May 07 2013

Spinster aunt blows dust off computer, reads depressing Google news

It was a narrowed, bloodshot eye that I cast upon this morning’s Google News top headline: “US air force sexual assault prevention unit chief charged with sexual battery.”

Prepare yourself to not be shocked in the least. The sexual assault prevention unit chief was a dude, and the person he neglected to prevent himself from sexually assaulting was a woman. Quelle surprise.

The news reports all endeavor to help us understand the salient facts of the case: Air Force guy didn’t just grope a woman, he drunkenly groped a woman. Ohhh, well it makes sense, then. Deficiency of sobriety is a popular theme in sexual assault narratives. As everyone knows, a drunken dude can’t help it, and a drunken woman deserves it.

Although, you know, it has occurred to me that maybe dudes whose inebriation causes them to refrain from not raping women should just lay off the sauce already. And get themselves castrated. For the common good.

Stupid Air Force guy looks so bummed in the photo, doesn’t he? Well, he should lighten up! Nobody, unfortunately, is gonna castrate him. Even better for him, guilty verdicts in cases like his are all but chimerical figments. Should so fantastic a verdict happen — against all odds — to achieve escape velocity from the crumulent black hole of misogyny that is the typical jury trial in a 21st century American sexual assault case, chances are that a sympathetic higher-up will simply overturn it. That’s what this 3-star general-cum-astronaut did with the aggravated sexual assault conviction of one of her dudely underlings. And she’s not alone.

Although, you know, it has occurred to me that maybe governments that train a hierarchical warrior class to go around oppressing and killing on a global scale should not be surprised when its members routinely exhibit hubris, entitlement, violence, criminality, and antisocial moral lapses.


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  1. pheenobarbidoll

    “Although, you know, it has occurred to me that maybe governments that train a hierarchical warrior class to go around oppressing and killing on a global scale should not be surprised when its members routinely exhibit hubris, entitlement, violence, criminality, and antisocial moral lapses.”


  2. Tei Tetua

    They get away with it way too often, but this incident might and up as a win for truth and right. With clear identification and no chance to claim the victim consented, plus gigantic publicity, I think he’s toast. Nobody can afford to defend this.

    And if that bozo woman general-cum-astronaut did the dudes’ work for them, there’s a woman senator out there (Claire McCaskill of Missouri) who’s holding up the mighty flier’s promotion until there’s an explanation of what happened and why. So at least we’re seeing a few good things happening.

  3. Veganrampage

    Kristen Gillibrand, S-NY, ripped the Armed Services a new one as she chaired the “Committee On Over-Sight for Sexual Assault and Harassment”. I think there are 7 women on the committee now. Every single jack-hole man-in-charge
    insisted like “hey dude, no prob, and if there one we have is it so under wraps.” What criminal perjuring murdering worm-brained crudbuckets of shit they are. Physically sickening.

    On the other hand Chris Cuomo on CNN is degrading Amanda Knox much like the Italian police as I write. If you think a foreign woman can get a fair trial in Italy think again. He relishes the perverted sex orgy questions like the crazed fuck wad that he is. He’s practically drooling. Prime time (of women, but that goeswithoutsaying) degradation for your pleasure disguised as news.
    I emailed to complain about 15 minutes ago. Anyone else? Pick up a phone? Tweet? Fire this man-job.

    What Jill wrote, as usual, right on the money. However it’s the poor and POC who join in the main as we know, and this sucks to hell.

  4. Yankee T

    My 61-year old inner feminist thirst is quenched when you post and people comment.
    Thank you.

  5. Stella

    The local DA isn’t handing this case over to the military, but pursuing it *her*self. So hopefully this dick bag will get canned.

  6. Redpeachmoon

    Twisty your commentary is a breath of fresh air. No one says it better!
    I worship at the altar of your jaundiced bloodshot eye.
    Stay with us, please.

  7. Shelby

    You write like a fucking writer. You should be paid for this.

  8. Twisty

    Aw shucks, your kind regard is payment enough.

  9. Niki

    That last paragraph is excellent. Like seriously fucking excellent.

  10. ew_nc

    This little incident just goes to prove that when dudely institutions have an agency for “sexual assault prevention”, it is purely for appeasement. Either their legal team or insurance companies have insisted that they put something in place to show due diligence, but it’s purely for show. There are absolutely no paradigm-shifting activities going on, and you can bet that their mission is not to raise the consciousness of men. There is no seminar entitled “Stop Raping Women”. Far more likely is that their “prevention” curriculum is aimed at teaching women self-defense and reminding them not to look like “targets”. Therefore it stands to reason that their chief is a sexual assaulter. After all, that woman probably looked like a target.

  11. Kristine

    Well, color me shocked! This is unprecedented! People in positions of (supposed) moral authority are NEVER known for acting like they are above moral reproach. I mean, it’s not like the pope has ever raped anyone- oh, wait, never mind. Well, at least anti-gay legislators have never been caught having sex with- oops, screwed the pooch on that one. Well, at least no Boy Scouts leader has ever taken advantage of little boys- what? Them too! Why the hell do we trust anyone in power at all?

    Oh, right. Because of the Patriarchy.

  12. Margaret

    What if the military wasn’t clueless? What if they consciously chose him for those qualities? To me, those thoughts are no longer unthinkable.

  13. karma

    I have been lurking here for a few years. Thank you, thank you, Twisty for articulating what many of us feel and didn’t even know. As a survivor of Vulvodynia, I admit that i’ve been brainwashed by the patriarchy for many years. It is only after finding this blog that my thoughts were finally validated. IBTP now- it is all crystal clear!!! luv u, Twisty! x

  14. NothingToReallyGetFastFor

    I do wish that there was a surgery that’d FIX sexually violent people. But, castration, interestingly, doesn’t prevent the deployment of the penis as a weapon when it is performed post-puberty, because sufficient testosterone continues to be produced by the adrenal glands. And besides, a penis isn’t even a necessary weapon to violate others. Sexual violence is so well ingrained and accepted that there’s no amount of mutilation that will ever fix it.
    I’ve given up on hoping for the overthrow of patriarchy; now I’m “hoping” that humanity accepts the fact that we’ve become an aberration as a species and voluntarily stops reproducing. We should face our inevitable extinction deliberately and gracefully.

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