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Personal essays of a non-patriarchy-blaming nature

Feb 21 2007

Recognize this knob?


Let me know who he is, and I’ll send you a free Patriarchy-Blaming Kit (contents: 2 “THIS DEGRADES WOMEN” stickers). UPDATE: Looks like his whole site is down now. Here’s the Google cache from Feb. 20. UPDATE 2: Something from Utah called Ryan Byrd dot net announces his friend the Switchbutt MD’s blog, Google cached …

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Feb 21 2007

Public Cans of Austin: Hotel San José


The can at the chic Hotel San José on trendy South Congress Ave: where edgy, creative people with sculpted bed-head go to pee. It’s unisex! Once again spinster auntly pursuits interfere with today’s blaming schedule; I must take charge of my 3-year-old niece Rotel. She telephoned yesterday to inform me — in the background I …

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Feb 02 2007

The Sarah Silverman Program isn’t funny


This post about TV is really just an excuse to publish a picture of cake. Coconut cake. The older I get, the lower the altitude at which are flying the fucks I give about pop culture. It’s true! I don’t listen to The Shins. I haven’t seen “Borat,” and have made no plans to do …

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Jan 18 2007

A tedious technical note


Maybe I’m imagining it, but it seems as though some of the more sensitive among you express, from time to time, an interest in what kind of camera I use, and whether I would sink so low as to affect photo-blurriness through Photoshop rather than “naturally” and so forth. At the risk of boring the …

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Jan 17 2007

A slight antipathy


I had the flu for a couple of days, and when I came to and took a squint out the window, the disagreeable tableau affronting my disbelieving eyes was the above-pictured frozen purgatorial gloom. Naturally I have taken the only recourse open to a spinster aunt caught in a supernatural and obnoxious Austin ice storm, …

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Jan 11 2007

Old Bag


Typical Texan handbag. I put Bert in it when we go to tea at the Ritz. Foto by Stingray. I may have inadvertently given the impression that I am against carrying things around in bags. Nothing could be further from the truth, for I am an aunt of action. What could be more inspiriting than …

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Jan 04 2007

So long, Stinktown


Remember a couple of days ago when I said I’d be splitting for a couple of days but I never left? Well, this time I’m off to Scramsville for sure. Here’s a thanksgiving dinner to tide you over the weekend. See ya Monday. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Dec 29 2006

Twisty Goes to Camp: A Very Special Episode

Note: This is a post about a post about a lot of posts about another post. If recursive blogular navel-gazing chokes you with ennui, you might consider reading something more riveting, like the reference manual to Microsoft Excel. This morning, as the rosy fingers of dawn chucked the Austin sky under its easy-goin’ chin, an …

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Dec 25 2006

Koufax yourself

The Koufax Awards are this year endangered by a shortage of funds. It seems a couple of the Wampum hard drives have given up the ghost. Astonishingly, given the magnitude of hilarity the awards generate among so many blogarians, the Wampums’ appeals for reader support have thus far come to naught. The suggested course of …

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Nov 09 2006

On Losing Edges and Winning Senate Seats


Her job as urban watchdog now redundant, Zippy roams the Texas Hill Country with a spring in her step and a howl in her heart. I once possessed the hypersuperpowers of a cross between a Navy Seal and a Thompson’s gazelle, the guile and sagacity of a denizen of a war zone, the graceful-if-slightly-jokey self-preservational …

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