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Creationists, "anti-Darwinists," intelligent designists, and their acute cognitive impairment

Dec 31 2011

“Within 10 seconds I saw him shape-shift”

Don't you just want to fuck me?

You never heard such jarring guffaws jangling through the drywall halls of Spinster HQ as when we got hipped to this Braco dude. Laughter rang out like the nightly gunfire at my neighbor’s place. If you’ve never heard of him — and since you’re a reasonable person with normal inclinations who never, with the notable …

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Jun 26 2011

Buddhism sounds familiar

The other day I dared to impugn the feminist credentials of a global religious leader, head of state complete with palace and throne, and internationally revered dude whose every antic goes virtually unquestioned by the entire world. I caught a little flak for this impugnment. The impugnment to which I allude, of course, is that …

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May 20 2011

Why didn’t I think of that?

Once in a while there emerges an idea so radiant, so silky, so bursting with nourishing emollients and nutraceuticals, that the staff at Spinster HQ can but put down their string cheese, gaze up from their microscopes, and raise a prickly-pear margarita to its genius. Today I allude to this, one man’s response to the …

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May 28 2010

Spinster aunt has nothing better to do than bloviate on the same topic as yesterday

The argument has been made that intuition is superior to science because it is somehow free of the oppressive misogynist entanglements that encumber its dude-dominated counterpart. A spin-off of this argument says that, because academia has traditionally given (and continues to give) women the stink-eyed bum’s rush, science is antifeminist and, presumably, must be shunned …

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May 27 2010

Spinster aunt reveals her inner Firestone

Holy bajoly! The discussion on one of my recent posts has taken quite an unexpected turn. It went from the idea that women’s history has been erased/co-opted by the dominant culture to the idea that — I’m not even kidding — science is bad! Unfortunately I have to go and see a girl about a …

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Apr 05 2010

Spinster aunt backslides (but can quit anytime. Really.)

Springtime at El Rancho Deluxe. These goddam bluebonnets are everywhere. Longtime residents of Savage Death Island will recall that this Internet feminist once had a pretty hardcore BBC news feed habit. I sat around all day transfixed by the horror of the Beeb. That habit caused my butt to fuse with my Aeron chair, and …

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Jan 28 2010

Spinster aunt begins post with “I,” tells anecdote

I recently blew out a lobe laughing a cold, ulcerated laugh. It happened yesterday, when my sibling Tidy told me a sad tale of Christian insanity, which tale I now relate to you, right after I bore you with some background details. For reasons that, to my surprise, turned out to be none of my …

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Jan 25 2010

Mockery Korner

I regret that today’s post is one of those posts in which I recycle a couple of reader comments from the trash bin, because they express comicalness. Today’s are both dudely. In our first example, the author alludes to some Japanese fetish footwear I pictured in a post way back in the Osteopassic Period. I’ve …

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Jan 18 2010

Spinster aunt publishes post on godly football player without titling it first

According to the Internet, a celebrity football player and his mother are making a pro-compulsory pregnancy Super Bowl commercial for noted hysterical antifeminist group Focus on the Family. Reportedly the gist of the commercial is the heartwarming tale of the pre-parturient football mother, who experienced life-threatening issues while pregnant and was advised by doctors to …

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Dec 02 2009

Godbaggianism originates at cellular level

Need cash? Got any Jewish eggs? Sell’em on Craigslist for 8 large! No Methodist, Buddhist, or Secular Humanist eggs, please. God can tell the difference. True story: when my ovaries were amputated, biopsied, and interviewed by clerics, it was found that my eggs did not subscribe to any supernatural fantasies whatsoever (except one, which claimed …

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