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May 12 2007

It’s only wahfer-thin


Tacos are all well and good, but two or three times a week, when dessert time rolls around, the spinster aunt yearns for a sublime, tiny overpriced morsel of brie, grilled scallops, morels, and about two sticks of butter. The brie “lasagne” at Jeffrey’s on West Lynn is indeed microscopic, but so redolent with gross …

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Apr 23 2007

Giant baseballs of Austin


All-American. Decaying abandoned baseball-on-a-tower, Old Glory flying at half mast (exhibiting adjacent gas station’s fulfillment of its patriotic duty to observe human death), cheery used car lot pennants. Not pictured at the other end of the pennants: crapulent army surplus store. Fruth St. and W. 29th, across from Spider House. April 22, 2007.

Mar 30 2007

Blaming-lite, Texas edition


As you can see, it’s headed right for me. I know. I recently intimated that once I’d returned from my tarriance in North Texas I would resume posting substantive radical feminist/science fiction critiques of contemporary civilization. Inconveniently, it turns out that it’s thunderstorming today, so I can’t possibly embark on any endeavor more intellectually strenuous …

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Mar 15 2007

Public meatloaves of Austin, now, sadly, with Garrison Keillor


Somewhat better than lutefisk: the loaf of meat at a new joint on South Congress called, I am sorry to say, The Woodland. It is the sort of place that sells plates of “comfort food” for $12, has a fake tree growing in the middle of the room, and alludes to whipped potatoes as “mashers.” …

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Mar 01 2007

Mission statement revitalization programme, part two


Today’s unrelated Kooky South Austin photo: All That Remains of the Drunken Aerialists. South Congress Ave, February 2007 What Patriarchy Ain’t Nothing. [Enjoy Part One: How the Blame Got Its Name]

Feb 25 2007

Chicks-running-for-high-officewatch ’07


Unrelated Live Music Capitol of the World photo of the day: the alley behind the Continental Club, South Austin, February 2007. This isn’t the kind of post that drives traffic to the blog since it’s not about blow jobs, but it is nevertheless of some relevance to the patriarchy-blaming community that Mayan Quiché leftist/feminist/Nobel Peace …

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Feb 23 2007

Over 1,000,000 served


Chile con queso con rajas at El Chile in East Austin. Departing somewhat from the standard Velveeta model, the queso at El Chile appears to contain, in part, queso. It was one of those momentous moments that, had anyone been conscious when it ensued, would not soon have been forgotten. I allude to the stately …

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Feb 22 2007

My sordid lunch


I cannot explain the longing for smoked meat on a styrofoam plate that occasionally overtakes me. Rib plate with slaw and beans ($8.73) at Jim Bob’s, February 2007. West of Austin, on a scrubby stretch of Highway 71 that connects one zillion-dollar subdivision of McTuscan villas to the next, is the dilapidated, corndoggily cow-pokey, caliche-dust-covered …

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Feb 20 2007

Pervwatch ’07


Dude checking out internet porn. Hotel San Jose, Austin. February 2007. You can count on me to watch the voyeurs! Let us now consider a wanker who got canned for consummating his relationship with internet porn while at work. Of course dudes pornulate at work all the time, and doubtless a certain percentage get canned …

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Jan 31 2007

Raise More Hell

I Blame the Patriarchy will be observing an Interim of Silence in memory of journalist, provocateur, character, and consummate Texan Molly Ivins, who died today of breast cancer. Hell-raising will recommence shortly.

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