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Personal essays of a non-patriarchy-blaming nature

Aug 28 2012

You are a member of the sex class and the only way out is feminist revolt, by Jonah Lehrer

Remora photo borrowed from Britannica Online for Kids

This woman wants to standardize “discovery attribution” across the entire Internet. What is discovery attribution? Well, according to cross-disciplinary-interestingness-blogger Maria Popova, bloggers and Tweetists and the like are curators of information. We disperse ourselves throughout and infest the Internet, suctioning up the socio-bacterial output of popular culture like remoras clinging to a shadowy, infinite leviathan.* …

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May 10 2010

Speak to me not of tulips

Saugatuck, Michigan, you will be interested to know, is a summer lakeside resort for wealthy vacationing refugees from Chicago. Although I am not a wealthy vacationing refugee from Chicago, I was recently obliged to biff off to Saugatuck for a few days, to rally round the sickbed of an aged relative. Here’s how it all …

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Feb 18 2010

What I did on my Christmas vacation

A couple of months ago I had a near-death experience. Oh no, an autobiographical interlude! If I were some science blogger I’d probably say, “Hey, get your own fucking blog for that crap!” But you know how it is. Everythang I do gon be funky from now on, etc. The near-death experience was a 24-hour …

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Dec 04 2009

Feel-good post of the week

The other day I rode a horse bareback for the first time in 30 years. This horse. It was just like riding a bike, if the bike were 6 feet tall, 1300 pounds, and would spook like a deer at the terrifying sight of a cigarette butt on the ground. I had to get a …

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Nov 16 2009

Spinster aunt has puerile episode

Attic black figure wine stompers, ca. 600 BCE

My sidekick Stingray is a professional wino. She can tell you the names of about 87 different species of fungus that grow on grapes. She speaks reverently of the Moldavian terroir. She goes around telling people what wine to drink with their fire-roasted frisée frittatas. Lately she’s been on this kick where she quits her …

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Oct 05 2009

Danger and slapstick on Savage Death Island!

Fois gras on toast. Uchi, Austin TX, July 2007 In keeping with the recent commentary-on-a-comment motif into the self-referential depths of which this blog has recently plunged (if a blog may be said to have plunged into a motif, which contingency is, I admit, something of an uncertainty), today’s post is a blog comment upon …

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Sep 26 2009

Yay and boo

From the perspective of the cinquagenarian spinster aunt-on-the-go (a dying breed, literally), this screen grab (from the iTunes store comments section; the commenter is bitter because s/he is not getting something for nothing in an iPhone internet radio application) illustrates practically everything that is both right and wrong with the Internet and the world. iPhones: …

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Mar 13 2009

Spinster aunt talks about the weather

Fig. 13a

Cottonmouth County, home of Spinster HQ, is the droughtiest county in the droughtiest state in the country. I know, because, like all spinster aunts, I am an expert climatologist, and also because I consulted the U.S. Drought Monitor. If I may direct your attention to Fig. 13a? Observe the section of the map that looks …

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Feb 04 2009

Spinster aunt just can’t let it go

Naturally you are following with unprecedented interest the shocking story of Mungo’s sudden decline, so here is the current state of affairs down at the Spinster HQ computer lab: Total disarray! But the outlook, according to the Magic Eight Ball, is good. Sure, I’m no board-certified geek, but I am a spinster aunt, which is …

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Jan 29 2009

The mighty Blametariat: global threat on the march


2009 2006 Occasionally it’s instructive to contemplate the global map in terms of the patriarchy blaming population. Behold a couple Sitemeter images. Compare and contrast! The one on the bottom is from January, 2006. The top one shows the locations of the 500 most recent (as of 15 minutes ago) blog visitors. No telling how …

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