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Personal essays of a non-patriarchy-blaming nature

Oct 21 2007

Sunday storage tub blogging


Speaking of tubs and lids! This wacko tableau totally blew my mind! I’d like to take this opportunity to beg yall’s indulgence for just a little longer while I laze around not blogging. I Blame The Patriarchy, contrary to what longtime blamer MzNicky has suggested, is not dead. It is merely in a coma. I …

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Sep 04 2007

Tuesday other-peoples-dogs blogging


Well, it’s happened. Unable to contain her lust for fame, glory, and riches, my sporty sibling Tidy has enrolled her dog Fletch in dock diving school. Dock diving is a competitive sport invented by ESPN wherein the dog runs like mad toward a body of water, launches itself, and endeavors to splash down at a …

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Aug 18 2007

A selection of open letters, one of which is not like the others


Of course you care what I had for lunch: a spinach and goat cheese crepe with caramelized onion and tomato from Flip Happy Crepes. To the two 6th St. joggers who ducked into Whole Foods, made for the produce section, proceeded to cool themselves by rolling cucumbers over their sweaty B.O. hides, and then put …

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Aug 02 2007

I heart my iPhone


Me, the only old bat down at Spinster Aunt HQ without an iPhone? As if. It arrived two days ago. The Fed-Ex dude rang my doorbell about 30 times. “I’m sure glad you were home,” he said. You’ve never seen a Fed-Ex dude exude such emotion. You’d have thought he was delivering a baby or …

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Jul 27 2007

Still undead


Today’s unrelated photo is of the Uptown Sports Club, abandoned circa 1849. East 6th and Waller, Austin, July 2007. Yesterday’s post, wherein the entity known as Twisty emerged from the nebulous mists of the corporeal world to rejoin the Internet after an unauthorized hiatus, elicited surprisingly copious commentaries, considering that the post was merely a …

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Jun 22 2007

Inferiority complex on wheels


UPDATE: Zippy is home, tentatively diagnosed with peripheral vestibular disease. Dog presents with puking, staggering, weird eye movement. In other words, she’s seasick. A full recovery is expected. Thanks for all the well-wishes. Looks like they may have worked. The dog Zippy, Spinster Aunt HQ’s oldest denizen, is in the hospital again. I’ll be abandoning …

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Jun 15 2007

Message board goes alpha

The forum’s back up! Go forth and amplify.

May 31 2007

Thursday raw sewage blogging


Horrible developments in the Odonata Paddock at the Twisty Bungalow have forced me to flee for my life. Because I’ve got flooding, a bathroom full of raw sewage, broken water pipes, irate neighbors, and a plumber named Dudly, I will be away from my desk today, enjoying the hospitality of friends who are not afflicted …

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May 15 2007

Tuesday dog fur blogging


Bert’s haunch.

May 13 2007

Sweatin’ with the gems

Undoubtedly you are already hip to the lady-jams of “internet lady” Leslie Hall, but just in case: I’m giving the cold shoulder to Stingray, who has known about Leslie Hall since she appeared in an emcee gig at Michigan last year, but who only deigned to turn me on to her today. That’s right. Stingray …

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