Feb 16 2014

Spleenvent Sunday: South Austin graffiti edition

Aloha, blamers! It’s Spleenvent Sunday, so this here’s your weekly open thread.

Today’s photo: charming graffiti on South Lamar next to Lulu B’s Vietnamese sandwich trailer. I am so pleased to have documented this priceless artwork when I did, because the last time I drove by it had been painted over with the letters “FAGS.” South Austin, it’s a real hotbed of progressive thought.

[For some unknown reason Flickr now lets you scroll through my whole photostream from a single embedded photo, so if you mouse over and click the right arrow a couple times you can see a picture of my fat dirty horse Pearl at dawn.]

Housekeeping note: you will be jazzed as heck to hear that I have finally slogged through the ginormous backlog of unmoderated comments that had accumulated during my recent 4-month hiatus. If you submitted one, and it was not written from the point of view of a dude (see below), and it didn’t insult anyone too much, and it wasn’t longer than a couple of biting paragraphs, you will find that it has been published at last and your eternal happiness has therefore been assured.

And I know you will enjoy the following pithy observations from the reject pile as much as I did:

“True feminism comes from Allah, who has assigned men and women each to their proper roles and stations, and made the former larger than the other as a symbol of his dominion over the weaker sex.”

Awesome, dude! Thanks to your thoughtful comment redefining misogyny as feminism, now I know my proper station, but why do you suppose Allah made me larger than a shit-ton of dudes?

“to all radical feminists: the men who you hate so will never respect you if you keep calling yourselves radical feminists. you will never win. as a man, the message I see here is one of female dominance rather than equality for all.”

Say, that’s what feminism needs: more misogynist dudes who have no idea what feminism even is and think I care if they “respect” me! Why didn’t I think of that?

“Right now, a sandwich is not being made. Maybe if you “ladies” put as much time into ironing as you do whining you could find a man.”

Oh snap! Good one, Oscar Wilde!


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  1. Rae

    “your eternal happiness has therefore been assured.”

    This just made me laugh-snort aloud; always rather embarrassing! Fortunately I’m home alone, except for the cat — and she’s asleep.

    As usual, the glimpse of rejects is sad, angering, and kind of trippy. Since when is ironing sexxay?

  2. Elly

    Oh gee. A dude who never respected ladypeople wants the ladypeople to know that he will never respect us. Excuse me while I repair to my fainting couch.

  3. au naturel

    To the dude that left this little nugget of wisdom –

    “Right now, a sandwich is not being made. Maybe if you “ladies” put as much time into ironing as you do whining you could find a man.”

    If you want the real reason you can’t find a decent sandwich or an ironed shirt, look in the mirror, and, assuming you don’t drop dead from the shock, make your own damn sandwich and iron your own shirts.

  4. ew_nc

    Sad thing is, they really think that we want to sign up for sandwich making and ironing duty for some asshole. We couldn’t possibly live fulfilled lives without it.

  5. Cyberwulf

    No. They know women won’t sign up for sandwich making and ironing duty for some asshole, where “sandwich making and ironing” means “putting up with all my manchild bullshit”. That makes them very, very afraid, because how on earth can they be “real men” without a woman – any woman – to piss on?

  6. Lab Rat

    Behold – Dude-ku (Kigo style):

    Lack of respect is
    A sandwich not being made
    Tools in the spring breeze

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