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Apr 22 2009

Spinster aunt trots out statistics from Internet to make point

How long has it been since you’ve had the pleasure of reading some opinionated spinster auntly pronouncements? Well, that’s too long. Today I have two things to say, and, as usual, I’m probably gonna use too many words to say’em. So, if you’re short on time, here’s the synopsis: Anyone who uses the term “funbags” …

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Mar 31 2009

The power of porn

The spinster aunt typically leads a quiet life, so naturally the sordid movie-viewing habits of British politicians ignites an enormous conflagration of interest here at HQ. When the sunny skies, cool breezes, and furry woodland creatures start to wear on the nerves, one turns to the Internet for titillating news from Parliament. Huff-Po doesn’t disappoint! …

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Aug 13 2005

The Blogging of the Shuffling of the iPod

Do people actually read these things? I guess I’ll find out. 1. “Skool Dinner Blues (Live)” The Soft Boys. Can Of Bees. Robyn Hitchcock with Elvis reverb singing, way out of tune, “I looked for ya baby but skool dinner’s all I could find.” Ha. 2. “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” The Beach Boys. Pet Sounds. …

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Jun 24 2005


Reader Ellie, perturbed by some patriarchy-blaming remarks I made in connection with of one of her favorite bands, the Ramones, writes to ask the musical question: do I consider any kind of rock music appropriate for a feminist? No. Yes. No. OK, how about this: whatever music appeals to you is appropriate (although maybe, just …

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Apr 27 2005

Rock’n’Roll’s Bogus Narrative, Part II

A film about The Ramones — the band that popularized the “go start your own awful band” craze (and the concomitant brick wall band photo craze) — aired last night on PBS “Independent Lens.” Painful though it was, I watched all of it, and by “all of it” I of course mean “part of it.” …

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