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Aug 07 2008

The spinster and the bag

The other day, before I became enmeshed in the horror of relocating my household to the Wild West, I was sitting around Jo’s Coffee with my pal Jovita Patino. Jo’s is basically just an open shed, but its proximity to tattoo parlors, bars, and vintage shops makes it popular with me and with the hipster …

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May 08 2008

Spinster takes a holiday

prickly pear

Dang it. My obstreperatrician has diagnosed me with LLD (Lounging and Loafing Deficit). It looks like I’m going to be forced to retire deep into the Texas Hill Country for a couple of days. The prickly pears are in bloom. You haven’t loafed until you’ve spent an afternoon sitting under a post oak tree in …

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Oct 25 2007

Thursday memoirette


Photo originally uploaded at Patriarchy-blaming tends, on this blog, to be expressed in broad strokes. I’m forever making with the feminist aphorisms. You know. “Pornography is the graphic representation of women’s oppression.” Or, “Being sexually manipulative is not an expression of personal sovereignty.” Or, “Irony is the enemy of dinner.” These glib remarks sound …

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Oct 21 2007

Sunday storage tub blogging


Speaking of tubs and lids! This wacko tableau totally blew my mind! I’d like to take this opportunity to beg yall’s indulgence for just a little longer while I laze around not blogging. I Blame The Patriarchy, contrary to what longtime blamer MzNicky has suggested, is not dead. It is merely in a coma. I …

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Oct 16 2007

Undead, not dead; these are hairs you are splitting


Because we are nothing without external validation, I was fortunate, during yesterday’s dog walk on Tellin It Like It Is Street, to encounter this objective affirmation of my womanly virtues.

Oct 13 2007

Continuing in the fine old tradition of Twistational undeadness


I found this incredible free storage tub, and I’ve been storaging my ass off.

Sep 21 2007

Still not dead


I found this incredible store, and I’ve been shopping my ass off.

Sep 17 2007

Not dead


I found this incredible store, and I’ve been shopping my ass off.

Aug 31 2007

The continuing exploits of Britain’s merry rapists


Today’s unrelated photo is from my critically acclaimed series “The Airstream Creperies of Austin.” Flip Happy Crepes, August 2007. Remember back in November of 2005? No? Then let me be your guide through the mists of time. November of 2005 is when Ontarioian (?) ass-carbuncle Jan Luedecke was acquitted of a rape charge on grounds …

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Aug 30 2007

Chapter and verse


I was lying dormant around the patio at Flipnotics the other day, listening to Stingray decant her anguished soul of bilious stories about the racist old bat she works with, when suddenly there hove into view this strolling Jesus dude. He wore a Jesus outfit and, somewhat hilariously, bore his Jesus propaganda not like a …

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