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That which pertains to the set of male-defined behaviors and practices the degree of assimilation of which determines the social success of any given woman, regardless of the degree to which the behaviors and practices benefit her objectively.

Mar 30 2009

Psychologists conduct studies, or, The Boothroyd Show

It strains the lobe to contemplate what passes, in mainstream media, for women’s health reportage. BBC News, for example, has a passel of crap in the “Health” section on how women attract men, how women select men, and how women’s behavior is a function of our essential receptacality with respect to men. Check this sexist, …

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Mar 16 2009

Spinster aunt leafs through Daily Mail, requires anti-emetic


Hold the Batter Blaster! Down at the Spinster HQ Barfology Lab things are really spewing this morning. But before we get going, here is a handy a synopsis of the following post, for those who are disinclined to slog through the looming Twistgasso Sea of dependent clauses. Today’s exciting post will say this: The Daily …

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Mar 04 2009

Spinster aunt conducts own damn survey

The Twisty Institute for the Study of Heterofemininity (TISH) invites women with boyfriends, husbands, and/or fathers to answer the following questions as honestly as possible. The raw data will be tabulated, collated, analyzed, duplicated, dipilated, notated, submitted, cited, misinterpreted, misquoted, and thrown away next week. On special occasions, or when he’s seeking your approval, does …

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Feb 26 2009

I feel so dirty

Blamer Belenen sent in a video clip the other day with the note “check out this animated tribute to sexism.” It was a cartoon called “Only in a Woman’s World.” Four young female characters obsess about femininity, particularly body image and food, in that glib, self-depracating-but-psuedo-edgy way that hot young empowerfulized women are popularly imagined …

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Jan 30 2009

Friday burlesque blogging

I was just kidding about turning I Blame the Patriarchy into an empty vessel of YouTube-itude, but that did not stop veteran blamer B. Dagger Lee from sending in the vid below. It is a strip-tease, and therefore is not “work-safe,” which is a phrase one applies, as I understand it, to web pages that …

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Jan 27 2009

Spinster aunt dies a little inside


Women with a low opinion of ankles shimmy for the gold in a race event broadcast on Finnish TV. Photo originally uploaded by vestman with some rights reserved. Will the global appetite for stiletto-racing never be sated? Quoth a Flickr commenter, apparently without irony: “This is one of the most joyous photos I have ever …

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Jan 26 2009

Spinster aunt really does read her email

Top o the marnin, blamers. You know how I rely on you to email me with cultural bacteria I can grow in the petrie dish of blame down in the lab, but relax. You can all stop sending me the link to the $3.8 million virginity auction. I’m hip to it. And I cannot possibly …

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Jan 25 2009


I am very sorry to have read a review of a book called How to Meet a Man After Forty, but not sorry enough to refrain from foisting my review of this review on yall. I am sorry that this book even exists. I am sorry that the author of the review wedges chunks of …

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Jan 14 2009

Old crones get bum’s rush in Transplant-land

I’ve been called away on an aunting emergency, but before I waddle off into the wild blue, let me acquaint you with this particularly repellent little dollop of discrimination: older women are less likely than men to be listed for kidney transplants. Women over 75, in fact, are 59% less likely to be listed than …

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Dec 25 2008

“New” feminism: plump, luscious, and kissable

An acute reader once informed me that “the ideas on this blog are not new,” which remark I was apparently expected to interpret as a real take-me-down-a-peg zinger. Old ideas? Bo-ring. Entertain me with some new analysis. Preferably something more fun. This sentiment is echoed by a bunch of “new” feminists profiled in the lifestyle …

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