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Women will never be liberated until we have easy, legal access to abortion

Dec 26 2008

Always leave’em wanting more

Or Spirulina Nation A blamer recently reminded me of the Voluntary Human Extinctionist Movement, and boy am I glad she did. Since discovering it a few years ago, it’s been one of my very favorite human extinctionist movements! Because I suffer from chemo-brain, my obstreperal lobe had temporarily misplaced it, but its impact on the …

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Jul 11 2008

Canada anoints dude


Unrelated bucolic photo of the day: my boyfriend Stanley on horse-shoeing day. He doesn’t grow any heel on his left fore. It’s so problematic! Great Scott! Canada has handed out a big gold loving cup to a dude abortion rights activist! That’s right. Dr Henry Morgentaler, pioneer abortion provider, gallops home with an Order of …

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Apr 28 2008

Fetuslove, Canadian-style

As a Texan lesbo spinster aunt, I am the world’s leading authority on Canadian abortion law, so when I got an mass email from Bonnie Gembey at LEAF Manitoba that said, “Ladies, the Harper government is up to its usual shenanigans again,” I knew just what to do. I went straight to Google and looked …

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Apr 08 2008

Same oppressive paradigm, different fascists. No wait, it’s the same fascists

Remember the old days — they were good old days, weren’t they? — when you could make a prank call from your own phone and get away with it because nobody had invented Caller ID yet? Remember when you were at work and could look at Peter Pan guy [MIDI soundtrack alert] or whatever cute, …

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Aug 19 2007

UterusWatch 2007

Fans of compulsory pregnancy should be pleased that a new law in Missouri, taking effect next week, will put the government all up in women’s business and further solidify the state’s claim to ownership of American uteruses. The law twists the coathanger in several gruesome and trendy directions. For instance, suddenly abortion clinics will have …

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Aug 17 2007

The right to choose mini-storage

Blamer Maria sends in this link to a photo of a Manhattan billboard. The billboard advertises mini-storage. It has a picture of a wire clothes hanger and the words “Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose.” It’s delightful the way the hanger image is a sort of visual double-entendre. Abortion, …

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May 10 2007

Ratzi a-go-go


Pope Ratzi’s sinister familiar keeps an eye on me 24/7. Speaking of creepy beanie-headed woman-hating mystics, Pope Ratzi is currently evangelizing in Brazil, where he has reiterated to thunderous applause his support for compulsory pregnancy and the uninterrupted practice of Catholic doctrine defining women as meat envelopes. His remarks come in the wake of groundbreaking …

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Apr 23 2007

Just added: exciting new FAQs


The spinster aunt expresses her views on the MRA agenda. What’s an ‘MRA’? Massively [W]rong Asshole. Or men’s rights activist. Why don’ the Odd Lady want none of them in her car? MRAs are patriarchy-deniers. The ideologies of this violent and knobbish subset of the Male Dominion spring from male fear of women’s personal sovereignty, …

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Mar 30 2007

Kompulsory pregnancy komedy korner


I ripped this off from I don’t care much for that.

Jan 28 2007

Resistance is futile


Hakuo Yanagisawa, former finance minister, now Borg King I just had to add this guy to my collection. I allude, of course, to Japan’s health minister, pronouncing on the crisis of falling birth rates: “Because the number of birth-giving machines and devices is fixed, all we can ask for is for them to do their …

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