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Aug 28 2012

You are a member of the sex class and the only way out is feminist revolt, by Jonah Lehrer

Remora photo borrowed from Britannica Online for Kids

This woman wants to standardize “discovery attribution” across the entire Internet. What is discovery attribution? Well, according to cross-disciplinary-interestingness-blogger Maria Popova, bloggers and Tweetists and the like are curators of information. We disperse ourselves throughout and infest the Internet, suctioning up the socio-bacterial output of popular culture like remoras clinging to a shadowy, infinite leviathan.* …

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Jan 24 2012

Please enjoy this open thread while I do something more interesting than write a blog post

When this remark Yup. This is the only place I don’t comment under a male pseudonym. showed up in the comments this morning I got to wondering. The Internet is even more openly hostile to Vagina-Americans than real life is. Do you ever use a dudely nom de blog when you flit about the matrix? …

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Aug 20 2011

Happy trails, Fugly!

This post will interest few, if any, of you, but nevertheless it is my duty as a patriarchy-blaming gentleman farmer to publicly mourn the passing of my favorite horse blog, Fugly Horse of the Day. Fugly was written by an opinionated muckrakin’ horse chick who, okay, she sometimes made fun of hillbillies and pornulated women, …

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Aug 18 2011

Spinster aunt can’t shut the fuck up all of a sudden

Radical feminist blog discussions can take some interesting turns, some of the interestingest of which arise from the wacky circumstance of Savage Death Island’s status as — and we don’t want this to be true, but true it is — a patriarchal subculture. We can’t exist outside or independently of the dominant culture — nothing …

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Aug 17 2011

Spinster aunt pleads for justice

It’s no secret that this is a happy-go-lucky blog run by a carefree, complaisant Internet feminist. This Internet feminist has bigger fish to fry and is not concerned in the slightest with the style of expression used by the mellow folks who leave comments. Oh, she might make a small suggestion or two, here and …

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Aug 12 2011

Spinster aunt proposes Elk theory


You know how entire threads here at I Blame the Patriarchy regularly come and go without anyone invoking Nazis of any kind? Well, I’m going to advance a radical theory that is mine. The theory, which belongs to me, is that Godwin’s Law doesn’t seem to obtain all that often on this here blog anymore …

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Jul 31 2011

Spinster aunt dashes off some fluff, proceeds with overbooked Sunday

No time to post, but look at this, I got another head-pat from a dude! Hello, While I am a dude, and disagree with a lot of your worldview, I’d like to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog. You’re a very good writer and your posts are entertaining and thought-stimulating. Please keep …

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Apr 08 2011

More comments guidelines

Less of this: If you allowed opposing views you would learn that it is you who are the oppressor. — some banned knob And more of this: My ovaries jangle melodiously, like distant sleigh bells. — Antoinette Niebieszczanski That is all.

Apr 07 2011

Vulvular witticism of the week

“If you put your ear to my labia, you can hear the strains of Enya drifting out.” — Notorious Ph.D, describing the healing powers of her poontangal moonglow

Mar 26 2011

Incisive blamer commentary clippets of the day

Fig. 7. Unknown Artist. Kid trophy. 2009. Plastic and marble, 5 1/2″ x 3″. Collection of Finn Faster (age 5). From the colorful comments on the MacGyver post: Oppression is like kids’ soccer: we ALL get a trophy! — tinfoil hattie Hetero feminists are not all Stepford Wives, you know. — Jezebella If one partners …

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