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Nov 10 2009

Supercilious punctilio of the week

As has been well documented, I have exhibited gallantry and forbearance on this painful subject for years, but dammitjim I can be silent no longer! I Blame the Patriarchy is now officially a “teh menz”-free zone. By which I mean, the bizarre and cringe-u-lational phrase “teh menz” will no longer be admitted into blaming discourse. …

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Oct 27 2009

Hugs, Twisty: moderated dude yearns to be heard on feminist blog

You know what sucks about the Internet? When Internet feminists don’t stop what they are doing right now and answer your question. Alessandro Machi Submitted on 2009/10/16 at 10:01pm on post Ways In Which The Internet Sucks Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but please answer, anybody. I’m assuming she has had breast …

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Oct 22 2009

No post today, just this long-ass essay

Faithful readers know that, when it comes to feminists who struggle with their own internalized misogyny, the spinster aunt is forbearance itself. But I just have to say I am goddam astonished by some of the comments on the Meghan McCain post. And I’ve survived not only the Great Hummer Wars of Aught-Six, but also …

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Oct 06 2009

Frustrated dude decants anguished soul

After reading his comment a second time, I began to perceive that this guy has little affinity for hoes. johnny_handsome90 October 1, 2009 at 9:05 pm I hate hoes superficial hoes groupie hoes hooker hoes. all these hoes that run around night clubs who are broke and think a rich guy or a celeb is …

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Oct 05 2009

Danger and slapstick on Savage Death Island!

Fois gras on toast. Uchi, Austin TX, July 2007 In keeping with the recent commentary-on-a-comment motif into the self-referential depths of which this blog has recently plunged (if a blog may be said to have plunged into a motif, which contingency is, I admit, something of an uncertainty), today’s post is a blog comment upon …

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Oct 03 2009

The comfortable feminist

I wouldn't let this dude into my kitchen with a ten-foot pole.

UPDATE: I slogged through David Lean’s Dr Zchivago the other night, the primary message of which film is “when the oppressed revolt they become hate-filled thugs, liars, murderers, and cold fish incapable of appreciating Omar Sharif’s doe eyes.” The guy who puts the revolution ahead of his personal life turns into a genocidal maniac and …

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Sep 16 2009

Spinster aunt recommends non-sucky blog

Yesterday morning, as I clawed my way out from under a pile of various retrievers and leaped from the TempurPedic with my customary yelp, a brilliant thought occurred to me. I said to myself, “Jill,” I said, “what you need is an autoharp!” Now, I probably don’t need to tell you that all the autoharp …

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Sep 03 2009

Hey Norbizness

What happened to your blog? Hacked by a disgruntled Furry Puppyist who didn’t think your storytime was happy enough?

Aug 25 2009

Atomic penetrators, and more!

Drunk chick interviews snake assassin as he changes his socks

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another installment of Unrelated Spinster Pronouncements. 1. Poor pit vipers. My last post on the Western diamondback rattler revealed that, herpetologically speaking, many of us have something of a gaping void where our common sense and interspecies empathy ought to be. Although I am no snakespert, it …

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Jul 25 2009

Live-blogging not getting off the couch all day

12:14 PM Inevitably there comes a time in every gentleman farmer’s life when heartwarming nature crap wears the her down to a nub, and she is obliged to press the mellow agrarian keister into the lime green recliner, giving Phil strict orders that neither the TV remote nor the laptop nor the medium-sized plastic container …

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