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Creationists, "anti-Darwinists," intelligent designists, and their acute cognitive impairment

Nov 28 2009

Spinster aunt reads amateur op-ed piece

Every morning Google sends urgent feminist alerts to my inbox. It’s hilarious, the contexts in which writers of Internet crap chuck that word “feminist” around. — Rihanna has a new album; she left her abusive boyfriend, so she’s a feminist icon now. — You can wear false eyelashes and still be a feminist. — What …

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Nov 11 2009

Hugs, Twisty: Blaming now a recognized science

I Blame the Patriarchy has won an award! Dear Blog Owner, Our website is a informational databases and online news publication for anything and everything related to science and technology. We recently ran a poll asking our website users regarding what online informational resources they use to keep up to date or even to …

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Apr 11 2008

Atheist go home

The spinster aunt is, I suppose, what is generally described as an “atheist.” The term is regarded with a narrowed eye here at Blaming HQ, on accounta it presumes a natural state of “theism” from which the “atheist” is deviant. The dominant culture — is there anything the dominant culture can’t do? — forces us …

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Mar 22 2008


Of the vast oceans of commentary occasioned by felonious underworld figure PZ Myers’ recent ironical expulsion from a private screening of a godbag-made anti-evolution film (while, mysteriously, his partner in crime, Richard Dawkins, was allowed to attend unmolested by creationists), none is more whimsically titled than that of sometime blamer PhysioProf, whose post Ridiculous Demented …

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Feb 18 2008

Florida to consider actually educating public school students

I was thumbing through the internet this afternoon when I happened across an editorial at urging support for evolution studies in Florida public schools. I’m constantly losing track of which states prefer that their school children become the laughingstocks of the modern world by teaching them mystical fairy tales in science class, but apparently …

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Sep 05 2007

Delusional godbags vow to spam nonbelievers for eternity

Have you seen this thing? I wish I had found this hilarious website back when I was suffering an attack of unsightly butt-boils; never did a spinster aunt’s ass more sorely need to be laughed off. You will laugh your ass off when you grasp the premise of the ludicrous It promises sanctimonious jesusians …

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Jun 05 2007

GodbagWatch ’07: Church of England totes the company barge

C of E head of education The Rev Jan Ainsworth says that “state juvy warehouses might wish to brainwash their defenseless inmates with the myth of creationism in science class. Why? Because cognitive dysfunctionals have different ways of looking at bald-faced lies promulgated by delusional old dudes.” No wait, that was the Twistulator’s automated translation. …

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May 15 2005

A Lump Of Vanity

Photo didn’t make it when we switched from Typepad to WordPress. Sorry. Punishment on a plate: smoked turkey on sunflower seed bread with avocado, scallion, arugula, and chile-lime mayo Why did I eat this thing? I know not, for the spectacle of a turkey sandwich at high noon sends me into spasms of ennui. That’s …

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Apr 12 2005

Media Actually Report On This With A Straight Face

Photo of happy wet Mormon teens baptizing Hitler no longer available Well, the Mormons are going around baptizing dead people again, and if you ask me, they’re really on to something. Not that these renegade teenage Mormon baptizers aren’t tools. Far from it! Their whole religion is based on a priapic nutjob who had 33 …

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