right now to cope with life. If someone is struggling with, say, binge eating disorder, I am sure they already have enough difficulties without sanctimonious strangers making them feel even worse. OR, maybe they’re just really hungry and love chips too! How are they hurting anyone? Especially in the US where you aren’t even sharing the cost of healthcare. I long for a day when anyone can go for a swim at the beach because the sun and water feel great, and eat an ice cream in peace without feeling a million judging eyes on them.

  41. Gowan

    There are many reasons for obesity. Genetics is one (and a very important one), but not the only one.
    In fact, as observed by me in many people who went to the US for a year or two, living in the US seems to make people fat. Is it the lifestyle? The high fructose corn syrup? The stress of being “too fat” according to the ridiculous beauty ideal? The low-fat milk? Something in the water? Radiation?
    No idea.
    But it surely isn’t a suddenly aquired lack of education or willpower that causes Germans to put on weight when they stay in the US.

    (Is there a reverse effect? If US-Americans travel to Europe and spend a year there, do they lose weight?)

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