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Personal essays of a non-patriarchy-blaming nature

May 09 2007

Komedy Korner

Despite an airtight defense (she “didn’t know” her license was suspended when she got busted for doing 70 in a 35), Paris Hilton’s been sentenced to 45 days in the hoosegow. Now her loyal fans are circulating Free Paris petitions. This is my favorite: “If the late former President Gerald Ford could find it in …

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Apr 19 2007

The spinster aunt takes a coffee break

Because I am the world’s flakiest patriarchy-blaming blogger, I forgot to post the note alerting the World of Blame that I would be taking an extended coffee break for a few days. As a matter of fact, I’m still off duty, but that won’t stop me from live-blogging a cup of coffee from Flipnotics, the …

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Apr 12 2007

So it goes


Public Galápagos tortoises of Austin. The Galápagos tortoise lives twice as long as Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, who, by the way, wrote a novel called Galapagos in which H. sapiens evolves into a species of tiny-brained cetaceanesques. Tortoises photographed at the sad, so-called Austin Zoo, a sort of repository for unwanted, damaged-looking exotic animals, March 2007. …

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Apr 04 2007


Posting fom blackberry … Desperate … How do you get three year old out of sandbox at burger joint wthout meltdwn? UPDATE FROM TWISTY BUNGALOW: Naturally the battery on my Blackberry went blotto about two seconds after I posted the above, so I was unable to avail myself of your advices. I ended up bribing …

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Mar 20 2007

Arthropod of the week


Hand in hand with the annual Sewage Backup arrives the annual Millipede Infestation. For where stench and decay harbinge, millipedes fear not to tread. With their zillions of feet. Today, summoning the kind of millipedian savoir-faire that accrues only after years of sewage backup/wildlife experience, and using tiny tranquilizer guns, and we were able to …

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Mar 13 2007

A geek’s story


According to blamer Metamanda, somebody commenting on a recent thread, perhaps swept up in the frenzy of the moment, typed this: Is there anything about being a geek that makes a person more attractive? There were apparently other unfortunate statements, such as “no social skills” and “can’t get dates.” “Those are low blows,” responds self-identified …

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Mar 10 2007

It’s time for the annual link to Norbizness


Twisty and Norbizness at Woodstock. The wait is over. Behold.

Mar 08 2007

Komedy Korner

Thrashing about in a fog of uncertainty? Distressed that the most popular free online opedia is “increasingly anti-Christian and anti-Amerian”? Why not consult Conservapedia?. Using this powerful tool, you will find the following beacons of enlightenment gleaming in the darkness: — “On Wikipedia, many of the dates are provided in the anti-Christian “C.E.” instead of …

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Mar 05 2007

Psst! Over here! This is the thread for sci-fi geeks.

Don’t want to talk about Shulamith? Fine. Get the science fiction out of your system here. I’ll even start it off: Heinlein is a fucking sexist knob.

Mar 03 2007

Grievance Department


You’ve breathlessly awaited the next installment of my acclaimed series Traffic Cones of South Austin. The wait is over. I present “The Lone Cone.” South Congress Ave. February 2007. [Not pictured: the tea hat] Maybe once in a generation somebody writes a comment so profound, so incisive, so utterly penetrating that suddenly you find yourself …

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