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Oct 07 2011

Food channel

I offer you a love pod from my home world. Foto by Stingray.

Oct 06 2011

Steve Jobs? Damn.

Fig. 7. The author snaps iPhone self-portrait in a truck stop can. Italy, Texas, 2008. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that without Steve Jobs I would not have achieved my brilliant success as either a spinster aunt, an Internet feminist, a text messagist, or a public restroom documentarist. I am curiously maudlin …

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Oct 04 2011


Klean Kanteens make pretty girls smile, despite prune-hands from latex gloves. From Klean Kanteen website.

Central Texan spinster aunts on the go are apt to become desiccated if they don’t tote around cold, life-giving liquids at all times. For this reason I once possessed a thing called Klean Kanteen, an insulated steel vacuum bottle in which I stashed my iced coffee and filtered organic free range rainwater. Wheresoever I went, …

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Oct 01 2011

“Law and Order: Mutilated Women Unit” ep cleverly appeals to multiple niche fetishes at once

A murdered teen isn’t lurid enough; better make her a prostitute with HIV.

Oct 01 2011


Haley just wanted to be popular. What went wrong?

Forgot I had a blog. Sorry about that. But here’s a sweet little movie you won’t want to miss. Girl Fight airs on Lifetime this Monday. “Inspired” by a “true story” about mean girls who beat up one of their own and post it on YouTube for internet fame and revenge, it’s super on-trend. Although …

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Sep 05 2011

Spinster aunt slowly emerges from stupor

It’s 69 degrees! It’s 69 degrees! My dendrites are free from waxy yellow build-up! So I thought I might as well enlarge on a point that seems to have sprouted some ambiguity of late, regarding my views on intersectionality. Here’s what Bushfire said: Twisty does focus on women’s oppression but she also makes it clear …

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Sep 01 2011

My heatstroke is your open thread

Blamer Service Announcement: Spinster HQ will be shutting down until the fucking temperature drops below 103F for a minimum of 2 days in a row. The heat from the computer monitor is melting my face. Which is neither here nor there, because I can’t write or speak anyway; as soon as a thought is formed …

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Aug 24 2011

Ditwuss Award de la semaine: PETA

By now — since it is my custom to lollygag, dawdle, and often even dilly-dally until steamy breaking news has developed an unappealing crust on top before I set about wrinkling my lip at it — you have already heard of and perhaps even forgotten all about the irritating information that PETA intends to launch …

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Aug 22 2011

I’ve gotten, like, 17 emails about this and so am filing an Intent to Post

Rest easy, outraged blamer. I have indeed heard of the PETA porn site and will be dashing off the usual bromides and choir-preaches as soon as time permits. In the meantime feel free to compose your own and post it here. Back in a flash (and by “flash” I mean “day or two”).

Aug 22 2011

LecherWatch ’11

What hotel maid wouldn't want this sexy grandpa?

Well knock me over with a feather. Leering French fuck Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s gonna walk. The hotel maid’s lawyer had predicted prosecutors would tell her Monday they were dropping the case. The attorney, Kenneth Thompson, told France’s RTL radio on Sunday that the woman, Nafissatou Diallo, “feels abandoned by the Manhattan District Attorney.” The questions raised …

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