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What is this thing?

In an effort to accommodate the exploding demand for more, more, more radical feminism on the Internet, Spinster Aunt HQ brings you I Blame the Patriarchy, the patriarchy-blaming blog that scrutinizes popular culture to expose the hidden misogyny within. The views expressed are those of award-nominated spinster aunt Twisty Faster. In addition to providing Twisty with a platform from which to practice writing run-on sentences, IBTP is a port in the storm for women who have had it up to here. Many advanced blamers find IBTP useful for stimulating, non-dudeliocentric, troll-free discourse. The Blametariat includes some of the most hilarious and insightful feminist voices on the Internet.

Other topics frequently addressed on the blog are atheism, natural history, science fiction, and bonobos.

Why blame the patriarchy?

Patriarchy, which invisibly persists as the world’s most popular social order, is a really bad scene based on an oppressive paradigm fetishizing dominance and submission. Benefits in this culture of domination are accrued according to a rigid hierarchy at the top of which are rich honky adult males and at the bottom of which are poor female children of color. Within this hierarchy, women, regardless of race or any other status markers, constitute a sub-human sex class. I Blame the Patriarchy endeavors to expose to feminist scrutiny and critique the many schemes and gambits — legislation, adjudication, media, medicine, culture, religion, Oprah, tradition, etc — through which the dominant culture controls the sex class and sustains the global humanitarian crisis that has ensued as a result of its ceaseless violence.

Women will never enjoy fully human status until patriarchy is dismantled.

Then what?

The Twistolution envisions a post-patriarchal order free of male privilege, rape, misogyny, femininity, theocracy, corporatocracy, gender, race, deity worship, marriage, discrimination, prostitution, exploitation, godbags, the nuclear family, reproduction, caste, violence, the oppression of children, the oppression of animals, poverty, pornography, and government interference with: private uteruses, non-abusive domestic arrangements, drug habits, lives, and deaths.

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