Sep 22 2013

Project Unbreakable

Fortunately I Blame the Patriarchy isn’t a breaking news site. This means I can post excellent stuff that has already made the rounds on Facebook and the Huffington Post with impunity. By “excellent stuff” I mean stuff that, because it addresses issues of particular relevance to women’s liberation from oppression, deserves sustained interest, or at least more than a temporary bump on Twitter.

Today it’s Project Unbreakable. In case you haven’t heard of Project Unbreakable, Grace Brown photographs sexual assault survivors holding up signs emblazoned with quotes from their attackers. It’s really moving and makes me want to punch someone in the neck.

I haven’t done a study or anything, but it seems that rape awareness — by which I mean, awareness of issues pertaining to rape that have hitherto been obscured by traditional rape culture — might be on the upswing. I don’t want to be overly optimistic, but it’s almost as if people are starting to get the message that aggressive male behaviors customarily considered normal and in keeping with the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women are in fact violent and oppressive. Efforts like Project Unbreakable are getting in through the chinks and deserve our sustained support.

You know, anyone who can look at a thing like Project Unbreakable and maintain that patriarchy is dead is brainwashed, delusional, and, yes, complicit in the global humanitarian crisis that is violence against women. As Jane Doe, MD reminded me recently, failure to advocate for victims of oppression is exactly the same thing as complicity with the oppressor.

Speaking of patriarchy replication device the Huffington Post, am I the only one who finds it baffling? Every time I click on it there’s a slideshow on celebrity sideboob, or celebrity underboob, or some other aspect of the celebrity boob. Except topboob, which I guess is played out.

Note: Still sidelined by my sprained twerkicep, I was obliged to type this post on an iPad while lying flat on the floor, so please excuse the brevity and uncharacteristic shortwindedness.


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  1. Natasha

    That doen’t make me want to punch people in the neck, it make me want to stab them in the neck. The clueless, entitled privilege that oozes from the attackers statement is just disgusting.

    I do hope you’re right about the rising awareness of sexual assault and rape culture.

  2. Bushfire

    The comments from attackers are revolting. It’s like they have no idea that they’re hurting the women and girls, it’s like they don’t even believe we can be hurt.

  3. ew_nc

    What an important project. Men should be compelled to read it.
    The pain of it all is making me feel shaky.

  4. Lidon

    I haven’t heard of this before. Wow. Yeah, I’d say punching and stabbing are understandable impulses. Men should definitely read it as well.

    On a different note, I hope you feel better soon.

  5. quixote

    That’s an amazing project. Just reading it wrings me out.

    I wish there was some way to make all the “nice” guys and bystanders study it.

  6. skeptifem

    this article on side boobs is hilarious (and SFW)


    I hope this doesn’t get trapped in the spam filter! I’m a regular (formerly nails)!!!!

  7. Shelby

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. Indian comedians do rape satire “It’s your fault”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU5fjZBlTNI

    It’s a beautiful thing.

  8. menhateyou

    Gay men find women disgusting. Straight men find women disgusting but would rather use them as a meat sock first before discussing how nasty women are. They are two sides of the same coin.

  9. menstillhateyou

    Another problem: many men think women love to be pronged in any situation, or that a fancy dinner or a smarmy sentiment of “I luvv you” or “yer so hawt” will break down any resistance to having a tampon magically enlarged times ten shoved again and again into a pea sized opening. Unfortunately, popular culture reinforces this belief. Most men believe that being pronged feels equally as great as them taking their bonerz and pronging any soft wet hole until they come. This fundamental lie is the foundation of the nastiness that is heterosexual sex.

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