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Apr 23 2010

Spinster aunt reads boobquake emails

Hey folks, you can stop sending me the “boobquake” alert. Consider me apprised. What’s a “boobquake”? A reaction to some dude’s proclamation that saucy women showing cleavage are responsible for the recent catastrophic earthquakes, “Boobquake” is blogger Jen McCreight’s idea of “a boob joke.” Damn, those are always hilarious! McCreight’s boob joke was this: since …

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Mar 08 2010

Blog? What? Um.


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be posting only intermittently, on subjects that nobody cares about, for a while. And I did not lie. To wit: This huge abstract pain is totally overpriced. Considering how easy it is to construct your own for free, out of practically nothing. Speaking of free pain, …

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Feb 25 2010

Spinster aunt disables feature

It is with a tear in my duct that I announce the demise of nested comments on I Blame the Patriarchy. We had some good times, though, didn’t we, before it became an untenable mess? I need to be alone now.

Feb 22 2010

Spinster aunt makes plea, cooks squash, gnashes teeth

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who sent in screen shots. They have all been most helpful, and you screen-shooters are A-Number 1 Blamers 4ever! You can stop sending them now. Thanks again. Rootlesscosmo recently posted a recipe for butternut squash with a sweet’n’sour raisin-y, pine nutty wine/balsamic reduction (here), and I was all hot to make …

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Feb 19 2010

Please stand by

The Spinster IT Department will be upgrading the blog software shortly. This means that the blog will undoubtedly be deleted or corrupted or otherwise enfubarred in ways that I cannot possibly anticipate, for an interim of unspecified duration. I will probably fix it, though. Meanwhile, the damnedest thing happened. After wacking out on my nutty …

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Jan 29 2010

There are molecules in the brain called “neurotransmitters”

Because of my award-nominated, it-is-highly-unlikely-that-you-are-qualified-to-post-here moderation policy — “Old Iron-Fist” is what they call me down at Spinster HQ — readers of I Blame the Patriarchy aren’t always exposed to mansplaining at standard Internet concentrations. I sometimes wonder if this is really all to the good, since mansplaining can be so goddam hilarious, and who …

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Jan 25 2010

Mockery Korner

I regret that today’s post is one of those posts in which I recycle a couple of reader comments from the trash bin, because they express comicalness. Today’s are both dudely. In our first example, the author alludes to some Japanese fetish footwear I pictured in a post way back in the Osteopassic Period. I’ve …

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Dec 25 2009

Husband and wife blog team on board with antifeminist backlash even though it’s so 20 years ago

Wait. I have a blog? Shitfire! But wow, check out this dumb blog. It’s one of those blogs that has “book deal” written all over it. It’s supposedly a husband-and-wife joint coaching the reader on the successful pursuit of traditional manliness. Traditional manliness isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a movement! It agitates in support of …

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Dec 06 2009

I got yer rape prevention email forward right here

It was on a recent comment thread that the subject of racial bias in abduction reportage popped up. I allude to the phenomenon where a white woman and a black woman may be kidnaped on the same day, but the news media only get overwrought about the white girl. The socio-pathology underlying the phenomenon is …

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Dec 04 2009

Hey, bilbertson!

Only you can settle the drastically important argument roiling in the comments section. So which is it? Are you an incredibly gifted satirist, or a college sophomore?

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