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Jul 28 2010

Fan mail from another flounder saddens spinster aunt

I am so sad about this guy! Apparently I’ve been deleting his comments, which comments — I’m just guessing of course — might not have precisely represented the apex of human achievement, since I don’t remember them or him. Matthew Submitted on 2010/07/27 at 11:13pm Post my comments. Don’t be afraid of open …

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Jul 17 2010

My unique style self-expresses who I personally am

Jilroy Silliphant. Me! 1963. Pixels on ectoplasm. The inbox at Spinster HQ this morning contained several urgent communiqués from an entity calling itself “How do I remove my tampon without it hitting something?”. Yeah, this is a little embarrassing, but whenever I try to remove my tampon, it either hits my fingers or the rim …

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Jul 13 2010

Spinster aunt executes close reading of seemingly benign remark, exposes hidden meanings!

Adorable "trailer" is surprisingly un-trashy. "Eco-Cottage," 475 sq ft, by Nationwide Homes.

Thanks to yesterday’s involuntary contributors, Valerie, Dr Sarah Tonin, and Saphire. You kids are all right. Today I’ll be picking a few more nits on the same theme. If a theme may be said to possess nits. Queries blamer JenniferRuth on the subject of feminists gettin’ after other feminists for perceived infractions of the Unwritten …

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Jul 12 2010

We’ve all done it, but maybe it’s time to cut it the fuck out

More excerpts from the comments! # Valerie July 11, 2010 at 4:05 pm […] They make trailer parks look classy and nuanced. # Dr. Sarah Tonin July 11, 2010 at 10:48 pm @Valerie, I agree with the basic sentiment of your comment, but druther you’d pick a less classist analogy than “trailer park”. Cheers. # …

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Jun 23 2010

Make that Friday. Or possibly Sunday.

I am not bailing on Art Week. Not me, mang. But I must emerge from Denial Town to announce that its official commencement has to be postponed again. I am experiencing more events, circumstances, and — I’m serious — hooplas — than I had anticipated when I announced the original postponement. Did I say Saturday? …

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Jun 10 2010

Hanging Chads of Savage Death Island bore the shit out of spinster aunt

Wow, I nip out to town for a couple of mahi tacos (diet cops, shut your yaps), stumble back to my desk, and discover that some dude named Jack has parachuted down to Savage Death Island, peered at the curious natives through a 2X magnifying glass, and pronounced (some of) us “smart.” Despite the fact …

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Jun 08 2010

As is her wont, spinster aunt continues writing about yesterday’s post

No time to post this morning, so I thought to mildly amuse by publishing a selection of reject-pile comments from the post I wrote yesterday. These were all authored, if you can believe it, by people who did not read the Guidelines for Commenters! Yesterday’s little fillip of blaming rapture, you may recall, concerned an …

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Jun 07 2010

Science dudes declare porn good, support claim with Danish graphs, flawed reasoning

woman of willendorf

The extent to which dudes just don’t get it fucking blows my lobe. While readin’ along over at the Scienceblogs, I encountered an essay entitled Just How Bad Is Porn, Anyway? Try to contain your surprise; it was authored by a dude. Whenever I see a science dude begin to muse on the philosophic value …

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May 27 2010

Spinster aunt reveals her inner Firestone

Holy bajoly! The discussion on one of my recent posts has taken quite an unexpected turn. It went from the idea that women’s history has been erased/co-opted by the dominant culture to the idea that — I’m not even kidding — science is bad! Unfortunately I have to go and see a girl about a …

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May 26 2010

Gentle reminder of the week

It seems there may be some confusion regarding the degree of frequency with which patriarchy blamers are expected to comment on a given post. Thus do I trot out of mothballs the relevant passage from our award-nominated manifesto, Patriarchy-Blaming the Twisty Way: Guidelines for Commenters: If you find yourself commenting more than 2 or 3 …

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