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Aug 22 2007

I don’t know if real feminists eat this or not


Pressing spinster auntly business (I have to lounge by a pool again, dammit) will keep me away from my desk today, but I can’t see leaving yall without a photograph of some quiche. From the Blue Star Cafeteria. Which is a dumb name for a restaurant that isn’t a cafeteria.

Aug 18 2007

A selection of open letters, one of which is not like the others


Of course you care what I had for lunch: a spinach and goat cheese crepe with caramelized onion and tomato from Flip Happy Crepes. To the two 6th St. joggers who ducked into Whole Foods, made for the produce section, proceeded to cool themselves by rolling cucumbers over their sweaty B.O. hides, and then put …

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Jul 27 2007

Still undead


Today’s unrelated photo is of the Uptown Sports Club, abandoned circa 1849. East 6th and Waller, Austin, July 2007. Yesterday’s post, wherein the entity known as Twisty emerged from the nebulous mists of the corporeal world to rejoin the Internet after an unauthorized hiatus, elicited surprisingly copious commentaries, considering that the post was merely a …

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Jul 26 2007

Peckish asilid of the week


I am not dead. Or even, aside from a bit of irregularity, sick. Since I freely admit to falling a bit short of meeting either of the aforementioned conditions, you may wonder why no blaming in over a week. Well, I’ll tell you. I do not have, at the moment (or, some would say, ever), …

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Jul 04 2007

Garish dinner photo of the week


The foam-as-food trend, invented a few years ago by that El Bulli guy in Spain, has hit Austin at last. Or maybe it’s been here all along and I’ve eaten it 46 times but because I have chemo-brain it slipped my mind. But in any event, the other night at Zoot — an upscaly joint …

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Jun 07 2007

Roly poly fish heads eat them up yum


Fried mackerel, peanuts, cilantro, lemon curd at Uchi on S. Lamar, June 6, 2007 Stingray and I waited an hour for a table at Uchi last night. Then we ordered the chef’s tasting menu (the actual name for it was a Japanese phrase meaning “I trust you”). Whereupon Jody, our server, brought us 8 or …

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Jun 04 2007

Spurious BattleoftheSexesWatch ’07

Regular readers are perhaps dimly aware that the Faster family maintains a little wildlife preserve on a few acres in the Texas Hill Country. It is on this acreage that I have, for the past 2 years, been patiently waiting for a bunch of inefficient and expensive men to finish building me a house, so …

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May 22 2007

Yo, taqueau


Sentimental butterfly photo of the week: Anthanassa texana, the Texan crescent. North South Austin, May 21, 2007. I forgot, for a few days, that I have a blog. So many bugs to photograph, so many coffee shops to haunt. And let’s face it; is there really anything I can say about patriarchy that I haven’t …

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May 18 2007

OK, just one more bird post and I’m done


Purple martin hotel. Manor & Chestnut, Austin. May, 2007. Long ago, sometime after the Jurassic wound down but before the auspicious occasion of my birth, purple martins purpled freely o’er the countryside, feasting on succulent mosquitos so that Native Americans wouldn’t have to invent DEET. Then came the European invasion, bringing, along with genocide, disease, …

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May 15 2007

The old suicide-pact gambit: “depression hurts”

Homegirl Redneck Mother, who reads the local paper so I don’t have to, has just hipped me to this astonishing bit of Texas jurisprudence: dude murders wife, confesses, says wife asked for it, and walks. “Remember,” Redneck Mother wrote in her email, “when I commented that consent wouldn’t mitigate murder charges?” I remembered. “Silly me,” …

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