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Personal essays of a non-patriarchy-blaming nature

Aug 13 2008

Spinster aunt cuts blogular corners by making another dorky video, this time about her outing to a giant Human Demoralization Center

I know, I know, but these video things are way faster than writing, and these days time is of the essence for the spinster aunt. Sadly, because I did this in one take and without any script or rehearsal or talent, I perhaps failed to emphasize my main blaming point, which is my disgust at …

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Jul 09 2008



Stanley eating hay: my Number 1 Jam. Nobody asked, but this is what I spend 9 hours a day looking at these days. Even if you don’t give a corn tortilla for hottt bay horses, you can see how looking at Stanley is more excellent than watching Dude TV, or reading blogs that say “Barack …

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Apr 06 2008

Homegirl blames patriarchy, scores book deal; spinster aunt actually buys book


I’d like to add a title to the Remedial Feminist Reading List, as well as to the OK, So I’ve Blamed The Patriarchy; What The Fuck Am I Supposed To Do Now? list, and to the Books You Must Do Everything In Your Power To Make Sure Your Teenage Daughter Reads Before Leaving For College …

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Apr 01 2008

Spinster aunt histrionically vituperates against lame April Fool’s posts


Mar 22 2008


Of the vast oceans of commentary occasioned by felonious underworld figure PZ Myers’ recent ironical expulsion from a private screening of a godbag-made anti-evolution film (while, mysteriously, his partner in crime, Richard Dawkins, was allowed to attend unmolested by creationists), none is more whimsically titled than that of sometime blamer PhysioProf, whose post Ridiculous Demented …

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Mar 21 2008

Answers to burning, itching reader questions, Medical Prosthesis Dept.


Q: What does an artificial anus even look like? A: Like this:

Mar 21 2008

Thought-provoking quotation of the day

From the science-isn’t-an-exact-science department: A 78-year-old German woman went into the hospital last month to have surgery on her leg. Because of a mixup, Frankenpost reports that she left the Hochfranken-Klinik in Münchberg, Germany, with an artificial anus. [link]

Mar 16 2008

The spinster aunt and the funeral parlor


Just a few of Funeral Nation’s bronzed conceits. I promised you an acerbic dissertation on American funeral culture, but I can’t deliver. I just spent two interminable weeks immersed in the production of my late father’s last hurrah, and now that it’s finally over, the last thing I feel like doing is rehashing the whole …

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Feb 12 2008

My main man


I do not have to be asked twice to plaster all over the internet photos of my new boyfriend Stanley. I snapped this one of us with my cell phone seconds before he stuck his nose out and lipped it out of my hand. Stanley is in many respects much more interesting than patriarchy-blaming, not …

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Jan 11 2008

An unexpected, but inevitable, post

Oh heck. I feel like a heel, because I ain’t dead, or all that sick, even. Which leaves pure orneriness as the explanation for the recent paucity of blogular patriarchy-blaming. By which I mean, there are 237 reasons why I haven’t posted in quite a while, but none of them have to do with the …

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