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Apr 26 2011

Fuck all. Open thread! (was “Test post. Ignore.”)

Blurtlala PicPoul

Jul 17 2010

My unique style self-expresses who I personally am

Jilroy Silliphant. Me! 1963. Pixels on ectoplasm. The inbox at Spinster HQ this morning contained several urgent communiqués from an entity calling itself “How do I remove my tampon without it hitting something?”. Yeah, this is a little embarrassing, but whenever I try to remove my tampon, it either hits my fingers or the rim …

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Jul 16 2010

Spinster aunt posts photo of wagging tail without comment

Jilroy Silliphant. Franny with white chair. 1963.

Jul 04 2010

No Art Week would be complete without Yoko

On the other hand, here is a film script excerpted from our girl Yoko Ono’s 1964 arty book Grapefruit. In Grapefruit, Yoko writes poetical instructions for arty stuff, theoretically for the reader’s own lobes to complete. Like “go sit out in the sun and eat a tuna sandwich.” What a lazy artist. Trying to oil …

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Jul 03 2010

Art week brings you a spot of art

Sue Williams, 1992

It’s the last day of Art Week, so I thought I’d better actually squeeze in some actual art. Here’s a painting by Sue Williams.* A Funny Thing Happened, 1992. It comes with a trigger alert. This painting, about 4′ square, sold for $61,000 in 2008. The picture depicts three rape scenarios: the first begins with …

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Jul 02 2010

Blu r5rgh

Fig. 72. Jilroy Frosting. Self-Portrait with Feminist Coffee Table Art Book. 1987. Megapixels and cellulose on mylar. 3″ x 3″. This coffee table feminist art book has Nancy Spero’s 1971 Codex Artaud VI on the cover. If it alludes to Antonin “Jet of Blood” Artaud, it’s gotta be art. If there’s one thing a spinster …

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Jun 29 2010

Art Week 2: The (artless) future lies ahead

People sure get nervous when I postulate an art-free future as a desirable outcome of feminist revolt. If this nervousness is because you work in the arts and are already anxious about job security, or because yours is a poetical nature and you are enamored of the Artist Mythos, fear not. You’ll be long dead …

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Jun 27 2010

Art Week at last: read it and weep

Faster Family Art Factory, Jill Is Great, Collection of Spinster HQ, Gift of the Faster Nieces, 2010. The idea is legitimized by the frame! When rape apologists and misogynist pervs defend their crap-ass pornography as art, I say let’em. Well, first I say fuck’em, because they’re sociopaths. But then I say let’em. Let’em have that …

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Jun 25 2010

Spinster aunt pukes on Jeff Koons (but it’s not Art Week yet)

Figure 7a. Are your boobs affected by gravity? Tit-tape ad promises product will banish unsightly boob saggage for 10 bucks. Product is an adhesive used to tape the top of your boob directly to your chest. TV commercial shown during Jeff Koons bio on the Ovation channel. I wasn’t expecting to discuss this dick during …

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Jun 23 2010

Make that Friday. Or possibly Sunday.

I am not bailing on Art Week. Not me, mang. But I must emerge from Denial Town to announce that its official commencement has to be postponed again. I am experiencing more events, circumstances, and — I’m serious — hooplas — than I had anticipated when I announced the original postponement. Did I say Saturday? …

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