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Feb 04 2014

Fuck Jerry Seinfeld, too.

My sibling Tidy is a big old Seinfeld fan. A few months ago she pestered me into watching a few episodes of his web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” In this series, Seinfeld drives a guest comedian out for coffee. It is as boring as it sounds. Right off the bat I wasn’t feelin …

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May 13 2013

Just when you thought you wouldn’t have to slog through a feminist analysis of “The Bletchley Circle”

Because she apparently isn't pitiful enough, the battered wife character is also attacked by a random stranger on a train.

You’ve heard that spinster aunts, their kiesters permanently affixed to their lime green recliners, are constantly monitoring the airwaves for examples of patriarchy-replication in male supremacist cultural narratives. Recently here at Spinster HQ we cast our jaundiced eye upon PBS mystery/period drama “The Bletchley Circle”. Four women, veterans of the eponymous WW II British code-breaking …

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Mar 17 2013

Spleenvent Sunday: media, mermaids, and auntly inefficacy in pre-revolutionary America

Several hair-raising events transpired at Dreadful Acres/Spinster HQ this weekend. Hear my tale. The nieces Finn and Ro-Tel, ages 7 and 9, were here for a sleepover. Like all little girls, they are horse crazy. It is not enough that they have unlimited access to actual horses while they are here. In the bunkhouse they …

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Dec 22 2012

Spinster aunt casts yet another jaundiced eye at media stereotyping

I am about to make a remark about media coverage of infamous tragedies. Although the remark is inspired by the coverage of the Sandy Hook shootings, it nevertheless isn’t going to be sentimental. Therefore I am obliged to point out at the outset that, even though I do not invoke higher powers or beat my …

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Aug 23 2012

Spinster aunt is informed that Pussy Riot’s ideological carpet doesn’t match drapes

Madonna in Moscow

You may have noticed the Free Pussy Riot banner up there.* Mindlessly swept up in the zeitgeist of the moment, I had intended to display it for a day or two as a kind of satiric gesture making fun of the wackaloon mainstream media frenzy over the Pussy Riot case. Then, because my Internet feminist …

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Jan 10 2012

One more thing

Also, am I the only one who compulsively watched that “Portlandia” marathon on IFC the other day even though the unrelenting, precious self-consciousness of it made me want to rip my own ex-hipster face off? Hey, I finally wrote a sentence concise enough for Facebook! I’m gonna post it right away!

Oct 01 2011

“Law and Order: Mutilated Women Unit” ep cleverly appeals to multiple niche fetishes at once

A murdered teen isn’t lurid enough; better make her a prostitute with HIV.

Oct 01 2011


Haley just wanted to be popular. What went wrong?

Forgot I had a blog. Sorry about that. But here’s a sweet little movie you won’t want to miss. Girl Fight airs on Lifetime this Monday. “Inspired” by a “true story” about mean girls who beat up one of their own and post it on YouTube for internet fame and revenge, it’s super on-trend. Although …

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Apr 25 2011

Misogyny in the news: that’s entertainment!

You can always rely on news headlines to breathe a bit of life into the Global Accords Governing Fair Use of Women. For example, today’s two most popular stories on the KXAN Austin News website are Pregnant woman beaten in north Austin and Mom finds grown man in teen’s bed. You already know what these …

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Apr 16 2011

The boundless American appetite for the agony of strangers in crisis

Who but a stunt driver with a death wish would attempt the insane Ben White/I-35 flyover?

According to the Blametariat, irrational fear of crows is a thing. Spinster aunts are award-nominated experts on irrationality, but this crow dealio was news to us down at HQ, where the tragic dearth of crows has long been lamented, especially since recently screening a PBS documentary on the extraordinary intellective powers of these birds. Still, …

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