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That which pertains to butchery for the purpose of entertainment. Includes the advancement of a vegan ideology.

Aug 25 2009

Atomic penetrators, and more!

Drunk chick interviews snake assassin as he changes his socks

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another installment of Unrelated Spinster Pronouncements. 1. Poor pit vipers. My last post on the Western diamondback rattler revealed that, herpetologically speaking, many of us have something of a gaping void where our common sense and interspecies empathy ought to be. Although I am no snakespert, it …

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Aug 15 2009


Who doesn’t love the Greeks? First, they invent peach melba. Then Maria Callas. Then they donate a husband and provider to tragic grieving widow Jackie Kennedy. Pretty good, right? But wait, there’s more! No sooner do they set up that hilarious light show at the Parthenon than they produce this excellent mystery woman. The unnamed …

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Jul 10 2009

Spinster aunt attempts to assuage guilt re: centipede

The heartwarming Scolopendra sp. of Spinster Cinema fame dwarfs the striped bark scorpion in the Glue Box of Death. By way of urging the blamer to view in the best possible light the circumstances which led a hapless giant centipede to become ensnared in a glue trap on my bathroom sink: though it might appear …

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May 17 2009

Pathetic fallacy

Plucked (!) from yesterday’s comments: Saturday Night Live parodies the myth of Nature’s devout commitment to the satisfaction of vulgar human appetites. Thanks, moodygirl.

May 16 2009

Hugs, Twisty: swinesploitation

Sexy pig stripper spreads its trotters for your dining pleasure. From super-gross White Castle ad (link below).

Hi Twisty, Remembering your post about the SuicideFood blog I thought you might be interested in this super-gross ad, featuring a stripper pig. Also, I really enjoy your blog! Melanie Dear Melanie, It was extremely thoughtful of you to send in a super-gross ad, for indeed, super-gross ads always interest me, particularly when they’re savage …

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May 14 2009

Finish your glass of oppression, Billy; it cost $1.98

What a cow in a pasture looks like. Texas longhorn, Cottonmouth County, TX, 2008. Stingray — you remember Stingray, my sidekick? — remarked the other day that Horizon organic dairy products aren’t really organic, but that Organic Valley products are. “What!” I said. “Misleading labeling practices? Here in America? What’s next? Will President Obama fail …

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Mar 21 2009

Non-Radical Feminist Patriarchy-Blaming Blog of the Week

Raccoon skull (adult); providing me with these is one of Chuck's chores

El Rancho Deluxe employs, part-time, a strong-willed, eccentric rancho hand named Chuck. Chuck’s job description is “do chores.” To my mind, “chores” are activities like splitting logs, making piles, digging holes — pretty much anything involving backbreaking labor that is not directly related to spinster aunting. In Chuck’s mind, “chores” means arguing with me about …

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Sep 27 2005

Fashion Week: The Corset Tightens

I know I promised to complain about tiny handbags today, but something’s come up. Specifically, a nice comment left by Nassoid on yesterday’s Intro To Fashion Week post. So we’ll just clear up this little matter, shall we, and then it’s on to the fluff! Yep, I was anticipating the argument that, by offering a …

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May 27 2005

Dinner From Another Planet

Spinach salad with assorted pious sprouted legumes and smoked bacon Roasted chicken, potatoes, and leeks with wine juice The aisles of the Central Market on South Lamar are at all times bulging with the buffest, most sinewy women on earth. They are the Vigorocracy, that class of Austin women with enough time for physical fitness …

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